Slatwall Hooks From China

Storage is the greatest need of a retail store or garage. Every owner wants to display maximum items in the available space, which explains the use of Slatwall hooks. When manufactured and used properly, these hooks can offer a sorted, neat, and easy to manage display. We’ve been offering our services in around 40 countries for the past 23 years. We know which Slatwall will suit what store and increase their productivity.

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Slatwall Hooks Customized

Thanks to our experience of working with shop owners worldwide, we understand the importance of customization. Every store has its unique needs, which can sometimes be fulfilled through tailored design. Being an ultimate Slatwall manufacturer, we offer every service you might ever need to enhance your store’s display. Our dedicated team of engineers is skilled enough to create wonders in no time.

Here is why RedSheep’s customization is unbeatable

  • Dedicated engineers to build your dream design that fit your needs
  • ODM/OEM service
  • CAD drawing service
  • Affordable rates
  • Short delivery time
  • Logo printing through pressing tools
  • 24-month product warranty
  • Local partners for on-sight inspection and discussion

RedSheep Slatwall Hooks

We focus on producing high-end durable products that last the longest.

Every hook produced at RedSheep is thoughtfully designed, planned, and manufactured to maximize your benefit.

These hooks are capable of attracting enough audience to increase your sales.

We’ve kept our hooks easy to maintain and install, so you don’t have to spend extra.

At RedSheep, you can enjoy all the services that will favor your investment.

Wait no more and contact us for expert advice.

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Top 20 Slatwall Hooks Reviewed

Below are 20 Slatwall Hooks you can find at RedSheep stores at an affordable rate and even have the freedom to customise them

Wire Single Prong Slatwall Display Hooks

Wire Single Prong Slatwall Hooks

The hook consists of a roll slightly tilted from the end to hold back the items. The shape of the hooks is thoughtfully designed to resist items when your customer browse through. The back of the hook will be installed with Slatwall with a screw, using a screwdriver.

Double Slatwall Retail Display Hooks With Lable Holder

Double Slatwall Hooks With Lable Holder

The hook includes two rods, one at the top and one at the bottom. The top rod consists of a label holder that can be used to display product descriptions, prices, or other necessary details. The end of the bottom rod is slightly silted to secure the products from falling.

Zinc Plated Single Prong Slatwall Hooks for Display Racks

Zinc Plated Single Prong Slatwall Hooks

Zinc plating makes this Slatwall hook rust and corrosion-resistant. If your store is at a humid place or has got to do something with liquid and chemicals, this hook can be your ideal choice. These hooks come in various sizes. You can choose the length of the rod as per your choice.

Chromed Straight Single Line Slatwall Hooks for Retail Display

Chromed Straight Single Line Slatwall Hooks

The beauty of this rod is simplicity. The minimalist design is strong enough to bear light to medium weight products. The whole system is corrosion and rust-resistant. The end of the wall is secured with a small ball or stopper to prevent the goods from falling when your customers are browsing.

Zinc Plated Double Slat Wall Display Hooks With Lable Holder

Zinc Plated Double Slatwall Hooks With Lable Holder

As the name suggests, the design consists of a double thread with a label holder. It is kept slightly tilted to display the products at eye level. To secure the products from falling, the end of the hook is kept tilted. A layman can easily install the structure.

Zinc Plated Double Prong Slatwall Hooks for Retail Display​

Zinc Plated Double Prong Slatwall Hooks

The zinc plating of double Slatwall hooks keeps them rust and corrosion-free. You can use these hooks in a humid environment without worrying about their outlook. This hook is ideal for holding packaged products. The structure is carefully welded through tig welding.

Chromed Slatwall Flower Pot Display Hooks

Chromed Slatwall Ball Hooks

Generally, these types of hooks are popularly used as  to hold balls and other items. The shiny Q235 steel makes this structure supper attractive. The structure is kept corrosion and rust resilient, keeping in mind the challenges of a humid environment.

Zinc Plated Slatwall Hat Hooks for Display Racks

Zinc Plated Slatwall Hat Hooks

This is a unique but popular Slatwall hook specially designed for hats. The structure consists of a rod with one end secured against Slatwall and the other offering a flat base. There are various sizes of hat hooks available at RedSheep.

