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RedSheep offers a wide range of professional commercial laundry carts, Laundromat Cart, Rolling Laundry Cart in China to meet all laundromat, schools, hospitals’ needs. We provide quality products that are rarely matched by other laundry cart manufacturers in the market today.

Our brand boasts of over 20 years of experience designing and creating top-quality and customized laundry trolleys. You can always count on RedSheep and get value for your money.


Laundromat Cart Customized

Check out our competitively priced and quality commercial laundry cart before you head over to other stores for these metallic units. Redsheep provides the best laundry cart with wheels to solve all laundromats, hospitals, schools, prisons, and other commercial businesses’ laundry transportation problems.

The unit has a handle for simple navigation, and it makes it easier to move laundry from one point to the other, like a laundry cart between washer and dryer.

This article looks at metal commercial laundry carts by reviewing some of the best units offered by Redsheep.

We also have some of the commonly asked questions about the laundromat cart.

We pride ourselves on the following:

  • A low minimum order quantity of less than 50pcs
  • Quality commercial laundry carts made of steel material
  • Attractive design to suit your laundromat theme
  • Easy customization process for all our customers

Redsheep Commercial Laundry Cart

How do you move a vast amount of clothes from the washer to the dryer effectively and efficiently?

Moving this load in laundry bags would take time and be exhausting since you would need to make multiple trips.

Carrying it with a hamper is not much better either.

You need the best laundry cart with wheels to do that without much hassle or wasting time and money.

A commercial laundry cart or trolley is a wire laundry cart on wheels made of different materials like metal, plastic, canvas, and others mounted on wheels for smooth rolling.

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Top 9 Models Commercial Laundry Cart Reviews

Here is the review of our leading commercial laundry carts

Korea Commercial Laundry Cart

The standard Korea Commercial Laundry Cart is built to provide you with efficiency and protect the surface. It comes in multiple sizes to enable you to choose the ideal ones to meet your customer demands. Its base is made of strong tubing that can hold a lot of weight without getting damaged. The cart includes corner bumpers to minimize the impact when it knocks structures or walls. Its wheels provide a 360-degree swivel to guarantee a smooth movement when full of laundry. You can use this unit to carry about 50 pounds of loads without getting damaged.

American The Limited Stores Wire Laundry Cart

American The Limited Stores White Wire Commercial Laundry Cart

It is a standard commercial laundry cart you can provide at your laundromat for all your clients. The model boasts robust construction due to the double sidebar that connects the casters. This American unit is prevalent in most commercial places and boasts of a rust-free finish. Another thing is the patented wheels that provide up to 360-degree swivel to enable smooth movement. It can hold lots of weight and is perfect for moving dry clothes from the dryer. The standard construction makes it ideal for most users.

Cart & Supply Heavy Duty Commercial Laundry Cart

Cart & Supply Heavy-Duty commercial Laundry Cart is a standard model built to last for decades and provide the desired service. The unit is recommended for coin-laundry, material handling, hospitality, car wash sectors, janitorial supply, and apparel firms. It features a standard axel guard caster for providing security, preventing cart withdrawal. Another feature is the impact resistance bumper that shields the rim from the environment. The base is well-constructed to add stability and make the unit more durable. You can request customization to meet your theme and color.

Front Load Laundry Cart

Front Load Laundry cart

Front Load Laundry Cart standard model can meet all your clients’ laundry needs with ease. It is easy and quick to load the garments into the washer using this trolley. The unit comes with a durable base that holds more weight than most carts out there. Another feature is the wheel system that allows for 360-degree swivel and smooth movement from floor to floor. You also get cushion bumpers that protect equipment and walls. The basket reclines from around 14-inch from the rare to 7-inch at the front.

Cart & Supply Large Capacity Commercial Laundry Cart

Cart & Supply Large Capacity commercial Laundry Cart is the ideal trolley for all industries with extra-large capacity requirements. It is recommended for coin-laundry, laundry, material handling, hospitality, car wash, and all other apparel factories. One feature is the axel guard caster, efficient anti-thread, and ant-lint wheels to prevent the unit from getting stuck. It boasts an oversize basket and a sturdy base for holding heavy laundry. There are also resistant pads for protecting the basket’s rim against structures. You can use this cart for all heavy-duty purposes.

