Greeting Card Display Rack

Retail display racks play a vital role when it’s about your store’s outlook. It needs expert manufacturing to build a trustable relation between you and your customers. With 20 years of experience in the shopfitting industry, RedSheep knows how to present your items uniquely. With innovative technology, skilled labor, and expert technicians, get ready to enjoy high-end manufacturing.

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Greeting Card Display Rack Customized

Customization is a must-have hard to find service in-shop shelving industry. But not anymore. At RedSheep, you have the freedom to design your store in a unique manner. With ODM/OEM service, you can style your dream shelving. Buckle up to experience your dream in reality with a team of experts at RedSheep.

RedSheep’s Customization Offers:

  • What you and your store needs to amaze your shoppers
  • Utilize available space in the smarted way
  • Customization at low rates
  • Logo printing for copyright

Wait no more and start building your dream design.

Redsheep Greeting Card Display Rack

RedSheep is all set to offer a never-ending list of services hard to find elsewhere.

Save yourself from regretting by hiring a manufacturer who values your investment.

We are not here to deliver a shelving system only but to provide solutions to all your display needs.

We design our products and services to bring value to your store, with an efficiency rate of 99.998%, doubling your profit in no time.

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Top Greeting Card Display Rack Reviewed

Below are Greeting Card Display Racks you can find at RedSheep stores at an affordable rate and even have the freedom to customise them

Greeting Card Display Rack Solidwork format model

Zeeman Style Greeting Card Display Rack

You can increase your sales by having the best Card Display Rack in your store for holding holidays, birthdays, greeting, and other cards. It gives you 360-degree freedom to display your material and enables the shoppers to pick them with ease. The system allows for simple installation at the central or other places like near isle ends and checkout counters. That results in impulse purchase as the customers spot the material faster. It is also a unit you can assemble with ease, meaning you do not need professional help.

greeting card display rack

Greeting Card Display Stand

Greeting cards are a superb addition to your store, even if you do not sell stationery. You can display them using the Card Display Rack, making it possible for people to pick them when shopping for other things.    The model is designed to hold all types of cards, including birthday, holiday, greeting, anniversary, etc. It is not just for holding the cards because you can place other reading materials like brochures. One fantastic benefit of this rack is letting the shoppers browse through the cards with ease. You can always inform us if you want it customised.

Metal Wire Racks for Displaying Merchandise

Wire Greeting Card Display Rack

RedSheep can help you display your cards in a fancy way using this Wire Greeting Card Display Rack. We have a trendy collection of these units for displaying birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and all types of cards. These structures’ quality is rigid and is made of durable material to give you service for decades.  The model comes fully assembled to remove the hassle of assembling and you can move it around swiftly. One notable thing is the appealing aesthetic of the unity and the space you get for placing your material. It is the only system you would ever need for your store.

Ultimate Guide To The Greeting Card Display Rack

Special occasions are the best time to make extra profits. Even if you don’t sell stationary, keeping anniversary, birthday, and holiday cards can be a great initiative for your store’s value.

By providing something extra, you can win the trust of your customers.

It will help you be their priority when looking for the ultimate shopping experience. With 20 years of experience in shop shelving, we know how to double your profits.

Display racks are the key to successful store business. When things are visible to your customers, they are most likely to glance at them. Increasing the chance of purchasing the item.

If you are looking forward to a retail display card rack that can help you be the focus of your customers.

you’re at the right place!

At RedSheep, we manufacture retail display racks that keep the things where they belong. In front of your customers. With increased visibility and better display, you can upscale your sales up to 56%.

You won’t be able to ignore the functional value of our retail card display stands once done reading the whole article.

So without wasting any time, let’s get started!


What Is Greeting Card Display Rack?

A greeting card display rack is a special rack to display anniversary, birthday, best wishes, or special occasion cards.

They come in multiple sizes, designs, and colors to suit your needs. Manufactured with high-quality material, the greeting card display rack is a great way to showcase your products to attract maximum customers.

