Traditional Double Basket Canadian Shopping Cart

Manufacturers like RedSheep hold the experience to offer high-quality Canadian shopping carts. With over 23 years of experience in the industry, we have solutions to all shopping cart problems. Robust construction, affordable rate, crystal clear terms, and best service are what you’ll get at RedSheep. Therefore look no further and chose RedSheep to manufacturer the best in town quality.

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Canadian Shopping Cart Customized

Customization lets you maximize your benefits. With services like ODM/OEM, color, and material customization design your own shopping carts. The labor is skilled enough to make your dream come true.


RedSheep’s customization includes:


  • ODM/OEM service to build designs from scratch
  • Logo printing to claim copyright of your personalized design
  • Color and material customization to make your trolley fashionable
  • Short delivery time for bulk customization
  • Local partners to discuss your needs.
  • Highly responsive team to assist you remotely

RedSheep Canadian Shopping Cart

Maximize your sales through better customization with RedSheep’s Canadian shopping cart.

The cart with an efficiency rate of 99.998% can double your profits.

The unique design and excellent manufacturing will provide you with the ultimate peace of mind.

The overall experience of the trolley will give you an edge over competitors.

None of your visitors will find a reason to switch between stores after experiencing the smooth functions of a Canadian shopping cart.

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Top 4 Canadian Shopping Cart Reviewed

Below are 4 carts you can find at RedSheep stores at an affordable rate and even have the freedom to customise them

Canadian metal two tier shopping cart

Canadian metal two tier shopping cart

The trolley is constructed from high-quality metal. The design is durable and firm enough to accommodate small to medium weight goods at once. The modern system offers two separate baskets to keep the goods sorted.  Customers can utilize the small basket at the back for fragile items.

South America Cencosud Two Tier Shopping Cart

South America cencosud two tier shopping cart

The design is most popular among two-tier trolleys. The metal wire structure is corrosion and rust-resistant and offers a smooth and silent function. It can hold up to 100kg weight depending on the dimensions. The handle of the trolley can be utilized for logo printing. The trolley support color customization.

Canada 2 Tier Metal Shopping Cart

Canadian Double Basket Metal Shopping Cart

This one is fairly a big trolley among two-tier shopping carts. The material used in the construction is metal, making it strong enough to bear minor accidents and bumps. Both baskets can carry small to medium size items. Carefully welded ends will offer safe shopping to all the customers.

Canadian Hybrid Plastic Double Basket Shopping Cart

This trolley is an ideal combination of metal and plastic. The HDPP plastic is used in the construction, which is recyclable. The material makes it lightweight and easy to maintain. Both baskets of the trolley contain an add panel for branding. You can customize the colors for the beautification of the trolley.


Canadian Shopping Cart The Customer’s Next Favorite - FAQ Guide

Following is the list of frequently asked questions about retail shopping carts.


What are the business advantages of a Canadian shopping cart?

A Canadian shopping cart is relatively new in the market. The unique design and advancing structure hold many features to ease overall shopping. It ultimately benefits the business because a happy customer will shop more.


Compact and Lightweight Structure

The first benefit of an industrial shopping cart is its compact and lightweight structure. This makes the trolley ideal for small to medium-size stores.

The lightweight and compact model allow customers to quickly shop without getting stuck in the traffic.

This saves their time, eventually leading to a good impact on the store. On the other hand, the store owners can entertain a double audience than before.


Sorted Shopping

At times goods need to be sorted to avoid mess. The double basket system of Canadian shopping trolleys is the best option for that.

The model helps shoppers keep wet and dry items separately, keeping the shopping hassle-free.

This helps them quickly evaluate their shopping, again saving time for both parties.


Durable Design

A double basket shopping cart offers durability to store owners. The material used in the construction is either steel for wire trolleys or HDPP for plastic ones.

Both materials are affordable, durable, easy to customize, and rust-resistant.

Owners shopping for Canadian trolleys can expect to enjoy its services for at least 5-10 years. 


Safe and Smooth Performance

The safety of shopping carts adds up to the goodwill of a store. Hence RedSheep builds medium-size shopping carts with full responsibility.

The casters integrated into the trolley offer smooth performance.

The corners and the handle of the trolley are covered with shock-resistant material.

Double Basket Canadian Shopping Cart
Double Basket Canadian Shopping Cart

What is the difference between typical and Canadian shopping carts?

Both 2 tier and traditional shopping carts are great designs. They offer quality performance and high load-bearing capacity depending on the dimensions.

The only difference is in the design and uses. A traditional trolley is comparatively heavier than a two-tier trolley and sometimes tricky to handle.

Where a regular bulk shopper would appreciate using a traditional trolley, a day-to-day shopper would prefer something compact and easy-going like a Canadian shopping cart.


What is the load-bearing capacity of a Canadian shopping cart?

Canadian shopping trolleys are of various designs and sizes. They offer different load-bearing capacities; however, a trolley can hold up to 100kg load at once.


What is the color coating option for Canadian shopping carts?

Colors can improve the aesthetics of the store, keeping shoppers hooked. Trolleys are the moving objects in a store; therefore, the color and finish hold a lot of importance.

Following are the color coating techniques with their features available for a Canadian shopping cart:

Zinc Plating Plus Transparent Powder Treatment

  • Corrosion and rust free color coating
  • Lasting colors
  • Smooth and beautiful finish

Spray Plastic

  • Best for gray and white color.
  • Lasting smooth finish

Chromium Plating

  • Beautiful finish
  • Bright surface

Bright Galvanisation

  • Long-lasting corrosion and rust-free coating


What is the cost of a Canadian shopping cart?

There are lots of factors affecting the price of a Canadian shopping cart. It includes the material, dimensions, customization, etc.

However, an available cart will cost you around $22-$35. Laws of economic scale will apply to bulk purchases.


How To Test The Quality of A Canadian Shopping Cart?

Following are the three techniques to check the quality of the shopping cart yourself:

Salt Spray Test: The test involves artificially simulated salt spray. You can conduct it to estimate the corrosion and rust resistance of a Canadian shopping cart.

We recommend this test as a must for stores in humid climates.

Anti-Ultraviolet Test: You can check the life span of a shopping cart through the anti-ultraviolet test. It involves irritating the surface with ultraviolet light.

Load Bearing Test: The test will help you evaluate the load-bearing capacity. It is done by equally placing the weight on the fame of the trolley. Push the trolley to test its quality of movement when loaded.


Does RedSheep Offer Direct Delivery For Canadian Shopping Cart?

The straightaway answer to the question is yes!

We offer delivery services to more than 40 countries. The customers are allowed to choose logistics and packaging to avoid misunderstandings later.

Contact our team to get an exact estimate of delivery time in your country.



RedSheep is a certified manufacturer. Our team is all set to offer the best quality products to all our customers.

If you have any further questions about Canadian shopping carts, feel free to reach out.

Lastly, click “Request a quote” to place your order.

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