Milk Trolley For UK Market With China Factory Price

Looking for milk trolley manufacturer for UK market? RedSheep could offer you the classicly designed milk trolleys with unparalleled quality and China Factory Direct Price.

Weight 32.5 kg
Dimensions 660 × 420 × 1300 mm
Load-bearing Capacity






Nesting Distance


Caster Wheels

4" PU wheels, 2 fixed + 2 swiveled

Surface Treatment

Zinc Plated

Container Loading Quantity

20GP: 130pcs
40GP: 270pcs
40HQ: 500pcs


2 years

Details About Milk Trolley For UK Market With China Factory Price

A four-tier milk trolley is an application of roll containers, which is widely popular in farms, factories, and places where dairy products are served or delt. It helps move milk bottles in bulk without messing up the place.

If you are looking for quality milk trollies to enjoy lasting services, you are at the right place.

RedSheep has been in the field for the past 20 years, ensuring that all consumers have a pleasant purchasing experience.

We focus on developing unique products that fulfill your requirements to make the most out of your investment. At RedSheep, you get every service one can expect from professional manufacturers.

Our milk trollies are designed to keep the unique needs of our customers in mind. RedSheep is the place where you get high-end material with efficient delivery and satisfying customer service.

We value your requirements and leave no chance to produce what is good for your business. With our high-end manufacturing, get ready to double your profits.

We are confident in our wisdom and hands-on experience. We promise to provide solutions to all your storage problems.

Keep reading the article, and you’ll find answers to all your mind-boggling confusions.


Benefits Of Milk Trolleys To Your Business

Milk trolleys offer various direct and indirect business benefits. Convenience is one of the many advantages.

More ease when handling the products means more time to think about your customer’s needs. You can make more profits by offering better services to your customers.

Whether you are a dairy farm owner, wholesaler, retailer, or distributor, you need efficient transport or a store of milk bottles to focus on other important affairs.

This is where the dairy milk trolly proves a great help. It offers a helping hand in storing the product and keeping it safe.

Not only that but investing in a milk dolly can reduce your labor expense too.

You can visibly see the difference in labor required to move the product with and without the milk trolleys.

Where a single worker can not carry more than ten bottles in a crate due to the weight of the bottles and milk, the trolley makes it possible to move 10 times of bottles at once with the help of rotating casters.

In this way, you can eliminate the cost of extra labor working to manage the product line.

Milk trolley for milk wholesale and distribution
Milk trolley for milk wholesale and distribution

Uses Of Four-Wheel Milk Trolley

Irrespective of the quantity of milk you deal with daily, a four-wheel milk trolly is for all. The universal design offers various benefits.

As a Farm Owner: If you are a farm owner, you need easy and quick access to milk for your suppliers. You need a milk dolly for the inter movement of the milk. Plus, it will help you store your product in an organized manner before leaving it for the suppliers.

As A Factory Owner: If you own a factory that deals in dairy products, there is no chance of having a milk trolly. Producing dairy products means mixing and storing various ingredients that go into a finished product.

Here milk serves as the raw material or the primary ingredient of your product line. Therefore you cannot compromise on having safe storage for the foundation of your other products.

The milk trolleys will provide a helping hand when dealing with large quantities of milk. It will provide safe and secure storage while the easy inter-factory movement of milk to various locations for further processing.

As A Supplier: If you are a milk supplier, storage can be a great challenge for you. You must find it hard to load and unload each bottle into the refrigerator before leaving for its final destination.

You can eliminate the hassle and save time by purchasing RedSheep’s refrigerator-friendly milk dolly. The trolley will show no sign of damage or dent when kept at low degrees centigrade to keep the milk safe.

As A Store Owner: Display is the key to sales for all store owners. If you don’t display your products properly, customers won’t know what you offer.

When they don’t know what products you have, you lose the chance to convince them to purchase.

Avoid losing your potential customer through the proper display of milk and other dairy products. The milk trolleys will allow your customer to access the product themselves. Increasing your chance of making the sale.

You can push the trolley directly into the refrigerator for display. It helps save time, effort, and manpower to manually transfer the product from delivery to a dedicated refrigerator for sale.


Milk Trolley For Sainsbury's Supermarket
Milk Trolley For Sainsbury’s Supermarket


How Do Milk Trolleys Compare to the Plastic Milk Crates?

Generally speaking, both milk trolleys and plastic milk crates are popular in the dairy industry.

The milk dolly is much bigger, more efficiency, and heavy-duty, it can save a lot of manpower and energy when you deliver with a large number of milk boxes. The plastic milk crates are more flexible, so you can deliver a small number of milk boxes by hand lift and sell the milk in your store.

In another word, when you are a big dairy supplier or a big supermarket, you can use the milk dolly for better efficiency, when you are a small business owner, you’d choose the plastic milk crates.


How Do Maintain Milk Trolleys?

Proper maintenance and care are essential to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of milk trolleys. Here are some tips to keep your milk trolleys in top condition:

Regular Cleaning:  It’s vital to clean your milk trolley regularly to prevent the accumulation of dirt and bacteria. Use a mild detergent and warm water to clean the trolley, and ensure it’s entirely dry before use.

