Plastic Sign Frame

As an experienced sign holder manufacturer, RedSheep understands the value of visibility and client appeal. We’ve been in the field for over 23 years, so we know how to present the best possible answers to your problems. When it comes to skyrocketing in the international market, you can rely on our innovative mechanism, skilled workforce, high-quality manufacturing, and affordable services. We specialize in establishing major brands through high-end design.

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Plastic Sign Frame Customized

Not every product is for every store. Keeping in mind the unique needs of our customers, we’ve founded a team of engineers who can handle your needs. They know how to mold every product to maximize your benefit. Get ready to experience your dream design in reality with RedSheep.

Our customization includes:

  • ODM/OEM service
  • CAD drawing service
  • Color customization
  • Logo printing through pressing tools
  • Quality check and ISO/TUV regulation
  • Short delivery time
  • Affordable rates
  • Local partners to discuss your needs

RedSheep Plastic Sign Frame

We concentrate on establishing major brands through unique design. 

Our products are designed to provide the highest level of client satisfaction. 

As a result, you get all of the services you need under one roof, giving you complete peace of mind.

The sign holders from RedSheep are capable of drawing clients to your exhibited goods. 

Increase your income by using our free standing sign holders. 

Grab our plastic poster frame, which is made of HDPP plastic, and put it to work for you without harming the environment.

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Different Plastic Sign Frame Reviewed

Below are 12 plastic poster holders you can find at RedSheep stores at an affordable rate and even have the freedom to customise them

A1 Plastic Sign Frame

We got various sizes of plastic poster holders for multiple needs. A1 plastic poster frame is manufactured from recyclable plastic. Its dimensions are 594mm x 841mm. You can customize the color to match your store theme.

A2 Plastic Sign Frame

A2 plastic sign frame is slightly smaller than the A1 plastic frame. Its dimensions include 420mm x 594mm. You can easily insert or remove the paper through the opening at the end of the frame.

A3 Plastic Sign Frame

A3 plastic poster frame is used to hold product information. You can use it with a base frame or adjustable stand. You can place the structure both inside and outside as it won’t lose its asthetics. Its dimensions include 297mm x 420mm.

A4 Plastic Sign Frame

A4 sign frame is comparatively smaller in size. Its dimensions are 210mm x 297mmm. You can have various colors in a4 sign holder stand to increase its outlook. 

A5 Plastic Sign Frame

A5 is the second smallest plastic poster frame we got at RedSheep. Its dimensions include 148mm x 210mm. It is mostly used to display product information alongside the products.


A6 Plastic Sign Frame

A6 is the most diminutive plastic poster frame available at RedSheep. We got both long size open and short length empty frames. You can customize the color to increase the overall attraction in your store.

A6 Ticket Sign Mini Frame Holder

You can place it with or without any sign frame accessory. It includes an anti-glare protected pocket, which enables easy to insert and remove features.

A7 Ticket Sign Mini Frame Holder

Silently market your products with an A7 ticket sign mini frame holder. These are used in retail stores, offices, and restaurants to display instructions of important information. 


A8 Ticket Sign Mini Frame Holder

A8 ticket sign frame is manufactured from recyclable plastic. You can customize the structure as per your requirements. You can purchase various accessories with ticket sign to use it to benefit your business. 

Plastic Sign Frame To Gain People’s Attention - Ultimate FAQ

Plastic sign frames are quite popular, especially in discount stores. Shop owners use these signs to gain customers’ attention and increase their profits.

You can also benefit from high-quality plastic poster holders. Here are the frequently asked question about plastic sign frames.


What is a Plstic Sign Frame?

A plastic sign frame, also known as a poster sign holder, is a transparent structure with an option to insert product details, important announcements, or information that can attract or help customers make the purchase. It is used widely in retail stores, restaurants, buildings, offices, public places, etc., for various reasons.

These are easy to install and relocate models that can be used independently or with a shelving system. There are various sizes and colors available in plastic poster holders.

Plastic Sign Holder Description
Plastic Sign Holder Description

What Are The Advantages Of RedSheep’s Plastic Sign Frames?

Helps Attract Customers

Attracting customers is what free standing sign holders are manufactured for. It is the sole reason and most significant advantage of a plastic sign frame.

Fulfill Versatile Needs

A plastic poster frame is a true example of a product with a high return on investment. The structure can be used anywhere, anytime, for multiple purposes. You can put a freestanding sign holder outside your store, office, or restaurant to share information about your brand and use the same sign holder inside your store or building to convince customers to take your desired actions.

Economical and Durable

We have been serving in the industry for the past 23 years. We supply our products to more than 40 countries hence do everything to manufacture every product to offer lasting serves at economical prices to our customers.

Thanks to the quality of the material and manufacturing process, you can expect the structure to serve you for the longest. Additionally, plastic poster holders are extremely economical due to their simple manufacturing. You can buy bulk quantities to enjoy additional discounts.  

RedSheep is a responsible manufacturer. We not only develop products to benefit you but the environment also.

Unlike most plastic sign frames, our holders are manufactured from recyclable HDPP plastic. Hence you can gain your benefit, and once you’re done, you can sell the structure as scrap to be recycled and turned into a new model.

Easy to Transport

Freestanding sign holders are manufactured from high-quality lightweight plastic. Due to their compact design, easy-to-maintain structure, and lightweight features, they are easy to transport worldwide.

Variety of Color Options

Colors play an essential, most significant role in marketing. Many shop keepers miss the chance of increasing their sales by ignoring the importance of correct color coordination. Don’t be among such sellers and act smart by choosing various attractive colors available in plastic poster holders.

Anti Glare Frame

Our plastic poster frames include an anti-glare frame to keep the paper safe and readable. We have both short and long side open frames that can fit A1 to A6 size paper inside.I

advantages of redsheep plastic sign frames 01
advantages of redsheep plastic sign frames 02
Advantages Of RedSheep’s Plastic Sign Frames
Advantages Of RedSheep’s Plastic Sign Frames

Do you Customize A4 Sign Holder Stand?

Customization is our area of expertise. We got a dedicated team to understand and communicate your unique needs through ODM/OEM service.

From color to material and dimension, you are free to customize every bit of your plastic poster frame at RedSheep.

What are The Accessories Offered with Freestanding Sign Holders?

Freestanding sign holders are developed to fulfill various needs; therefore, they come with useful accessories to meet your needs. Following are the accessories we offer with a plastic poster frame.

Adjustable Stand: Manufactured from steel and HDPP plastic, our adjustable stands help display sign frames at various heights. It is ideal for putting important information before customers at visible spots.

Sign Frame Clip: Choose a sign frame clip if you want to use a sign frame with a shelving system to show product information or special discounts. These are made of high-quality recyclable plastic.

Sign Holder Base: Sign holder bases are similar to frame clips. You can easily attach a sign frame with the base to display it on a shelf or any other surface.


In a highly competitive environment, you need to be proactive to attract customers to your store. Don’t ignore the importance of display marketing and order our durable plastic sign frames.

If you’re still not sure about the freestanding sign frames. RedSheep offers a 24-month product warranty to all customers.

Wait no more and enjoy the never-ending benefits of our plastic poster frames. To place your order contact us on our website.


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