China Roll Container At Cheap Price

RedSheep brings you the ultimate solution to all your warehouse stock management problems. With durable quality China roll containers, the trolley enjoys convenient stock movement. It does not only offer convenience but a reduction in day-to-day labor costs. The versatile design offers thousands of benefits that are hard to overall. Now emerge as a leading brand with RedSheep, the best in town China roll containers manufacturer.

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China Roll Container Customized

It is hard to fit all your needs into someone else’s design every time. Now presenting innovative customization to meet all your warehouse needs. From accessories to structure, RedSheep offers you the freedom to design your product the way you want it. Suppose you got special needs to worry not. We offer ODM/OEM service at a highly affordable rate to all our customers. Buckle up to experience your dream in reality

Qualities of RedSheeps Customization

  • Dedicated and skilled engineers to provide satisfying results
  • In-depth discussion so everything goes as per your plan
  • Delivery within 30-60 days for highly customized products
  • Logo printing to reserve copyrights

Wait no more and enjoy the ultimate customization under one roof. Contact our team and get your order now!

Redsheep Roll Container

RedSheep has been surviving as a leading brand for the past 23 years.

The experience, knowledge, and hard work are visible in our robust construction.

RedSheep is one of the few China roll container manufacturers that offer personalized services in over 40 countries.

We know how to help you grow in the international market.

With an efficiency rate of 99.995%, warehouse stock movement is not a problem anymore.

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Top 9 China Roll Container Reviewed

Below are nine China roll containers you can find at RedSheep stores at an affordable rate and even have the freedom to customise them

2 sided Demountable roll containers

2 sided demountable roll containers

It is a two side demountable roll container. The walls offer protection when the trolley is on the go. You can also add shelves to the model if you wish.

Demountable roll container 3 pareti

Demountable roll container 3 pareti

This design offers walls on three sides similar to a two-sided demountable roller container. The rigid surface is constructed through high-quality rust-free steel to deal with harsh conditions.

All sided demountable roll containers

All sided demountable roll containers

It is the third design in series of detachable models. The design offers four-sided walls for the complete protection of the stock. The single door at the front of the cage is there to load and unload the stock easily.

Nestable model 2 sides China roll container

Foldable 2 sided roll containers

The surface of the cage is foldable, which makes it easy to store and transport when not in use. Comparatively, it is compact to serve places with less space for movement.

Foldable roll container 3 pareti​

3 sided foldable roll container

Similar to a two-sided foldable roller container, this one also offers convenient movement and foldable walls. You can add and remove shelves in the design as per your choice.


Collapsible roll container 3 pareti

Collapsible roll container 3 pareti

The design is kept rigid to serve heavy and bulk stock. The large size collapsible container offers three walls at the sides to protect goods from falling.

Collapsible model 4 sides roll container with 2 doors

Collapsible 4 sided roll container with 2 doors

The design is completely covered with walls on each side. A double door is present at the front of the trolley to serve easy loading and unloading.

Collapsible model 4 sides roll container with 4 doors

Collapsible 4 sided roll container with 4 doors

The Collapsible model offers convenient storage when not in use. Similar to the previous design, it has four walls covering the complete structure for safety. However, all four walls can be used as a store for loading and unloading of the stock. The four high-end casters at the bottom of the container offer easy rolling when loaded with the stock.

Security Roll Container

It is a security roll container trolley that comes together with a lock, which allows customers to secure their important asset from stollen. The small mesh grids also make sure your goods won’t slip out or taken out without the key.

Milk Trolley

It is a special form of rolling container design for dairy product movement and storage. It offers four walls with one gate at the front of the structure. You can customize the design as per your choice.

Machines for Roll Container Manufacturers

Inspections From Roll Container Manufacturers

Advantages To Cooperate With RedSheep Roll Container Manufacturer

RedSheep as one of the most professional roll containers manufacturers has the advantages as following


With 23 years of experience as a roll container manufacturer, we have full experience in suppling top-rated roll container to meet your market requirement.


All our rolls containers are strictly according to ISO/SGS regulations, with affordable prices with unparalleled quality


Big production capacity makes short lead time 20-30 days for the standard roll container trolley.


We have full experience in customized product development and have ffull range of roll container parts and accessories, to meet customer’s different needs.


We take care the quality of our roll container trolleys , for any defect of the goods, we will take responsibility. You are risk-free.

