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Supermarkets in The Netherlands

Supermarkets in The Netherlands

Where once supermarkets were a luxury, they’ve slowly become a necessity nobody can live without. Whether you’re planning to make the Netherlands your new home or thinking of making more profits by exploring the Netherlands supermarket business, you’ve come to the right place. Undoubtedly the Netherlands has a lot of potential in the supermarket business. Since people have adopted the new trend of grocery and superstores, retailers are enjoying heavy profits. There are aisles and aisles of unique food items to explore and enjoy the new aspect of life. Every supermarket tries its hardest to provide a wide range of products with excellent customer service at reasonable prices. Dutch supermarkets will make you fall in love with their ideal cost, quality, and customer care blend. These stores will go to great lengths to impress you with their products and behavior to establish a positive customer connection with you and your family. Here’s our guide to all you need to know about Dutch supermarkets and grocery stores. This guide intends to help you get the most out of your food shopping in the Netherlands. This covers details on the following topics: Grocery shopping in the Netherlands The environment of big supermarkets in the Netherlands Alternate to big stores in the Netherlands Ethnic grocery stores in the Netherlands Food shopping at Dutch markets Things to know about Dutch supermarkets Grocery shopping in the Netherlands The local supermarket is the best and first choice for most people for grocery shopping. The place is

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Retail Shelving System Dimensions

What Is The Standard Retail Shelf Height?

Stores wanting to make profits must not neglect the importance of proper shelving. It helps build a strong relationship with customers for longer terms. A store having an appropriate number of shelves with proper height, color contrast, and distance creates a positive image of the store before customers. It doesn’t only help boost sales but makes shopping convenient for customers. Not only that but helps owners manage and display their products. Sorted shelving units create a good customer traffic flow and increase your sales. For owners, it’s necessary to develop an aesthetically appealing store environment. It helps convince customers to shop more. If the products are not visible or customers are unable to move around, you’re going to lose sales and a chance to earn loyal customers. Therefore when designing your store’s layout, be careful with all shelving systems. Carefully evaluate their placement throughout the store for an appealing look. Proper store shelving is dependent on multiple factors. If there’s anything inappropriate between ceiling height, width, store size, aisle, and fixture height, your store’s shelving is not going to look appropriate. If you’re one of the owners, consider what the standard retail shelf height is. We are here to help you make the best decision for better sales. At RedSheep, our experts help grocery store owners have a proper shelving system throughout their stores. Our experts consider multiple factors when guiding you about grocery store shelving. We ensure your shelving combined with products, environment, and quality enhances customer expectations and experience. Without

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The Best Packaging of Tegometall Shelving Solution

Loading And Packaging of Tegometall Shelving

Every year, RedSheep exports hundreds of containers around the world. The majority of them are transported by marine vessels, with some freight being delivered by train. Sea freight has increased dramatically in the last two years as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. When compared to the cost of sea freight, the difference is significant. Many customers do not like the sudden increase. The increased prices have made it necessary to consider sea freight when making an international purchase. Customers are becoming a habit of asking for sea freight and calculating the CIF prices before confirming the orders. In general, if FOB prices are not too high and acceptable to the customers, the total with sea freight makes it seems like a worthless purchase to import goods from China. It seems like a high investment for low profits due to the high sea freight. To deal with such issues RedSheep is continuously working to improve its packaging and loading plan for containers. We are doing our best to come up with plans to save maximum container space to load maximum goods in a single container. It helps reduce the number of containers which eventually reduces the cost of transportation. For example, RedSheep loaded 15 containers of standard Tego shelving recently. We applied some of our improvements within this shipment that saved space while keeping the goods safe. We are glad to inform our customers highly appreciated the experiment upon receiving the goods.   Wooden Pallet Packaging of Tegometall Shelving The order

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How To Choose The Right Types of Shelves For Shops?

