Curved Retail Grocery Shelves

A store’s reputation lies not only in its products but also in its environment. If your items are not visible and accessible, you might lose your sales. At RedSheep, we manufacture shelving units to benefit you and your business. These are constructed with full concentration to help you have a neat and sorted display. Being a reputable cosmetic gondola shelving manufacturer, our curved retail grocery shelves will increase your benefit.

Concaved And Radius Gondola Shelves

Curved Retail Grocery Shelves Customized

RedSheep focuses on satisfying its customer through high-end customized services. We wish to give you the freedom to explore items for your maximum benefit. RedSheep believes in supporting your business by offering the best and most affordable customized services worldwide. Through customization, you can save money while enjoying a boost in sales. Our professionals will ensure to deliver your desired results. Our experts know how to make your store attractive, productive, and remarkable. Through customization, take charge of your convenience store shelves.

Following are the benefits of RedSheep’s customization services:

  • ODM/OEM service to construct your dream design
  • CAD drawing to develop a unique structure
  • Label printing through pressing tools
  • Short delivery time for highly customized orders
  • Local partners to understand and cater to your needs
  • Affordable rates
  • 24-month product warranty

Redsheep Curved Retail Grocery Shelves

RedSheep’s curved retail grocery shelves are designed to maximize your sales.

Thanks to the quality of the raw material, these will serve you for at least 10 years.

Due to our 23 years of hands-on experience in the industry, we know how to help you make great progress.

Our grocery racks are not only designed to keep your products in place but to gain customer attention.

Our thoughtful manufacturing will leave no stone unturned to provide ease to your shoppers.

It will eventually lead to earning loyal customers.

You trust our experience and expertise in grocery store fixtures and displays.

Wait no more and contact RedSheep to order curved retail grocery shelves.

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Top Curved Retail Grocery Shelves Reviewed

Below are Curved Retail Grocery Shelves you can find at RedSheep stores at an affordable rate and even have the freedom to customise them

Steel Gondola Curved Retail Grocery Shelves

Steel Gondola Curved Retail Grocery Shelves

This is a unique yet durable curved grocery unit. It allows maximum display in minimum floor space. The color and dimensions of this unit can be customized according to your needs. The unit is designed to be placed in the middle of your store. It will attract customers’ attention towards products to increase your sales.

Steel Double Sided Curved Retail Grocery Shelves

Steel Double Sided Curved Retail Grocery Shelves

This is a double-sided curved grocery unit. It includes multiple shelves to accommodate various products. This unit can display a unique range of products, which makes it one of the most versatile systems. The unit base is kept above the ground for easy management and cleaning.

Steel And Wood Gondola Curved Retail Grocery Shelves

Steel And Wood Gondola Curved Retail Grocery Shelves

This is a huge retail grocery unit available at RedSheep. It is constructed with both wood and steel. Both materials are high quality; hence the system will last for at least 10 years. You can customize its design, color, and dimension for maximum benefit. The ends of the unit are secured with handles to maximize product safety.

Steel And Wood Oval Retail Grocery Shelves

Steel And Wood Oval Retail Grocery Shelves

This is an oval unit best for cosmetic and bakery display. The system will leave no stone unturned to attract customers to the products. It will help you increase sales through increased visibility. The unit includes various shelves to display and store a variety of products.

Rounded Retail-Pillar-Shelves

Rounded Retail Pillar Shelves

Rounded pillar shelves are great for displaying promotional products. These units help you highlight new and promotional products. Due to their design, they are good at grabbing customer attention. The height of these units can be customized as per your needs. The system is kept above ground for easy maintenance.

Rounded Retail-Comsmetic-shelves

Rounded Retail Cosmetic Shelves

This one is your best option if you’re a store looking for a good-quality cosmetic display unit. This unit will help you maximize sales due to its outlook and accessibility. It is constructed from high-quality material only. The highlight of this unit is the ad panels. These panels can be utilized to grab customer attention.

Rounded Retail End Caps Shelves With Mesh Backings

Rounded Retail End Caps Shelves With Mesh Backings

This is the sleekest and most stylish retail display available at RedSheep. The unique material and tone is the highlight of this system. It includes shelving panels on three sides with wire shelving on one side. This system is great for displaying both packaged and non-packaged products.

Steel Rounded Retail Gondola End Shelves With Wire Raisers

Steel Double Sided Curved Retail Grocery Shelves

If you’re looking for a compact double-sided curved unit, this one is your best option. It is sleek and does not require lots of space. Therefore stores wanting to display maximum products in minimum space shouldn’t neglect this beauty. This unit’s color, design, and dimensions can easily be customized as per your needs.

