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Plastic Shopping Carts Customized

Are you looking for the best plastic shopping trolley for your supermarket? Here we have a review of some of the top trolleys you can find on the market today and answers to frequently asked questions about shopping carts.

We say, “Customer is King,” and we allow you to choose the design, colour, and the number of shopping carts you want for your supermarket.

At Redsheep we allow you to:

  • Place a minimum order of under 100 pcs of more
  • Choose your preferred colours
  • Pick the type of shopping cart you want

Contact our team for any clarification and additional details

RedSheep Plastic Shopping Carts

High-street, convenience, and target stores worldwide replace the traditional metal shopping cart with the plastic shopping trolley.

These products are more reliable than wire models and provide customers with a good experience.

But there is more to plastic shopping trolley on wheels, as you can find out from this piece.

We start by reviewing some of the best plastic shopping trolley models you can find on the market today and the ones offered by Redsheep.

We have a detailed review of the shopping carts you can purchase from us. Every cart is unique and has its uses, features, and limitation.

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Top 14 Plastic Shopping Cart Review

Here is a short review of the different models of plastic shopping trolleys we offer at Redsheep.

New Hybrid European Plastic Shopping Cart

This new shopping cart innovativly use the curved design on the plastic basket and the metal base, which makes the Hybrid structure looks more stylish. The cart is also available in customization mode to give the supermarkets the chance to imprint their logos and images. Every store that buys this shopping trolley is confident in getting a UNE-EN 1929-1:1998 certified product that lasts for decades.

New Style American Plastic Shopping Carts

This new Model innovativly use the same curved design on the plastic basket with the triditional American shopping cart base, which put moderm and classic, stylish and robust together. Besides, the supermarket owner can request customisation and even have their logos printed on the trolley. Your customers can find the cart easy to operate when going about their shopping in the grocery store.

New Style Plastic Shopping Trolleys

New Style plastic shopping trolley is an innovative trolley that nests more easily, takes less space, and is more muted when in operation. The model has been shown to increase shoppers’ satisfaction by 33% due to the comfort it gives every user. It is a 100-litre product that enables the customers to shop and roll around the supermarket with ease and allow up to 360-degree movement.

All Plastic Shopping Carts

All Plastic Shopping Carts are attractive, European designed supermarket trolleys that remains free of rust. The cart is popular in regions with salty water due to its ability to withstand the harsh conditions. One thing about this plastic shopping equipment is the ability to customise the colour to meet your brand’s need. It is straightforward to use and does not pollute the environment when its useful life is over. 

Kids Plastic Shopping Cart

The cart was designed to allow the little users to spend hours in the supermarket without getting bored or uncomfortable. It is made of durable plastic material to help withstand constant use and give it the strength needed to hold all goods. The shopping cart boasts a honeycomb design, making it a darling with kids and even grown-up users. 

Toddler Plastic Shopping Trolley With Flag

The trolley’s basket is made of durable plastic material that can withstand heavy use and knocks. It is further made a strong cart by the lower part, made of thickened metal treated to prevent rust. You can have confidence the two material combines to give you a long-lasting cart with a pole. The pole is also made of steel and has a plastic handrail to enable the parents to control the trolley with ease. 

American Plastic Grocery Cart With Honeycomb Holes

American shopping cart with honeycomb hoels is a shopping system with a plastic basket at the top and a wire platform for placing some goods. It features that unique design to allow the shoppers to buy more products at a go and still have an easy time navigating the trolley. The equipment was designed to last for years and remain in good condition under various conditions. 

American Plastic Grocery Cart With X Grid Holes

American shopping cart with X grid holes is another popular cart in the whole America. like its brother with honeycomb holes, it’s rigid and lightweighted, with two fixed and two swivel wheels, so it’s stable and mute when using. There so many big brands are using this classic shopping cart as the honeycomb holes model. A coin lock system can be installed on the handle to make sure customers to return the cart after shopping.

Plastic Kids Shopping Cart With Car And Big Basket

Plastic Kids Shopping Carts With Toy Car Big Basket

The cart comes with a plastic kid car in front of shopping carts to make shopping time more fun and memorable for kids. Its basket is made of wires which are treated to prevent rust and add durability. Another thing is the installation process, as there is an anti-bumper plastic at the basket’s edges to prevent accidents. 

