Retail Shopping Baskets

RedSheep is a trusted company with over 20 years of experience providing the best shopping equipment. We pride ourselves on providing environmentally friendly, high-quality, and attractive Retail shopping baskets.

Our shopping products are ideal for all kinds of shops and supermarkets and help the shop owners to boost their sales. We ensure you get durable models to last for over ten years, and each unit comes with a 2-year warranty.


Retail Shopping Baskets Customized

At RedSheep, we customize every shopping basket to meet your brand’s need and theme. We have developed the best retail shopping baskets in the industry for over ten years and are always looking to improve.

We are known for these reasons:

  • Providing baskets with a 99.998% qualification rate
  • Offering economical and affordable retail shopping baskets
  • Providing a 2-year warranty for each unit
  • Fast delivery of 14 days from the moment you place your order
  • Logo printing on every basket

Redsheep Retail Shopping Baskets

Retail Shopping baskets are equipment provided by supermarkets and shops for shoppers to place products and carry them around before buying.

They are smaller than shopping carts, although they serve the same purpose.  

The modern retail shopping baskets come with one or two handles that fold down to enable easy stacking.

We develop and make a wide range of retail shopping baskets at RedSheep to enable all store owners to get their perfect apparatus.

You can find both the metallic shopping baskets and the plastic shopping baskets. However, the former is a tradition-type of shopping gear.

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Top Retail Shopping Baskets Reviews

Below are some of our leading wire and plastic shopping baskets

aldi style shopping basket

Aldi Style Retail Shopping Basket

Aldi Style Shopping Basket is an all-plastic unit for holding and carrying goods in the store. The model comes with a single handle for enabling the shoppers to hold it with ease. It is a durable, lightweight product that comes in different colors, including blue with a black handle. However, you can request us to customize this basket to meet your brand’s theme. The Aldi Style Shopping Basket design makes it ideal for placing and retrieving items. That is because you can fold the handle down to avoid distraction. It also provides a logo area for printing your brand’s name.

rs sbh 13 walmart style shopping basket

Walmart Hand Retail Shopping Basket

Walmart Hand Shopping Basket is a two-handle product for carrying sizable loads of about 25 kgs. It is made of durable plastic material to ensure you get value for your money. The apparatus is crack and shatter-resistant, thanks to the quality polypropylene material. You can also count on the environmentally friendly nature of the basket. It also has a logo area to let you print your company’s name. The basket is lightweight to ensure the customers carry it around with ease when full of goods.

target shopping basket

Target Retail Shopping Basket

Target Shopping Basket is designed to provide shoppers with simple usability. The model holds small items like toothbrush, measuring cups, and others It has a re-designed style to make your customers’ shopping experience worth every second. Instead of being a square basket, the unit has curves that contour to the user’s legs. The handle is placed at the proper position to allow you to hold the basket comfortably without hitting your knees. Moreover, the handle is thick to ensure that you carry heavy products in the basket without cutting into the hand.

rs sbh 2 ergo hand wanzl style shopping basket

Ergo Hand Wanzl Basket Style Retail Shopping Basket

Ergo Hand Wanzl Basket Style Retail Shopping Basket is a modern unit that makes spontaneous buying easy and fun. The product comes with an ergonomic, semicircular design to let you carry it close to your body. That means you can let your body carry the heavy load to relieve the pressure from your hand. Another great thing about this basket is the 100% recyclable material. You get eco-friendly baskets that you can use for years and still resell them as scraps in the future. It is a basket for every supermarket that wants to attract environmentally conscious shoppers.

rs sbw 10 wanzl style rolling shopping basket

Wanzl Style Rolling Retail Shopping Basket

Wanzl Style Rolling Retail Shopping Basket provides convenient rolling to allow quick purchases. The product is recommended for small city stores or as additional shopping gear for shopping trolleys. Shopping is always a fun experience with the Wanzl Style Rolling Shopping Basket for adults and kids. It also comes with sturdy construction to guarantee durability and offer value for money. The other feature is the ergonomic recessed handle for enabling simple lifting. You can also bet on low cases of stock theft due to the high level of transparency. The product is made of eco-friendly material that you can recycle after its useful life.

