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Tools display racks require skills and high-quality material to function properly. It is a bit technical as compared to standard display racks which makes it important to look for a professional tools display rack manufacturer when planning to purchase one. Lucky RedSheep has been offering its services for the past 23 years as an experienced tools display rack manufacturer in Eastern China. Thanks to our experience, we know how to develop futuristic products to benefit you and your business.

Rack For Handling Tools

Tools Display Rack Customized

Every business is unique, and so do its needs. It is the need of the hour to produce tailored products and enjoy the benefits of any product. RedSheep allows you to design items around to your needs. We got a group of skilled engineers to provide a personalized shopping experience. Our focus is to offer versatility in our products to make the most out of your investment. Get benefit through our experience of serving customers in more than 40 countries. From advanced mechanisms to skilled engineers, we got everything you’ll need. Wait no more and contact RedSheep for best in town customization services.

RedSheep’s customized services include:

  • ODM/OEM service for unique needs
  • Logo printing to claim the copyright of your personalized design
  • Colour and material customization to make it work for you
  • Short delivery time for bulk customization
  • Local partners to discuss your needs.
  • Providing collapsible crates with a 99.998% qualification rate
  • Offering economical and affordable shopping baskets
  • Providing a 2-year warranty for each unit

Redsheep Tools Display Rack

Our display racks are not only designed to keep your products in place but to help you attract maximum customers.

These are constructed to increase your productivity so you can focus better on your sales.

We ensure high-quality tools display racks that’ll boost your sales.

Our strong engineering will leave no stone unturned to provide ease to your shoppers, eventually leading to loyal customers.

We have experience and knowledge working in various environments with a unique set of market rules.

Therefore you can rely on our expertise and experience when it comes to retail display equipment.

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Top Tools Display Rack Reviewed

Below are checkout counter you can find at RedSheep stores at an affordable rate and even have the freedom to customise them

Economic Power Tools Display Shelving

Economic Power Tools Display Shelving

This one is an attractive and efficient tool display rack. It comes with an overhead ad display panel. You can utilize it to display your own ads or get sponsorship for extra income. The shelving system will help you organize and display tools efficiently to attract maximum customers.

Tegometall Power Tools Display Rack

Tegometall Power Tools Display Rack

As the name suggests it’s a Tegometall tools display rack. These racks are specially constructed to boost your sales through proper and sorted tools display. These racks can be customized to fit your needs better. You can contact our experts to discuss your needs before finalizing your order.

French Irwin Tools Display Shelving

French Irwin Tools Display Shelving

This is one of the most efficient and versatile tool display racks available at RedSheep. It allows a unique display of tools to boost your sales. It comes with various sizes of shelves to fulfill all the display needs. You can customize its dimension, color, and overall design to make the most out of your valuable investment.

integrated-rackTego integrated rack with pegboard gondola shelving and euro hooks

Tego integrated rack with pegboard gondola shelving and euro hooks

This is a unique tool display rack that comes with a versatile shelving system. There are different shelves available for different display needs. The color of this display system is what makes it look attractive to customers. Only high-quality material has been used in the construction of this display rack.

Storage Bin Box Display Shelving

Storage Bin Box Display Shelving

This display system contains small bin boxes to store and display pieces that are difficult to display otherwise. These bins are constructed from high-quality recyclable plastic to benefit you and your business. At the bottom of the system, there are acrylic boxes attached to store comparatively bigger items.

Dexion Heavy Duty Tools Display Rack

Dexion Heavy Duty Tools Display Rack

When you got packaged items and don’t know how to display them attractively don’t fret out. We got you this unique design of heavy-duty tools display rack that is efficient enough to store and display packed items. The system includes hooks that can be easily installed without professional help.

Long Handle Tool Display Rack

Long Handle Tool Display Rack

If you’re looking for something to store and display tools properly without eating precious floor space in your store you won’t find a better option than this long-handle tool display rack. The system includes holes to secure tools in the best possible manner. You can get a customized long handle rack by contacting our team.

Broomstick&Mop Cabinets

Broomstick&Mop Cabinets

This broomstick&mop cabinet is a heavy-duty design, so it won’t fall down when stored full of wet mops. The big size L495*W283*H790 and it’s heavy-weight makes sure its stability.  The perforated bottom makes sure the water drain quickly to keep the cabinet itself dry and clean.

Tools Display Racks A Secret To Better Sales - FAQ Guide

Tools are a bit challenging to store and display due to their nature. Many store owners find it difficult to decide on the correct display technique for packaged and non-packaged tools.

If you’re one of those we’ve got you covered!

Here’s a quick guide on tools display racks that’ll help you increase your productivity and efficiency through smart construction. Without further ado, let’s get started!


What Is A Tools Display Rack?

Tools display racks or shelving systems are special systems constructed to store and organize tools. It helps expose tools better for easy identification, retrieval, and return. These systems are either wall-mounted o free standing and can be designed to display specific tools as well. These are versatile racks for multi-purpose tools.

Additionally, some racks are designed with standard hooks for storing stepladders others are equipped with special hooks for brooms, shovels, and other long-handled tools. The best part of these racks is easy customization.

You can customize the shape, size material, and features of these racks. Metal tool trays integrated into tools display racks are usually round, square, or rectangular whereas round tool trays are either bowl-shaped or dish-shaped. These are specified according to diameter, typically in inches and fractions of inches or centimeters.