Plastic Kids Shopping Cart With Car And ​Three Baskets

Plastic Kids Shopping Carts With Toy Car Three Basket

Plastic Kids Shopping Cart is recommended for children between 2-5 years and comes with a height of under 100 cm. You can choose between the 4-inch and 5-inch wheel models and even choose from a variety of colour combinations. The toy car’s cart offers an attractive design and has undergone all the CE and ISO9001:2000 standards. 

New Model Plastic Kids Car Shopping Cart With Big Basket

New Model Plastic Kids Shopping Carts With Toy Car Big Basket

It is a colourful shopping cart for children that make the little shoppers enjoy their time at the supermarket. The unit comes with a plastic body and rigid oval tubing frame to make it easier to navigate freely on most surfaces. One safety feature to note is the belt that runs across the seat to secure the kid. 

New Model Plastic Kids Car Shopping Cart With Three Baskets

New Model Plastic Kids Shopping Carts With Toy Car Three Baskets

Here is another shopping cart for kids with three baskets to provide more room for placing items. It is a safe model with a child seat fitted with a strap to guarantee that the baby is always safe when riding the cart. Another safety feature is the front corner guards that prevent the trolley from damaging walls, fixtures, and other products. 

Canada Two Tier Plastic Shopping Carts

Canada Two Tier Plastic Grocery Cart allows shoppers to place more commodities inside the basket and make more purchases. It does add the needed space without taking much space when in-store, thanks to the compact design. The product also minimises damage to the supermarket’s fixtures and other shoppers’ cars at the parking lot. 

Plastic Platform Carts

The platform comes with a fixed handle made of lightweight material to ensure the cart remains light even with loads. It is also a high-density system that can carry a heavy load without getting damaged or losing shape. The casters swivel around to allow for smooth operation, and their function is muted to prevent disrupting other shoppers. 

Plastic Transport Carts

Plastic Transport Cart can handle a load of about 250 kilograms and comes with swivel casters to allow for smooth movement. These wheels let you roll the cart in any direction, making it ideal for all applications like the factory, workshop, and supermarket. It comes with a durable and reliable plastic body to thwart marring and scuffing to sensitive goods. 

Advantages To Cooperate With RedSheep Plastic Shopping Cart Manufacturer

Redsheep as one of the most professional plastic shopping cart manufacturer has the advantages as following


With 23 years of experience as a plastic shopping cart manufacturer, we have full experience in suppling top-rated cart to meet your market requirement.


All our plastic carts are strictly according to ISO/SGS regulations, with affordable prices with unparalleled quality


Big production capacity makes short lead time 30 days for the standard commercial shopping carts.


We have full experience in customized product development and have ffull range of shopping cart extensions and accessories, to meet customer’s different needs.


We take care the quality of our shopping carts , for any defect of the goods, we will take responsibility. You are risk-free.

Low MOQ 100 SETS

Low MOQ, we can accept low MOQ as 100 sets plastic shopping trolleys, or even less quantity for every single item in big production order.


We have our own quality control system that you can trust, to secure your order and business.


As a plastic shopping cart manufacturer, we provide stable and reliable OEM/ODM service for our customer.

Machines for Plastic Shopping Cart Manufacturer

Inspections From Plastic Shopping Cart Manufacturers

Plastic Shopping Carts: The Complete FAQ Guide

It appears lots of supermarkets are switching to the plastic shopping basket on wheels, and here you can learn more about the equipment. 

For more information about products, the company, or shipping, you can also check out our other FAQs!

What is Plastic Shopping Cart?

A plastic shopping cart with wheels is a basket on a wheel provided by retail and grocery stores to allow the customers to have a smooth experience when buying goods in their outlets.  

The products are easier to nest and lighter than the old-fashioned metal trolleys and are either made of all-plastic material or a combination of plastic and metal.

There is a wide variety of plastic trolley basket models to give supermarket owners the option to select the unit that meets their needs.   

We have reviewed some of the leading shopping carts above, which you can easily order from Redsheep and have delivered at your store.


Why Should I Use Plastic Shop Cart?

