Free Standing Sign Holder

Explore an unique range of free standing sign holders at RedSheep. We strive to develop innovative and durable products for our customers. We help brands increase their reach through the correct use of shop-fitting products. Let us take you through an exciting adventure of advanced technology, unique design, affordable rates, and best-in-town customer services.

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Free Standing Sign Holder Customized

A3 Display Stands are designed to fulfill various needs. Customers looking for variations in design and manufacturing are welcomed at RedSheep. We leave no stone unturned to present what you expect from an experienced floor-standing display stand manufacturer.

Here you’ll find all customized services, including:

  • ODM/OEM service
  • CAD drawing service
  • Logo printing through pressing tools
  • Material, color, and dimension customization
  • Short delivery time
  • Affordable rates

Local partners to cater to your customized needs

RedSheep Free Standing Sign Holder

Retail Sign Holders are widely used to introduce brands, products, or discount offers to attract customers.

By designing an attractive free-standing sign holder, you can convey your brand’s worth to your customers without putting many efforts.

Contact RedSheep to experience the ultimate benefit of shop-fitting products.

We strive to satisfy our customers and help them produce desired results.

Get benefit through our knowledge and experience of serving customers in more than 40 countries.

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Top Free Standing Sign Holder Reviewed

Below are nine retail sign holders you can find at RedSheep stores at an affordable rate and even have the freedom to customise them

Floor Stand Sign Holder

Pallet Showcard Floor Stand Sign Holder

Pallet Showcard Floor Stand Sign Holder

The pallet showcard stand is designed to be integrated with pallets. They are ideal for retail and discounts stores to attract their customers by placing the stand alongside their products. It comes with an adjustable stand with A1 to A6 size frames. The anti-glare frame will increase the visibility for distant customers.

Floor Stand Banner Sign Holder

Floor Stand Banner Sign Holder

Similar to banners, a floor-standing banner holder is designed to display special offers. It is manufactured from high-quality steel. The base of the structure provides the balance needed to keep it stable. You can replace the banner by replacing the old one attached with the clips.

Double Sided Promotion Banner Floor Stand Sign Holder

Double Sided Promotion Banner Floor Stand Sign Holder

You can use the double-sided promotional banner at places with heavy traffic. It is manufactured from stainless steel. You can use the model in closed and open envrionment. The quality of manufacturing will not let the model lose its attraction.

Pallet Floor Stand Sign Holder With Frame

Pallet Floor Stand Sign Holder With Frame

For retail stores, grocery stores, or discount stores, this one is a good option. You can place the sign holder alongside the shelving system. It comes in various sizes and colors. You can customize the design and dimensions to maximize your benefit.

Sign Stand

Free Standing Sign Stand

Free Standing Sign Stand

A sign display is your brand’s style statement. An attractive and rich design can subconsciously convince your customers to put their trust in you. This model is ideal for luxury places like salons, restaurants, cinemas, or hotels hosting big events. The model is corrosion and rust-free.

Adjustable Poster Sign Stand

Adjustable Poster Sign Stand

A sign display is a versatile model that can be used at various places. To help you utilize your investment in the best possible manner, we offer adjustable poster sign stands. The base of the model is adjustable, including the frame. You can use it both vertically and horizontally when needed.

Outdoor Black Metal Newspaper Advertising Display Sign Holders

Outdoor Black Metal Newspaper Advertising Display Sign Stand

The model is constructed from durable metal. It is specially designed for outdoor marketing campaigns; hence there’s no need to worry about rust. Additionally, this sign stand is super easy to clean. We’ve kept it lightweight to remove and relocate the model whenever needed.

Outdoor Free Standing Pallet Pedestal Bulletin Metal Sign Holder

Outdoor Free Standing Pallet Pedestal Bulletin Metal Sign Holder

It is one of the most popular designs worldwide. The size and design of this sign holder are ideal for highly populated areas. There is a steel base carefully welded at the end of the pallet pedestal metal sign holder. It helps the holder to stand still while bearing bumps.

