Folding Personal Shopping Cart

Details About Folding Personal Shopping Cart

In the fast-moving world, technology is evolving human life. We’re becoming used to more and more ease in our lives.

RedSheep brings you an exciting range of folding personal shopping carts at this hour. These are specially designed to offer the necessary ease while doing grocery shopping.

Once, people had no option but to lift heavy grocery bags to their homes. This cause back and other health issues for many.

Looking at the changing dynamics of grocery shopping, we’ve developed a new shopping cart style to shoulder your load.

Even if you’ve got your own car to drive home, this cart will become your grocery partner.

RedSheep, a shopping cart manufacturer for the past 20 years, has worked hard to offer long-term solutions. Our hands-on experience allows us to offer you the most versatile range of plastic shopping carts.

The material we use in manufacturing folding shopping carts is always the best. The quality of material and manufacturing helps us build durable products.

To give you a remarkable shopping experience, we do everything to offer maximum efficiency.

We do our best to provide services that are required to increase your customer’s shopping experience.

Being a leading shopfitting manufacturer in Eastern China, we know how to bring ease to your life while keeping it within your budget.

People from more than 40 countries rely on our shopping carts.

We’ve gone to great lengths to turn carts into the most appealing trollies possible. These environmentally friendly trolleys can help you get the most out of your money.

We use 100% recyclable plastic while avoiding toxic procedures to help you contribute to the world’s health.

These plastic carts are capable of providing easy transportation, prolonged gear services, and effective damage management with improved performance.

We put each cart through rigorous testing, which is shown in the high quality of each component, saving you time and effort.

These carts come with all of the necessary equipment and will provide you with a fantastic return on your investment (ROI).

To deliver the ideal answer to all of your shopping cart concerns, we combine careful style with robust construction.

At RedSheep, you receive the flexibility to customize, a transparent process, and quick delivery service.


But have you considered what makes a good cart?

If you don’t already know, let me take you on a trip to discover why RedSheep’s folding personal shopping carts are the greatest choice for you and your family.

Without further ado, let’s get started!


The Best Grocery Shopping Partner You’ll Ever Have

Practical Features

Light Weight

The highlight of our folding personal shopping cart is its easy-to-carry weight. The system is manufactured and finished with quality products. It is constructed keeping in mind the needs of a family.

The structure is kept lightweight so that you can carry it around easily. The light body allows you to move conveniently.


Foldable Design

Moving with a trolley in your car was once just a random thought.  Thanks to our hard-working experts we’ve come up with a personal trolley that is super easy to move.

Our personal foldable trolley comes with a foldable feature.

The foldable design allows you to fit the trolley in your car easily. It doesn’t eat much space so you can travel with your own personal trolley.

Thanks to the lightweight it doesn’t take much to fold and move the trolley around.

The folding feature is super easy and safe for you. With ease, you can fold the trolley to fit into your car’s trunk and with no effort unfold your grocery shopping.

Additionally, it is designed to fit in your car with the groceries still inside so you can directly transfer the groceries from your car into your kitchen.

In case you’re wondering how it’s done…

Simply pull how the top of the trolley and lock the side handles. When done with groceries click the buttons on both sides and pull out the handles. The cart will get folded while keeping your groceries secure till you reach home.

Now repeat the process and move to take the trolley directly into your kitchen to transfer all the groceries easily.


Useful Compartments

The trolley includes various compartments to store your items conveniently. It helps you save yourself from misplacing your items like keys, wallet, phone, etc., in the grocery store. It is covered with a rigid plastic lid to keep the items safe.


Added Benefits

Our folding personal shopping carts allow you to add accessories of your choice. This helps you make it a personalized shopping cart according to your family’s needs.

You can use the back of the trolley to hold a beaker or mug for you while you shop at ease. You will be provided with a mug holder at the time of purchase. You can ask for other accessory options as well or customize them while purchasing.