Both the supermarkets and shoppers can benefit from using plastic shop carts in many ways, as seen below:

The plastic models have curved shapes with no sharp corners or edges that can damage walls, glass, or fixtures in the supermarket.    

They also result in minimum impact if there is an accident, which means low chances of being sued.

These products come with safe child seats to allow the parents to tag their kids along when shopping.

And one thing about the baby seat is the safety features, including safety belts, curved edges, and even a unique design to protect a kid’s finger.

The supermarket should also use these plastic models because they are easier to nest and take less space in transit or in-store. The most widly used plastic carts would be the grey honeycomb plastic walmart shopping cart and the walmart plastic blue shopping cart.

Shoppers should use these products due to their lightweight nature, comfort, and easy handling.

Plastic shopping baskets on wheels with goods are lighter than the metallic models and provide a memorable shopping experience.

The products also offer benefits to the environment because you can recycle them when their useful life comes to an end.

They are listed as green shopping trolleys during the lifespan, starting from clean manufacturing, efficient transportation, more durability, and 100% recyclable.

The carts also come with an antibacterial wrap-around handle that prevents germs from one shopper to the other.

100% Recyclable
100% Recyclable

Key Dimensions for Plastic Shopping Trolley

Shopping carts come in several sizes to meet every supermarket and customer need, such as small, medium, and large.

The standard plastic trolley has a length of 33 inches, a width of 20-1/2 inches, and a height of 37-13/16 inches and can carry about 100 kilograms.  

RedSheep goes a step further to give supermarkets narrow nesting carts of between 9.84 inches or 6.30 inches, depending on the carriage you purchase.

These critical dimensions of a plastic shopping basket cart play a vital role in determining the number of models you can transport at a go.

The dimensions also determine the number of goods a customer can pick from the shelves during a single shopping trip.

Supermarket owners are advised to get different-sized shopping trolleys to meet the needs of every shopper.


How Long is a Standard Shopping Trolley?

A standard plastic shopping trolley with a child seat can measure up to 33 inches long and come with 20.5 inches and a height of 37 13/16 inches.

The standard carts are perfect for small retail outlets, department stores, and convenience stores.


Is Plastic Shopping Cart Strong Enough?

RedSheep shopping trolleys are made of polypropylene plastic material that resists organic solvents and chemicals.

That material is better than polyethylene, which is often affected by most chemicals.  

Polypropylene is also usually pure, more rigid than polyethylene, and non-stretching.

It has an excellent tensile strength of 4,800 psi and can withstand heavy loads, despite being a lightweight material.

Another aspect that makes it the perfect material for producing strong trolleys is its surface hardness of 92 on the Rockwell R scale.

That makes plastic carts to be on the high-end of the most material and still offer some form of flexibility and bending.

You also find it easy to clean this material because it does not rust or get affected by water.

How Much Does a Plastic Shopping Cart With Wheels Weigh

Plastic basket shopping carts are often lighter than metal models and can weigh about 15-30 kilograms.

Small sizes can weigh about 20 kilograms, a medium one 25 kilograms, and a large one over 30 kilograms.

How Should Plastic Shopping Cart Be Stored?

A plastic shopping trolley on wheels is designed to take the least space when in transit or when in-store due to the nesting ability.  

The products should be nested together and then taken to the designated storage area, which can include:

Interior Cart Corrals

These are steel bars fitted inside the supermarkets to hold shopping carts to prevent them from blocking people or rolling away.  

Every supermarket should consider investing in these corrals if space allows and ensure they have signage to notify the customer where to place every size cart.

The corrals also make it easier for employees to nest the trolleys during storage.

Exterior Cart Corrals

They work just like the interior corrals and let the customers place the trolley there after use.

Exterior corrals should be covered to prevent the carts from getting damaged by adverse weather conditions.

Overflow Storage

The overflow storage is an area that you can place the excess shopping trolleys baskets when there is low traffic in your supermarket.

You can store some carts there awaiting the festive season when many shoppers flock to the grocery stores.

External Storage Units

These are recommended for storing the old and worn shopping carts.

Multipurpose Storage Solutions

You can also convert the excess shopping carts into storage solutions inside your supermarket.

For instance, you can place shopping trolley bags and baskets inside the carts, where customers can access them with ease.