polycart style wheeled shopping basket

Super Basket Style Wheeled Retail Shopping Basket

Super Basket Style Wheeled Shopping Basket is easy to handle due to the light and simple handle. The model comes with a rounded shape that minimizes damages to the surface when it pumps on walls or cars. It comes with silent wheels to allow the customers to push it around without causing the noise. One thing, you can always customize the shopping basket’s color to meet your needs. The model adds benefits to shoppers by making it possible to carry many products. It is environmentally friendly because it is made of recyclable plastic.

supa iga shopping basket

Supa IGA Retail Shopping Basket

Supa IGA Retail Shopping Basket boasts over 30-liter capacity and is among the most popular units out there. It comes with a robust design and is easy to stack to allow for adequate storage. The model features a lightweight design to let the shoppers hold all their products at once. You can always customize the basket to meet your store’s needs by adding a logo. It also comes with holes to let the store owner see the products inside the basket. You can bet on the durability and functionality of this basket.

big w shopping basket on wheels

Big W Retail Shopping Basket on Wheels

Your customers’ shopping time becomes a comfortable experience with the Big W Shopping Basket on Wheels. It is a spacious model for holding all kinds of goods and offers smooth movement. The shopping gear is made of durable material to last for over ten years, giving you value for money. You can also bet on the safety of the material for your shoppers. It is easy to use the product when placing and retrieving products. Besides, you can always customize the basket to meet your needs.

ross shopping basket

Ross Retail Shopping Basket

Ross Retail Shopping Basket provides your shoppers with a spacious system for placing their products. It is made of durable plastic and comes with a foldable handle. The model also comes with wheels to make moving the items around the store easy. Another thing is the fixed handle for lifting the basket when taking it to the store. It comes with a round design and helps to minimize impact when pumped against walls and cars.


Wire Retail Shopping Basket

The Wire Shopping Basket is made of steel wire material to guarantee durability and corrosion-free operation. It is a lightweight design model for carrying light products. The unit has a fixed handle that allows you to lift it with ease. One thing, the handle has a plastic cover to prevent cutting that occurs when carrying heavy items. It is recommended for all stores that see shoppers who like to use metal retail shopping baskets. You can let us know if you want to customize the size.

Action Retail Shopping Baskets With Wheels

Retail Shopping Baskets With Wheels

The Retail Shopping Baskets with Wheels can be wheeled or carried due to their unique handle design. It comes with a telescopic handle that users can extend to a greater height with ease. Its wheels are muted to enable everyday use without causing disturbance to other shoppers. Another notable thing is the reinforced base for guaranteeing durability. The handle is also an antibacterial one to prevent germs transfer from one user to the other. You also get to enjoy reversible stacking ability when placing the baskets in the store.


Retail Shopping Basket With Handles

The Retail Shopping Basket with Handles is a compact unit for every shopper who wants convenience. It comes with two handles to allow two users to help in carrying the items. The handles also make it possible to carry a heavy load and not worry about the system breaking. Another great feature is the logo section; you can add your brand name to that area. Moreover, the Shopping Basket with Handles is easy to customize to meet every store’s need. It is also made of durable HDPP material.

Advantages To Cooperate With RedSheep Retail Shopping Basket Manufacturer

RedSheep as one of the most professional shopping basket manufacturer has the advantages as following


With 20 years of experience as a shopping basket manufacturer, we have full experience in suppling top-rated shelving to meet your market requirement.


All our retail shopping baskets are strictly according to ISO/SGS regulations, with affordable prices with unparalleled quality


Big production capacity makes short lead time 20-30 days for the standard retail shopping baskets.


We have full experience in customized product development and have full range of shopping basket parts and accessories, to meet customer’s different needs.


We take care the quality of our shopping basket , for any defect of the goods, we will take responsibility. You are risk-free.


Low MOQ, we can accept low MOQ as 50 sets retail shopping baskets, or even less quantity for every single item in big production order.


We have our own quality control system that you can trust, to secure your order and business.


As a shopping basket manufacturer, we provide stable and reliable OEM/ODM service for our customer.

