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Panic buying in british supermarkets

Dual Control of Energy Consumption Policy In China 2021 and Its Effects

Whats the dual control of energy consumption policy in China? How it will effect your order in China and how to explain to your customers who is waiting for your goods? Let’s check it out: Background of Dual Control of Energy Consumption Policy Following the recent Southeast Asia epidemic, China has managed to attract global customers. It has increased energy consumption by up to 20.6%. Statistical Data of Total Energy Generation and Consumption in China In August, China’s economy experienced steady growth. Its electricity consumption has reached 760.7 billion kilowatt-hours. This means an overall increase of 3.6% compared to last year and 6.0% growth compared to the last two years. ● The electricity consumption of the primary industry experienced an increase up to 13.7% (10.7 billion kilowatt-hours). ● The electricity consumption of the secondary industry experienced an increase of up to 0.6% (485.1 billion kilowatt-hours). ● The tertiary industry experienced an increase of up to 6.2% (140 billion kilowatt-hours) over the same last year. ● The electricity consumption of the domestic urban and rural areas recorded an increase up to 12.5% (124.9 billion kilowatt-hours) From January to August, China’s total electricity consumption increased up to 13.8% ( 5.4704 trillion kilowatt-hours). ● The primary industry reaches up to 19.3% (66 billion kilowatt-hours). ● The secondary industry experienced an increase in electricity consumption up to 13.1% (3.6529 trillion kilowatt-hours). ● The electricity consumption of tertiary industry reached up to 21.9% (953.3 billion kilowatt-hours). ● The domestic area electricity consumption increased up to 7.5% (798.2 billion kilowatt-hours). In August 2021, China increased its overall electricity

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Steel price index 2021.05.11

Why Steel Price Increase 2021 And Its Effects on The Shop Fittings Industry

The crazy rise in steel prices from 2020 to 2021 has put a lot of pressure on everyone. Many customers were just about to place orders only to be told that prices had risen by 15 percent. The customer’s first reaction is: “What? Why so much? It’s not acceptable!”  However,when the customer asked several suppliers in one day, found that other suppliers rose more, and came back to ask if yesterday’s offer was still valid.  “I’m sorry, it went up another 5% yesterday…” But that is how much the steel price increases 2021. Steel year on year price Look at this curve of the steel price index: Steel price index 2021.05.11 So why the steel price increase 2021? First of all, the price of the Australian iron ore used in making steel has risen. Australia iron ore deposits Natural trading partners Australia has a land area of 7.69 million square kilometers, of which the main part is a whole continent.  The continent is flat, with low elevations, and lacks mountains and rivers.  There are various kinds of mineral resources on the shoals, which are deposited by the limited mountains, plateaus, and seasonal rivers. It is a desolate and arid continent that can be seen with the naked eye, but the mineral deposits are so rich that you can live on a mining car. According to a report released by the Australian Geosciences Bureau in 2020, Australia ranks first in the world in terms of gold, iron ore, lead, rutile, uranium, nickel, zinc, and zircon.

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conventional pallet racking warehouse

Pallet Racking: The Ultimate Guide

The pallet racking system is the pillar of almost all warehouses or stores because it is among the most vital investments business owners can make. Different businesses have numerous merchandise movements and sorting needs – what serves one store might not be efficient for another. But what precisely is pallet racking? How can this system help your business to generate more profit?     We look at the basics of the racking systems in this pallet racking ultimate guide. Continue reading for the complete lowdown of this material handling and storage assistance system. Key Features of Pallet Racking Pallet racking is a warehouse or store material handling storage assistance system. It utilizes racks to allow pallets, where material and goods are kept, to be stacked horizontally with multiple levels. The system can also be stacked vertically, and either way, the business makes efficient use of the limited space selectively. Forklift trucks come in handy when moving the pallets on/off the racking system within the store. The pallet racking for the warehouse has some distinct features that you need to know to understand them better. Save Limited Space One feature of a rack system is the space-saving nature when added to the premises. It increases the vertical storage area while leaving more space on the floor. You get more space to store more products, meaning your customers will never lack the goods they want to purchase. It is only logical you make more sales when you have more merchandise because you satisfy every

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50P gondola shelving in supermarket

