Durable PVC Edge Banding at Most Affordable Price

An experienced PVC edge banding manufacturer like RedSheep can help you beautify decorative products. A strong product line, advanced mechanism, and quality check are the backbone of RedSheep’s manufacturing. We have been working for the past 23 years as edge banding suppliers from Eastern China. The experience lets us provide aesthetically pleasing material that lasts longer.

PVC Edge Banding Display

PVC Edge Banding Customized

You deserve to design your stuff the way you want it. Understanding the versatile needs of our customers, we provide high customization at low rates. Show off your designing skills through RedSheep’s ODM/OEM service that lets you build your dream. We got a team of experts that can provide expert advice when designing customized plastic edge banding. Get ready to enjoy lasting services under one roof by reliable manufacturers like RedSheep.

Our customization includes:

  • ODM/OEM service to build your dream design from scratch
  • Colour customization with a smooth finish to match your store’s theme
  • Logo printing with pressing tool
  • Customization at an affordable rate
  • Short delivery time
  • Local partners for in-person meetings

Highly responsive team to assist your needs

RedSheep PVC Edge Banding

Easy installation is the prominent feature of our PVC edge tape.

With an efficiency rate of 99.98%, enjoys our lasting cabinet edge banding for 5-10 years.

Offering both functional and aesthetic purposes, our plastic edge banding will not disappoint you at any moment.

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PVC Edge Banding Type Options

Below are PVC bandings you can find at RedSheep stores at an affordable rate and even have the freedom to customise them

Furniture pvc edge banding

Furniture PVC Edge Banding

Give your furniture a professional touch with plastic edge banding. It provides a smooth finish and durability to last longer. The edge banding is ideal for.” absorbing the moisture and providing a safety layer for furniture. Known for flexibility, it is easy to shape.

Flexible pvc edge banding

Flexible PVC Edge Banding

Cover the uneven surface with flexible pvc edge tape. The material provides durability to the structure. It is easy to install on the curve edges due to the flexibility of the material. The material offers various thicknesses for various purposes. The material is easy to clean.

Pre glued pvc edge banding

Pre Glued PVC Edge Banding

Beautify your furniture with the easiest to install pre-glued PVC edge tape. It provides a solid wooden look to the structure. It is available in various sizes to fit your needs. Our pre-glued plastic edge banding has a semi-gloss top coating that offers extra finishing to the overall structure. 

Paintable pvc edge banding

Paintable PVC Edge Banding

Colors beautify the overall structure. We offer PVC edge tape in various colors to match your theme. You can customize the colors at RedSheep or follow a specific method to achieve paintable plastic edge banding. The colors are durable to last longer. 


PVC Edge Banding Thickness Options

0.45mm PVC Edge Tape

0.45mm PVC Edge Tape

This product is the thinnest edge banding available at RedSheep. It is ideal for commercial and furniture use. It is manufactured from the most durable material to last longer. 

1mm pvc edge banding

1mm PVC Edge Banding

This model is edge banding with thin to medium thickness. It is strong enough to provide a safety layer against moisture. Every bit of the material will prove its quality.

1.5mm PVC Edge Tape

1.5mm PVC Edge Tape

This model offers various uses. The material offers a finished look to beautify the structure. It provides protection against uneven edges. It is easy to install and maintain. 

2mm PVC Edge Banding

2mm PVC Edge Banding

Available in various colors and sizes, 2mm plastic edge banding is used for various purposes. The lasting material is most durable as compared to other materials. We offer affordable one to provide ease.

3mm pvc edge banding

3mm PVC Edge Banding

It offers unique aesthetics to the structure. Available in various colors, the material can provide a professional look to the furniture. The material is affordable and manufactured to serve your versatile needs. 


Plastic Edge Banding Color Options

Black pvc edge banding

Black PVC Edge Banding

This one is offered to cover the uneven surface and curved edges to provide extra finishing. Due to its flexibility, it is easy to install on the edges.

White pvc edge banding

White PVC Edge Banding

White is one of the most in-demand colors in plastic edge banding. We offer smooth textured white PVC edge tape to achieve maximum beautification.

PVC edge banding dark chocolate

PVC Edge Banding Dark Chocolate

We offer a wide range of plastic edge banding in dark chocolate colors to coordinate with various wooden colors. The shades can be customized to make the exact color of the wood or furniture.

Wood grain pvc edge banding

Wood Grain PVC Edge Banding

This one is textured PVC banding. It is available in various shades and different textures. You can also customize the texture and shade of wood grain edge banding to achieve your desired look.


PVC Edge Banding The Solution To Aesthetics-FAQ Ultimate Guide

Everybody wants to make the most out of their investment. If you’re one of the people who design new home or office wooden furniture and have questions about plastic edge banding, we got you covered!

Following are the most frequently asked questions about cabinet edge banding.

Let’s get started!


What is PVC Edge Banding?

In case you don’t know.

