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A shopping trolley cart decides whether your visitor will become your profitable recurring customer or not. The quality of the shopping cart enhances the overall shopping experience for your shoppers. To stand out among your competitors, hire quality European shopping cart manufacturers like RedSheep. Compromising on the quality means increasing the risk of losing shoppers.

European Shopping Cart Accessories

European Shopping Cart Customized

A store owner cannot be happier than having a trolley cart exporter that offers the best in-town customization services. From ODM/OEM to logo printing, there’s nothing you can’t customize at RedSheep. Get ready to amaze your customers through unique design, innovative technology, smooth experience, and thoughtful manufacturing by RedSheep.


RedSheep’s customization benefits include:

  • ODM/OEM service at affordable rates
  • Logo printing through pressing tools
  • Color customization with a short delivery time
  • Customized design and dimension
  • Customized raw material
  • We strictly follow ISO/TUV regulations to offer safe customized items.

RedSheep European Shopping Cart

RedSheep has been providing quality services in the shopping cart manufacturing industry for the past 23 years.

We can judge what your business needs to have a significant turnover through our knowledge and expertise.

We are all set to benefit you, your business, and the environment through our qualified European shopping trolleys. With an efficiency rate of 99.997%, increase your sales up to 76%.

Nothing can stop you from reaching the sky with RedSheep’s robust, smooth and safe construction surviving your valuable customers.

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Top 12 European Shopping Carts Reviewed

Below are 12 carts you can find at RedSheep stores at an affordable rate and even have the freedom to customise them

European Shopping Cart 60L

European Shopping Cart 60L

The unit is manufactured from high-quality material. It is ideal for stores with heavy traffic. The design is capable of helping your customers enjoy smooth movement between aisles. The dimension of the trolley is 765*465*960 with a weight of 11.24. The compact design is easy to push.

European Shopping Cart 80L

European Shopping Cart 80L

80L shopping cart is a standard-sized trolley suitable for small stores. The silent movement will make sure not to disturb the overall environment of your store. Easy push helps customers purchase more eventually leading to better sales. The easy-to-maintain structure can be customized as per your needs.

European Shopping Cart 100L

European Grocery Cart 100L

100L shopping trolley is an ideal choice for small to medium stores. The compact, the lightweight structure can provide smooth services in less space. It offers a backseat to give a free hand to all the moms when they bring their kids along. Quality welding ensures safe service.

European Supermarket Cart 125L

European Supermarket Cart 125L

125L is comparatively bigger in dimension. It is a good choice for medium to large stores and supermarkets. The quality of manufacturing offers various benefits with smooth movement. You can customize the handle to add a logo or message of your choice. The dimensions are 920*550*990 and the weight of the trolley is 16.84.

European Supermarket Cart 150L

European Supermarket Cart 150L

The design offer silent movement to enrich your shopper’s shopping experience. It gives you the freedom to add or subtract shopping cart accessories as per your shopper’s needs. The design is corrosion and rust-free. It has a minimum life span of 5-10 years.

European Supermarket Cart 180L

European Supermarket Cart 180L

180L is the largest size among medium to large size European shopping trolleys. Constructed from Q235 the trolley can serve you for about 5-10 years. The design can be customized to maximize your benefit. You have the freedom to customize the color of your trolley to match your store’s theme.

European Shopping Trolley 210L

European Shopping Trolley 210L

210L is a large size trolley with a greater capacity to hold goods for customers. More space subconsciously encourage customers to purchase more eventually leading to better profits. The unit is one of the best-selling at RedSheep. You can customize the design and accessories to fit your needs.

European Shopping Trolley 240L

European Shopping Trolley 240L

240L is the most suitable trolley for giant stores with more space to deal with heavy traffic. It allows customers to fit big-size items from your store without a hassle. If you want to add an extra basket add the back of the trolley feel free to contact our team.

European Shopping Trolley 275L

European Shopping Trolley 275L

275L shopping cart is the largest of all. It is suitable for stores dealing with bulky items. The trolley has a weight-bearing capacity of 25.24. Its dimension is 1070*645*1050. It has the capacity to provide smooth silent service when loaded with heavy items.

