Supermarket Refrigeration

You need a quality manufacturer because there is much more needed in supermarket refrigeration equipment other than quality. RedSheep has served customers for the past 23 years as a refrigeration manufacturer. We not only understand the demands of the advancing world but know how to provide long-term solutions to your problems. Our versatile experience helps us provide outstanding services that distinguish us from an ordinary supermarket refrigeration manufacturer.

Black Cake Display Cabinet In Shop

Supermarket Refrigeration Customized

Without customization, you might limit yourself. We believe in giving you wings by offering the best and most affordable customization services worldwide. Our advanced mechanism will allow you to think out of the box to appear like an experienced supermarket before your customers. We got a team of skilled engineers that will support your unique ideas through their experience. We can craft the equipment that will benefit you and your business rather than thinking for a one-side benefit only. Wait no more and reach out to us for services that are hard to find elsewhere.

RedSheep’s customization services include:

  • ODM/OEM service to bring uniqueness into your store
  • CAD drawing to design what your business demands
  • Local partners to personally cater to your needs
  • Affordable rates for high customization
  • Short delivery time with delivery in more than 40 countries.
  • Logo printing through pressing tools

24-month product warranty on all products

RedSheep Supermarket Refrigeration

RedSheep believes in collective success.

We build our equipment to benefit our customers, which is why we’ve developed a healthy relationship with most of our customers.

Whether technological advancement, affordable rates, quality products, durability, or customer services, we offer everything under one roof.

When you rely on our expertise, we do everything to provide satisfying services.

We’ve designed our services to make them worth an investment.

Our experts are all set to transform your store through supportive equipment.

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Top Supermarket Refrigeration Reviewed

Below are supermarket refrigeration you can find them at RedSheep stores at an affordable rate and even have the freedom to customize them

Supermarket Freezer

Vertical Multi Deck -18℃ Supermarket freezer with 2 Glass Door Complete Machine

Vertical Multi Deck -18℃ Supermarket freezer with 2 Glass Door Complete Machine

This is a compact freezer ideal for stores with limited space. The freezer includes two glass doors that make the products visible to customers. It has a substantial interior and exterior to work in the challenging commercial environment. There is a freezer that has pre-integrated shelves to help organize the products better.

Supermarket Multideck 7 Glass Door Display Upright Freezer

Supermarket Multideck 7 Glass Door Display Upright Freezer

This is a seven-door display freezer for busy supermarkets. It has glass doors that allow customers to have a clear look at the products. Fans, lights, and shelves are integrated inside the freezer to provide a suitable environment for products. You can customize the freezer’s shape, dimensions, and color to suit your needs.

Double Temperature Double Top Supermarket Chest Freezer

Double Temperature Double Top Supermarket Chest Freezer

This chest freezer is ideal for stores that need to store full products. It has enough storage to accommodate multiple large products at once. The surface of the freezer includes high-quality wheels that will allow you to move the system when needed. The lid of the freezer includes airtight rubber to lock maximum moisture inside. Thanks to the unique feature, you can store two different type of goods at once.

Chest Display Freezer

Commercial Chest Freezer Glass Top

Commercial Chest Freezer Glass Top

This freezer is designed keeping in mind the need for a commercial environment. It includes two glass sliding lids that will let you look at the products without sliding the lid. The freezer includes temperature control. Removable shelves are inserted in the freezer to offer a better, neat, and organized display. 

European Deep Bottom Supermarket Island Freezer

European Deep Bottom Supermarket Island Freezer

This is a deep freezer with enough space to accommodate maximum products at once. It is efficient enough to quickly freezer the items to increase their shelf life. The design of the freezer can be customized according to your needs. It offers a clear view of the inside so that your customers know what products you have for them. 

Chest Island Freezer Combo With Big Glass Side Panel

Chest Island Freezer Combo With Big Glass Side Panel

This is a unique commercial display freezer with plenty of compartments to store and display products. It includes glass lids so customers can look at the products before making a purchase. This is an ideal option for ice-cream parlors and busy supermarkets. The interior and exterior of the freezer are designed according to commercial needs. 

Supermarket Chiller

Deluxe Aluminum Frame Vertical Multi-deck Supermarket Chiller with 3 Glass Door And Fan And Grid

Deluxe Aluminum Frame Vertical Multi-deck Supermarket Chiller with 3 Glass Door And Fan And Grid

This is one of the most efficient chillers available at RedSheep. Due to its vertical position, it is easy to accommodate and does not eat up floor space. The doors include stainless steel that will maintain their outlook by resisting corrosion and rust. A display has been given at the top of the chiller to display ads or promotional offers. 