Chromed Commercial Laundry Cart With Hanging Rack and Red Plastic Parts

It is a commercial Laundry Cart With Hanging Rack that makes it simple to hanging garments. The model is made of quality material to withstand the heavy use witness in laundromats. Another great feature is the round+ square base frame for adding stability and life to the cart. It also comes with axel-guard wheels that help to prevent getting entangled on threads and lint. The model also has bumpers at the corners to prevent rim damage from walls and structure knocks. It is a superb model for any business looking for a quality laundry cart.

Household Commercial Laundry Cart With Wheels And Handle

Household commercial laundry cart with model can meet house wife’s daily laundry needs. RedSheep creativly change it into a home run cart, so the comsumer who has a big house will be so released that they worry no more for transport a bunch of clothes, it saves time and energy so they can enjoy life. The high quality wheels and handle make sure the experience of daily using, which makes it a top-rated laundry cart.

Chromed Commercial Laundry Cart With Wheels And Hanging Rack And Blue Plastic Parts

It is a commercial laundry cart with wheels and hanging rack that makes it simple to hanging clothes. With beautiful Chrome finish and blue plastic bumppers & wheels to match your laundromat design concet, the plastic bumppers and rims to prevent damages or scratch during using. The mute wheels make sure the good laundry experience of your customers.

Chromed Commercial Rolling Laundry Cart With Hanging Bar And Black Plastic Parts

It is a commercial rolling laundry cart with hanging bar that makes it simple to hanging garments. The model is made of quality material to prevent rust in laundromats. The axel-guard wheels that will prevent getting entangled on threads and lint. The model also has beautiful black bumpers and wheels, which could match up any of your store colors.

Advantages To Cooperate With RedSheep Professional Commercial Laundry Cart Manufacturer

Redsheep as one of the most professional commercial laundry cart manufacturer has the advantages as following


With 20 years of experience as a shop shelving manufacturer, we have full experience in suppling top-rated commercial laundry cart to meet your market requirement.


All our commercial laundry carts are strictly according to ISO/SGS regulations, with affordable prices with unparalleled quality


Big production capacity makes short lead time 20-30 days for the standard wire laundry cart on wheels.


We have full experience in customized product development and have full range of commercial laundry cart parts and accessories, to meet customer’s different needs.


We take care the quality of our commercial laundry cart , for any defect of the goods, we will take responsibility. You are risk-free.


Low MOQ, we can accept low MOQ as 50 sets commercial laundry cart, or even less quantity for every single item in big production order.


We have our own quality control system that you can trust, to secure your order and business.


As a commercial laundry cart manufacturer, we provide stable and reliable OEM/ODM service for our customer.

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Inspections From Commercial Laundry Cart Manufacturer

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RedSheep Commercial Laundry Cart Factory Overview
New Commercial Laundry Cart on Wheels
Commercial Laundry Cart Assembling Guide

Commercial Laundry Cart The Complete FAQ Guide

Our professional team has provided answers to some of the commonly asked questions about the wire laundry cart on wheels.

For more information about products, the company, or shipping, you can also check out our other FAQs!

Key Features of Commercial Laundry Cart

You should avoid wasting your time and money on overpriced equipment when adding to your commercial laundry cart arsenal.

That means knowing the must-have features of the commercial laundry cart on wheels, which we have listed below.

  • Pre-Assembled or Easy to Assemble

Assembling your commercial laundry trolleys can take time, especially if you purchase hundreds of them.

That is why the perfect cart should be easy to assemble.

All our products require simple assembling to save you time and effort.

Easy To Assemble
Easy To Assemble
  • Sturdiness or Durability

We all want to buy laundromat products that are well-built and can last for decades, and your commercial wire laundry carts on wheels should be no exception.

You can know whether your units will last for years by inspecting the cart’s frame and body for construction.

The cart should be made of rigid material to withstand bumps and knocks.

Our rolling metal laundry carts are made from durable steel material and quality wheels, bodies, frames, and handles.

  • Carrying Capacity

A high-volume environment requires a large laundry unit to meet the users’ demands.

On the flip side, a large commercial wire laundry cart on wheels would be of no use for a low-volume laundromat.

These carts should vary in size to allow every buyer to get their match, and that is what we offer at Redsheep.

  • Easy to Steer and Maneuverer

A model that is easy to steer or navigate can help prevent accidents that can damage the equipment or premises.

These units should feature high-quality castor wheels and handles to enable simple maneuvering.

Our brand adds bumpers to the edges of the commercial laundry carts to minimize damage to structures.