Fan Shaped Shopping Cart

Fan-shaped European cart is a unique shopping trolley to help you stand out. The design with its robust construction holds the attraction to encourage customers to shop from your store. You can customize the size of the fan trolley as per your needs.

High-feeted Shopping Cart

High-feeted Shopping Cart

The design will prove your thoughtfulness towards your customers. It is an ideal design if your visitors include elderly people. The trolley can be attached with a wheelchair to support day to day shopping of disabled people. It can carry a fair amount of items without disturbing the movement.

European Supermarket Trolley With Beer Rack

European Supermarket Trolley With Beer Rack

The design includes a rack at the back of the trolley. The rack supports easy loading and unloading of heavy items without consuming the energy of your customers. It is ideal for grocery stores to provide ease to their customers.

Sky Is Your Next Limit With European Shopping Cart - Ultimate FAQ Guide

Serving shop and store owners in around 40 countries have given us enough experience to understand what our store owners need.

The availability of various shopping carts often confuses our owners to decide what will suit them most.

If you are here to clear the big thick bog disturbing your decision, worry not!

Here is a complete guide about the European Shopping trolley cart that’ll help you understand the qualities of the specific design.

We assure you a clear understanding of the benefits this design carries till the end of the article.

So let’s get going!

What Is European Shopping Cart?

Before jumping into the details of the European trolley cart, let’s first understand what makes it stand out in the market.

A European shopping cart is pretty much similar to other shopping trolleys. Like all the other trolleys, it consists of wheels, a base, a baby seat, and a handle that needs a human push to move around. In European, shopping cart also has different names like shopping trolley or grocery cart.

The differences we see in this design are the structure and the manufacturing process that affects the trolley cost.

RedSheep European Shopping Cart
RedSheep European Shopping Cart

What Are The Advantage of A European Shopping Trolley Cart?

Shopping carts make the movement of goods inside a store or supper market convenient for customers. The smooth movement of the items makes purchasing easy for shoppers.

It helps store owners increase their profits by providing improved services to their visitors. However, you enjoy many other direct benefits of European supermarket carts through RedSheep’s manufacturing.

Easy To Maintain

European shopping trolleys, due to their efficient design, lightweight structure, and robust construction, are easy to maintain.

If the system gets damaged due to any reason, it is comparatively easier to fix through welding.

Affordable Rates

The construction process of a European shopping trolley makes it the cheapest shopping cart, which allows us to exempt all unnecessary expenses. It helps us decrease labor, manufacturing, and other expenses to offer the trolley at cheaper rates to all our customers.


The rigid construction and high-quality raw material make RedSheep’s supermarket cart durable.

You can expect a typical trolley to serve you a minimum of 5-10 years without much maintenance.

The excellent news is…

You can prolong the life of your shopping trolley through regular checkups.

If you feel the trolley is not working correctly or showing signs of damage, replace the particular section with a new one.

It will make the trolley safe for more prolonged use. You can even sell the trolley as scrap once you plan to order a new lot from RedSheep.

This is what you call a high Return On Investment plan.

Easy Customization

The desiccated team at RedSheep can offer various customization options for European-style shopping trolleys.

The system is user-friendly, and coloring, designing, and addition or subtraction of shopping cart accessories are for the user’s benefit.

You can make your store more attractive by customizing the trolleys as per your choice.

How Much Weight Can A European Shopping Cart Bear?

Shopping trolley carts come in a variety of types and sizes. Each has its own set of characteristics and a higher weight capacity. As a result, specifying the design is the easiest method to figure out how much a trolley can hold.

Following are the details of shopping cart sizes and load-bearing capacity based on design and other factors.

European Shopping Trolleys Data Sheet

LitersDimensionWeight (KG)20' (PCS)40'HQ (PCS)Recommend WheelsLoad-bearing Capacity (KG)
60L765*465*96011.243407604" PVC Wheels With No Bearing80
80L820*520*96513.842305804" PU Wheels With Single Bearing90
100L880*515*96514.352105604" PU Wheels With Single Bearing100
125L920*550*99016.841905304" PU Wheels With Double Bearing110
150L1020*570*101018.91805205" TPR Wheels With Double Bearing115
180L1015*600*101521.151724805" TPR Wheels With Double Bearing120
210L1080*590*101523.091644605" TPR Wheels With Double Bearing130
240L1170*610*105024.731504205" TPR Wheels With Double Bearing140
275L1170*645*105025.241403805" TPR Wheels With Double Bearing150

How to Ensure The Safety of The European Shopping Carts?