Supermarket Commercial Round Multideck Island Display Refrigerator

Supermarket Commercial Round Multideck Island Display Refrigerator

This is an intelligent commercial refrigerator built to provide organized storage. There is plenty of space to store and display small, large, and heavy products. This four-sided refrigerator will allow your customers to have a complete look at the products. Due to its design, the products will appear more accessible to your customers. 

Multi-deck Fruit And Vegetable Refrigerated Air Cooling Curtains Supermarket Chiller without Door

Multi-deck Fruit And Vegetable Refrigerated Air Cooling Curtains Supermarket Chiller without Door

This one is comparatively a big chillerer for better storage for fruits and vegetables. It includes shelves and lights that allow products to attract customers. It does not include doors so the customers can easily shop.The design will help you generate more sales. The frame of the chiller includes stainless steel.

Display Chiller

Sushi Display Chiller

Sushi Display Chiller

This chiller is specially designed to store sushi. The design includes glass so your employees and customers can have a clear look inside. There are wheels integraded at the surface of the system so you can move it around when needed.

European Model Flat Top Deli Serve Over Counter Chiller

European Model Flat Top Deli Serve Over Counter Chiller

This is a deep chiller that allow storing multiple goods at once. The chiller has been constructed from high quality material. It includes stainless steel frame that is corrosion and rust resistant. The design includes straight glass at its front for customers to have a look at the products. 

Curved Glass Meat Display Cooler

Curved Glass Meat Display Cooler

This is a low height white display cooler that will go along with any theme. It is not only attractive but efficient enough to prolong the shelf life of your products. It is specially designed to for meat stores. It includes glass at its sides so customers and employees can have a look at the products. 

Cake Display Cabinet

2 Layer Stainless Steel Cake Cabinet Cooler with Flat Glass

2 Layer Stainless Steel Cake Cabinet Cooler with Flat Glass

This is a medium-size cake display cabinet. The design includes stainless steel that is corrosion and rust-resistant. There are two layers in this cake cabinet. The design appears compact for stores having limited space. The surface of the cabinet includes wheels so you can move it around when needed.

Double Layer Stainless Steel Cake Cabinet Cooler with Curved Glass

Double Layer Stainless Steel Cake Cabinet Cooler with Curved Glass

This is a cooler ideal for cakes, pastries, and other items that are served cold. The sleek and stylish cake cabinet can jam along any theme. It includes curved glass that will allow your customers to look at the products. This structure is attractive and offers multiple features to improve the efficiency of your store.

3 Layer Black Cake Display Cabinet with Curved Glass

3 Layer Black Cake Display Cabinet with Curved Glass

This is one of the most attractive-looking display cabinets available at RedSheep. There are three layers available to display the products. You can customize the size, design, and other cooler features according to your needs. This cabinet has an adjustable temperature feature to maximize your ease. 

Restaurant Refrigeration

Double Temperature Four Door Commercial Refrigerator

Double Temperature Four Door Commercial Refrigerator

This is a double-temperature four-door refrigerator. The double technology allows you to store two different goods simultaneously. The design includes high-quality material that is corrosion and rust-resistant. It will maintain its interior and exterior for an extensive time.

All Freezer 3 Foam Door And 3 Glass Door Restaurant Reach In Refrigerators

All Freezer 3 Foam Door And 3 Glass Door Restaurant Reach In Refrigerators

This is a unique three-glass door freezer for commercial use. It comes with high-quality wheels so that you can move it around with ease anywhere, anytime. The design includes airtight doors to secure maximum cooling inside. The glass doors allow a good view of the items inside; hence it helps you increase your sales.

Engineer Type Movable Air Cooling Restaurant Kitchen Workbench

Engineer Type Movable Air Cooling Restaurant Kitchen Workbench

This is a two in one solution. A refrigerator and a workbench for commercial use. It is constructed from stainless steel; hence, it is corrosion and rust-resistant. The wheels allow easy movement of the structure without extra help. The system comes with adjustable temperature feature. 

Supermarket Refrigeration A Need Of Every Store - Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you’re expanding your business or new in the field, know that supportive equipment is as necessary as products in your store. If your technology is not according to the demands of the products, you will not only lose your investment but damage the trustable relationship with your customers.

If you want your customers to keep coming back, leave no stone unturned to offer the most healthy and fresh by having the right storage system in your store.