Low MOQ 100 SETS

Low MOQ, we can accept low MOQ as 100 sets roll container, or even less quantity for every single item in big production order.


We have our own quality control system that you can trust, to secure your order and business.


As one of the leading roll container manufacturers, we provide stable and reliable OEM/ODM service for our customer.

Roll Container Trolley, The One Fit For All-FAQ Guide

RedSheep is proud to present itself as an ultimate problem solver to all the warehouse problems.

Sometimes it gets challenging to deal with the workload.

Worry not!

RedSheep is here to help you minimize the hassle and expense of skyrocket. We present you with a one-time investment solution to reduce daily warehouse expenses.

Keep reading the to unfold the secret to efficient inter-store/warehouse stock movement and management.


What Are Roll Containers?

Distribution roll cages are special metal storage cages on wheels designed to carry and transport stock within a store or warehouse. It offers a helping hand to especially if you deal in heavy-duty delicate items.

With safe means of transportation, you get to enjoy better profits with lower investments. The cage is manufactured from a robust material to carry the load effectively.

The cage includes foldable and sometimes removable shelves. Nine different types of distribution roll cages offered at RedSheep hold the capacity to undergo harsh weather conditions of a warehouse.

The high-quality casters make it easy to move around stock with less effort and workforce. These cages take less than half of the time your labor consumes to move around your inventory manually.

On the other hand, the secure structure offers safe movement as compared to manual transportation.

Roll container details
Roll container details

What Are The Dimensions of A Standard Cargo Storage Roll Container?

Dimensions of a roller container depend on various factors, but a standard roll container has the following sizes:

2 sided demountable roll containers:

Size: 760 X 700 X 1700 mm

Mesh Size: 335 X 150 mm

Loading Height: 1510 mm

Loading Capacity: 500 kg

Wight: 28.5 kg

Castor: 125 mm

Surface Treatment: Chrome/plastic plated

Customization: Optional wire shelves

3 sided demountable roll container:

Size: 800 X 720 X 1720 mm

Mesh Size: 100 X 300 or optional

Loading Capacity: 500 kg

Casters: 125 mm

4 sided security roll container:

Size: 800 X 720 X 1720mm

Loading Capacity: 500 kg

Casters: 125 mm


What Material Does RedSheep Use For The Construction Of China Roll Containers?

We aim to provide the best quality in the town. Keeping in mind the climate changes and harsh working conditions in busy stores and warehouses, we use Q235 and Q195 steel to construct roll container trolleys.


What Is The Estimated Cost Of China Roll Container?

RedSheep value your investment. Through our wisdom and experience, we have successfully discovered machines and techniques to eliminate unnecessary costs on the construction of China roll containers. This has led us to offer various discounts to our loyal customers.

Depending on various factors like customization, size, material and other services a typical cage container will cost you between $70-$135.

How Does Roll Cage Trolley Benefit Your Business?

The variations and quality of material make it a trustable partner for all warehouse owners. Stock is the foundation of a store. If you don’t treat your goods well, you can never build a trustable relation with your customer.

With a lack of confidence over the quality of stock, you lose the chance to grab the attention of a potential customer. This is what a roll cage trolley does for you.

It boosts your confidence over the condition of your stock to amaze your shoppers.

Not only that, but it helps you save more to invest in useful assets by offering cheaper and safer goods transportation.

The trolley offers silent help to the workforce working hard to move the heavy stock in your store. It provides the opportunity to load bulk stock at once.

What Are The Benefits of Using Nestable Roll Containers?

Metal roll containers are an intelligent technique to minimize warehouse hassle while increasing the positives in your business. Following is the list of benefits offered by RedSheep’s roll container trolleys.

● Durable and Sturdy

Quality stock is the first step towards success in today’s competitive business environment. If you want to win loyal customers, you have to be loyal to them also.

Through quality stock, you can win the hearts of your shoppers and enjoy long-term benefits.

To prove your loyalty to your customer through quality stock, a robust roll cage container can help.

The quality of material used in the construction of roll containers decides the future of your stock.

If the roll cage trolley is poorly manufactured, it may cause unwanted damage to your stock.

This is where RedSheep comes in. The durable material used in the manufacturing of our cage trolley ensures safe and long-term services.