Smooth Finish

Gone is the time when grocery shopping was a hassle. You no longer have to roam with non-practical, difficult-to-manage, heavy-weight trollies.

Thanks to our experience, we’ve designed this efficient trolley with all the added benefits you and your family will ever need during grocery shopping.

The efficient design gives you enough help to enjoy your time with your family at a grocery store.

The design is not only aesthetically appealing but offers all the practical features needed. These trolleys and their practical design will make sure to give you a happy shopping experience.

Our folding personal shopping carts offer ease so you can focus on shopping instead of dealing with trolley issues.

Surface-mounted wheels and a stiff grip combine to remove the need for human power to operate a trolly. It will allow you to go shopping for longer periods of time, even with your children.

The trolley’s lightweight frame and general form make it simple to maneuver while shopping. When loaded, the trolley’s weight is balanced thanks to the light system.

The adaptable design isn’t intended for a certain group or industry. These trollies may be used with any solution. These trollies aren’t just for groceries; they can accompany you wherever and whenever you need them.

Due to the durable and futuristic design, these are a wise investment option. You can use these trollies for an extended period.

The design of these shopping carts is easy to handle with flexible movement.


Durable Performance

Another advantage of our folding personal shopping carts is their durability. These are designed to stay in place for as long as possible. When completed, these carts will provide extensive service with minimal pampering.

These carts may last anywhere from 5 to 10 years, depending on how well they are maintained, stored, and checked on a regular basis.

You can extend the life of plastic carts if you take excellent care of them.


Best Material For Convenient Shopping

We employ High-Density Polypropylene Plastic (HDPP) at RedSheep to create the finest carts for you.

Because of the material’s pleasant demeanor, it’s simple to shape and design the way you like.

The low melt viscosity and efficient injection molding technique make it a cost-effective option with several advantages.

It metalizes at temperatures ranging from 200 to 250 degrees Celsius, with a 1% shrinkage rate, making it a cost-effective solution.

All owing to semi-high crystalline’s flexural strength, which is both robust and rigid.

It is seldom damaged because of its chemical and acid tolerance. However, if you feel the need to fix any element, don’t worry since it’s really simple to do so.

The moisture resistance of the HDPP employed by RedSheep is one of the highlights of the HDPP.

Allows you to enhance the aesthetic attractiveness of your shop by using a variety of colors.


Easy To Manage

Trolleys that are heavy and difficult to clean are just a liability. Keeping the needs and wants of a family, we’ve done everything to make these an easy-to-manage shopping partner. These trollies are easy to clean due to the material.

Again thanks to the quality of production, you don’t need to worry about corrosion and rust. Just rinse these with simple water or wash them with a soapy solution to keep them germ-free.

If not…

You can simply clean these trollies with a cloth and store them until needed.


Freedom To Customize

Freedom to make your trolley the way you want is the best thing you can ever have. Our folding shopping carts are not there to fulfill your needs, but we make sure to mold them with the features you want.

Customization is one of the best elements of a shopping basket, yet it is often overlooked. We can modify every aspect of these carts due to the high quality of the materials and construction.

Our color-coded foldable carts allow you to add aesthetic appeal to your trollies. The contrast between the beautiful handles and the jet-black construction is truly hypnotic.

Green and black are the most common hues found in personal shopping carts. You can contact our staff if you wish to modify the color or material of your trolley.

Rather than forcing you to deal with our material selection, we’re here to supply you with what you want.


Why Choose RedSheep For Folding Personal Shopping Cart Manufacturing?

Timely Delivery

We feel that waiting a long period to reap the benefits of our personal trolley is challenging. As a consequence, depending on customisation, design, and other factors, we guarantee that your item will be delivered within 30 to 60 days.

RedSheep may potentially be able to deliver directly to you in your country. We provide direct delivery services in more than 40 countries.

You will have total control over logistics and packaging if you choose direct delivery.