It is designed to support easy browning while your customer looks for the best option.

Through easy spotting, the display rack increases your chances of selling more and more items.

Greeting card display rack is an intelligent technique to make extra profits. The proper display helps attract customers to pick one when shopping for other items.

Thanks to universal design, if you wish to display reading materials and greeting cards, you know how to do it.

Display rack offer wires to hold cards, newspapers, or other reading material you wish your customers to glance at.

Most common colors of greeting card display rack
Most common colors of greeting card display rack

How Greeting Card Display Rack Benefits Your Business?

Greeting card display rack holds multiple benefits for retail business. You can enjoy a 56% increase in sales by keeping items where they are most visible.

The greeting card rack through organized display will help you attract more shoppers. Or convince shoppers purchasing other items to have a look at the new addition at least.

It works on the phenomenon of the more they see, the better the chances of making sales. There are high chances that your customers visit you with an incentive to purchase other items.

However, you can remind them of the upcoming birthday, anniversary, or other occasions through a beautiful display of greeting cards.

In this way, you’ll not only make extra money. While leaving an optimistic impact on your shoppers that you care for their needs.

Undoubtedly it is a win-win situation with RedSheep’s greeting card display rack.


How To Make The Most Out Of Greeting Card Display Rack?

The greeting card rack does not bound you to display greeting cards only. You can display all sorts of reading materials such as magazines, newspapers, children’s coloring books, etc.

To make the most out of your investment, we recommend keeping the rack where it is visible to all your shoppers.

If you are planning to keep children’s books, place them at a location that is accessible to children. So they can grab their favorite cartoon book without anyone’s help.

Entrance and exit are two locations that’ll suit your target audience. If you plan to grab another one for older people goes for somewhere near the counter. It is when shoppers are done purchasing and waiting for their billing.

You won’t find a better opportunity to convince your shoppers to make the purchase. Keep it on their eye level, so they don’t miss it when scanning your store.

RedSheep zeeman style greeting card display rack in warehouse
RedSheep zeeman style greeting card display rack in warehouse

What Are The Advantages of Greeting Card Display Racks?

There are times when you are not sure whether a certain display unit will suit your needs or not. To help you make a wise decision, here is the list of advantages you get to enjoy through the greeting card display rack.


Utilize Store Space In Most Efficient Way

The better you organize your store, the more space you save to display more products. The more products you have, the better the chances to increase your sales.

And there is no better way than a greeting card display rack to save space in your store. Or efficiently utilize available space.

The dedicated card display makes sure you use up your resources in a beautiful manner.

Save Counterspace

The greeting card rack can be a great help, especially if you have limited counter space and various products to display.

Instead of a horizontal display, the stand allows you to use your space vertically. They help display the product at eye level.

Easy Browsing

Display cards are not very convenient to manage in a busy tore. A greeting card stand is good to attract customer’s attention.

Through easy browsing, you have a better chance to convenience your shoppers to make the purchase.

Easy To Maintain

Busy store owners find it hard to organize products and shelves now and then. If you are one of such people, here is the good news for you. The rack will manage your item efficiently with minimum demand.

The quality of material used in the construction allows easy cleaning. While the design offers an easy restock option.


What Are The Types Of Greeting Card Display Racks Available At RedSheep?

We offer various designs, materials, sizes, and other options for retail display card stands for various needs. Following are the three types of stands we offer at RedSheep:

Zeeman Style Greeting Card Display Rack: It is a 360-degree rotating stand on the floor or shelf. The design offers a unique display with easy browsing. The design is ideal for small size reading material.

Greeting Card Display Stand: It is our in-demand design due to the versatility it offers. The design is generally made for medium to large reading items such as magazines, coloring, children’s books, etc.

Wire Greeting Card Display Rack: This design allows visualization of your product attractively. It doubles visibility and browsing. The system offers various colors to suit your store’s theme.