● Easy Transportation at Affordable Rates

Inter-store stock movement is no less than a full-time job. You always need somebody to keep an eye on the carefree labor, so they don’t damage the stock during the transportation.

With RedSheep’s roll container trolley, you can shoulder your responsibilities to it without a doubt. The walls on the sides offer complete protection of the stock.

This eventually reduces the supply of labor and supervisors needed to manage the stock.

Plus, the container itself is available at a super affordable price. What else would you want to have other than long-term benefits at affordable rates?

● Simple To Handle

The life and performance of the roll cage container heavily depend on the dealing and care. For careful handling, the container itself must be user-friendly.

The cages design at RedSheep offers easy working. It is super easy for a layperson to operate the unit for loading and unloading of the goods.

● Accessibility

One of the undeniable benefits of roll container trolleys is their availability. There are thousands of designs available in the market that offer quality service for the longest time.

You won’t find it hard to look for a container that suits your needs.

● Flexibility with Lightweight

Many shopfitting providers offer quality material that can efficiently manage the stock. However, what they overlook is the convenience provided by the stock management trolleys when not in use.

This is how we use our 23 years of experience and knowledge of the industry. The nestable roll container manufactured at RedSheep are highly flexible and lightweight. This enables you to nest the containers with each other easily.

When done with their shift, the lightweight material and foldable structure eat the least space possible in your warehouse. 

Nestable roll containers loading
Nestable roll containers loading

How Long Can A Roll Cage Trolley Serve Your Needs?

We value your investment and wish to have long-term relations with our customers. However to make you our loyal customer we not only offer affordable rate but quality service also.

Every product design at RedSheep is manufactured to serve you for the longest.

Thanks to the highly durable material, manufacturing process, and sound delivery, all our customers get to enjoy roll cage trolleys for a minimum of 5-10 years.

We’re not done yet…

With proper maintenance and regular health checkups, you can prolong the life of our roll cage trolley. Other than that, when you’re done using our cargo storage roll container, you can also resell it against money.

This is what we call real investment with a high ROI rate.

Why Choose RedSheep As Your Roll Container Supplier?

Quality Standard of RedSheep Roll Container Manufacturing

As one of the best roll container manufacturers, RedSheep always puts quality as the first priority.

Low-quality material may harm your customer’s health and your business, RedSheep roll containers meet ISO 9001: 2000 quality system standard and the European carts standard UNE EN ISO 1929 1:1998, which means the quality of your roll containers will be secured.

We produce roll container trolleys following European standard, which is the most strict quality standard in the world.

Thanks to the strict standard RedSheep company insist on, the dimension and weight of each roll container of RedSheep are accurate and stable.

The containers are bound to pass several tests before they are delivered to you.

In addition, we also make sure the smooth surface with an extra layer of surface cover to protect people’s safety.


What Types of Roll Container Trolleys Do RedSheep Offer?

RedSheep offer as many types of China roll container as you can imagine.

Yes, you read that right!

Thanks to our engineers who can build customized roll containers to offer maximum benefits to our customers.

In general, there are nine types of China roll containers that are mostly liked by all our customers.

Following is the list:

  • 2 sided demountable roll containers
  • Demountable roll container 3 pareti
  • All sided demountable roll containers
  • Foldable 2 sided roll containers
  • Foldable roll container 3 pareti
  • Collapsible roll container 3 pareti
  • Collapsible 4 sided roll container with two doors
  • Collapsible 4 sided roll container with four doors
  • Milk Trolley
Roll container production machines
Roll container production machines
The features of using nestable roll containers
The features of using nestable roll containers

Does RedSheep Offer Customized Colors for Roll Containers?

Though metal roll containers are mostly used in warehouses and do not need a lot of beautification. We still offer color customization for all types of distribution roll cages based on RAL or PANTONE standards.

To make your place visibly attractive, we offer lasting colors. A high range of colors is available to match your warehouse/store’s theme.

We achieve corrosion-free lasting colors through powder coating during manufacturing.

RAL colors and logo printing customizable
RAL colors and logo printing customizable

Take Away

This brings us to the end of our ultimate guide for roll cage trolley.

I hope I’ve covered all the necessary details required to proceed with your order.

Place your order through “Request a Quote” now and enjoy a 24-month product warranty on all items.

If you wish to discuss your needs with our roll container manufacturer, worry not personally. Contact our team and guide us your location. We will get you connected with our local partners working in your area.


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