Logo Printing

We believe that putting your name or brand on the cart is a great way to make it look more attractive.

To introduce and express the individual touch in your trolley, we offer you to modify your logo at the handle or excessively.

Protect your trollies from theft and loss by having your brand printed on the handle or the front of the cart.



Affordable Prices

At RedSheep, we manufacture products for your benefit. We make certain that you receive the most bang for your buck.

Each model has been meticulously designed by RedSheep to maximize your benefits. It is for your advantage that we create, customize, distribute, and provide services.

We don’t provide high-quality services to earn money; rather, we want you to invest in the correct product.

The prices of our grocery shopping carts mainly depend on the model, size, style, and advancement you wish to enjoy.

However, we’ve kept the prices low so that you can afford the best quality carts easily.


Certified Quality Production

Being a leading grocery cart manufacturer, RedSheep never compromises on the quality of the final item you get.

Poor quality might be harmful to you and your family. As a result, we comply with ISO 9001: 2000 quality standards as well as UNE EN ISO 1929 1:1998 European standards.

For enhanced safety, we produce our shopping carts according to European standards.

Similarly, when we manufacture metal carts for you, we adhere to all supermarket cart industry requirements.

To guarantee that the measurements and weight of the retail shopping carts are accurate, we follow standard metric norms.

To avoid any unforeseen events, the carts must pass many tests to verify that they can transport a specific weight.

To protect your safety, RedSheep follows European EN 1929 criteria while building retail trollies.

To keep people safe, we maintain the edges flat and add an extra layer of protection cover.

Plastic Raw Material Quality Report From Chi Mei Chemical
Plastic Raw Material Quality Report From Chi Mei Chemical


Easy Payment Method

Easy payment is the best benefit you get while working with RedSheep. We prefer discussing terms and conditions beforehand to avoid hindrance.

Being a leading shopping cart manufacturer, we do everything to maintain a trustable relationship with our customers.

Our offers are designed to benefit your purchase. We offer various payment methods to provide ease when you shop from us. From telegraphic payment, Paypal, or Western Union to a Letter of credit payment, you can choose whatever method suits you.

If you want special payment terms, you may reach out to our team for a detailed discussion.

A rare service RedSheep offer is the allowance of credit. Shoppers purchasing more than four-time in 12 months can avail of this offer.

We don’t consider verbal orders. You can reach out to us through “contact us” to place your order of a minimum of 50 plastic shopping carts.


Final Verdict

With a 2-year warranty on our economical shopping carts, you can peacefully focus on developing your business.

I’ve covered all the necessary details to order RedSheep’ss premium quality folding personal shopping carts.

I’d now like to hear if there’s still any confusion left to be discussed.

You can contact us to order through “Request a Quote.” Our experts are eagerly waiting to help you with the necessary details.



We are a supermarket trolley, gondola shelving manufacturer and trading company. In fact, we have specialized in shopping cart and gondola shelving industry since 2000. After 20 years’ development, now we have full connections in China on this business.

At present, we have around 200 workers in our factory, 100 for production, 80 for power coating and packaging, 20 for quality control, R&D, and production management. Many brand buyers have had a good cooperation with us for years, such as Wal-mart, ALDI, Tesco, IKEA, you can click to know more about RedSheep factory, we are glad to serve you with our experience as a potential supplier.

Our factory is located in Fushou Village, Shanghu Town, Changshu City, Jiangsu Province, China, which is close to Shanghai.
You can fly to Shanghai airport(2 and half hours to us) or Wuxi airport (60 mins to us) directly. You can also take a high-speed train to Wuxi East station (40 mins to us), or Wuxi station (1.5 hours to us)

Generally, all of our products are made from Q235 SPCC steel and HDPP plastic.

The sample is available for different products, please contact our sales to know more details.

Yes, as a gondola shelving and supermarket cart manufacturer, we encourage our cutomer to develop new design by cooperating with us.

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