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Looking for a China shop shelving manufacturer to provide satisfying results? RedSheep is here to help you. Keep reading to know-how!

Who Is Cooperating With RedSheep?

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Why Should You Cooperate With a China Shop Shelving Manufacturer like RedSheep?

RedSheep is one of the largest shop shelving suppliers in eastern China, working for 23 years to provide you with the best quality material in the town. The quality and service have envolved RedSheep into a trustable brand in the shop fittings industry. We strive to bring innovation by building a product line ready to serve in the present and future, leading to advancement.

Being a shop fittings manufacturer and explorer, we have set a benchmark through our product line and advanced management. We have been serving customers in more than 40 different countries around the world.

RedSheep works on the foundation of our products that ensure the durability of each major or minor part of the finished goods. The advanced mechanism, machinery, skilled labour, and intelligent management are the source of the outranking product line.

Being a leading shop fittings manufacturer and supplier in China, RedSheep sees unique styling as a responsibility towards our customers. Comprehensive knowledge of the metal shop shelving industry makes RedSheep an ultimate choice for all the shop fittings wholesalers and shoppers. You can see the confidence in the high-end manufacturing of the brand, in every inch of the product line that can increase the visuality of any store.

Why Choose RedSheep As Your China Shop Shelving Manufacturer?

Leading Quality With Advanced Quality Control System

Quality assurance is one of the many highlights of RedSheep as a China supplier and Shop Shelving Manufacturer.

We test each item several times to ensure every product is accurate and durable. All the things are constructed keeping in mind the ISO-2768 regulation. The team including two leading inspectors ensures the quality during the manufacturing process.

  • One checks the raw material and finished products.
  • Another conduct random inspections during the manufacturing process of the unfinished goods.

Other than that, all the products go through a Load Bearing Test to make sure they can handle enough stock.

Depending upon the styles, size, structure, and material thickness of the shelf, the safety load of each panel ranges from 50KG to 300KG. Each shelf is tested for safety load, destructive load, and other load-bearing tests.

Generally, the load-bearing test is to evenly load a certain weight on the shelf until the shelf collapses. It is done to observe the stability of the overall structure and the load-bearing capacity of the shelf.

The test is either conducted by the team itself and records the data, or reaches out to a third party for customers or consumers to check.

ISO/TUV Regulations

Each supermarket shelf made by RedSheep strictly follows TUV and ISO regulations. A TUV certificate means that all the products are tested safe, and shown to meet the minimum German Equipment and Product Safety Act standards.

To be ISO certificated means that RedSheep is approved by an independent body and shown to meet international standards.

Developed For The Present And The Future

Being a supplier and manufacturer, RedSheep does not limit itself. We work to produce more than ordinary products to support your business irrespective. RedSheep thoughtfully develops future-oriented concepts or durable and sustainable solutions.

It is aware of the current market demand and prepares the items for future curves. Having 23 years of past experience and knowledge of the market, we work to bring innovation instead of following the changing trends.  

Customise As You Desire

Considering the demand and attraction for uniqueness, RedSheep works day and night, not only to provide you with an excellent quality structure but a mesmerising outlook also.

Whereas customising options are always there to fulfill your brand’s and shopper’s demand. RedSheep being one of the leading China shop shelving suppliers, does not bound you with available options. Instead, you’re as free as ever to buy a shelf made by your choice.

Customisation includes adding logos of your brand to make your brand name reflect through every corner. You are free to decide the position, size, and message placement of your logo on every shelf through a pressing tool. The process will cost you only for the tooling and nothing else.

Moreover, the latest designs and colours, such as euro silver and the typical Jura white and black, are available for you to enjoy the trend. In addition, the plastic powder-coating production system of RedSheep offers a variety of different colours, so you can choose the colour of shelving you want.

To add a logo or enjoy the customisation option, you can contact our team to place your order and share your demand.

Baseleg with logos press
Baseleg with logos press

The Service Only A Few Will Provide

RedSheep is the ultimate manufacturer that knows how to satisfy you through quality service. Every item you receive is equipped with the necessary parts and accessories that you’ll need while installing the system.