Zinced Straight Faceout Arm With Metal Cap For Slatwall

Zinced Straight Faceout Arm With Metal Cap For Slatwall

As the name suggests, the rod of the metal cap Slatwall hook is straight and thick. It can be used as a heavy-duty Slatwall hook due to the overall design and rigid construction. The end of the system consists of a stopper to secure the products from falling.

Galvanized Straight Faceout Arm With Plastic Cap For Slatwall

Galvanized Straight Faceout Arm With Plastic Cap For Slatwall

It is one of the easy-to-use and installs Slatwall hooks. The hook can be installed using a simple screw and screwdriver. You don’t need professionals to uninstall and relocate the hook when needed. You can customize the dimensions and style of the plastic cap Slatwall when placing your order.

Chromed Straight Arm Hook For Slatwall With 7 Balls

Chromed Straight Arm For Slatwall With 7 Balls

Some products need extra care with neat and sorted displays to maintain their asthetics. To accommodate such products Slatwall hook with 7 balls can be an ideal choice. This hook can be used to display clothes while offering easy browsing.

Chrome Plated Waterfall Arm Hook For Slatwall With 12 Lips

Chrome Plated Waterfall Arm For Slatwall With 12 Lips

Slatwall hook with 12 lips is comparatively a long rod hook. It consists of 12 lips that keep the products sorted while your customers hunt for their favorite product. The rod is slightly tilted to offer a better display.

Chromed Curved Arm Hook For Slatwall With 7 Balls

Chromed Curved Arm For Slatwall With 7 Balls

Curved arm Slatwall hook is a unique yet popular Slatwall hook design. It consists of 7 balls that can be customized to fit your needs. Like all the Slatwall hooks, this one is also easy to install and manage.

Chromed Step Slatwall Display Hooks

Chromed Step Slatwall Hooks

Cromed step Slatwall hook is a special design constructed for special needs. It consists of two-step with a stopper at the end of each step to prevent the items from falling. You can customize the design or thickness of the hook as per your needs.

Chromed Slatwall Brackets

Chromed Slatwall Brackets

Slatwall brackets are manufactured using Q235 high-quality raw materials. Thanks to the quality of construction, they can maintain their asthetics for the longest. You can expect this hook to serve you for at least 5-10 years with minimum care.

Chromed Slatwall Brackets

Slatwall Hanging Basket

When you have various small products that are difficult to store elsewhere Slatwall hanging basket can help. It includes two hooks at the back to integrate the system with Slatwall. You don’t need professional tools to install the basket. The highest and size of the basket can be customized.

Anti Theft Slatwall Display Hooks

Anti Theft Slatwall Display Hooks

Stores offering expensive products will find no better option than anti-theft Slatwall display hooks. These hooks are specially designed to keep the items secured while being their best at the display. The hook consists of a lock that can only be operated using a special key provided.

Anti Theft Slat wall Display Hooks Model 2

Anti Theft Slatwall Display Hooks Model 2

Keep your products sorted and secure with an anti-theft Slatwall display hook. It consists of a steel rod to accommodate products and a plastic lock that can be operated using a special key. You can customize the model according to your needs.

Anti Theft Slatwall Display Hook Detacher

Anti Theft Slatwall Display Hook Detacher

When using an anti-theft display hook, you’ll be provided a special detacher to operate the system. Using this detacher, you can restock an anti-theft Slatwall hook.

Slatwall Acrylic Trough

Be your best when using a Slatwall shelving system. Use every bit of your Slatwall smartly with the help of an acrylic trough. These can be easily installed without professional help.

Slatwall Hook A Must Have - Ultimate FAQ

Shopfitting plays a crucial role in creating an overall environment of a store. If the products are not properly displayed, your customers might not fall for them.

To help you offer a sorted, neat, and easy-to-browse display, we offer Slatwall hooks. To help you make a wise decision, here is an ultimate FAQ on Slatwall hooks.

Without wasting any time, let’s get started!


What Are Slatwall Hooks?

Slatwall hooks are specially designed to display products on Slatwalls. You can use them for light to medium weight products.

These hooks are manufactured from Q235 steel. They can accommodate packaged or non-packaged products that need to be hung to create attraction.

Slatwall hooks have been quite popular for many years. They are one of the most versatile and economical choices for small and large-scale retail stores.

Retail stores, grocery stores, hardware stores, etc., have a wide range of products. Not every item can be accommodated on a shelving system for various reasons. This is where Slatwall hooks come in.