It is ok if you don’t know much about supermarket refrigeration because that’s what we’re here for.

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked question about supermarket refrigeration equipment. We hope the answers will help you make the right choice for your store.

Without wasting any time, let’s get started!


What Is A Supermarket Refrigeration Equipment?

Supermarket refrigeration equipment is a particular refrigeration system designed for commercial purposes. There are primarily two types of systems available: supermarket freezers and coolers.

It’s up to you if you want the system to freeze the items or prolong the shelf life of your products. A wide variety of supermarket refrigeration equipment is available in the market with variations in their dimensions, efficiency, material, and interior.

The two common shapes of supermarket refrigerators are upright and chest display. They are constructed to fulfill different needs of retail stores.

For instance, an upright refrigerator can be helpful when you don’t have much space in your store, whereas a chest freezer will allow you to accommodate multiple products at once.

Supermarket Chiller In Store
Supermarket Chiller In Store

What Is The Difference Between An Upright And Chest Refrigerator?

Both chest and upright freezers are manufactured to be used in commercial settings. They both have different shapes and functions. No one can say which one is best because it depends on your needs. To help you understand better, here is a comparison between an upright and a chest refrigerator.

Storage Capacity

First thing first…

The storage capacity of an upright and a chest freezer differ. Although a chest freezer is not as user-friendly as an upright freezer, it offers more space to store products. They have a box shape with a liftable lid that offers deep space to fit in large items easily.

On the other hand, an upright freezer is vertical and has small compartments that only store small items. They are best when you need a system to display small and compact products correctly, but they cannot fit in large items.


As mentioned earlier, an upright freezer is a horizontal freezer with a glass door that makes the products visible to customers.

Whereas a chest freezer is similar to a box. There is a sliding or a liftable lid on a chest freezer used to load and unload the items. As compared to an upright freezer, chest freezers are cost-effective and offer better storage, but upright freezers are more convenient to use.

Energy Consumption

We say a chest freezer is way better than an upright freezer in terms of energy consumption. Chest freezers include an airtight locking seal of rubber to keep the inside fresh and frozen for the longest. Locking maximum cooling inside a chest freezer can help you save extra in the long run.

In contrast to a chest freezer, an upright freezer includes small gaps in its doors. This means they need more energy to maintain an inside temperature.

How to Buy A Competent Supermarket Refrigerator?

Due to the high demand for supermarket refrigerators, plenty of options are available in the market. Every refrigerator has unique features, designs, and other variables that make it difficult to decide which will suit a supermarket’s needs most.

To help you make a wise decision, here is a list of necessary factors to consider when purchasing supermarket refrigeration equipment for your business.

Efficiency And Features

A commercial environment is demanding. There are people coming all day operating the systems suitable for your store because more people means more sales.

But heavy traffic might not be suitable for your products if your system is not efficient enough to provide the required atmosphere.

For a busy supermarket, it is always recommended to have a highly efficient refrigeration system. Ensure your fridge has a fast compressor and airtight doors to lock the maximum cooling inside. This will keep the products cold while helping you save money.

Additionally, the fridge must possess advancing features. It’s better to pre-decide the refrigerator’s job and even better to have a product that can adjust to your needs.

Ensure your refrigerator got a flexible temperature control option. It’ll help you increase or decrease the temperature of the fridge accordingly.

Interior Design

Considering both the interior and exterior of the fridge is essential for the efficiency of your supermarket. Interior includes the compartments of a fridge. Mostly supermarket refrigeration rack systems can be customized hence availing the opportunity.

Don’t compromise on a design you’re not confident about. Ask the manufacturer to design the interior according to the shape and size of your products.

A light and a fan inside a chiller are plus points. They keep the products fresh and illuminate to identify when you and your customers are in a hurry.

Storage Capacity

Storage is the essential factor to consider when purchasing a refrigeration system.

Don’t compromise on the storage capacity no matter what.

If you don’t have a lot of space for a giant fridge, look for those that look compact from the outside but have plenty of space inside.

Also, don’t go for an oversize fridge if you don’t need it because it will consume higher electricity.

What Factors to Check in Supermarket Refrigeration Companies?

When purchasing supermarket refrigeration, you need to be particular about the equipment and the manufacturer.

Here is the list of factors to consider when going through supermarket refrigeration companies.

Safety First

The goodwill of your restaurant depends on the service you offer, which depends on the efficiency of the equipment. You need to provide a safe environment to your customers to develop long-term relationships with them.

