Cosmetic Gondola Shelving

A store’s reputation lies not only in its product but also in its outlook. If your items are not properly displayed or are hard to spot, you might lose your sales. Thanks to RedSheep, we’ve developed specialized cosmetic gondola shelving for your specialized needs. These are constructed with full concentration to help you have a neat and sorted display. Being a reputable cosmetic gondola shelving manufacturer, we’ll make sure to deliver the best quality systems. We got a massive variety of designs to maximize your benefit.

2022 New Graphic Backing Cosmetic Gondola Shelving

Cosmetic Gondola Shelving Customized

Customized shelving helps you show off your style statement. Be the symbol of styles and elegance while being thoughtful to your customers. RedSheep lets you design shelving units that’ll suit your business and customers. Our skilled labor and technological advances allow us to offer advancing customization services. Buckle up to enjoy your dream design in reality at affordable rates.

RedSheep customized services include:

  • ODM/OEM service to develop a unique shelving system
  • Colour customization with a smooth finish to match your store’s theme
  • Logo printing with pressing tool
  • Customization at an affordable rate
  • Short delivery time
  • Local partners for in-person meetings

Highly responsive team to assist your needs

RedSheep Cosmetic Gondola Shelving

RedSheep’s cosmetic gondola shelving can be your ultimate partner.

Thanks to the quality of products used in the manufacturing, these will serve you for at least 10 years.

With 23 years of experience in the industry, we know how to help you make great progress.

Our cosmetic display shelves are not only designed to keep your products in place but to help you attract maximum customers.

Our strong engineering will leave no stone unturned to provide ease to your shoppers, eventually leading to loyal customers.

You can rely on our expertise and experience in cosmetic gondola shelving.

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Top Cosmetic Gondola Shelving Reviewed

Below are checkout counter you can find at RedSheep stores at an affordable rate and even have the freedom to customise them

2022 New Graphic Backing Cosmetic Gondola Shelving

2022 New Graphic Backing Cosmetic Gondola Shelving

This new model offers the most visualbility to grab the customer’s eyes. The modern gondola shelving and the neat surface will make your goods and your store looks more elegant. The top panel holder could be customized with LED light box or logo pressed steel panel to make sure your customer still remember your brand when they back home.

New Customizable Pattern Cosmetic Gondola Shelving

New Customizable Pattern Cosmetic Gondola Shelving

This is the most latest and attractive cosmetic gondola shelving unit. It gives you the margin to attract maximum customers. The system offers ample space to accommodate maximum products in one place. It comes with various sizes of shelving systems to fit your maximum needs. The best part about this system is it’s customizable side board. The pattern can be customized through laser cutting for added benefit.

Curved Custom Display Shelves Cosmetic Gondola Shelving

Curved Shelves Cosmetic Gondola Shelving

This system is offered in a unique combination of pink and white. It offers to add and price panels for added benefit. The unit is constructed from high-quality material only. It includes glass units that increase the visibility and beauty of the products. You can customize its size, dimension and design to fit your needs.

Single-sided Curved Shelves Cosmetic Shelving

Single-sided Curved Shelves Cosmetic Shelving

This is a single-sided compact curved shelving unit. It must be placed against a wall to utilize maximum space in your store. The system lets you display a variety of products at minimal floor space. At the top of the shelving system, there’s an ad panel. You can use it to attract maximum customers for improved sales.

Island Cosmetic Display Rack

Island Cosmetic Display Shelves

This is an attractive-looking gondola shelving system available at RedSheep. The system is kept above ground for easy maintenance. It includes glass shelves to help beautify products to their maximum. An ad panel is given at the system’s top for added benefit.

Double-sided Cosmetic Display Rack

Double-sided Cosmetic Display Rack

This compact shelves for cosmetics gives you ample space to display maximum products. It allows you to display various products using minimal floor spacing. You can customize its size, dimension and design to fit your needs.

Single-sided Cosmetic Display Rack

Single-sided Curved Shelves Cosmetic Shelving

This single-sided curved display system is to be placed against walls. The system comes with vertical shelves to display maximum products with minimal floor space. It is kept above the ground for easy maintenance.

Duluxe Cosmetic Gondola Shelving

Duluxe Cosmetic Gondola Shelving

If you’re a store looking for a good quality cosmetic gondola system that can store and display maximum products, this is your best option. It is constructed from high-quality material only. The system is double-sided, with shelves available at all ends.