The shelf boards are an essential part of a shelving unit because it is a shelf board used to load the merchandise that is to be purchased by customers. The shelf board is the most visible part of the shelving when customers walk into the store. Though a shelving board’s capacity determines its capabilities, we cannot overlook the value of its appearance. Another factor to consider is the shelf board’s durability, which is determined by the raw material used. We at Redsheep can provide store owners with a variety of shelf boards. They are available in a variety of loading capacities and functions. So how to choose the right types of shelves for shops? Below are some most common shelf boards available in the market. Steel Shelf Boards It’s by far the most popular shelf board on the market. These boards are used in almost all stores and supermarkets throughout the world. Steel sheets of various thicknesses, typically 0.8mm to 0.5mm for light merchandise, are constructed. The shelf boards are supported at both ends by two steel brackets that link into the shelving uprights. They can be leveled or tilted to 20 degrees and 35 degrees using the same brackets, respectively. At the front and back, the boards are always bent in a specific shape. Normally, the front bend is used to hold a plastic price strip that is inserted with a wire front riser to keep the item from falling off the board. The shelf board’s loading capacity can be increased

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Import Small Business From China

Import Small Quantities From China

What Are Small Business And Small Quantity Buyers?   Different companies and people have different definitions of small business. Most companies define small businesses as those that import less than USD 10,000 for each order. The cargo capacity is frequently less than a 20′ GP container with this quantity. Ideally, this number generally meets the factory’s minimum order quantity, allowing you to buy straight from them. LCL (less than container load) transportation typically requires a minimum volume of 10 to 15 CBM. When purchasing less than this number, the entire export and import process becomes a little more difficult. It also costs more in the long run, raising the average cost of all products. Talking about small quantity buyers… These are referred to as those who buy less than $2,000 per order. Usually, these are new in the market as compared to others. This article is specifically crafted for both small quantity businesses and buyers to learn how to import small quantities from China. Without further ado, let’s get started! What Are The Most Suitable Products For Small Quantity Buyers? Small business importers buying more than USD 5,000 per order, must know what to import and how to sell. However in beginning small business owners find it hard to understand the dynamics of the market and products to decide where to start off. Following are some products that you can choose to import as a small business owner. High-Value or Small Size Products For small-scale importers, shipping is always a major

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Top Supermarket Chains in The UK

Top 50 Supermarket Chains in The UK

According to the recent study by Statista, the following is the list of 50 UK supermarket chains. 1 Aldi The first in our list of 50 UK supermarket chains is Aldi. It was founded in 1990 by two German brothers Theo and Karl  Albrecht. It’s a massive network of bargain retailers with over 10,000 locations across more than 20 nations. The estimated turnover of Aldi is around €50 billion. 2 Marks & Spencer Marks & Spencer is a British retailer. Marks and Spencer Group plc, as it is formally known, is a well-known British global retailer. The company started its operations in 1884. The company was a joint venue between Thomas Spencer and Michael Marks in Leeds. Currently, the company has 959 stores across the UK. It is headquartered in London. 3 Lidl Lidl’s full name is Lidl Stiftung & Co. It is a German international discount retailer chain. The company was started in 1932 and belongs to Schwarz Group operated Kaufland, another chain of hypermarkets. It is a chain of stores spread throughout Switzerland, the European Union, Serbia, the United States, and the United Kingdom. 4 Tesco Tesco is a well-known brand throughout the world. It is the biggest supermarket chain in the UK. Jack Cohen started the business in 1919. Currently, Tesco is the third-largest retailer in the world as per gross revenues and ninth-largest in the world as per revenues. It is operating its business throughout Europe and UK as a market leader. 5 Waitrose Waitrose is an English supermarket business also known

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Panic buying in british supermarkets

Dual Control of Energy Consumption Policy In China 2021 and Its Effects

Whats the dual control of energy consumption policy in China? How it will effect your order in China and how to explain to your customers who is waiting for your goods? Let’s check it out: Background of Dual Control of Energy Consumption Policy Following the recent Southeast Asia epidemic, China has managed to attract global customers. It has increased energy consumption by up to 20.6%. Statistical Data of Total Energy Generation and Consumption in China In August, China’s economy experienced steady growth. Its electricity consumption has reached 760.7 billion kilowatt-hours. This means an overall increase of 3.6% compared to last year and 6.0% growth compared to the last two years. ● The electricity consumption of the primary industry experienced an increase up to 13.7% (10.7 billion kilowatt-hours). ● The electricity consumption of the secondary industry experienced an increase of up to 0.6% (485.1 billion kilowatt-hours). ● The tertiary industry experienced an increase of up to 6.2% (140 billion kilowatt-hours) over the same last year. ● The electricity consumption of the domestic urban and rural areas recorded an increase up to 12.5% (124.9 billion kilowatt-hours) From January to August, China’s total electricity consumption increased up to 13.8% ( 5.4704 trillion kilowatt-hours). ● The primary industry reaches up to 19.3% (66 billion kilowatt-hours). ● The secondary industry experienced an increase in electricity consumption up to 13.1% (3.6529 trillion kilowatt-hours). ● The electricity consumption of tertiary industry reached up to 21.9% (953.3 billion kilowatt-hours). ● The domestic area electricity consumption increased up to 7.5% (798.2 billion kilowatt-hours). In August 2021, China increased its overall electricity