Various materials used in furniture construction, such as plywood, practice board, etc., have unfinished and rough edges. It generally leaves a bad image of the overall structure where edge banding comes in.

It is a durable material constructed to offer finish to the overall decorative structure. These are narrow strips with an average thickness between 0.45mm to 5mm. It helps cover the uneven surface or exposed parts of the structure.

PVC Edge Tape
PVC Edge Tape

What is The Use of PVC Edging?

Edge banding is a versatile material that offers both aesthetic and functional purposes.

Functional Use: Moisture is a significant threat to furniture constructed from wood. The most significant function of edge banding is providing an extra layer to the surface to keep moisture out.

This means it eventually increases the structure’s life span by making it durable and resilient to humidity and moisture. At the same time, a solid material edge banding can increase the strength of the furniture also.

Aesthetic Use: As mentioned earlier, wooden furniture has rough edges. Edge banding helps provide a glossy and attractive finish to the sides, tops, and rough surfaces.


What is The Most Suitable Material For Edge Banding?

Edge banding is made up of various materials such as PVC, veneer, wood, and ABS. So far, PVC is the most appreciated material for edge banding because it offers better water resilience and costs less. Meaning it can absorb double moisture and protect the structure as compared to other materials.

The material can be treated to achieve the exact color or shade of the model to create an impact. It is easier to use on curved surfaces due to its flexibility. Ideally, it does not require a finishing process and is easy to install.

White PVC Material
White PVC Material

How to Install Plastic Edging For Plywood?

Step 1: Start with measuring and cutting the plastic edging for plywood as per your requirement. Remember to leave enough room when starting with the process to make changes if needed at later stages.

Step 2: Using a brush or spray contact cement, apply the contact cement to the PVC edge tape and the material. It’s important not to overdo it. An alternative is to use two-sided PSA tape, which may be applied on either side of the surface. Automatically adding a primer machine guarantees enough primer on each meter.

Step 3: Now, let the contact cement cure ultimately. Once done, adhere the material to the plastic edging for plywood. Then peel the two-sided PSA tape off the roll and apply it to either surface.

Step 4: With the help of a tool knife, router, or edge banding trimmer, remove the extra PVC edgebanding.

Step 5: At least remove any excess contact cement with the acetone. Make sure the semi-gloss finish isn’t harmed. Otherwise, the PVC may develop a white coating, necessitating the replacement of the entire edge.

If you have a automatic edge banding machine, it will be much easier, please see the video below about how to intall the PVC edge banding on the machine of our European customer, and how to install the plastic edging for plywood.

What Is The Advantage of PVC Edge Banding?

  • PVC edge banding tape improves the quality and aesthetics of the furniture. It provides a professional finish to the structure.
  • It is less expensive and more durable as compared to other materials.
  • It is available in various colors, textures, and finishes. This means you can customize PVC edge tape as per your needs.
  • PVC is a scratch-resistant and long-lasting material. As a result, if it is not installed correctly, it will not cost you a fortune.
  • It is a flexible material that is easy to cut, shape, and apply.
  • Because it has a concave rear surface, it uses a thin glue line for optimal adherence.


Where Can I Get Quality PVC Edge Banding Tape?

RedSheep is one of the most trustable PVC edge banding suppliers. The quality of construction and overall services are hard to find elsewhere. Being an ISO-certified company, we manufacture our products to beat international standards of safety.

At RedSheep, you can enjoy quality with rare services like:

  • 24-month product warranty
  • Local partners
  • Short delivery time
  • Various payment methods
  • Quality Customization
RedSheep is a Trustable Manufacturer of PVC Edge Tape
RedSheep is a Trustable Manufacturer of PVC Edge Tape

What’s The Quality of Your PVC Edge Banding Tape?

RedSheep PVC edge banding tapes are with top quality, the production of the edge banding is strictly according to ISO/TUV regulations. RedSheep edge banding mainly exporting to Europe. As you can see in our video, the European customers are using our edge banding tapes on the automatic edge banding machine.

Can I Customize My Color When Ordering?

Yes, RedSheep enourage our customers to make your color special and various, to meet your market’s different requirement, we believe in the “help you to help me” partnership can win the market together. You can send us a color sample with a sticker of description, for us to exactly match up with, please see the color matching up example of our European customer below.

PVC Edge Banding Sample Color Matching
PVC Edge Banding Sample Color Matching

What’s The MOQ of Ordering?

It’s about the value of 5000USD. The international transportation cost will be high if your quantity is less than that. Also, we are a factory that pursues high efficiency, we can finish 5000USD orders in 1 hour, so it’s not economical to do an order below the MOQ.


PVC edge banding is a must if you wish to have a professional finish for your furniture. We’ve tried to cover all the frequently asked questions about edge banding.

However, if you still have any queries, comment down to get a solution from a team of experts.

To order RedSheep’s plastic edge banding, reach us through “Request a quote.”


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