A Frame Poster Free Standing Sign Holder

A Frame Poster Free Standing Sign Holder

Frame poster sign holders are mostly used in restaurants and events. You can use it outside your premises to attract customers by introducing your brand or conveying the items you’re offering to your customers. Some restaurants place small frame posters on tables to greet their customers.

A Frame Free Standing Sign Holder

A Frame Free Standing Sign Holder

The model includes four legs to support the body. We’ve kept it lightweight for you to remove and relocate it without any hassle. These models are mostly manufactured with plastic. You can customize the design, color, and size to meet your needs.


Table Top Sign Holder

Clip Free Standing Table Top Sign Holder

Clip Free Standing Table Top Sign Holder

If you need a small sign holder to place on a shelving system or table, this one is for you. It includes a small stand with a frame attached to its head. There are various colors available in the frame to make the structure attractive. There is a steel base at the end of the model to provide support.

T Table Top Sign Holder With Base

This is one of the many designs of free-standing sign holders that we offer. The model includes a wall to adjust the height. It is used to serve various purposes. You can use it with shelving to describe your product or place it at the entrance to introduce your brand.

Clip Free Standing Table Top Sign Holder

Clip Free Standing Table Top Sign Holder

It is comparatively a smaller structure that includes a combination of quality steel and plastic. Both the materials are recyclable and environmentally friendly. We make the steel corrosion and rust-free by using special manufacturing techniques. It comes with two clips at both ends to attach your offer.

Spiral Table Top Sign Holder

Spiral Table Top Sign Holder

A spiral tabletop sign holder is a unique model. It includes a base, rod, and two spirals at the head of the structure. It is mostly used to display information on tables or shelves; however, you can customize the height to use it as a floor standing sign. The structure is corrosion and rust-free.

A4 Metal Poster Sign Stand

A4 Metal Poster Sign Stand

Similar to most models A4 metal poster sign stand is manufactured for marketing purposes. Thanks to the lightweight and manageable structure, you can purchase it without paying loads for transportation. The model is carefully welded; hence you don’t need to worry about quality.

A6 A7 A8 Table Top Ticket-Sign Mini Frame Holder

We offer various sizes of tabletop ticket signs. These frames are highly durable and customizable. Manufactured from recyclable plastic, you can sell it as scrap once done using.There is a unique range of colors options available in ticket sign mini frames.

Counter Top Display Sign Stand

It is an acrylic display stand with high visibility. The construction is strong enough to withstand bumps. These are ideal for retail stores, grocery stores, restaurants, hospitals, offices, etc. We make these frames in A1-A6 size. You can order countertop sign stands in various colors.

Menu Table Free Standing Sign Holder

Menu Table Free Standing Sign Holder

As the name suggests, these are specially designed to display the menu. These frames are available in A1 to A6 sizes. It includes an anti-glare frame with high visibility and a base frame to support the structure. We make manu table stands for both horizontal and vertical display.

Free Standing Sign Holder The Truth Behind Real Attraction-Ultimate FAQ

You must have seen free standing sign holders at various places. But do you remember which of them attracted you most?

If your answer is “The ones with unique aesthetic,” you’re absolutely right.

In today’s highly competitive environment, only those service who focus on outstanding performance, including visibility.

The article will help you understand the basics of attracting customers to your brand, office, restaurant, product, or special discounted offers.

Here is the ultimate FAQ about free-standing sign holders.

Without further ado, let’s get started!


What Is A Free Standing Sign Holder?

Free standing sign holder is a marketing tool. It consist of a plastic or acrylic frame attached to a metal rode supported by a frame.

They are widely used to display important information about the product, service, or brand to gain maximum customer attention.

They are placed at locations with high traffic for people to have a look at.

An A3 Sign Holder in Store
An A3 Sign Holder in Store

What Are The Advantages of Poster Display Stands?

Today the market works on the principle of “The more they see you the better the chance of making profits.”

Meaning brands that focus on unique marketing techniques have better chances to service and excel than those who don’t. Hence it’s better to take every aspect seriously.

