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If you are looking for a Display Rack Manufacturer, you are in the right place!

We have not only the regular parts of the gondola system but also various of accessories and customized racks, if that is still not enough, we can offer OEM/ODM services to special made and bring your design/models into reality!

Who Is Cooperating With RedSheep Display Rack Manufacturer?

Advantages To Cooperate With RedSheep Display Rack Manufacturer

Redsheep as one of the most professional custom display rack suppliers has the advantages as following


With 20 years of experience as a custom display rack supplier, we have full experience in suppling top-rated shelving to meet your market requirement.


All our racks are strictly according to ISO/SGS regulations, with affordable prices with unparalleled quality


Big production capacity makes short lead time 60 days for the custom display rack or shelving, including the tooling.


We have full experience in customized product development and have full range of display rack extensions and accessories, to meet customer’s different needs.


We take care the quality of our display racks , for any defect of the goods, we will take responsibility. You are risk-free.


Low MOQ, we can accept low MOQ as 50 sets display racks, or even less quantity for every single item in big production order.


As a brand China display rack factory, we have our own quality control system that you can trust, to secure your order and business.


As a professional display rack manufacturer, we provide stable and reliable OEM/ODM service for our customer.

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Why Should You Cooperate With a China Display Rack Manufacturer like RedSheep?

RedSheep is a leading custom display rack supplier in eastern China. It has made us work hard to deliver outstanding quality to our customers.

You can depict our vast experience through the innovative product line. The design and technology are set to take you to the future.

Your trust is our motivation to deliver more than you expect about service.

We understand the importance of the durability and quality of display racks. Knowing your needs, don’t let us rest until we do our most to make your wish come true.

We style every product the way you want it to make the most out of your valuable investment.

We use unique manufacturing techniques, keeping in mind the needs of each merchandise.

As a leading retail display rack manufacturer, we put all our focus on letting you enjoy your dreams in reality.

We do our best to maximize the visual appeal and storage in your store and warehouse.

With constant efforts and many tests and trials, we ensure satisfying results.

With RedSheep, there’s no problem you can’t resolve. We don’t leave any stone untouched when it comes to resolving display rack issues.

Our dedication and commitment are proof of our loyalty to our customers. Skilled labor, innovative technology, updated manufacturing systems, intelligent integration, competent management, and efficient delivery makes the display rack price affordable for all.

We have a devoted team of skilled members to maintain the quality we promise to provide.

From manufacturing to delivery, we test every item. It is to ensure you have a hassle-free shopping experience.

We offer high-end items and the best customer service around the world.

Our quality products give you the required confidence to increase your conversion rate.

Due to our comprehensive knowledge and real-world working experience, we guarantee satisfaction.

3d store layout designing
3d store layout designing

What is RedSheep’s Display Rack Price?

Our dedication and loyalty toward our customers are reflected in every bit of our product. From manufacturing to pricing, everything is done to benefit our customers in the best possible manner.

We do our best to provide high quality at the least possible rates; whereas, economies of scale apply when constructing display racking systems; the higher your order, the more affordable the system.

We consider various factors when providing a cheap estimation for our racking system. Usually, an average rack will cost you around $50 to $120 depending on the size, design, colors, height, customization, etc.

What Kind of Display Rack Do You Manufacturer?

Garment display rack
Display hook stand
Tools display rack
Book shelving
Vertical rack for tiles
Tire rack

If you have CAD drawings, 3D drawings, PDFs, or even pictures of your dream-designed display rack, please feel free to ask for a quote to bring it into reality.

Quality Assurance of RedSheep Display Rack Manufacturing

Material Used in The Manufacturing of RedSheep’s Display Racks

We feel no hesitation in sharing the material used in manufacturing our racking systems to understand the product you are purchasing clearly.

Generally, two types of steel are used in the production process, including structural steel and roll-framed steel.

We use Q235 and Q195 steel because it is easy to weld, rivet, and bolt. It is also convenient to cut and shape into the desired size to deliver your order in the least possible duration.