Machines for Retail Shopping Basket Manufacturers

Inspections From Retail Shopping Basket Manufacturers

Retail Shopping Baskets: The Complete FAQ Guide

You can learn more about our retail shopping baskets from the FAQ section below:

For more information about products, the company, or shipping, you can also check out our other FAQs!

Key Features of Retail Shopping Baskets

Maybe you are wondering in what way our retail shopping baskets are different from other manufacturers.

We have listed the key features of every shopping basket we make:

  • Environmentally Friendly

The first feature of our retail shopping baskets is the environmental conservation they offer to the retailers and us.

We produce them using advanced technology that saves on energy and CO2 gas emission.

They are friendly to the environment because you can recycle them when they reach the end of their useful life.

  • Good Quality

Our production team and process combine to ensure we provide all supermarkets and retail stores with quality baskets for their customers.

We ensure high-quality by using only the best materials to mold and produce these baskets, which are:

    • Polypropylene or HDPP. The material provides excellent impact and chemical resistance.
    • High Density Polypropylene or HDPP. We also use the high-density version of the PE material to produce even more rigid baskets.
    • Steel. Our wire models are made of high-quality steel material.

Our products have been shown to provide a success rate of 99.998% and can last for between 5-10 years.

  • Attractive Design and Color

One thing that can attract more shoppers to a supermarket is attractive shopping gear.

We provide retail shopping baskets that match the original product’s design and even let our clients customize their units.

It is possible to request color customization, design, and even add a catchy phrase to the basket.

attractive design and color
  • Affordable Baskets

Our retail shopping baskets are pretty affordable, with every unit costing between $2 to $10.

You can enjoy the price economies of scale and get the best deal when purchasing the bulky units.

Each basket’s cost will depend on several factors like the basket size, the PP material you choose, and the customization level.

  • They Save Space

You can place your order and get a shopping basket of between 21-liter to 90-liter, meaning we provide compact apparatus.

Our baskets also come with a folding handle to allow the shop owners to stack them while in the holding area.

They take up less space compared to shopping trolleys and carts.

  • Several Varieties

We provide a wide variety of retail shopping baskets to meet every client’s need and taste.

You can pick a small, medium, or large basket or opt for white, blue, green, or red color.

The models are also different in the material we use to manufacture your basket since you can choose between the PP and the HDPP materials.

  • Easy to Customize

The one feature that makes our product stand out from rivals is the customization freedom we give to each customer.

We let you customize the design, size, color, and even add phrases and logo.

You only need to let us know how you want your retail shopping baskets to appear, and we will deliver your dream unit.

We encourage our clients to customize these shopping units to make them different from the original design and unique for their stores.

What are the Advantages of Using Retail Shopping Baskets?

A lot of well-known, high-end retail stores and supermarkets have retail shopping baskets for their visitors.

But are there advantages of having and using these products? Yes, they include:

  • Durable Design

The best baskets come with a robust structural design that does not dent or deform even when knocked or bumped against displays.

They also come with comfortable, strong handles that never bend or break under pressure.

  • Easy to Stack

The style of these baskets also makes it easy to stack them after use, saving you space.  

Their built prevent them from tangling when lifting them from the stack. That makes the baskets convenience to use.

easy to stack
  • Rust-Free and Non-Corrosive

Plastic shopping baskets do not corrode or rust and remain in excellent condition for decades.

You can leave these units outdoor under different weather conditions and still find them strong, beautiful, and valuable.

  • Lightweight Design

The modern retail shopping baskets are lightweight than the traditional model, making them the best gears for shoppers.

They are easy to lift and carry around when full of goods due to this lightweight nature.

The lightweight nature makes it comfortable to hold the basket when full of items.

You can also count on few accidents because these retail shopping baskets are easy to manage and control.

  • Brand Representation

Retail shopping baskets make it possible to attach or print logos or branding on the surface.

That can prevent theft and even market your supermarket to shoppers and other people.

  • Different Sizes and Colors

The units provide more flexibility when it comes to style, color, size, and other features.

You can have a basket for every class of shopper, be it children or adults.

  • Easy to Clean

Shipping baskets are used by different shoppers and are prone to getting germs, bacteria, and dirt.