  • Eco-Friendly Features

The ideal wire laundry cart on wheels should be friendly to the environment in various ways, like recycling recyclable material and lasting longer.

It should also be used for other purposes when it becomes outdated.

Applications of Commercial Laundry Trolley

Any organization with a large amount of wet and dry clothing probably uses a commercial laundry cart on wheels.

They are designed to transport heavy loads from point A to point B efficiently and quickly.

And that is why many laundromats place a commercial laundry cart between washer and dryer to allow for a fast and smooth transfer of wet cloths.

But there are other applications of laundry trolleys by different industries in the globe today.

  • Sorting Things

Most people who visit laundromats use the commercial carts to sort their clothes into colors or other ways.

They are also used by other industries, like mailrooms, to sort and transport packages and mails.

Some people even use them to sort heavy and light things.

  • Handling Material

It is a standard application in warehouses, where they use the heavy-duty laundry cart to handle materials.

They make it easier to move tools or other equipment within the warehouse or to the workshop.

  • Holding Items

The application is frequent in gyms that provide towels for all their clients.

They use these commercial laundry carts to holds the towels and even use them when collecting them.

Most sporting teams also use these trolleys to collect and hold the gear that needs laundering.

  • Transportation

It is the primary use of laundry units in laundromats, but it is also applied in colleges and schools when moving musical instruments or sporting equipment.

Applications Of Commercial Laundry Cart
Applications Of Commercial Laundry Cart

Where to Buy Rolling Laundry Cart

As a commercial laundry cart manufacturer and supplier, We have the best commercial laundry cart at Redsheep that you can purchase at an affordable price.

Head over to our website’s navigator, and you will find the ”Contact Us” tag.

If you are only looking for a local cart supplier or a canvas laundry cart, you can check with American companies like R&B wire, whitmor, or Uline.

Types of Steel Commercial Laundry Cart

You can find different steel commercial laundry carts on the market today, like metal, plastic, and Hybrid plastic model.

These models are further classified into different types, with our metal laundry trolleys being classified as follows:

  • From Country of Origin

You can find steel commercial laundry carts carrying themes and designs from different countries.

Our two main models in this category are the Korea Commercial Laundry trolley and America commercial Laundry Cart.

  • Material Used

Another type of cart you can find is the light-duty and heavy-duty model.

These models vary in the amount of load they can carry, durability, and price.

We carry heavy-duty models like the rolling metal laundry carts.

  • Type of Loading

The type of loading is also used to classify our metal commercial laundry carts.

We carry the standard loading models and front load units.

  • Color or Finish

Another way to classify these carts is their colors or finish, and you can find chrome-plated, charcoal-gray, white, or customized models.

  • Holding Capacity

The capacity can include standard, large, and mega laundry trolleys.

You also find compact and comprehensive models.

Types of Commercial Rolling Laundry Cart Parts

Our collection of rolling laundry cart parts includes casters, handles, dividers, and other accessories.

    • Wheel Casters. We provide all types of casters to suit your needs, like 4” and 5” models.
    • Laundry Cart Handles. We make it straightforward for clients to select the perfect handle for their carts.
    • Adjustable and Removable Dividers. Your clients can use the accessories to divide the laundry cart into sections.
    • Plastic Bumpers. You can add them to the carts to minimize impact when they knock structures.
    • Bumper Adhesives. They ensure you attach the bumper effectively.
    • Hanging Rack. The racks give your cart extra space to hang clothes.
    • Laundry Cart Baskets. We also carry different types and sizes of cart baskets.
    • Laundry Cart Bases. They let you attach the cart baskets, depending on size.
360°swivel Extra Guard Wheels
360°swivel Extra Guard Wheels

What Are Wire Commercial Laundry Cart Made From?

Redsheep wire commercial laundry carts are made from a durable Q235 steel material that remains free of rust for decades.

These models are then finished used various techniques like chrome-plating and powder coating.

They also come with plastic bumpers for preventing heavy collision and rubber wheels for muted operation.

How to Make a Metal Rolling Laundry Cart

Metal Rolling commercial laundry carts are easy to manufacture because they follow standard processes and little human intervention for the final assembly.