Floor standing sign holders are one of such technique to promote the brand, product, scheme, or spread the necessary information among customers.

Following are a few of the many advantages of floor standing sign holders.

A Unique Branding Tool

A plastic sign frame is a true example of a marketing technique with a guaranteed return on investment. One of the significant advantages of quality floor standing sign holders are increasing customer attraction.

Fulfill Versatile Needs

The structure can be used for a variety of functions anywhere, at any time. You can use a freestanding sign holder outside your store, office, or restaurant to provide information about your brand.

Some none branding uses of A3 display stands are to spread awareness, public notice, or warning. People use them in events to guide guests also.

Simple To Update

Unlike other marketing tools, free standing sign holders let you make the most out of your investment. These stands let you timely update the information without putting in much effort.

When using a sign holder, you can change the information by replacing the newly designed paper with the old one in seconds.

To update a free-standing sign holder, all you need is the correct measurements of the frame.

Economical and Durable

For the past 23 years, we have worked in the sector. We sell our goods in more than 40 countries. Therefore we go to great lengths to ensure that each one is well-made and provides long-term value to our customers.

You may anticipate the structure to last the longest due to the high quality of the materials and production technique. Plastic sign frames are also very cost-effective due to their ease of manufacture. You might get further discounts if you buy in quantity.

Easy to Transport

The high-quality lightweight plastic is used to make retail sign holders. They are simple to travel internationally because of their small form, easy-to-maintain construction, and low-weight qualities.

Simple to update
Simple to update

What Are The Uses of A4 Floor Standing Sign Holder?

A4 floor standing sign holders are one of the most popular floors that stands out there. They are used at various locations with heavy customer traffic as a marketing tool.

They can be utilized to display menus, important information, product description, special offers, warning signs at outdoor locations in events for directing guests or visitors and alongside pallet racking in warehouses. Etc.

An A4 stand display can be used on a tabletop or stand on the floor at an appropriate eye level.

An A4 display stand is either sloped back for high readability or stand straight for a double-sided display. They are used for both horizontal and vertical displays.

We recommend purchasing an adjustable A4 floor standing sign holder to adjust it as per your needs and make the most out of it.

See Applications of retail sign holders:

Table top sign holder in Jumbo supermarket Netherland

A4 floor standing sign holder
A4 floor standing sign holder

What Is The Material Used in The Manufacturing of Floor Standing Sign Holders?

Depending on the area of service and environment, we produce free-standing sign holders with both plastic and metal.

For plastic frames, we use high-quality HDPP plastic. Whereas our metal floor stand displays are manufactured from lightweight and robust Q195 and Q235 material.

Both the materials provide us with the confidence to claim the best quality products.

Additionally, they help us gauge the unnecessary expense of manufacturing to offer products at affordable rates.

What Are The Factors To Consider When Purchasing Free Standing Sign Holders?

1. Environmental Friendly

Be a responsible buyer and purchase your sign holders from trustworthy companies like RedSheep. We create goods that help both you and the environment.

Our plastic sign frames, unlike other sign frames, are made of virgin HDPP recyclable plastic.

As a result, you may obtain your benefit, and once you’re through, you can sell the construction as scrap to be recycled and reused.

2. Chose The Correct Size

When purchasing a free-standing sign holder, make sure to pre-decide the location. This will help you decide on the correct design and size of the stand.

3. Variety of Color Options

Colors play an essential, most significant role in marketing. Many shopkeepers miss the chance of increasing their sales by ignoring the importance of correct color coordination. Don’t be among such sellers and act smart by choosing various attractive colors available in sign frames.

How To Install A Poster Display Stand?

A4 sign holders are as simple to install as they look. You need neither professionals nor professional tools to install the system. Simple tools with basic knowledge will do the job.

Responsible manufacturers like RedSheep will provide you with all the necessary tools to fit a poster display stand.

You just need to slide in the graphic paper and place the frame on the base. Additionally, we provide a product manual with each product. You can get help from it when installing the system.

Install a free standing sign holder
Install a free standing sign holder

Will Outdoor Sign Holders Get Rusted With Time?