The material is friendly to give shape, style, height, width, thickness, and length of your choice.

Other than that, we can do shelving with materials including sheet metal, wire mesh, steel pipe, wood, stainless steel, aluminum, and plastic.

For surface treatment, we have different choices like galvanizing, chrome, zinc plated, thermal transfer printing, powder coating, etc.

Tried and Tested Quality for Long Run

We understand how strenuous it is to manage goods with a fear of damaging your investment.

With RedSheep being your retail display racks manufacturer, worry not. We only used tested parts to construct units to ensure it provides you with services for as long as possible.

We build the units keeping in mind the ISO-2768 safety regulations.

RedSheep is ISO-2768 certified, which means we meet the international standards of gondola shelving production.

Each item is designed to meet the German Equipment and Product Safety Act for a safe and secure shelving system.

For the rigidity of the racking system, the following tests are conducted throughout the manufacturing process.

1# Material Test

As row material works as the foundation of the whole racking structure, we strive to provide a strong underlying.

The material has to pass a tensile and bend test to be qualified for manufacturing.

The tensile test is done by stretching the material in two opposite directions to estimate its breakage point. In contrast, we do the bend test by putting force on the material to check how far the material can go without bending or cracking.

2# Upright Test

A specific upright test is done to check the quality of the product which involves a compression test and a bend test.

The compression test is conducted by compressing the upright cut part to estimate how effective the section is.

Moreover, We do the bend test by applying force along the upright axis to estimate the modulus’s long or short axes.

3# Frame Test

Last but not least, the individual frame needs to qualify for a compression test to understand the axial load capacity.

The test involves two parallel and opposite forces on the farm to verify the behavior and shearing strength.

Frame load bearing test
Frame load bearing test

What Kind of Packaging Do You Offer? Is It for Free?

Strong Packing for A Safer Flight

A racking system is of no use if you receive it dented or punctures; hence we put extra effort when it’s time to deliver your long waited goods to your doorsteps.

To make sure the parcel doesn’t get hurt, we offer various packing solutions such as:

  • Carton box packing

The carton box packing includes a three-layer film of single-wall cardboard covered with an ABF air bubble film for extra protection.

The packing is free with a five-layer covering in case you avail RedSheep’s direct delivery facility.

  • Wooden pallet packing

The wooden pallet packing features plywood pallets and solid wood fumigation pallets to ensure the safety of your units.

It comes in Euro Pallet 1 – 1200mm x 800mm for France, Germany, and other parts of Europe and Euro Pallet 2 – 1000mm x 1000mm, 1100mm x 1100mm, 1200mm x 1200mm, 1400mm x 1200mm, 1300mm x 1100mm, 1600mm x 1400mm, and others.

  • Wooden crate packing

Like carton box packing, wooden pallet packing is also free for customers purchasing display racks for retail stores. The packaging comes with a European standard solid wood fumigation tray and fumigation sign.

Unlike wooden pallets and carton box packing, wooden crate packing is designed especially for fragile and irregular parts.

It includes wooden box packing, a green packing strip, and a protective iron angle to guarantee the safety of your units. But, the packaging is free only for limited products.

  • Steel pipe frame packing

Steel pipe frame packing is a unique packing solution for non-standard components to provide extra protection while delivering the goods.

It also makes fair use of the space and will cost you some money.

RedSheep As An Ultimate Solution for Non-Standard Shelving/Display Racks For Retail Stores.

Galvanized Pipe Frame packaging
Galvanized Pipe Frame packaging
  • Special packing for non-standard items

RedSheep has designed a particular packing scheme to maximize space use while protecting non-standard parts against damage.

Unlike other packing solutions, special packing for non-standard items will cost you a little extra.

Special packing for non standard items
Special packing for non standard items

RedSheep Display Rack Manufacturer Services

Design The Display Rack You Desire

The low display rack price is a vague attraction if you or your shoppers are bound to adjust according to the racking system and not the other way around.