Are Shopping Carts Carriers of Bacteria?

Shopping carts are among the dirtiest public surfaces you can ever touch, with 13,000 bacteria per square inch.

They can easily play host to some of the most dangerous microbial like salmonella and diarrhea-causing campylobacter.

Supermarkets are advised to regularly wipe down and sanitize these shopping units to provide their customers with clean trolleys.

They should also consider investing in protective seat covers for people who come shopping with their children.


How Do You Sanitise a Shopping Cart?

Cleaning and sanitising supermarket shopping trolleys can be cumbersome because they need to be washed and disinfected effectively and regularly.

The two processes help remove bacteria, dirty fingerprints, and other build-ups caused by the environment and sweaty hands.

One way to clean and sanitise your shopping carts is to use steam pressure cleaning systems.

These systems deliver heated steam that removes grime, dirt, and germs that might be on the trolleys’ handles and surface.

You can even decide to add a cleaning solution to the water to ensure that the dirt and germs get removed.

Another way is to use Ultraviolet light to zap the germs on the supermarket shopping carts – it only sanitises the trolley without removing dirt. 

Do Shopping Carts Get Wash?

You can achieve a comprehensive washing of your grocery carts by following these steps

  • Set Up the Pressure Washer

Go through the user manual and instructions when setting up the pressure washer.

The critical thing is to set the machine as per the brand’s specifications to guarantee the best result.

  • Set Up the Action

Connect the spray gun to the extension wand.

The pressure hose should connect to the spray gun while the other end connects to the pressure washer.  

Check for any loose connection and rectify.

  • Cleaning Solution

You do not require any cleaning solution if you use a steam pressure washer to clean your shopping carts.

However, you can use a detergent, chemical, or other cleaning solutions if you use a cold pressure washer.

  • Clean the Shopping Carts

Ensure you test the steam temperature and the spray pressure on another surface before you begin to clean the trolleys.

You can now clean from one series of the basket carts to the other and not forget to clean the bottom.

Are There Various Available Sizes of Plastic Shopping Trolleys?

Plastic shopping trolleys come in all plastic shopping carts and hybrid shopping carts, and they have different sizes to meet all shoppers, and they can be classified as small, medium, and large carts.

Small Plastic Shopping Carts

The small-sized shopping carts are ideal for convenience stores and the drug and liquor section of a supermarket.

Some come in an oval design to provide style and strength.

They are designed to provide durability, and their wheels are stable and durable no matter their usage frequency.

The small-sized plastic basket carts measure about 19 inches in width, 36 inches in length, and 38.5 inches in height.

They offer a nesting distance of about 8.25 inches and can weigh 20 kilograms.

Medium Size Plastic Shopping Carts

The medium size models are recommended for large convenience stores and small supermarkets.

They are also made to be durable, healthy, and have a modern look to attract users.

These shopping trolleys measures about 21.97 inches wide, 38 inches long, and 41 inches tall.

Their nesting distance is around 10.25 inches, and they can weigh at least 25 kilograms.

Large Size Plastic Shopping Carts

Large size plastic carts are the heavy-duty models for handling goods in supermarkets and other grocery stores.

They are well designed to reduce the impact they cause when they knock over something, like a car or structure.

Here you can expect to find a trolley that measures 23.5 inches in width, 42.75 inches in length, and 42 inches in height.

The models can weigh up to 30 kilograms and offer a nesting distance of 12.25 inches.

Better advertisement of Americana commercial shopping carts
Better advertisement of Americana commercial shopping carts

How Many Plastic Grocery Shopping Carts Does a Grocery Store Have?

Determining the ideal number of shopping trolleys for a grocery store can be a challenge.

And it is critical for the supermarkets to have the perfect number of carts to meet every customer need, without having excess equipment.

Many experts recommend between 200 to 250 shopping trolleys for most supermarkets, but you should consider some factors when setting your number.

They include the following

  • Size of the Parking Lot

Shopping carts can quickly clog the parking area if they are left there for long.

  • Supermarket Traffic

There is no need to buy many shopping carts if you only receive a few customers per hour or day.

  • Overflow Warehouse Storage

It does not cost much to keep several carts around for that day you experience heavy traffic.

