Economy Modern Two Tier Shopping Cart From China

RedSheep provides you with the best two tier shopping cart to save your space and increase sales. We are a reputable brand that has been in the industry for over 20 years; 10 years specializing in 2 tier shopping carts.Our products come with a 24-month warranty and can be used for between 5-10 years. We also partner with other people in the industry to ensure you get these carts faster and efficiently near your region.

AEON Two Tier Shopping Carts

Two Tier Shopping Cart Customized

We allow our customers to customize their shopping carts to meet their tastes and shoppers’ needs. We also let you print your brand logo on every piece of purchase from our store.

We are known for:

  • Providing affords two tier shopping carts of $15-$25
  • Guaranteeing our clients a 99.998% success rate
  • Offering a 24-month warranty on each shopping cart
  • Offering a minimum order level of 50 pcs
  • Proving effective customer support for all businesses

Redsheep Two Tier Shopping Cart

Two tier grocery shopping carts are ideal for shoppers who do not intend to fill up their baskets for shopping cart with items.

These basket carts are perfect for quick trips to supermarkets, grocery stores, and other shopping outlets. Their compact construction is easy to maneuver.

The carts are also easy to control in tight spaces, meaning the customers can efficiently and quickly go where they want.

Our double basket wire convenience shopping cart comes in steel wire and is light enough to allow for easy pushing.

It is the perfect model for small grocery stores, convenience stores, pharmacies, and liquor stores.

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RedSheep Top-rated Two Tier Shopping Trolley

Let’s look at some of the top 2 tier shopping trolleys you can find from our store.

Canada Two Tier Shopping Cart

Canada 2 tier shopping cart comes with two baskets to enable the shoppers to pick more products. It also has a smaller back basket for placing tinny items.

South America Cencosud Double Basket Grocery Cart

South America Cencosud two-tier shopping cart is a modern system that helps to save space. The shoppers get two wire baskets on a chassis to enable them to carry more products at once.

Spar Style Double Basket Trolley

Spar Style Double Basket Trolley is an economy structure for holding compact baskets for shopping cart. You can get this unit for all shoppers for what a compact and easy-to-move cart.

AEON Double Basket Shopping Trolley

AEON Double Basket Shopping Trolley

AEON double basket shopping trolley is a unique model with a wire basket at the top, which can also fit a plastic shopping basket, especially match with a AEON shopping handle basket. It also has a place for placing an extra basket for shopping cart at the bottom, so the customers can choose 1 or 2 baskets, according to their needs.

Double Basket Cart Model C

Double Basket Wire Convenience Shopping Cart

Double Basket Shopping Cart is a simple structure for holding up to two shopping baskets. It lets your customers place the smaller basket for shopping cart at the top and the bigger one at the bottom.

American Hybrid Plastic Double Basket Grocery Cart

American Hybrid Plastic Double Tier Shopping Cart is the most robust of the nine models and is made of HDPP plastic and Q235 steel. It is the ideal structure for carrying heavier loads around the store.

3 basket shopping cart

3 Basket Shopping Cart

3 Basket Shopping Cart is an advanced structure for placing up to three compact baskets. That means you give your customers more room for placing their shopping.

4 basket shopping cart

4 Basket Shopping Cart

4 Basket Shopping Cart can be helpful for shoppers buying light products of different nature. It allows the shoppers to place three baskets at the front and one at the rear.

3 tray trolley

3 tray trolley

3 Tray Trolley is among test canteens catering equipment and it comes with three levels to allow more food carriage. It is made of a steel material that is easy to clean without corroding or rusting.

Two Tier Shopping Cart: The Complete FAQ Guide

You can learn more about the 2 basket shopping cart models from the FAQ section below.

For more information about products, the company, or shipping, you can also check out our other FAQs!

Key Features of Two Tier Shopping Cart

The double basket shopping cart might be compact, but it still provides the shoppers with more basket capacity.

It also enables the buyers to separate their products. And here are other features and benefits of these shopping carts.

  • Light Weight

Every store owner thinks about where and how to store their shopping carts and move them from point A to B.

The standard supermarket shopping cart tends to take up lots of space and weigh much more.

These 2 tier models solve these shortcomings due to their portable design. Some even come with collapsible carts to minimize the storage area.

  • Save Space

We have noted that these basket carts can be folded to take up less space. That means you can store them in stores with less space.

Besides, the double basket construction means the shopper needs only a single system when shopping.