Theft and lost trolleys are standard when customers take trolleys out of the premises to unload their purchases.

We value your investment and offer various shopping cart parts and accessories to take care of your trolleys.

Chain Lock System

The chain lock system is one of the most popular and vast systems used globally to offer convenience to your customers while ensuring the safety of shopping carts.

The system includes chains and coin locks with parked trolleys. It only comes out when a customer inserts a coin in the chain. Once your customer uses the trolley, they get their coin back by placing the trolley at the correct location.

This encourages the customers to leave the trolley where it belongs responsibly. At the same time, decreasing the maintenance cost of damaged trolleys.

Long or Pole

The long pole is also known as the security pole, which is not suitable for big trolleys, but this accessory can certainly increase the safety of compact European shopping trolleys or kids shopping carts.

The pole increases the visibility of the cart, helping employees to detect the trolley.

Self-Breaking Wheels

Self-breaking wheels is a relatively new shopping trolley parts technology. It is an excellent option for stores offering car parking. The wheels are embedded with a perimeter antenna and digitally encoded locking signal to ensure the trolley does not leave the premises.

The bright wheels involve self-locking technology that locks the system when the trolley loses contact with the perimeter signal.

RedSheep Shopping Cart Locks
RedSheep Shopping Cart Locks

What Is The Estimated Cost of A European Shopping Trolley?

We make sure to keep things within your budget. Through the use of the latest technology, we can produce high-quality shopping carts at affordable prices.

A typical trolley will cost you between $25-$55, which is the cheapest shopping trolley compared to other models. Factors affecting the price include dimension, size, wheel style, surface treatment, and logo printing.

The Right Way to Use European Shopping Carts

How Can You Test The quality of a European Supermarket Cart?

Following are the three techniques to check the quality of the shopping cart yourself:

Salt Spray Test: The test involves artificially simulated salt spray. It is done to estimate the corrosion and rust resistance of a European supermarket cart.

We recommend this test as a must for stores in humid climates.

Anti-Ultraviolet Test: The test is conducted to check the life span of a shopping cart. It involves irritating the surface with ultraviolet light to recheck the.

Load Bearing Test: A load bearing test is a must for all stores to avoid unwanted accidents. It is done by equally placing the weight on the fame of the trolley. Push the trolley to test its quality of movement when loaded.

Anti-Ultraviolet test machine
Anti-Ultraviolet test machine

How To Clean European Shopping Carts?

Cleaning and sanitizing shopping carts are essential to keep them bacterial-free. Taking care of your shopper’s health proves your loyalty towards your customers.

Mainly there are two ways to make your shopping carts save for your shoppers, employees, and overall store environment.

1. Steam Pressure Cleaning System

Steam pressure cleaning systems involve heat steam. When the trolley comes in direct contact with the steam it kills the germs, sucks the dirt, and brings back the shine of the trolley.  

You can either use the steam independently or add a cleaning solution to give a long break till the subsequent clean-up.

We recommend cleaning trolleys through steam pressure more often because it deals with both germs and dirt.

2. Ultraviolet Light System

The ultraviolet light system involves cleaning the surface thoroughly to kill the germs. However, the process does not deal with dirt and another particle that is needed to be removed to maintain the outlook of the trolley.

We recommend this system once in a while to thoroughly make your trolleys germ-free.

How To Maintain And Repair European Shopping Carts?

Regular cleaning of the carts is important to remove any debris or dust that may accumulate, and this can be done using a mild soap and water solution or a disinfectant spray.

In addition to cleaning, it is important to regularly check for any loose or damaged parts, such as wheels or handles, and to address any issues immediately. For minor repairs, such as replacing wheels or handles, European shopping carts are typically equipped with easy-to-install replacement parts.

For more serious problems or damage, professional repair services may be necessary.

If you don’t have the team to maintain and repair your shopping carts, there’re many service companies who can do it for you, such as ZB service in European, Total Cart Management in USA and Canada.