There are various types, sizes, and designs of Slatwall hooks for various needs. They are easy to install, lightweight, and super manageable.

Slatwall Hooks in The Garment Store
Slatwall Hooks in The Garment Store

What Are The Products That Can Be Used with Slatwall Hooks?

Slatwall hooks and accessories are a great way to increase customer attraction, positively affecting your sales. Following are some of the goods you can display on Slatwall hooks.

Jewelry: Necklace, bracelets, and bangles are a few items that look better when hung rather than resting on a shelf.

Fashion Accessories: Fashion accessories like handbags, purses, hats, belts, etc., will look more attractive on one Slatwall hook.

Confectionary and Snacks: When too many products are in the same category, it’s better to put them on a Slatwall hook and let your customers browse through easily.

Electronics and Mobile Accessories: Small items are usually difficult to manage. A Slatwall hook display can keep such products safe.

Clothing Items: When hung on a Slatwall hook, clothing items will showcase their best grace that’ll convince customers to make a purchase.

Packaged Products: There’s no better option than Slatwall hooks for small size packaged products.

Slatwall Hooks Products
Slatwall Hooks Products

What Are The Benefits of Slatwall Hooks?

Slatwall hooks are great storage solutions that offer various benefits. Following is the list of advantages of Slatwall hooks.

Offer Neat Look

Every store owner wants to display maximum number of items to make them attractive for customers to make the purchase. Unfortunately, they fail when they have unique products that are not properly displayed.

Due to poor display, customers neither find their store nor their products worthy enough. Don’t make a mistake and focus on offering a neat and sorted display to your customer with the help of Slatwall hooks.

Slatwall hooks offer neat and sorted displays to complete the aesthetics of a store. Additionally, they offer an easy browse-through option for customers to enjoy their time when shopping.

Easy To Use

Like Slatwalls, Slatwall hooks are super easy to manage and use. They are constructed from Q235 material that offers durability. You don’t need to frequently invest in Slatwall hooks because they are constructed to maintain their look with minimum pampering for the longest time.

When it comes to installation, you don’t need professionals for that. A layman with basic knowledge of tools can easily manage the hooks.

Offer Better Space

Slatwall hooks are compact and lightweight, but they can accommodate a good number of products at once. This creates storage in the store to display more products leading to better sales.

Maximize Versatility

Stores that offer a variety of products or who change their items according to seasonal changes can rely on Slatwall hooks. These hooks are versatile and flexible enough to adapt according to your needs.

Last For The Longest

As mentioned earlier, Slatwall hooks are constructed from durable Q235 steel. The robust construction and frequent testing double their life span. The chromium finish helps them resistant to scuffs and scratches.


Slatwall hooks do not cost much, making them a fair investment when considering how much more sales they may generate.

Details of Slatwall Display Hooks
Details of Slatwall Display Hooks

How Can Stores Use Slatwall Hooks to Benefit Their Business?

Slat wall hooks can be used creatively to drive more traffic into the store to maximize sales. Here are a few suggestions:

Sports Stores: may hang athletic equipment in orderly formations adjacent to sports clothing showcases. They can use lighter hooks for minor accessories (e.g., wristbands) and heavy-duty hooks for rackets and similar items.

Electronics stores: can switch wall displays between more costly items shown separately on acrylic stands and smaller, less expensive goods placed in a slat wall hang sell display (e.g., mobile phone accessories, earphones, USB sticks).

Stationery stores: may put up innovative displays with larger boxed items on higher-level standard shelves and smaller things like printer cartridges and pen sets on a well-organized hang sell display beneath.

Retail Stores: offer various items that need to cover maximum space in the store. Retail owners can use multiple Slatwall hooks to display items closer to their counters.

Homeware stores: from sink plugs to hallway mirrors and everything in between, these retailers have it all. Because most of the fruit can be hung, retailers can significantly increase the amount of merchandise on the show by investing in slat wall systems and display hooks.

Toy stores: need to display products fairly low because they target children. Toy store owners can use tilted Slatwall hooks to display colorful pens, stationery, or other packaged items. The neat display will increase their chances of making sales.

Discount stores: these stores are popular for selling pre-packaged products in bulk quantities. They offer products of all shapes and sizes that are not easy to display on ordinary shelving systems. These stores can use long Slatwall hooks to display maximum items while saving floor space.