  • Your Budget

You need to buy shopping carts that meet your budget.

  • Experience

You can learn from the experience and know the number of carts to place in your supermarket.

  • Size of Your Supermarket

The size of your supermarket can also determine the number of carts you should get.

As a general practise:

  • Small Boutiques of 500-1500 metre square should have between 50-100 pcs of standard commercial shopping carts, 20-50 pcs of lightweight carts, and 10 pcs of child’s plastic shopping trolley
  • Medium Convenience Stores of 1500-3000 metre square should have 100-200 pcs of standard shopping trolleys, 50-100 pcs of lightweight trolleys, and 20 pcs of kids’ trolleys
  • Chain Supermarkets of 3000-6000 metre square should provide 200-300 pcs of standard carts, 200-300 pcs of 125 litre carts, and 20 pcs of kid plastic shopping trolley
  • Hyper Supermarkets of 8000-10000 metre square should consider having 400-1000 pcs of standard shopping carts, 30 pcs of kids’trolleys, and 80-120 pcs of lightweight trolleys

These stores should also have about 5-10 pcs of 200 kg heavy duty trolleys and 5-10 pcs of 500 heavy duty trolleys.

What Types of Shopping Cart Wheels Are Available?

Redsheep offers a vast collection of trolley wheels to meet every supermarket and shopper need.

The best part, you can request the company to attach specific wheels when ordering your trolleys or even buy them when replacing them.

It is recommended you contact the brand’s contact team to get more information about these wheels.

And here are the options you can find from Redsheep’s website:

  • PVC Wheels. These wheels are made of polyvinyl chloride material.

They are the most affordable wheels for shopping carts.

PVC provides a decent lifespan, which is average for a trolleys wheels.

  • PU Wheels. The wheels are made of strong polyurethane material.

It is a material that provides oil and wears resistance, excellent load-bearing, excellent elasticity, and longer life.

The only downside of these wheels is they produce a loud noise while on the floor.

  • TPE Escalator Wheels. TPE Escalator Wheels are made of strong Thermo-plastic elastomer material.

The material provides strength, high elasticity, high resilience, and it is perfect for the injection moulding process.  

Besides, it is an environmentally friendly plastic with no toxic release and safe to the user.

Other qualities of the material include excellent colouring, weather resistance, soft-touch, wide hardness range, and fatigue resistance.

The material can be processed with ease and is also 100% recyclable.

Redsheep provides four types of TPE escalator wheels:

    • 1 Disk

It is the most affordable of all the escalator wheels.

    • 2 Disk

2 Disk is the most popular type of escalator wheels and is found in Auchan.

    • 3 Disk

Its popularity is only second to 2 Disk wheels.

    • 4 Disk

The wheel is slightly more expensive than the other types of escalator wheels, but it is the best.

  • TPR Wheels. These cartwheels are made of flexible Thermo-plastic rubber material with SBS as the primary layer.

They are flexible wheels but do not provide the superior wear resistance like the TPE wheels.

  • Heavy Duty Nylon Wheels. They are made of durable, heavy-duty nylon material.
  • Wheels Without Bearing. These wheels lack the bearing in most trolley wheels, but they are the cheapest in the industry.

    Wheels with Single Bearing. They only have a single ball bearing, meaning they cannot carry a lot of loads.

    Wheels with Double Bearing. The wheels have two ball bearings to enable them to carry more weight.

    Wheels with Brake. They make it easier to stop the carts to avoid knocking structures, cars, and other shoppers.

    Wheels without Break. Although excellent, these models lack the brakes that can allow you to stop the trolley to avoid an accident.

  • 3 Wheels. The wheels have a diameter of 3” or 75mm.

    4 Wheels. These models have a diameter of 4” or 100mm.

    5 Wheels. They come with a 5” or 125mm diameter.

Do Shopping Carts Really Lock?

Plastic shopping trolleys are often withdrawn from the supermarket by customers who want to carry their goods to their apartment.

They also get stolen by homeless people who use them to carry their belongings around.

Several technologies prevent the withdrawal and stealing of a shopping trolley from the supermarket’s premises.

These technologies include

Coin Locking System

It is a system made of a chain, cassette, and housing for locking a shopping trolley.