Outdoor metal sign holders are manufactured from various materials. The durability of a stand depends on the quality of the material and construction.

Therefore look for a trustworthy manufacturer like RedSheep who can construct corrosion and rust-resistant stand for you.

We use High quality metal and outdoor powder coating techniques that keep the structure rust-free even in a humid environment.

Are Floor Standing Display Stands Recyclable?

The shortest answer to that question is yes.

When planning to relocate or redesign your business, you might feel the need to have new floor-standing display stands.

The good news is you can sell a free standing display stand as a used structure to other small businesses.

If not, you can also recycle a floor-standing display stand by selling it as scrap.

Floor standing display stands is recyclable and environment friendly
Floor standing display stands is recyclable and environment friendly

What Makes RedSheep The Best Floor-Standing Sign Holder Manufacturer?

We not only claim to be the ultimate free-standing manufacturers but have proof of that. Following are the qualities that make us your best choice for free-standing sign holders.

1. Quality

RedSheep is an  ISO-2768 certified company. It means we meet the international standards of construction. All the products at RedSheep meet the strict TUV and ISO-2768 regulations for safety. 

They meet the German Equipment and Product Safety Act standard to guarantee a safe system for holding human products.  

Additionally, we have a dedicated quality control team. They thoroughly check the quality of raw material, construction process, and the final product. Each product is tested several times before packaging to ensure high quality.

We also provide you with free-standing holders with thickness that prevent accidents from occurring due to collapsing.

2. Customization

Customization is a rare yet necessary service these days. Where everything depends on uniqueness and visibility, we allow our customers to enjoy diversity through our customization services.   

We got engineers who can turn your CAD drawings into attractive reality in no time.

3. Quality with Affordability

We design our products and services for the benefit of our brand and customers. What better benefit can you expect from a free-standing manufacturer than constructing an equally competitive structure at an affordable rate.

As mentioned above, we meet the international standards of safety and quality. Our rigorous testing allows us to produce highly durable products for our customers.

To back up our claim, we provide a 24-month warranty on all products.

4. Time Delivery

Time delivery is an important factor that makes us quality service providers. We don’t want our customers to receive their order at the eleventh hour.

Therefore we promise to deliver free-standing sign holders within 30-60 days all over the world.

5. Local Partners

We are a Chinese-based manufacturer that offers its services to more than 40 countries worldwide.

You can directly order purchase our products from our website. If not, we got a web of local partners in various parts of the world.

Contact our team to get an appointment with one of our experienced partners working in your area.

How Many Sizes of Sign Holders Are Available at RedSheep?

Floor-standing display stands are used at various locations for different purposes. We construct a variety of display stands offering unique designs. You can customize every detail in your floor-standing display stand, including size and dimensions.

We generally provide standing sign holders for independent use outside an office building, restaurant, discount store, etc.

We can manufacture special stands to display alongside your shelving system. Or you can order small-size display stands to display on a shelf, such as an A6-A8 tabletop ticket frame.

We offer A1 to A6 plastic sign frames with a base stand to support the structure of menu tables.

A3, A4, A5, A6 display stand pic
A3, A4, A5, A6 display stand pic

Can You Customize An A3 Sign Stand?

The straight-away answers to the question are yes. We can customize all floor-standing sign holders, including an a3 sign stand.

RedSheep is an experienced shopfitting manufacturer. Customization is the pride of our brand. We got skilled engineers to create products according to your tailored needs.

You can trust our knowledge and expertise when concerned about your business.

Do You Have Accessories for Free Standing Sign Holders?

RedSheep is a reputable brand that’ll send all the necessary parts and accessories you’ll need at the time of installation.

Additionally, you can order some accessories to support your structure better. Some of these are:

  • Base Frame
  • Adjustable stand
  • Frame clip



This brings us to the end of our discussion; I hope I’ve answered all the necessary questions about free-standing sign holders.

For further queries, you can contact us through our website.

Last but not least, you can place your order at “request a quote.” Our team is ready to serve you with the best free-standing sign-holder manufacturing services.

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