Clothing stores: clothing retailers frequently focus on the racks and rails scattered throughout the store floor, while wall and aisle space is neglected. Handbags, scarves, hats, designer sunglasses, and even pre-packaged clothing can all be displayed at Slatwall hooks neatly. 


How to Use Slatwall Hooks Right?

Will Slatwall Hooks with Label Holder Get Rusted?

Slatwall hooks with label holders are manufactured from high-quality Q235 steel. When manufacturing the hooks, we go through a special ISO-certificated process to make these hooks rust and corrosion-free.

Therefore enjoy the longest benefit without worrying about the aesthetics of Slatwall hooks.


Can I Purchase Second-hand Slatwall Hooks?

We don’t recommend our customers purchase second-hand shop fittings because of the following reasons.

  • You don’t know the quality of the material and manufacturing hence you may be wasting your money on scrap.
  • Second-hand hooks will not be as durable as new hooks.
  • Used Slatwall hooks might be damaged causing a thread to your store’s outlook and stock.

Therefore it’s better to purchase a new set of hooks, after all, they are economical.


What Will Happen If I Overload Slatwall Hooks?

Slatwall hooks are often sturdy enough to support the weight without causing injury. However, if you continue to overburden Slatwall hooks, they may begin to show signs of damage.

To minimize causing damage to your infrastructure, we recommend gradually loading each hook. We’ll include a manual with your order that explains how much weight each hook can support further security.

Heavy Duty Slatwall Display Hooks
Heavy Duty Slatwall Display Hooks

What Are The Benefits Of Purchasing Slatwall Hooks From RedSheep?

RedSheep is a renowned brand in the shopfitting industry. We’ve been serving customers in 40 countries for the past 20 years.

We don’t create products to make sales but earn loyal customers by offering the highest quality. Following are some of the many benefits of working with RedSheep.


Certified Manufacturer

RedSheep is an ISO-certified manufacturer. We meet international standards of quality and safety when manufacturing products. Our Slatwall hooks are manufactured from Q235 high-quality raw materials.

We got a dedicated team of experts who closely monitor the manufacturing process till the items are packed.


Affordable Rates


We offer maximum quality at affordable rates. Our experience has helped us work on techniques that help us reduce the overall cost of products while offering the same quality.



Customization is our bride. We have expert engineers who know how to mold raw material according to your needs. You can customize the shape, material, design, size, etc., of Slatwall hooks.


Timely Delivery

The fact that we deliver on time is a crucial feature that distinguishes us as quality service providers.

We guarantee that Slatwall hooks will be delivered anywhere in the world within 30-60 days.


Local Partners

We are a Chinese manufacturer with operations in more than 40 countries around the world.

You can order our products straight from our website. If not, we have a network of local partners in a variety of locations across the world.

Make an appointment with one of our knowledgeable partners in your region by contacting our team. These local partners will not only serve you with the best products but guide you better through on-site inspection.

Hook Installation Steps Instruction
Hook Installation Steps Instruction

What Are The Types of Slatwall Hooks Offered by RedSheep?

Slatwall hooks offer various uses. Due to their versatile uses, approximately 20 Slatwall hooks are offered at RedSheep, offering different designs, styles, and sizes.

We manufacture lightweight to heavy-duty Slatwall hooks to accommodate a wide range of products.

Following are the four main types of Slatwall hooks manufactured at RedSheep.

Standard Slatwall display hooks: They are the most commonly used display hooks. They are manufactured using 6mm wire, offering a variety of lengths between 50mm to 300mm. These are ideal for light to medium weight items such as clothing accessories, small packaged products, etc.

Heavy-duty Slatwall display hooks: These hooks are manufactured to hold comparatively heavy or large quantities of products. These are offered in lengths between 75mm to 300mm. They are manufactured using a backplate to enable better weight distribution for safer accommodation.


This concludes our discussion; hopefully, I’ve answered all of your questions about Slatwall hooks.

You can contact us on our website if you have any further questions.

Last but not least, “request a quote” is where you can place your order. Our staff is ready to provide you with the best manufacturing services for free-standing sign holders.


Copyright of the pictures belong to the owner, not allow to copy or use without permission, the owner have the rights to pursue legal action, if you find infringement, please email us we will handle or remove immediately.

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