The highlight of having RedSheep as your custom display rack supplier is the chance to not compromise on your needs.

Thanks to RedSheep’s experience and skilled labor, you can shed the burden and get what you desire.

Our methodical manufacturing allows us to transfer a customer’s idea into a reality.

You may provide us with your SolidWorks, sketches, or CAD drawings as samples. You can even provide pictures to shape your dream into a reality.

3d display rack model
3d display rack model

Or, if you’re not sure about the idea of suitable racking, reach out to our customer handling team and discuss your needs. We hold the ability to imprint your thoughts into a canvas and then into an appealing finished product.

You can customize the length, height, panels, or size of the display racks.

Customization options also include style, material, and colors to maximize your store or warehouse space.

You can rely on our expertise to benefit your store with efficient space management. Our customer-tailored display racking system fulfills all your unique needs.

Boutiques, chain stores, supermarkets, etc., demand us to customize the following features.

  • Custom overall designs
  • Custom parts dimensions
  • Custom outlet layout
  • Custom surface treatment/colors
  • Custom packaging
  • Custom accessories like rear support beams, connectors, sideburns, display holders, gondola ends, shelf management systems, and other parts
Custom outlet layout
Custom outlet layout

Talking about the display, RedSheep works day and night to improve the visuals with a rigid structure. All the customizing options are available to fulfill your brand’s and shopper’s demands.

You are free to choose a color scheme to style every display rack according to your store’s theme. Euro silver or Jura white and black etc. gives a mesmerizing look with its matt finish quality to every corner of your store.

The tig welding technology and four dedicated experienced engineers work hard to bring the most out of your dream design.

Instead of being a trend follower, we allow you to be a trendsetter through our powder-coating production system that offers as many colors as you can imagine in one place.

Add Your Logo on Display Rack To Stand Out

One of the many benefits of having the freedom to custom your display racks is the chance to have your logo imprinted to sparkle the eyes of your visitor with your brand.

Like colors, design, shape, and size of the display rack, you have the complete freedom to select the position, style, and message placement of your logo on each or selected shelf through a pressing tool.

RedSheep will charge you only for the pressing tool and nothing else to keep the luxury in your budget.

Reach out to our team and direct your logo need when placing orders for our quality racking system.

Baseleg with logos press
Baseleg with logos press

Have a Short Lead Time With Our Display Racks

Our racking system is designed to stay with you for the most extended period. Once you buy our pre-designed racking system or order as you desire, you can relax for about 5-10 years before ordering a new one.

Once you plan to order new racks for your warehouse or store, you may sell the previous ones as second-hand racks to make the most out of your valuable asset.

We design every bit of our items to provide you with value against your investment. The qualified rate of RedSheep’s racking system is 99.998% which will increase your sales up to 56% by increasing the visuality of your store.

Rare Services By RedSheep To Help You Avoid Any Mishandling

Nobody likes to encounter unwanted mishaps with display racks. Taking responsibility for the goodwill of your store and warehouse, RedSheep puts extra effort into bringing to your knowledge the correct and required information about the racking system.

Though our racking systems are easy to handle and install, we provide a detailed assembling, disassembling, and installation guide with our structure.

Along with the complete guide, you’ll receive all accessories and parts of the racking system that play a crucial role in strengthening the structure after installation.

To avoid accidents, you’ll be provided with a clear weight-bearing capacity chart. We label every part separately to make sure you don’t overload the structure.

Final Verdict

Coming to the end of our discussion on display racks, you will be happy to know about the 2-year product warranty offered by RedSheep to all its customers purchasing a retail racking system.

With a 30-60 days delivery time, we guarantee you a satisfying shopping experience.

I’d like to know if there’s anything else you’d want to discover about RedSheep as a Retail display rack manufacturer.

For orders and queries, feel free to reach out to our customer care team.

Happy Shopping!

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