The technology allows for easy mounting and enables the trolleys to keep them organised and secure in the store.

It also allows you to display your brand to the shoppers more effectively.

Long or Pole

Our review of the top 12 shopping baskets have models with long poles, and they are there to act as security measures.

The pole makes it impossible to place the shopping cart in a vehicle and makes the carts more visible to cashiers and other employees.

Toddler Commercial Shopping Cart With A Pole
Toddler Commercial Shopping Cart With A Pole

Self-Braking Wheels

Self-braking wheels, embedded perimeter antenna, and digitally encoded locking signal ensure the trolley leaves the compound.

Each trolley comes with an electronically triggered, self-braking wheel that locks when it goes near the perimeter signal.

The perimeter signal is often installed in the parking lot, and you can easily spot the area because it is often painted in a yellow line.

Why is Plastic Shopping Trolley a Good Option?

The typical kinds of supermarket trolleys are wire and plastic.

Although they have similarities, the plastic shopping basket trolley edges out the metal once in the following ways:

Plastic Cart Reduces Theft

Redsheep recommends you have your brand logo imprinted on the shopping baskets.

It is easier to remove this mark on a wire trolley than a plastic one, making the latter hard to steal.  

The plastic baskets also have almost zero resale value as scrap material, preventing people from stealing them.

Plastic Cart is Durable

Plastic is often thicker than wire, and that makes it more resistant to damage.

These models can knock over structures or hit a car without the system getting damaged.

Muted Operation

Plastic supermarket trolleys are often muted when pushed around, which is not the case with the metallic ones.

They do not disturb other shoppers even when they have a broken part.

Muted Operation plastic shopping cart wheels
Muted operation plastic shopping cart wheels

Lightweight Design

Most plastic carts are lighter than the metal model, even when they are filled with goods.

They are made of light material that ensures you can push the trolley around for hours without getting tired.


RedSheep provide food grade plastic shopping trolley only, that means our raw HDPP material reached the food grade regulations.

The carts are friendly to the environment also because of the clean manufacturing process they undergo.

Besides, you can easily recycle the plastic when it gets damaged, become outdated, or stop functioning.


Plastic material is more friendly to children and even adults because it does results in serious injuries.

People can knock over these carts, and there is no need to visit a doctor, which would be the case if you got injured by the metal model.

Child friendly food grade plastic shopping cart
Child friendly food grade plastic shopping cart

What Colours Are Your Plastic Shopping Carts Available In?

A plastic shopping basket on wheels comes with an attractive and unique design and lets you customise the colour.

As a plastic grocery cart manufacturer, we encourages our customers to pick from several colours, including grey, red, blue, white, black, yellow, and others.

Supermarket owners are encouraged to customise the colours when placing their order to match their store’s theme. Some shop owners prefer black and gray plastic shopping trolley, when others like red, yellow, blue or green commercial shopping cart.

Grey honeycomb plastic walmart shopping cart
Grey honeycomb plastic walmart shopping cart

Are Plastic Shopping Cart Print Approved?

A proven way of increasing the total sales is to improve brand awareness, and this can be done by printing the logo on the shopping cart.

You can also do that by having customised shopping trolleys that come with different prints to meet your theme and colours.

The best thing is you can send your logo and print to Redsheep and have them printed on your shopping carts without any hassle.

Customize the color to match your theme
Customize the color to match your theme

You do not require approval from the state to do that or any other person.


How Much Does a Plastic Shopping Cart Cost

Plastic shopping trolleys are of various types and designs. Each can be customized to fit your needs. Hence many factors are influencing the price of a plastic model.

Generally, you can expect a plastic model to cost you between $40 and $70, depending on the models, sizes, different accessoris.

Laws of economic purchase apply to bulk purchases.

How Long Would It Take to Get A Designed Plastic Shopping Cart?

You can get your designed shopping trolley within days, or it can take a week or two depending on different factors such as:

· The number of carts you order – many carts can take longer to design and manufacture

· Your location – it can take days before you receive your shipment 

Final Words

There you have some of the leading plastic shopping trolleys you can find on the market today and on the Redsheep store.

We also hope you have learned more about these shopping carts for supermarkets, retail stores, and other grocery outlets.

To learn more about Plastic Shopping Cart

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