Hence make sure the equipment you’re purchasing is safe. Make sure your manufacturer is ISO-certified. Companies like RedSheep who are certified, produce high-quality products to meet the international production standards.

Affordable Rates

Being a supermarket owner, you naturally wouldn’t want to invest everything you got to purchase your storage equipment. Choose a manufacturer with enough experience to cut down unnecessary expenses while providing the highest quality equipment.

Customer Service

If your manufacturer is not offering customer services like delivery, warranty on the products for after delivery customer support, you’re in the wrong hands.

Being a store owner, making a significant investment, you need to make sure your manufacturer is ready to own their products or not.

What Are The Advantages of High-quality Supermarket Refrigerators?

Efficiency Means More Sales

Supermarkets compete by offering quality products because they all have the same products. The services and availability of products make one store better than the rest.

A high-quality supermarket refrigerator can keep the products safe and fresh for your customers you are more likely to generate more sales.

Better Display Means More Customers

Cooling efficiency is not the only thing that makes a refrigerator worthy. It is the display that contributes to its quality. A supermarket fridge provides safe storage for your products and makes them attractive for your customers.

On-Time Service Is The Ultimate Achievement

It is a responsibility of a supermarket to make their customers feel relaxed when shopping. By providing convenience and on-time service, you can win browny points that will favor you in the long run.

For instance, most retailers don’t realize the importance of cold beverages. On a hot summer day, when your customer walks into your store, the first thing they are most likely to grab is a drink.

An efficient fridge will help you offer cold beverages to your customers, which will increase the chances of them staying longer, helping you generate more sales.

RedSheep Supermarket Freezer Inspection Line
RedSheep Supermarket Freezer Inspection Line

What Is The Most Suitable Packaging Option to Deliver A Supermarket Refrigerator?

RedSheep offers its services to more than 40 countries. We offer direct delivery options to our customers. We make sure the products reach you safely by offering suitable options to transport supermarket refrigerators.

We got two advanced, affordable, and efficient packaging options to transport refrigerators. We’ve designed them keeping the factors like weight and delicacy.

The first option is wooden packaging specially designed for supermarket fridges to ensure your equipment reaches you in its best shape. 

In wooden packaging, we secure a freezer inside a customized wooden frame or pallet. These frames are lightweight and cheap.

Another option is…

Steel frame packaging. Generally, they are expensive as compared to wooden frames but safer also.

Steel frames are boxes manufactured from steel. They provide safe coverage to the interior and exterior of refrigerators.

Additionally, having wooden or steel frames will help you save the cost of labor when loading and unloading the container.

You can sell wooden boxes and steel frames for money to save your investment.

Wooden Pallet Frame Packaging
Wooden Pallet Frame Packaging

Why Choose RedSheep Supermarket Refrigeration?

What Are The Types of Supermarket Refrigeration Equipment Available at RedSheep?

RedSheep got a massive variety of supermarket refrigeration equipment to fit every store’s needs. We got different sizes, designs, and features in our refrigerators which you can choose from.

Vertical Freezers

We got vertical freezers having one to several doors. They are ideal for stores that don’t have much floor space or need a system to attract customers while providing a resting place for the products.

Chest Freezers

Our chest freezers come with both sliding and liftable lids. They are suitable for restaurants, ice-cream parlors, supermarkets, and food places that need maximum space with minimum investment.

Display Chillers

We design both vertical and horizontal chillers. The design and shape of our chillers vary depending on your needs. They help keep the products fresh and cold for your customers.

Cake Display Cabinets

We have a unique range of cake display cabinets that provides perfect storage and display for bakery items. Like other refrigeration systems, you can customize our cake display cabinets according to your needs.

Different Types Of Supermarket Refrigerations In Retail Store
Different Types Of Supermarket Refrigerations In Retail Store

Can I Customize Supermarket Refrigeration Rack System At RedSheep?


At RedSheep, you can customize every bit of your equipment to fit your needs. We got skilled craftsmen, experienced engineers, and advancing technology to bring your dream designs to reality.

Be it the size, design, features, interior, or exterior of a refrigerator, you can customer everything at affordable rates.

Final Verdict

The quality of your products relies on the efficiency of your refrigeration system. Properly storing and displaying products can do wonders for your business.

A knowledgeable supermarket refrigeration manufacturer can help you win loyal customers and increase your turnover.

We hope we’ve answered all the necessary questions about supermarket refrigeration. If you still got any queries, feel free to contact us.

To place your order, you can contact us through the “Request a Quote.”

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