Some of the steps involved are:

  • Select the material needed to create the commercial laundry cart on wheels, including wires to make the basket and metal for the base.
  • The wires are arranged and bent into a basket shape using a machine before being spotted together.
  • The base also follows the same process as it is bent to the desired shape.
  • Any excess material is trimmed from the two compartments.
  • Then wheel casters are developed and added to the base using a die machine.
  • The handle is developed and attached to the basket.
  • Now, the basket and the base can be attached by screwing them together.
  • Everything is now treated using the chosen method to give the model a lasting finish.
  • The next part is to install the wheels in their right place.
  • From there, the commercial laundry cart heads to the quality control department for testing.

Are Metal Commercial Laundry Cart Easy Rusted

All our metal commercial laundry carts are rust-proof and corrosion-free because they are finished using a different technique.

Some of the techniques we use are zinc platting plus transparent powder color, chrome-plating, and powder coating.

The chrome finish is quite expensive but the most effective of the above methods.

Can I Use a Wire Frame Commercial Laundry Cart for My Laundry Shop Near Sea?

You can use your wire frame metal commercial laundry cart on wheels at your shop near the sea if made of rust-free metal and coated appropriately.

We provide models that can withstand these harsh conditions, including water and salt, every RedSheep commercial laundry carts passed salt spay test before delivering to you.

How Do You Test for The Quality of a Industrial Laundry Cart?

Our Redsheep quality control team uses various techniques to test the quality of the vintage industrial laundry cart we produce.

Here are the three main ones:

  • Salt Spray Test

We use this test to find out how the carts will respond to the salty coastal conditions.

The machine will use salt water to spray the laundry trolleys and see how long it takes before rusting.

  • Anti-Ultraviolet Test

Here we use intense UV light to see how the cart will respond to the sunlight or other outdoor conditions.

  • Load Test

The load test helps us to figure out the amount of load the commercial laundry cart can carry without the wheels getting damaged.

Inspecting the commercial laundry cart on wheels

You can inspect your industrial laundry carts with wheels by doing the following:

  • Feel the cart with your hands to look for burrs or bends
  • Feel the scar to find out if they are well-finished
  • Push the laundry trolley around and in a straight line to see how the casters respond

What Colors Are Available for Commercial Laundry Cart On Wheels

We allow our customers to choose their preferred color when buying commercial laundry carts from our brand.

That means you can find different colors from red, blue, white, black, and others.

Different Colors
Different Colors

What Colors Are Popular in the US?

The most popular commercial laundry carts in the USA come in chrome-coated or charcoal coated finishes.

These mainly produce red, black, and blue commercial laundry trolleys.

You can also find charcoal-gray and white units.

Difference between chrome and zinc+powder finish
Difference between chrome and zinc+powder finish

How to Choose the Perfect Rolling Laundry Cart

You might find yourself looking for the perfect wire rolling laundry cart sooner if you operate a laundromat or other organizations where you encounter many laundries.

The best commercial laundry cart with wheels can help you move these clothes, whether in a hospital, prison, restaurant, or other places.

Here are the qualities you look for when choosing the ideal metal commercial laundry trolley on wheels for your needs.

  • Easy to assemble. The products you choose should provide you with an easy time when assembling them.
  • Sturdy and durable. You should only choose carts that are study and durable to withstand constant use.
  • Easy to navigate. Such a trolley will ensure your clients get an easy time when moving their laundry in your laundromat.
  • Capacity and size. It is advisable to choose commercial laundry carts of different sizes to meet every user’s demand.
  • Affordable. The model you choose should be affordable and provide you with value for money.
  • Attractive and beautiful. Another thing is to ensure you get attractive models that make your laundry store stand out.
  • Rust-free and corrosion-free. These units handle wet cloths and can easily rust if they are made of a material that rust.

How Would You Clean Out a Commercial Rolling Laundry Cart?

We recommend laundromats with a commercial rolling laundry cart with hanging bar or hanging rack to regularly clean the unit.

You can quickly achieve that by using a steam pressure washing system to remove dirt, bacteria, and grime from the surface.

We also recommend people sanitize the commercial laundry carts using an antibacterial wipe before placing their clothes inside the basket.

The one thing to remember is to dry the cart before placing the garments.

How Would You Pack the Commercial Laundry Trolley When I Place an Order?

There are many ways of packing the commercial laundry carts, but the most common method is placing the various parts of the trolley in a carton.

The base is first placed every 2pcs inside the carton and  the basket every 4pcs inside the carton.

Your package will contain all the parts, including the base with wheels attached, basket, hanging bar, screws for attaching, and other parts.