  • Versatile Application

Double basket wire convenience shopping carts are mainly designed to facilitate grocery shopping, but supermarkets and stores can use them in other ways.

For example, they can handle transporting goods from the store to the shelves and picking up items.

  • Convenient

It is pretty convenient for a shopper to walk into a store and grab a shopping basket cart in the entryway.

However, the standard carts are not always easy to maneuver, leading to inconvenience to the users.

The 2-tier carts tend to be lighter, shorter, and smaller than other carts and baskets.

  • Cheap

The one outstanding feature of the double basket wire convenience shopping cart is their affordability.

They are more affordable than buying the typical carts, and you can find a quality model from RedSheep for between $15-$25.

But cheap does not mean low-quality, as seen from the next point.

  • Durable Units

The one thing to note is these products are made from different materials and in various designs.

You can bet that some will last more than others. However, most units made of steel wire and/or plastic materials do last for years.  

We do provide double shopping cart systems that provide service for between 5-10 years.

  • Spacious Enough

Shoppers might not think that the two tier shopping carts offer enough space like the standard models.

On the contrary, these products are surprisingly spacious and even let your visitors separate their effects.

Your shoppers get two baskets for placing their items, thanks to the 2-in-1 design of the carts.

What Is The Thought Behind The Structure of Two Tier Shopping Trolley?

Two tier shopping cartss are designed to provide efficiency and convenience to shoppers.

It allows for two storage spaces in a 2-in-1 structure. The compact design makes it possible to mauver the cart around.

How does Double Basket Trolley compare to Traditional Metal Shopping Cart?

Both the 2 tier shopping trolley and the traditional metal shopping cart are made of steel material.

They are considered the traditional units when compared to plastic shopping carts.

The main difference between the double basket model and the traditional one is the double basket is compact and lightweight.

Their design allows the shoppers to place two baskets on the chassis, getting twice the storage area.

Normally speaking, the double basket trolley is a perfect solution for chain stores or small supermarkets because of its impact size. Also, it’s popular in Asian countries because the housewives in Asian country is going to the supermarket more frequently.

How Double Basket Grocery Cart Compares to Shopping Basket

Shopping baskets are lighter than shopping carts and are meant for people who want to dash into the store and pick a few items.

They are easily accessible from the entry point, compared to the 2 tier shopping carts.

The 2 tier models are mainly recommended for people who want to pick a lot of products.

They can carry more weight than the shopping basket and easily maneuver around than the typical shopping trolley.

In case of Canada shopping cart, it has two metal or plastic basket fixed on the cart, so it will be robust but also can seperate the wet commodities from the dry ones. It’s very popular in Canada and South American countries, like in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Trinidad and Tobago, etc.

How Many Liters Is The Two Tier Shopping Cart?

The volume of the two-tier shopping cart mainly depends on the size of the retail shopping basket you choose.

Normally, our quote on a 2 tier shopping trolley is exclude the shopping baskets.

Luckily, RedSheep offers various shopping baskets with handles for your choice. 

And all these baskets can fit into the basket trolley.

How Much Weight Can A Basket Trolley Two Tier Hold?

The basket trolley two tier systems were designed to enable the shoppers to carry more goods conveniently.

They can handle more weight than carrying the basket for shopping cart with the hand.

While the basket can handle about 50kg without breaking, the double basket wire convenience shopping cart can double the weight.

That means you can quickly push about 100kg of load around the store on the shopping cart.

The weight is mainly determined by the thickness of the steel wire used to create the two tier shopping trolley.

Heavy load bearing of the two-tier shopping cart
Heavy load bearing of the two-tier shopping cart

What Sort of Shops Are Double Basket Shopping Cart Utilized For?

A 2 tier shopping cart is recommended for small supermarkets and chain stores like SPAR, see SPAR trolley above.

It can enable store owners to allow their customers to have a fruitful shopping experience.

Some businesses that should consider having these carts include convenience stores, liquor stores, pharmacies, supermarkets, and grocery stores.

Big retailers like AEON, SPAR, ACE, SM supermarket in The Philippines, Advanced Auto Parts are all prefer to use the double basket wire convenience shopping carts.

They can come in handy when the visitors are shopping and even when transporting products from the store to the shelves.