Gondola Shelving: The Ultimate Guide

Gondola Shelvings are popular shelves for holding and displaying merchandise in supermarkets, grocery stores, and other outlets. They help to maximise space by enabling a free-standing double-sided installation that does not touch the wall. These systems allow for customer convenience by controlling the traffic flow thanks to their effective organisation. Gondola shelving systems are also the perfect solution for retailers offering lots of products that need to be displayed.   You can learn more about the gondola shelving system from this ultimate guide by RedSheep. Gondola Shelving Definition What is gondola shelving? It is a common question that retailers ask when purchasing shelving for their stores.   Gondola shelving systems are free-standing and double-sided units with shelves on both sides. They are ideal for placing at the centre of your outlet to divide it and form aisles to enable smooth traffic flow. The units are made to maximise the floor space, increasing the traffic flow, and control the customers’ direction.   That often encourages shoppers to browse the store further, make some impulse buys, and increase sales. At RedSheep, we offer gondola units of varying depths and heights to meet all your shelving needs. We also provide you with durable and flexible shelving, which you can assemble in various styles. The best feature is that they are easy to assemble, disassemble, and reorganise to meet your premises’ needs. What Are the Pros of Gondola Shelving? Retailers aim to display their products attractively and practically to maximise the available space. That is what

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Shop Shelving: The Ultimate Guide

Shop Shelving: The Ultimate Guide

Do you own a supermarket, retail store, grocery store, or outlet selling products? You need to have the best shop shelving for displaying your goods to the customers and make it easier to pick them. Are you wondering where to start? You have come to the ideal site because we have looked at everything you might need to know about shelves for supermarkets. These are systems that can make your supermarket stand out and be more profitable. You can find out more about the shop shelving from this ultimate guide by Redseehp’s experts. Key Features of Shop Shelving You need to spend time looking for the best supermarket shelving to get the desired outcome, whether re-building or setting up a new store.   Our RedSheep shop shelving consultants have discussed some of the features that can ensure you get the perfect systems for your grocery stores. The Colour Most supermarket owners go for Euro Silver, Jura White, and Black colours, but we do not limit. We let you choose your ideal colour to meet your grocery’s needs. That is possible due to the spraying technology that we use after polishing your shelving systems. It is a type of electron attraction that sprays coloured plastic powder evenly on the shelves’ surface. Number of Shelves The number of shelves or shelf levels you settle for depends on the width, weight, and height of the items you want to display. Some of our clients provide CAD or Step drawings of every shelf and bay. It is also vital to know

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Laundry Cart

Commercial Laundry Cart: The Ultimate Guide

A commercial laundry cart is essential if you operate a laundromat, uniformed-based business, restaurant, hotel, supermarket, or any other business dealing with laundry. Quality laundry trolleys can help you move a large amount of wet and dry garments, saving you and your customers’ valuable effort and time. It also means you do not need to drag around dirty clothes, making the best cart for laundry a hygienic choice. These products eliminate the need to carry heavy loads when you want to move wet outfits from the washer to the dryer.   You can find out more about the laundry cart on wheels from this ultimate guide by Redseehp’s commercial laundry trolleys experts. What is a Commercial Laundry Cart? A commercial laundry cart is a large container made of durable material, such as steel metal or wire, attached on wheels and a handle for simple navigation. It is a heavy-duty laundry cart for transporting wet and dry loads of garments from one point to the other.   These tools are mainly used in laundromats, sports facilities, commercial laundries, hospitals, hotels, supermarkets, and other facilities.   You can also consider a laundry trolley as an outfit organizer on wheels for making it simpler to move loads and complete the janitorial chores faster. What is Commercial Laundry Cart Used For? Any business that deals with vast amounts of garments use rolling metal laundry carts at some point. They help to transport these heavy loads of clothes efficiently and quickly. But are you aware that

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Metal Shopping Cart Accessories