Luckily, they are easy to wash and disinfect using simple cleaning methods.

Production and Delivery Time for the Retail Shopping Basket

At RedSheep, we strive to deliver our clients’ orders on time and within the shortest lead time possible.

We have a production and delivery time of between 14 days to 60 days, depending on your order and specifications.

It only takes 14-30 days to deliver your retail shopping baskets if you opt for the standard design without customization.

The process can take a further 30 days if you go for personalized or customized baskets.

Note that we have retail shopping baskets in stock that you can choose and delivered to your premises within a shorter period.

shopping baskets in stock

Where to Buy Retail Shopping Baskets

You can buy the best retail shopping baskets from RedSheep by placing your order at “Request A Quote Directly For This Product!” on our website.

We are a reputable company that provides quality shopping gears with a success rate of 99.998% and a 2-year warranty.

You can bet on our products to provide your customers with service for between 5-10 years.

Our models are affordable, going for between $2 to $10 apiece, and come in different sizes, ranging from 21-liter to 90-liter.

We also have partners in your local regions.

You can always inquire about our local dealers. We will refer you to a local manufacturer near you.

What are Retail Shopping Baskets Made Of?

Modern retail shopping baskets are mainly made of plastic material with plastic or metallic handles that fold down to enable easy stacking.

We make our products using two types of plastics: Polypropylene (PP) and High-Density Polypropylene (HDPP) materials.

The two materials have some superb properties like toughness, strength, stiffness, permeability to gas, resistance to moisture and chemicals, and ease to form and process.

They are also affordable. You can rest assured we provide you with cheap shopping baskets.

The only difference between the two materials is that the HDPP one has PP as its base. It is of a higher density than the PP material.

The wire models are made of high-quality steel material with zinc plated and transparent powder coating that prevent rust and corrosion.

What are Retail Shopping Basket Manufacturing Processes?

Retail shopping baskets undergo the injection molding processes when being manufactured.

The various manufacturing stages are carefully considered during the design, creation, and production.

Many things go into the production processes, but here are the highlights:

  • The Mold Closes. The cycle starts with the mold closing.
  • Injection. It involves getting the heated plastic into a mold or basket.
  • Cooling. The mold is left to cool.
  • Trimming. Now the baskets undergo trimming to ensure the surface is smooth and with not protruding parts.
  • Adding Parts. Other parts like the handles are attached to the basket.

Available Color Options for Retail Shopping Basket

One great way of boosting your sales is to improve your brand awareness.

You can accomplish that by putting your brand colors and logo on your retail shopping baskets.

We let you select the color of your shopping basket to ensure that the equipment represents your store.

You only need to notify us of the color you want, and we will deliver whether it is red, blue, green, white, orange, or another.

Why Do Retail Shopping Baskets Have Holes?

There are several reasons why these baskets have holes, such as:

    • The holes enable the cashier to see what is inside the basket
    • The holes save on production cost as the basket uses less material
    • The holes provide the basket with flexibility when knocked against other displays

How Retail Shopping Basket Compares to Shopping Cart

The shopping basket and shopping cart can increase a supermarket’s sales and are used by shoppers to carry items around the store.

They can be produced from different materials like plastic and metal, but they are different.

Shopping Basket

A shopping basket is a container or apparatus with one or two handles and is used to carry and hold shopping in-store.

It is lightweight, letting the shoppers hold their products with one hand.

The basket is mainly recommended when a customer is doing light shopping and when in a hurry.

Shopping Cart

A shopping cart is a four-wheel container provided by retail stores or supermarkets for shopper’s use when making purchases.

It is heavier than a shopping basket and comes with wheels to enable the customer to push it around.

The cart is mainly recommended when a person is conducting heavy shopping or when with kids.

What Should I Offer if I Want Customize My Retail Shopping Basket?

RedSheep encourages all our customers to customize their retail shopping baskets to differentiate from the original design and avoid legal issues.

We customize these baskets through our OEM service when you provide us with the CAD and PDF drawings.

You should also reach our team to get more details about customization and what to expect.

Other information you can provide:

    • Your company color and logo
    • Key measurements of the retail shopping baskets

How Much Does it Cost if I Want Customize My Retail Shopping Basket?