Two Tier Shopping Carts in ACE Hardware
Two Tier Shopping Carts in ACE Hardware
AEON Two Tier Shopping Cart And AEON Shopping Basket
AEON Two Tier Shopping Cart And AEON Shopping Basket
Two Tier Shopping Cart in SM Supermarket in The Philippines
Two Tier Shopping Cart in SM Supermarket in The Philippines

Other Applications for 2 tier shopping carts

1. The two-tier shopping carts can be used for a movable flower pot hand truck for garden centres or flower markets. RedSheep can specially make it in pink, which girl can resist being attracted by your shop?

2. The 2 tier shopping cart can be used as a mobile promotional wire dump bin, it can hold much weight and is attached with promotional signs to guide the customers. 

Two Tier Shopping Carts For Garden Centres or Flower Markets
Two Tier Shopping Carts For Garden Centres or Flower Markets

Proper Ways to Store Your Double Basket Wire Convenience Shopping Cart

It can be hard to keep track of all your two tier grocery shopping carts due to their frequent in and out movement.

That makes it vital to have proper storage methods to guarantee that your units are safe from the environment and theft.

You can ensure that by storing your supermarket shopping carts in the following areas:

  • Interior Cart Corrals. Interior cart corrals help you to store the nested carts inside your outlet.
  • Exterior Cart Corrals. They let you store the gears at the parking lot or outside your store.
  • Overflow Storage. It is the perfect store for keeping the excess carts during the low season.
  • Secure Technology Solutions. You can also add locking devices to the wheels or coin locks to keep your double basket shopping cart safe.

How Much Do Stores Pay for Double Tier Shopping Cart?

The double tier shopping carts can cost anything from as little as $15 to about $25. These are the prices of the standard models.

That means the cost can increase if you want a personalized model or one with a unique design.

There are additional features that can increase the price, like unique lock wheels for preventing theft.

How Many Two Tier Shopping Carts Does a Grocery Store Have?

Every supermarket is unique and requires a specific number of shopping carts to run effectively.

Generally, a small outlet might run efficiently with few carts that help to save on space.

A supermarket will require many two tier shopping carts to satisfy all the shoppers.

Most of the stores require between 100-200 pcs of 2 tier shopping carts to function effectively.

Where Can I Get Two Tier Shopping Cart Manufacturers?

RedSheep company provides the most advanced and innovative designs of two tier shopping carts in the industry today.

We provide products of different sizes and styles, making it vital to call our support team when choosing your carts.

Our products are known for having a success rate of 99.998% and long functional life of between 5-10 years.

We provide our clients with a 2-year warranty on material, design, and labor for every piece they buy.

You can wager on our supermarket shopping cart units regarding convenience, affordability, versatility, and usability.

Besides, we also partner with local manufacturers to ensure that you get your 2-tier shopping cart in time.

Kindly speak to our support team to get a recommendation of the best manufacturer and supplier near you.  

You can head over to the “Request A Quote Directly For This Product” section of our site to place your order.

However, if you need a local supplier, we recommend you an American supplier versacart.

Why Choose RedSheep Two Tier Shopping Cart?

What Is The Manufacturing Process for Having Double Basket Shopping Cart?

The double basket wire convenience shopping carts are simple structures for holding the baskets for shopping cart.

They are easy to manufacture, and here are the standard steps of creating two tier shopping carts.

  • Selecting the Material. The systems are made of steel wire and rods, plastic handles, and wheels.
  • Bending the Steel Rod. The aim is to create the shape or chassis that resembles the designed cart. There is a machine for bending.
  • Attaching the Parts. The step involves attaching steel wire to the chassis for placing the baskets for shopping cart or adding the wires in the form of a basket.
  • Trimming the Material. All excess material is cut off.
  • Adding the Handle. Another rod is required for the handle and is welded to the main chassis.
  • Adding Casters. Another vital step is to add the casters for attaching the wheels. We use the die machine to punch the casters in place.
  • Spotting the Casters. The casters are then attached to the chassis.
  • Cleaning the Structure. It is time to create the structure with acid and soap.
  • Electroplating. Another step is to electroplate the unit using zinc plate and powder color.
  • Wheel Riveting. It is the process of adding the wheels to the caster.
  • Adding Plastic Handle. The step involves attaching comfortable plastic to the handles.
  • Branding. You can request our team to add your logo to the shopping cart.
  • Test and Quality Control. It is the final step. The step helps us to know that we provide a cart that meets the industry standards.
Two Tier Shopping Carts Assembled
Two Tier Shopping Carts Assembled

Surface Finish Options for 2 Basket Shopping Cart

2 basket shopping carts come with different finishes to enable you to choose the one that meets your needs.