Commercial Laundry cart container loading and delivery
Commercial Laundry cart container loading and delivery

Is Commercial Laundry Trolley On Wheels Customizable?

At Redsheep, we let you customize your commercial laundry cart on wheels to meet your needs and those of your clients.

We let you choose the color, design, size, and even whether to add images and logo on your model.

What Types of Commercial Laundry Cart Wheels Are Available?

Our brand provides different commercial laundry trolley wheels to enable you to choose from a variety for your cart.

Some of the regular wheels are:

PVC Wheels. These wheels are made of polyvinyl chloride and are the most affordable.

PU Wheels. They are made of polyurethane material and are quite durable.

TPE Escalator Wheels. These thermoplastic elastomer wheels offer elasticity, strength, and resilience. They come in four types: 1 Disk, 2 Disk, 3 Disk, and 4 Disk.

TPR Wheels. Thermoplastic rubber wheels feature SBS material to make them more flexible.

Heavy-Duty Nylon Wheels. These wheels are made of long-lasting nylon material.

Our wheels also provide you the option of customizing the features like:

  • Wheels without a ball bearing, wheels with a single ball bearing, and models with two ball bearing.
  • You also find wheels with and without brakes.
  • The other variation is the size, and they include 3”, 4”, and 5” diameter wheels.

What Will Be the Lowest Cost for Adding My Logos?

You can customize your commercial laundry trolley on wheels by adding your logo on the surface using a metal AD panel.

We charge you per batch, with the printing cost varying from the number of pieces you want the logo to be added.

Here you can pay around EUR 50 for 1-50pcs, EUR 40 for 51-90, and so on.

These ad platforms are accessories you pay for, with a single piece going for around EUR 1.00.

Printing Techniques Used on Commercial Laundry Cart?

The printing techniques for imprinting logos and phrases to a commercial rolling laundry cart is like that of metal

At Redsheep, we use two main methods:

  • Silk Printing

We use epoxy-based ink to give you a quality, high-resolution image on your commercial laundry cart with hanging bar.

It is possible to customize the color, and the graphic is printed on a sticker or welded metallic panel attached to the unit.

You can opt for the graphic to be placed on the handle.

  • AD Panel

It is a adverting panel placed on the cart to display your logo or message.

The panel is more affordable than using the silk printing technique.

A Adverting Panel Placed On The Cart
A Adverting Panel Placed On The Cart

How Metal Commercial Laundry Cart Compared to Plastic Commercial Laundry Cart

The metallic commercial laundry carts provide similar service to the plastic models, but they have their unique features.

  • They are more affordable because they follow a simple manufacturing process
  • Metal models are more straightforward to fix than the plastic ones
  • Another thing is the cheaper tooling cost when customizing

Both models have similarities:

  • They are easy to customize in terms of color
  • You can add graphics and logos
  • The units come in different sizes and designs

Payment Options and Shipping Commercial Laundry Cart Manufacturer Offer?

Our brand accepts all the popular payment options in the industry today, including PayPal, Western Union, Letter of Credit, and Telegraphic Transfer.

We highly recommend our clients to speak to our support team to find the options available in their region.

Redsheep usually ships commercial laundry carts in two main ways:

  • Full Container Load. You are charged a flat rate and is perfect when shipping many carts.
  • Less than Container Load. It is ideal when you purchase small quantities since you pay based on the volume of commercial laundry carts.

Production and Delivery Time for the Commercial Laundry Cart on Wheels

The production and delivery time of the commercial laundry cart on wheels with hanging rack depends on the order you make.

You can receive your products within 14-30 days if you place the standard order without any customization.

It takes up to 60 days to receive customized industrial laundry trolleys.

Warranty Offered for Commercial Laundry Cart

All our products come with a 24-month warranty that covers the manufacturing process, design, and quality.

Ensure you check the individual warranty of every product you choose to learn more about the terms and conditions.

MOQ For Commercial Laundry Cart

We are an efficient brand that tries to conserve the environment while ensuring all customers get a chance to buy their ideal pieces of carts.

You can order as little as under 50pcs of commercial laundry carts, and we will deliver them on time.

Final Words

A commercial rolling laundry cart with hanging bar is designed to make the transportation of wet and dry clothes easier.

They can be used in different institutions where a heavy laundry load is typical, like commercial laundries, hospitals, and prisons.

We provide quality commercial laundry trolley on wheels models to provide you with value for your money and guarantee practical usability.


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