A Power Tools Display Rack
A Power Tools Display Rack

What Are The Features of Tools Display Board?

Customized Shelving

The best part of tools display racks is customized shelves. This allows you to get a shelving system that will best support the tools, eventually increasing the visibility of the goods.

Versatile Design

The system offers maximum versatility to hold various kinds of tools. It allows you to attach different types of hooks with the base system so you can put tools of your choice. Additionally, each hook can hold a weight of up to 4kg hence heavy items can be put directly on the bottom shelf.  


A display rack offers durability to store owners. The material used in the construction is tested several times to check its quality.

You can expect your tools display rack to last for at least 5-10 years with minimum maintenance.  

Tools display racks come with display panels. These panels allow you to keep your brand’s name before your customers for better sales.

Ample Space For Both Display And Storage

The best part of our tools display racks is the space it offers to accommodate both storage and display products. At the bottom of the system, there’s extra space available which is equal to 100 kg. The space can be utilized to store inventory.

Rigid Structure

The first benefit of the tools display rack is its smart and rigid construction. These racks are constructed from high-quality row material only. The construction process is also kept specific to build a structure that can easily carry the weight of heavy-duty tools.

The rigidity of the structure allows customers to access the items easily. This saves their time, eventually leading to a good impact on the store. On the other hand, the store owners can entertain a double audience than before.

Integrated Rack for Power Tools Display
Integrated Rack for Power Tools Display

What’s The Load-bearing Capacity of Tools Display Racks?

The rack is designed to support a total load capacity ranging from 35kg to 300kg, with a minimum of 20 display hooks featured on it. Each individual display hook is capable of bearing a load between 4kg and 8kg. Additionally, the bottom shelf panel is capable of accommodating loads of up to 300kg.

A Load-bearing Capacity Test on Single-sided Tools Display Rack
A Load-bearing Capacity Test on Single-sided Tools Display Rack

From Where Can I Buy A High-quality Long Handle Tool Display Rack?

Having a rigid and proper display system is not only important to keep your goods safe but it is necessary to ensure your employee’s and customers’ safety. Hence there’s no way you can compromise on the quality and services offered by tools display manufacturers.

If you’re planning to order tools display racks for your store and are willing to enjoy the best quality, affordable rates with necessary services for a durable experience look no further than RedSheep. Here’s what you get when you purchase tools display racks from RedSheep.

Safety Is Our Priority

Our top objective is to provide our customers with the safest products possible. We do everything we can to achieve worldwide quality and safety requirements as an ISO-certified company.

We have a dedicated staff in place to ensure that the service we provide is of the highest quality.

A team of engineers is responsible for inspecting the quality of the raw materials used to build tools display racks.

Two chief engineers are part of this group. One is to ensure that the construction materials are of good quality. The second engineer ensures that the entire construction process is completed appropriately.

Durable Products

Every product manufactured at RedSheep is constructed to offer long-term services.

To do so…

We do third-party testing to maintain the trust and transparency we enjoy with our customers.

For us, nothing is more important than our customer’s satisfaction. Being a responsible manufacturer, we want to provide maximum value to your investment.

When it comes to displaying products, we make sure every product lasts for at least 5-10 years.  

Easy Payment Options

When you shop with RedSheep, we make sure you’re comfortable. For your convenience, all costs have been kept low while keeping high quality.

We also provide a variety of payment alternatives for your convenience. For additional information about payment and discounts, please contact our experts.

Local Partners

We have local partners in several parts of the world if you don’t feel safe ordering online. Send us your business address, and we’ll put you in touch with our finest local partner.

Best Quality At Affordable Rates

Every RedSheep product is made with your best interests in mind. We use innovative technology, expert labor, and innovation to preserve the quality of our products without raising the price.

We do so by removing unnecessary costs using our industry experience and knowledge.

Redsheep Shop Fittings Turnover Percentage
Redsheep Shop Fittings Turnover Percentage

What Are The Factors to Consider When Purchasing Tools Display Racks?

Following are the necessary factors to consider when purchasing tools display racks.

  • Make sure you check available space before looking for the design and features of tools display racks.
  • Decide if you want to invest in a new system for long-term carefree services or adjust with a second-hand structure to save money.
  • Safety should never be compromised. Always ensure the company manufacturing the systems is certified and offer safe and secure racks only.


Can You Customize a Long Handle Tool Display Rack?

The simples answer to this question is yes.

RedSheep believes in creating things that work the way you want them to. Rather than asking you to change, we allow you to mold the items to your specifications.

RedSheep provides ODM/OEM services to help you realize your creative vision. To follow your designs, you can email us your CAD and PDF files.

Everything in your boxes may be customized, from color to design, size, and material.

You may even customize every bit of your tools display racks to increase your productivity. Silk printing is used to create these logo panels.

These logo panels/ad panels can be utilized to display important information about your brand. Or you can use them for sponsored ads to make more money.

Feel free to contact our team to get customized tools for display racks.


Final Verdict

Tools display racks include all the features you need to increase productivity and sales.

We think we’ve covered all of the pertinent information concerning the tools display rack. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments area below.

Finally, to order our long-handle tools display systems, go to “get a quote” and speak with a professional.

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