We focus on trying new styles and integrated retail shopping baskets to make our customers get their dream products.

That is possible due to our OEM service that enables us to customize your models to meet your brand’s needs.

We charge for the plastic injection tooling fee for customization when you provide us with the design, color, style, and other details.

Some clients find it to be an additional cost, but we refund you every penny when your order reaches a large quantity.

However, it can take 60 days to deliver a customize plastic shopping basket order.

How Much Weight Can a Retail Shopping Basket Hold?

Retail shopping baskets come in different sizes and carry varying weights, according to the size and design.

However, baskets are recommended for carrying lightweight goods of about 20kg.

Some models can carry about 50kg without breaking or getting dented.

baskets can carry about 50kg without breaking

How Long Can the Retail Shopping Basket Last?

We provide sturdy and durable retail shopping baskets to offer you service for between 5-10 years.

With that said, you can expect the baskets to last for over ten years – you can use them for other means.  

The models come with a 2-year warranty for the material and the manufacturing process.

How to Test Quality of Retail Shopping Basket?

Retail shopping baskets test quality involves determining how the material behaves under typical shopping conditions.

We conduct the following tests:

  • Body Hardness Test Using Indenter

We conduct a body hardness test using an indenter. The test helps our quality control team to ensure the products meet the industry standards.

The team presses the indenter at the middle of the basket to see how it will react.

It is pressed perpendicularly into the plastic at a specific force until it contacts the basket.

The resistance of the basket is measured by how deep the indenter enters the plastic material.

  • Surface Test Using the Hand

Our team also uses their hands when testing for the surface by touching the basket.

It is a great way to see if the model has burrs, dents, or deformations.

  • Load Bearing Test

The load bearing test involves placing a load inside the basket and then lifting it off the ground for one month.

We do that to see how the basket’s surface handle the weight and how it behaves.

Besides, we test for the load bearing ability by stacking multiple baskets with loads and last for one month.

Vegetable Shelving Basket Load Bearing Test 1
Vegetable Shelving Basket Load Bearing Test 2

What Kind of Packaging Do You Offer? Is it for Free?

We package retail shopping baskets using the free Carton Box Packaging.

It is a method that sees us place your baskets into layers to enable a safe and firm transportation.

Can I Have a Sample of Your Shopping Basket Before Ordering?

We allow our clients to get samples of our retail shopping baskets before they place their desired order.

Kindly contact our support team to learn more about the terms and conditions of these samples.

How Many Printing Services are Available for Shopping Basket? And What Will be the Cost?

The printing service of plastic shopping baskets depends on the model you choose.

Some of the standard techniques are:

  • Silk Printing

Silk printing is a popular technique that is used by different companies to print logos and designs onto items of different materials and sizes.

It uses a printing frame, or the logo is printed on a sheet and then transferred to the basket.

  • Stickers

Another technique is to add stickers to the baskets. They require more time, space, and operators to executive correctly.

Note: You need to pay a small fee for the two techniques.

sticker logos printing

Are Shopping Basket Recyclable and Reusable?

You can reuse or even take the worn baskets to a recycling plant into new products.

Our products are made of plastic material that is easy to recycle.

Another option is to donate the outdated models to other stores that might want these units.

You can even take them to a new store and cut costs during the starting process.

Warranty Offered for Shopping Basket

RedSheep as one of the best shopping cart manufacturers offers you a 2-year warranty for every basket you purchase through our website or our partners.

The warranty covers the manufacturing process and material. Kindly read the terms and conditions of the cover.

What is the Minimum Order Quantity for Shopping Basket?

RedSheep is an international brand that aims to achieve efficiency to minimize production costs and environmental pollution.

We ensure that by allowing our clients to place a minimum order quantity of 1000 pcs.

The 1000 pcs are low enough to enable even the small store to get quality baskets.

In Conclusion

Every supermarket or retail store should provide the best retail shopping baskets to its shoppers.

The baskets come in varying sizes of between 21-liter to 90-liter, and you can customize your models to meet your need.

RedSheep provides affordable, durable, environmentally friendly, and space-saving baskets.

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