Flat Shelves for Cosmetic Gondola Shelving

Flat Shelves for Cosmetic Gondola Shelving

Flat shelf cosmetic gondola shelving is constructed to beautify the display of your products. It is a spacious shelving system that allows you to display various products at once place. The unit includes LED lights to illuminate the products for improved visibility.

Top LED Lighting Box

Top LED Lighting Box

The top LED lighting box allows you to install LED lighting inside, and you can change the graphic as your needs. Another option is to make it whole steel and press your logo or other words on it.

Curved Shelves for Cosmetic Shelving

Curved Shelves for Cosmetics Shelving

Glass shelves are a little delicate. If you’re in a situation where one of the shelves is broken, don’t fret out. Instead of replacing the whole unit, you can simply replace the shelf only. We offer these curved shelves in various sizes, designs, and colors to go well with your current shelving units.

Cosmetic Gondola Shelving For Better Display - Ultimate FAQ Guide

A good display is a key to higher sales. If you focus on increasing the quantity and quality of the products without considering the importance of good display, you are less likely to survive in the market.

Hence, we’ve got a unique range of display stands for people searching for good cosmetic display ideas.

Following are the necessary details about cosmetic gondola shelving that’ll help you make the right choice.

Without further ado, let’s get started!


What Is A Cosmetic Display Stand?

A cosmetic display stand is a special stand manufactured, keeping in mind the needs and demands of a display store. The recent development of shelves for cosmetics is closely linked to the development of cosmetic products.

These stands are carefully constructed to offer neat and organized cosmetic displays. There are various designs and types of modern gondola shelvings available in the market. There’s a different range of products such as skincare, haircare, makeup, etc.

New Customized Patern Cosmetic Gondola Shelving
New Customized Patern Cosmetic Gondola Shelving

What Are The Business Benefits Of A Good Quality Cosmetic Display Shelves?

Improve Sales

Beauty products, if organized and displayed properly, can make good profits. The key to enjoying a constant flow of customers is organizing the traffic effectively. If you know how to place the products properly, there’s no way people aren’t going to purchase from you.

This is where cosmetic display shelves help you. They allow you to organize all the products according to their category and enjoy better product and customer management. When customers can spot the product easily, it will boost your sales.

Safe Maximum Floor Space

There’s no better option for stores offering products other than cosmetics than a good quality cosmetic display rack. Due to their vertical shelving, these racks allow maximum storage and display.

These racks consist of various shelves that can bear loads of up to 500lbs. These units usually offer ample space to display a huge variety of products in one place.

Increase Customer Attraction

As mentioned earlier, a neat and sorted display is the key to customer attention. When customers can easily spot their favorite items, they’re more likely to purchase them.

Additionally, cosmetic gondola shelving offers modern gondola shelving systems. These units eventually improve the display of the products.

What Are The Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Cosmetic Gondola Shelving?

Due to the increasing demand for cosmetic gondola shelving, various options are available in the market. This makes it difficult for many to decide which shelving system will suit them most.

If you’re one of those, worry not!

Here’s a list of factors to consider when purchasing shelves for cosmetics.

Available Space

The first thing to consider when purchasing gondola shelving is to measure retail space. It is necessary to understand available storage space to decide which type of unit will suit you most.

Type Of Gondola Shelving System

The next thing to decide is the type of style of cosmetic gondola shelving. Here you have multiple options, including wall units, double-sided units, single-sided units, and gondola end cap units.

Customized Or Non-Customized

Customization is one of the most underrated factors that helps increase your store’s productivity. When purchasing cosmetic gondola shelving, make sure the manufacturer allows customization. Otherwise, you would have to settle with the available designs irrespective of your needs.


Material is another considerable option when purchasing cosmetic gondola shelving. The option you have here is full glass, acrylic, or metal.

Key Takeaway

If you have a quality modern gondola shelving system to help you accommodate products, your sales will increase. Hence we provide you with a durable range of cosmetic shelving.

At RedSheep, you’ll get affordable rates, prompt customer service, the flexibility to choose, on-time delivery, and, most importantly, a high-quality completed product that will provide its services for as long as possible.

RedSheep is committed to providing maximum support to all its customers through a low MOQ of 100 sets.

Let me know if there’s anything left to discover about RedSheep’s cosmetic gondola shelving.

To place your order, contact our customer support team.


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