All accessories are provided in accordance with the customer’s need, such as upright posts, back panels, base legs, bracket arms, corner shelf panels, plinths, corner plinths, gondola covers, and shelf panels.

Other than that, you are equipped with handing baskets, hanging basket separators, tie bars, rear support bars, upright extension, die-casts, wire shelf panels, Slatwall back panels, price tag, hook, magazine shelves, acrylic risers, wire risers, and AD panels.

When RedSheeps claims to be one of the superior service providers,  we mean that. All the accessories provided are rust-resistant due to the manufacturing process and quality of the raw material used.

The process involves using non-rust material when constructing sheets and uprights. Other than that, the powder coating added through electrostatic spraying prevents rust. For a deeper understanding, it is a form of plastic that provides a coat over the metallic shelves, done through an automatic spraying gun.

Surface treatment process of redsheep gondola shelving
Surface treatment process of redsheep gondola shelving

Defined Manufacturing Means Sorted Output

RedSheep’s production technique is what distinguishes us as a top shop shelf brand. To ensure work a high-quality product, we begin working for the first hand. We carefully prepares steel sheets and pipes to create attractive shop shelves.

We believe in building a trustable relationship with our customers by involving wherever necessary to provide what customer desires. The process is always transparent to let the customers know what they are buying.

Construction of Sheet Parts

  • The first step towards a sorted shop shelf is to shear the steel into a predecided size and shape through a shearing machine.
  • The pieces are then plained and punched using a punching machine
  • Then the sheets are bend into three-dimension workpiece through a bending machine
  • Now the parts are joined together using a welding machine
  • Now the process of working on the look begins by polishing and smoothing the scars and burns of welding through the hand-held grinder
  • After that, the workpiece is cleaned and dried to add plastic powder further using the electron attraction process.
  • In the last step of manufacturing, everything is solidified before the sheets are package using a wrapping machine. Everything is solidified then the sheets are packed using a wrapping machine.

Construction of upright

  • The process begins with cutting the steel pipes into decided length.
  • The pieces are punched to create holes.
  • In the next step, the foot and column is welded.
  • Now the ready structure is polished to remove scars and burns from welding.
  • After that, the pieces are cleaned in saline, left to dry, and passed through electron attraction to make them rust resilient.
  • In the last step, the uprights are packed.

The material used for the manufacturing of shelves is mainly Q235 or Q195 steel or weaker, while RedSheep used Q235 SPCC steel. It is a flexible, robust material that allows you to have a durable product.

One of the many reasons for using steel in production is because it’s cheap and affordable, leading to a suitable final product.

Production process of RedSheep Shop Shelving Manufacturer
Production process of RedSheep Shop Shelving Manufacturer

Easy and Timely Delivery

RedSheep values its customer’s time and efforts by developing systems to support your needs. However, the big production capacity makes it possible to deliver more goods in lesser time.

Depending on the item, we have a delivery time of 20-30 days for the standard gondola shelving like Tegometal or 50 pitch shelving. If you have an urgent order, we can do a fast delivery service, for example, to deliver 9 containers in 10 days.

For customised models, we take 60 days for the procedure till the final delivery.

Estimated Budget for RedSheep Shop Shelving Factory

The expense of shop shelving is depended upon the type of model you chose, the design of the model, and whether your availing customisation options or not.

Generally, standard shelving is more convenient and affordable to buy, compared to the customised shelving with your theme and terms.

However, you can say that these models often cost between EUR 40 to EUR 120 per set. If you want you can go for a cheaper or expensive one.

Building Trust Through A Long Term Commitment

You must have encountered many China shop shelving manufacturers who promise to provide quality, but “disappeared” once the product is delivered.

RedSheep being confident about its quality promises to serve you whenever you need it. In addition, we offer you a 2-year warranty when you purchase shelves for your customers or supermarket.

We recommend you to go through the terms and conditions of the warranty to avoid misunderstandings.

Local Partners For Convenient Service

For better customer service, RedSheep has signed local partnerships in different parts of the world. It allows you to reach out to your nearest partner for guidance and local services.