Metal Shopping Cart: The Ultimate Guide

A Metal Shopping Cart is equipment made of metallic material for holding and carrying shopping items in supermarkets, grocery stores, and other outlets. It is also called a Metal Shopping Trolley and was first developed in 1937 by Sylvan Goldman, the Humpty Dumpty Supermarket Chain owner. The carts come in different sizes, designs, and colours to meet every shopper’s need. Some supermarkets even have a unique Kids Metal Shopping Cart that is suited for young shoppers. Most modern metallic trolleys are made of plastic and metal and are uniquely designed to nest in each other with ease. That allows for the simple collection and moving of the carts and saves on storage room. There is more to Metal Shopping Carts, as you can find out from this ultimate guide. Key Features of Metal Shopping Cart Investing in trolleys allows your customers to move from point A to B with their goods without any hassle. However, you should not pick just any Metal Shopping Cart you come across and take it to your supermarket. Our RedSheep team of experts has outlined some of the main features you should watch out for when buying your store’s shopping equipment. They are also the features of a quality shopping cart that is made of metallic material. Minimise Withdrawal Rate A metal cart should possess the feature of minimising the withdrawal rate by customers, homeless people, and even thieves. That means going for models fitted with safety features that detect when the cart is about to

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Types Of Plastic Grocery Cart Accessories

Plastic Shopping Cart: The Ultimate Guide

Our plastic shopping cart ultimate guide informs you about these essential trolleys for supermarkets. Find out everything you would need to know about plastic shopping carts. The easiest way to boost your store’s total sales is to attract more customers and maintain current and new shoppers.   How can you achieve that as a grocery outlet owner? By ensuring your supermarket has the best plastic shopping cart for every visitor who walks through the door. There are different types of plastic shopping trolleys to meet every customer’s need, such as carts for adults, kids, seniors, and more. See RedSheep Plastic Shopping Carts Plastic shopping carts also happen to be the ideal alternative to metal models because they are light and do not rust. But there is more to plastic trolleys, as you can find out from this guide. Key Features of Plastic Shopping Carts Many grocery and retail stores only offer standard shopping trolleys to their clients to save money and time in the short run. These units can undoubtedly be useful to the buyer, but they are not often ideal for most supermarkets. For example, the average shopping trolley might be too small to hold large items but too large for small ones. It is wise to buy carts with the right features to meet the various users’ needs when shopping in your grocery store. Here are five features that Redsheep’s shopping carts possess and ones you should watch out for when buying your trolleys: The Right Material It is vital

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RedSheep Shop shelving quality control system and packing solution

As one of our advantage, RedSheep has a quality control system that you can trust. All our shelving product tolerances are strictly according to ISO-2768 regulations. RedSheep quality control system consists of the following: Quality Procedures Manual Goods-in inspection System First-off Approval System In-line inspection System Route Card System Reject and Quarantine System Re-work System Final Assembly Checklist System Approved Sample System Traceability Recording System Drawing tolerance system (according to ISO-2768) We now have two professional inspectors in charge of the quality inspection, one to check the raw material and the finished goods, another one does random inspection during production, and the unfinished goods in the warehouse. Quality Inspection Load-bearing test It generally refers to the maximum weight that the shelf bears when it is placed on the shelf board when the goods are loaded. According to the different styles, structure, size, and material thickness of the shelf, the safety load of a single laminate ranges from 50KG to 300KG, and there are different tests such as safety load, destructive load, and so on. The general simple test method is to evenly load a certain weight or other heavy objects on the shelf laminate, or until the shelf collapses, to observe the stability of the overall structure of the shelf and record the weight of the load in each stage. The factory can test the shelf load and record the data to ensure the shelf quality and safety, or ask a third-party certification body to test the load and issue

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Shopping Cart

What Can A Shopping Cart Tell Us About Innovation?

People’s perception of innovation often comes from the results of innovation, but they know little about the process of innovation. In July 1999, ABC’s famous evening show Nightline decided to produce a special program so that viewers could get a glimpse of how innovation took place. They contacted IDEO, one of the world’s best design companies in Silicon Valley, and presented them with a challenge: to redesign shopping carts that people use every day in five days. IDEO was unequivocal when he received the challenge. It immediately formed a design team made up of cross-disciplinary people. Early Friday morning, in front of the camera, the design team uncovered the cloth on the shopping cart, and a newly designed shopping cart appeared in front of a national audience. The traditional image of the shopping cart has been subverted. It no longer looks like a big shopping basket on four wheels. The new shopping cart has a futuristic metal body with five small standard shopping baskets on it. They are like storage boxes one by one, making it easy for shoppers to store different items in different categories, and also allows shoppers to park their shopping carts and go shopping with one of the small baskets in hand. When checking out, the clerk takes out the items in the small baskets and puts them into shopping bags, and then piles them together for recycling. This will cause a problem, and shoppers will have to leave with a lot of trouble carrying a

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