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Steel price index 2021.05.11

Why Steel Price Increase 2021 And Its Effects on The Shop Fittings Industry

The crazy rise in steel prices from 2020 to 2021 has put a lot of pressure on everyone. Many customers were just about to place orders only to be told that prices had risen by 15 percent. The customer’s first reaction is: “What? Why so much? It’s not acceptable!”  However,when the customer asked several suppliers in one day, found that other suppliers rose more, and came back to ask if yesterday’s offer was still valid.  “I’m sorry, it went up another 5% yesterday…” But that is how much the steel price increases 2021. Steel year on year price Look at this curve of the steel price index: Steel price index 2021.05.11 So why the steel price increase 2021? First of all, the price of the Australian iron ore used in making steel has risen. Australia iron ore deposits Natural trading partners Australia has a land area of 7.69 million square kilometers, of which the main part is a whole continent.  The continent is flat, with low elevations, and lacks mountains and rivers.  There are various kinds of mineral resources on the shoals, which are deposited by the limited mountains, plateaus, and seasonal rivers. It is a desolate and arid continent that can be seen with the naked eye, but the mineral deposits are so rich that you can live on a mining car. According to a report released by the Australian Geosciences Bureau in 2020, Australia ranks first in the world in terms of gold, iron ore, lead, rutile, uranium, nickel, zinc, and zircon.

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conventional pallet racking warehouse

Pallet Racking: The Ultimate Guide

The pallet racking system is the pillar of almost all warehouses or stores because it is among the most vital investments business owners can make. Different businesses have numerous merchandise movements and sorting needs – what serves one store might not be efficient for another. But what precisely is pallet racking? How can this system help your business to generate more profit?     We look at the basics of the racking systems in this pallet racking ultimate guide. Continue reading for the complete lowdown of this material handling and storage assistance system. Key Features of Pallet Racking Pallet racking is a warehouse or store material handling storage assistance system. It utilizes racks to allow pallets, where material and goods are kept, to be stacked horizontally with multiple levels. The system can also be stacked vertically, and either way, the business makes efficient use of the limited space selectively. Forklift trucks come in handy when moving the pallets on/off the racking system within the store. The pallet racking for the warehouse has some distinct features that you need to know to understand them better. Save Limited Space One feature of a rack system is the space-saving nature when added to the premises. It increases the vertical storage area while leaving more space on the floor. You get more space to store more products, meaning your customers will never lack the goods they want to purchase. It is only logical you make more sales when you have more merchandise because you satisfy every

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50P gondola shelving in supermarket

Gondola Shelving: The Ultimate Guide

Gondola Shelvings are popular shelves for holding and displaying merchandise in supermarkets, grocery stores, and other outlets. They help to maximise space by enabling a free-standing double-sided installation that does not touch the wall. These systems allow for customer convenience by controlling the traffic flow thanks to their effective organisation. Gondola shelving systems are also the perfect solution for retailers offering lots of products that need to be displayed.   You can learn more about the gondola shelving system from this ultimate guide by RedSheep. Gondola Shelving Definition What is gondola shelving? It is a common question that retailers ask when purchasing shelving for their stores.   Gondola shelving systems are free-standing and double-sided units with shelves on both sides. They are ideal for placing at the centre of your outlet to divide it and form aisles to enable smooth traffic flow. The units are made to maximise the floor space, increasing the traffic flow, and control the customers’ direction.   That often encourages shoppers to browse the store further, make some impulse buys, and increase sales. At RedSheep, we offer gondola units of varying depths and heights to meet all your shelving needs. We also provide you with durable and flexible shelving, which you can assemble in various styles. The best feature is that they are easy to assemble, disassemble, and reorganise to meet your premises’ needs. What Are the Pros of Gondola Shelving? Retailers aim to display their products attractively and practically to maximise the available space. That is what

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