You can find models finished using zinc plate, chrome finish, color powder, and more.

At RedSheep, we only use two types of coatings or finish to guarantee you quality and affordable basket carts.

  • Zinc Platting + Powder Color. We treat the structure with a zinc finish and then inject it with a transparent powder cover. You get a rust-free shopping cart that can withstand most climatic conditions.
  • Powder Color Finish. It is a treatment for all kinds of shopping carts.

What Colors are Your Two-Tier Shopping Cart Available In?

You can increase your sale by enhancing your brand awareness to the people that visit your store.

That means adding your brand logo and color on your grocery shopping carts.

At RedSheep, we enable you to add the color that makes your store stand out and allows for more sales.

We encourage you to inform us of your desired color, and we will match it when developing your carts.

What Will Be The Lowest Cost for Adding My Logos?

Supermarket shopping carts offer several options when adding your logo to the structure.

Some people opt to have the logo printed on the handle. In contrast, others go for the Plastic ID or Advertising Panel option.

The cost of adding the logo depends on the number of carts you want to be developed.

For example, you can pay $60 for the first 150pcs and $120 for the next 300pcs.

A Plastic Id or advertising panel is an accessory that you can purchase for between $4 to $8.

You can enjoy a discount when you purchase these panels in bulky.

Customize the color to match your theme
Customize the color to match your theme

What Types of Shopping Cart Wheels Are Available?

We provide a wide range of cartwheels to meet every shopper and store owner’s needs.

You can request us to add specific wheels when placing your order or even purchase them as replacement accessories.

Some of our top wheels include:

  • PVC Wheels. They are made from polyvinyl chloride material and are pretty durable. These wheels have a decent or average lifespan.
  • PU Wheels. They are made of potent polyurethane material to resists wear and oil. The wheels have an excellent load-bearing ability, last longer, and are highly elastic.
  • TPE Escalator Wheels. They are made of durable thermoplastic elastomer to provide resilience, elasticity, and strength.

You can choose among four different types of PTE wheels:

    • 1 Disk Wheels. They are the most affordable of the four kinds of PTE wheels.
    • 2 Disk Wheels. They are the most popular among the four types of PTE wheels.
    • 3 Disk Wheels. They are the second most popular of the four types of wheels.
    • 4 Disk Wheels. They are the best of the four kinds of PTE wheels and the most expensive.
  • TPR Wheels. They are made from flexible thermoplastic rubber with an SBS layer to provide flexibility. The wheels are less resilient compared to PTE wheels.
  • Heavy Duty Nylon Wheels. These wheels are made from heavy-duty nylon and last long.

Our cartwheels are further classified into different categories, as seen below:

  • Wheels Without Bearing. They do not have a ball bearing and are the most affordable.
  • Wheels with Single Bearing. They only have one ball bearing and cannot carry a lot of weight.
  • Wheels with Double Bearing. They can carry more weight than wheels with a single bearing.

We also classify these wheels into other categories like:

  • Wheels with Brake. The shoppers have an easier time when stopping the 2 tier shopping cart if the wheels have a brake.
  • Wheels without Brake. They can easily result in accidents because they lack the brakes to stop them.

Another way to find these wheels is by their diameter, as seen here:

  • 3” Wheels. These wheels come with a 75mm or 3” diameter.
  • 4” Wheels. They have a 100mm or 4” diameter.
  • 5” Wheels. They offer a 125mm or 5” diameter.
Canada Plastic Double Basket Shopping Cart
Canada Plastic Double Basket Shopping Cart

Production And Delivery Time for The 2 Tier Shopping Cart

We do deliver our products within 14-60 days, depending on the customization level.

The standard models are already in stock, enabling us to ship to your store within 14-30 days.

It can take about 60 days if you opt for a customized shopping cart.

Warranty Offered For 2 tier shopping cart

RedSheep offers a 2-year warranty for every cart you buy from our store. You should go through the terms and conditions of every warranty.

What is The MOQ of a Double Basket Wire Convenience Shopping Cart?

We have a minimum order level of 50 pcs for the shopping carts to enable you to get the least quantity without compromising our efficiency.

RedSheep is an efficiency-seeking brand that tries to minimize the production cost and meet every customer’s need.


In Conclusion

The best two tier shopping carts can increase your sale by enabling the shoppers to pick more products.

These products are made from steel wire and are lightweight enough to enable the customers to push them with ease.

We allow our customers to customize their shopping carts and even add a logo on the unit.

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