Do You Offer Colors In Greeting Card Display Stand?

Yes, we do offer color customization for greeting card display stands to match your needs. Colors are essential to make your store attractive.

The coloring process is dependent upon the material of the rack you wish to purchase.

However, generally, the coloring is done through powder coating. We give a lasting color to the unit so that it does not lose its beauty with time.

The color coating involves rust-resistant chemical coating, so you can enjoy its benefits in humid areas also.

RedSheep greeting card diaplay rack at zeeman branch in sneek the netherlands(left)
RedSheep greeting card diaplay rack at zeeman branch in sneek the netherlands(left)netherlands(left)

What Customization Options RedSheep Offer?

We believe in providing you what you want instead of offering what we have. To enrich your experience, we have a team of engineers who work to bring dreams into reality.

Customized Rack: You can mainly customize the size, design, material, and color of the greeting card stand. Suppose you wish to develop a design that is not seen or heard before. Look no further and reach out to our team of experts.

ODM/OEM Service: Discuss your idea or present digital sketches of your design. We’ll do everything to manufacture the design through ODM/OEM service.

Logo Printing: For customers purchasing ODM/OEM service, we offer complimentary logo printing. The process is done through a pressing tool. You’ll only be charged for the pressing tool, while the whole logo printing process will be a gift from us to you.

360 Degree Rack With Wheels: We offer wheels at the bottom of the retail greeting card rack on demand. It helps relocate the unit with ease. Other than that you can customize your unit into a 360-degree rotating unit to increase efficiency.

Greeting Card Display Rack Solidwork format model
Greeting Card Display Rack Solidwork format model

What Material Do You Use For The Greeting Card Display Rack?

For the manufacturing of retail card display sand, we use high-quality material only. We mainly offer Q235 and Q195 steel because the material is easy to bend and shape.

Plus, it is affordable and corrosion-free. However, you can customize the material of the stand if you wish to.


What Is The Speciality Of RedSheep’s Greeting Card Stand?

The special part of our greeting card stand is the safety it offers. We manufacture our product line keeping in mind the safety needs of you and your shoppers.

Display rack accidents are the worst nightmare for any store owner. We wear our customer’s goodwill as a responsibility.

With RedSheep’s display rack, you can enjoy peace of mind. It will provide you the needed confidence to impress your visitors with an outstanding display.

For your knowledge…

RedSheep is ISO certified. That means we strictly follow ISO 9001: 2000 quality standard including European standard UNE EN ISO 1929 1:1998 to provide what we promise.

We build our product line keeping TUV regulations and European EN 1929 guidelines when constructing greeting card display stand.

Every retail rack goes through several tests from since beginning till the last step.

Thanks to the high-quality manufacturing that a greeting card stand provides service for more than 5-10 years.

What Is The Expected Cost of Greeting Card Stand?

With our experience and intelligence, we can manufacture an affordable product line. To purchase our greeting card stand, you don’t need to overburden yourself as we offer various discounts and easy payment options to our new and old customers.

Depending on customization, size, design, and other factors, a typical greeting card stand will cost you between $170-$200.

Rules of economic purchase apply on bulk orders.


How Long Will RedSheep Take To Deliver Your Order?

We understand most customers don’t like to wait too long once they confirm their order. To provide you best in town services we promise to deliver your order in the shortest of time.

RedSheep, an experience shopfitting manufacturer, promises to deliver your order within 30 days in more than 40 countries worldwide.


Wrapping Up

Along with innovation, real-time customer service, affordable rates, high-quality manufacturing, and on-time delivery, you get to enjoy a 24-month product warranty when purchasing through RedSheep.

This was our complete guide on the greeting card display stand. If you still got any confusion, don’t hesitate to reach out through the comment section below.


Copyright of the pictures belong to the owner, not allow to copy or use without permission, the owner have the rights to pursue legal action, if you find infringement, please email us we will handle or remove immediately.

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