3-Layer-Rounded-Retail Grocery End Shelves

3 Layer Rounded Retail Grocery End Shelves

This 3-layer retail end shelf is designed for large-size products. These units are simple and attractive. You can increase their outlook through customization. The best quality material is used in the construction of these units. You can increase its shelves or width as per your needs.

Curved Retail Grocery Shelves As Your Ultimate Partner - FAQ Guide

A good retail display is a key to higher sales. If you focus on increasing the quantity and quality of the products without considering the importance of sorted displays, you are less likely to survive in this competitive environment.

Hence, RedSheep offers you a unique range of curved grocery shelves to leave a good impression on your customers.

Following are some answers to commonly asked questions about curved retail grocery shelves.

Without further ado, let’s get started!


What Are Curved  Retail Grocery Shelves?

Curved gondola shelving is one of the unique display systems available worldwide. Their versatility and practicality make them a good choice among people. These can be used for multiple retail purposes, making them the most affordable for grocery store fixtures and displays.

This popular system is also one of the most durable shelving systems. Their ease of customization allows people to make the best use of it.

These units allow the efficient display of products. Curved retail shelving allows you to display maximum products in minimum space. These are rigid enough to display various items at once. At RedSheep, we use the most efficient material to construct curved shelving units.

These convenience store shelves are available in various sizes, shapes, designs, and dimensions. They are also available in various patterns and colors to help create an attractive theme.

Curved Retail Grocery Shelves in The Supermarket
Curved Retail Grocery Shelves in The Supermarket

What Are Gondola Shelving Accessories Available at RedSheep?

Following are the details of gondola shelving accessories available at RedSheep:

  • Upright
  • Bottom Shelf
  • Top Shelf
  • Baseleg
  • Back Panel
  • Bracket
  • Gondola Cover
  • Plinth
  • Beam or Rear Support Bar
  • Hanging Basket


What Are Grocery Store Shelves Dimensions Available at RedSheep?

For different grocery shelving systems, we have different dimensions.

American gondola shelving

European gondola shelving

Upright:from 1100 to 3000mm

Shelf Panel:

Length: 665/800/1000/1250/1333mm

Width: 300/370/470/570/670/770mm

Back Panel:

Length: 665/800/1000/1250/1333mm

Width: 100/200/300/400mm


Width: 300/370/470/570/670/770mm



Width: 370/470/570/670/770mm


What Are The Components of Curved Retail Grocery Shelves?  

Radius Upper Shelf: Radius upper shelf is constructed from high-quality material. Three different sizes of upper shelves are available.  

Radius Base Shelf: RedSheep offers independent radius base shelves at affordable rates.  These shelves are an important component of curved grocery shelving.

Concave Upper Shelf: Concave upper shelf helps you gain customers’ attention by letting you form consistent aisles.  

Concave Base Shelf: Concave base is available to form a rigid curved shelf. These allow you to enjoy consistent shelving while saving maximum space.  

Radius Kickplate: Kickplate is made up of the finest quality material to last for the longest. Various sizes of kickplates can be constructed to fulfill your needs.  

Concave Kickplate: These will go into the base of your shelf without removing it. It secures the shelving for added durability.  

Concaved And Radius Gondola Shelves
Concaved And Radius Gondola Shelves

What Factors to Consider When Choosing Convenience Store Shelves Supplier?

The following are the factors to consider when choosing grocery store fixtures and displays supplier:

Quality: attractive grocery shelving is of no use if they are not strong and durable. Therefore always check the quality of construction of your manufacturer. At RedSheep, we use the best quality raw material to construct curved retail shelves. We being an ISO manufacturer, never compromise on production quality.

Customization: Customization is the need of this hour. If you don’t have the freedom to design shelving units according to your store’s requirements, then there’s nothing else you can do to increase your efficiency. Always make sure the supplier you’re choosing offers all types of customization services.

Pricing: Pricing is an important factor when investing in your store. It’s good to invest high in your business, but investing all your capital in one thing will leave you nowhere. Therefore make sure your manufacturer is offering high quality at affordable rates.

Final Verdict

Your sales will increase if you have an appropriate grocery shelving system to help you accommodate products. We at RedSheep provide you with a durable and unique range of curved retail shelving.

We offer you affordable rates, satisfying customer service, the flexibility to choose, on-time delivery, and, most importantly, a high-quality completed product that will provide its services for as long as possible.

Last but not least, RedSheep offers a 2-year worry-free shelving experience with their 2-year warranty.

With a low MOQ of 100 sets, RedSheep is committed to delivering maximum assistance to all of its customers.

Let me know if there’s anything left to discover about RedSheep’s cosmetic gondola shelving.

To place your order, contact our customer support team.


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