If you are not aware of the local partners, you may reach out to RedSheep online. We will help you connect with a reputable local partner by knowing your location and business type.

If not, you can place your order online through the website. A professional sales will contact with you soonest to assist. 

Redsheep Shop Fittings Turnover Percentage
Redsheep Shop Fittings Turnover Percentage

Delivery To Your Doorsteps

If you request to avail of this service, the company can ship your products from china to different parts of the world.

You can get your products delivered to your store in any part of Europe within 60 days.

Like everything else, you are free to choose the shipping company yourself when purchasing goods for your store from RedSheep.

Easy Payment For Convenient Shopping

RedSheep offers a variety of payment options for the ease and convenience of its shoppers from Europe to other parts of the world.

To pay for the items, you can transfer through T/T, Letter of Credit, Western Union, PayPal, etc. You can make the payment in both EUR or other currencies.

For better understanding and assistance about the available payment options, contact RedSheep’s customer support team.

What’s The Load-bearing Capacity of The Shelving?

As one of Tesco’s trusted suppliers, we were tasked with conducting load testing to meet Tesco’s Shelving Weight Loading requirements. The test results are as follows:

Weight Loading Test Datas
Shelf DepthRibsWeight LoadShelf WidthRemark
47024006.915.364.68Deflection at centre front of shelf(mm)
570342013.6310.843.22Deflection at centre front of shelf(mm)
67044206.784.621.83Deflection at centre front of shelf(mm)
770448010.647.484.53Deflection at centre front of shelf(mm)

If you have any additional inquiries about load-bearing capacity, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.

How to Test The Quality of The Powder Coating Color Surface?

There are a variety of methods available for assessing the color surface of powder coating:

  1. Coating Thickness Gauges: Employ this tool to evaluate the thickness of the powder coating surface. The acceptable range should fall between 60-80um. If the measurement is below 60um, there’s a potential risk of it being excessively thin, resulting in a slightly darker hue and heightened susceptibility to rust. Conversely, if the coating is too thick, an excessive amount of powder could gather on the surface and edges of the shelving components, leading to an unsightly appearance.

  2. Precision Color Reader: Utilize this device to quantify the color disparity between your reference color sample and the shelving parts. The permissible tolerance level should be within Delta 1. In the provided image below, you can observe a Delta value of 0.33, which indicates a favorable outcome.

  3. Color Meter: This tool can be employed to measure the level of glossiness present in both your color sample and the goods. Generally, it’s considered satisfactory if the discrepancy remains within 10%.

  4. Visual Assessment: Although not a standardized approach, visually inspecting the items can yield effective results. If a noticeable divergence exists between the color sample and the actual goods, it signifies an issue that warrants further discussion.

The Powder Coating Color Surface Test Tools
The Powder Coating Color Surface Test Tools
Color Difference Test
Color Difference Test

Does Shop Shelving Manufacturer Offer Storage Service to Your Customers?

Yes, RedSheep has a very big warehouse, and as a norm, your finished goods can stock for one month in our warehouse for free. 

After that,  if you still need us to stock the goods for you for some reason, we can do that with a little change.

Some customers even signed a stockholding agreement with us, with a 30% deposit, and then replace the orders when they need, so we can deliver within 7 days(to book the shipment).

It won’t take too much of the customer’s cash flow and can shorten the delivery time very much. As a result, the customer won a lot of projects by doing this.

Final Verdict

China shop shelving enhances the outlook of the place and carries all supermarket goods such as shoes, clothes, groceries, etc.

Hence it must be durable while being easy on your pocket.

When you choose RedSheep as your shop shelf manufacturer, you’ll get affordable rates, prompt customer service, the flexibility to choose, on-time delivery, and, most importantly, a high-quality completed product that will provide its services for as long as possible.

RedSheep is committed to providing maximum support to all our customers through a low MOQ of 100 sets.

Let me know if there’s anything left to discover about RedSheep as a leading China supplier and shop shelving manufacturer.

To place your order, contact our customer support team.

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