How Does It Compare to Asian Shopping Carts?

Thanks to the simple and stylish structure, it is more simple to make a European shopping cart, so European shopping carts are cheaper than Asian models in terms of price. Meanwhile, according to the design principle and test, the load-bearing capacity of the European shopping cart is better than the Asian style. If you need an extra shelf for your bag on a European metal supermarket cart, RedSheep could provide this accessory to fit your needs too. Needless to say, the European style is the best-selling shopping cart.

The Asian shopping cart is also one of the best top-rated and cheap shopping carts in the market, the bottom tray increase storage space. It is suitable for convenience stores or small supermarkets because of its lightweight and impact design.

How Does It Compare to American Shopping Carts?

1. European shopping cart is more economic than American shopping cart, because of their simple structure.

2. European shopping cart is lightweight and easy to control because of the 4 swivel wheels while an American shopping cart normally comes with 2 fixed and 2 swivel wheels.

3. American shopping cart is more strong and more heavy-duty, because of their robust structure.

4. American shopping carts have a spacious base to load beer cases or bags.

Why Should I Choose RedSheep as My European Shopping Carts Supplier?

How can I Be Sure If RedSheep’s Shopping Trolley Cart Is Safe?

RedSheep value your investment. We bring every product to benefit you the most.

We also fulfill ISO 9001: 2000 quality standards because we care about your reputation.

RedSheep is a leading shopping trolley manufacturer brand. Our shopping trolleys are manufactured keeping in mind the European standard UNE EN ISO 1929 1:1998 and German Standard(GS).

Unparalleled Quality of RedSheep European Shopping Carts
Unparalleled Quality of RedSheep European Shopping Carts

Does RedSheep Offers Color Customization for European Shopping Trolleys?

To maintain the outlook of your store through a unified theme, we offer color customization for European supermarket carts.

You can choose from a variety of color options we offer. These colors are done through various coloring techniques suitable to your needs.

Following are the techniques we offer to achieve the aesthetics:

Zinc Plating Plus Transparent Powder Treatment: The process involves pre-treating the trolley to achieve corrosion and rust-free color coating.

It is the most appreciated technique that allows lasting coloring to metal trolleys.

It gives a beautiful surface finish that increases the visuality of your store.

Spray Plastic: The spray plastic color treatment is recommended to achieve lasting gray or white color. It is an affordable technique that increases the aesthetics of the trolley.

The spray color treatment is not as durable as zinc plating because it does not fight against corrosion and rust.

Chromium Plating: The technique provides a beautiful look to European grocery carts. It leaves a bright surface that benefits the visual environment of your store.

Unfortunately, the more lavish look comes with a higher price. The method is comparatively expensive and takes longer to achieve the correct color.

Bright Galvanisation: The process leaves a rough-textured surface that does not look attractive sometimes.

However, the technique provides long-lasting corrosion and rust-free coating.

Customized european shopping cart
Customized european shopping cart

Does RedSheep Offer Logo Printing Service For European Shopping Carts?

Logo printing is an innovative and intelligent technique to advertise your latest offer. These two solutions are both cheaper than most marketing techniques and out of the box.

Following are the two techniques we offer for logo printing on a shopping trolley cart:

Silk Printing On Handles: Handles are a great place to advertise as there’s no way the customers will not look at them. The techniques involve silkscreen graphics on panels, shopping cart parts, or enclosures with powder coating or metal finish.

The long-lasting epoxy-based inks ensure a quality finish, high resolution, and attractive printing.

We recommend giving a contrasting color to your handle to increase the chances of attracting customers’ attention.  

Front Plastic Ad Panels: This shopping cart accessory is used when you wish to add back-printed signs to your trolley. The signs are made of HDPP plastic.

We add the logo or dedicated message between the plastic and metallic part. It provides safety against water, chemical, and other substances.

RAL colors and logo printing customizable
RAL colors and logo printing customizable


A European Shopping cart is a great way to make profits by enriching your shopper’s overall experience at your store.

The 24-month product warranty will help you focus more on your customers.

If you have any unanswered questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. Our team will make sure to serve you until you’re confident about your decision.

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