Inspect trolley for damages:  Regularly examine the milk trolley for any damages or signs of wear and tear such as bent or broken parts, loose screws or bolts, or damaged wheels. Fix any issues as soon as possible to prevent further damage and potential safety hazards.

Lubricate moving parts:  Lubricate the wheels and other moving parts of the milk trolley to ensure smooth operation and prevent squeaking. Always use a food-grade lubricant to avoid any contamination of the milk.

Store the trolley properly:  When not in use, store the milk trolley in a clean, dry, and cool place to prevent bacteria and mold growth.

Regularly replace parts:  Over time, the wheels, bearings, and other components of the milk trolley may wear out and require replacement. Regularly check the trolley for any signs of wear and replace any worn parts promptly to ensure safe and smooth operation.

By adhering to these maintenance and care tips, you can ensure that your milk trolleys are always in top-notch condition, providing safe and reliable transportation for your milk products.

RedSheep The One-Stop Solution To All Your Dairy Product Needs

Dairy products are hard to handle because of the nature of the substance. And it becomes even harder to deal with the products when you are new to the market.

Worry not; we got you covered…

We are here to not only build a lasting structure that suits your needs but guide you with the dos and don’ts.

At RedSheep, we build products to service your unique needs for the longest time. Here is the list of benefits you get when purchasing our milk trolleys by RedSheep.


Quality Manufacturing For Lasting Service

Quality is one thing RedSheep never compromises on. We believe that serving what we promise is the only way to maintain healthy relations with our customers.

To maintain the quality of our four-wheel milk trolly, we have a dedicated team of experts. One of the two supervisors checks the raw material thoroughly, so the structure’s foundation is strong.

The other supervisor checks the manufacturing process throughout to double-check you get what you demand.

Aside from that, all milk trollies are put through a series of tests and trials before reaching your doorstep. ..

Both our team and third parties conduct these tests to ensure the product line beats the international standards of milk trolley manufacturing.

Milk trolley quality manufacturing
Milk trolley quality manufacturing


Thoughtful Manufacturing

If the structure of the milk trolley is not rigid, it might lose its incentive with time. To give you the ultimate experience of a milk dolly, we focus on manufacturing a rough and tough structure that can withstand harsh conditions.

To achieve our goal, we have special welding and laser technology. The raw material is treated with the best in town robotics to produce a lasting finished product.

The zinc plating on the surface protects the structure against corrosion when refrigerated.


Enjoy a Certified And Safe Milk Trolley

Claiming to be one of the ultimate milk trolley suppliers is not enough. We understand you deserve to have proof of it before you trust your stock with our manufactured trolley.

For your knowledge

RedSheep is ISO certified. All the milk trollies manufactured at RedSheep meet the European standard UNE EN ISO 1929 1:1998. We also fulfill ISO 9001: ISO 9001: 2000 quality standards because we care about your reputation.

We build our product line keeping TUV regulations in mind.

Our milk dolly also fulfills the following standards of construction:

  • EN ISO 3438-2 Standard for complying with the welding quality requirements.
  • EN 1090-1 Standard that is required for manufacturers of steel structures installed in the European community.
  • EN 13501-1 Standard for guaranteeing the absence of lead in our paints.
  • OSHAS 18001 Standard for achieving the best safety and health condition.

Durability Comes With Affordability

Thanks to the quality metal used in the construction, the milk trollies can maintain their aesthetics in frequently changing environments.

You can use the milk trolleys to store the product directly in the refrigerator. We mainly use Q195 and Q235 for the construction of our milk trolleys. The material is robust and offers durability with affordability.

We construct our products to serve you for the longest time. You can expect the milk dolly to be in service for more than 5-10 years.

With routine health check-ups and proper maintenance, you can prolong the life of a four-wheel milk trolley.

You can also sell our milk trolleys as scrap for money once done using them.

Special Design of Milk Trolley

RedSheep is no ordinary milk trolley supplier. Hence none of our products are built to perform ordinary services.

Starting with the design…

The trolley got foldable gates with shelves made up of two halves. One of the two shelves is movable to fit various products according to your needs.

The design of the shelves allows easy loading, unloading, and cleaning of the stock. Due to the lightweight, nestable design of the milk dolly, it saves a lot of money and space during importing transportation and storage.

The design holds a dedicated gate that forms the front of the unit when in a locked-up position.

To provide extra safety, we offer gate locks also.

Beautiful designed milk trolley
Beautifully designed milk trolley
Special Designed Foldable Milk Trolley
Special Designed Foldable Milk Trolley


Customization For Universal Needs

To provide valuable service to our customers with unique needs, we offer all sorts of customization.

Generally, the dimensions of a four-wheel milk trolley include the following:

External Dimension: 660 X 420 X 1300 mm

Internal Dimension: 630 X 390 X 1150 mm

Folded Dimension: 660 X 420 X 1300 mm

Nesting Distance: 135 mm

Weight: 32.5 kg

Weight Bearing Capacity: 250 kg

Caster: 100 mm, 2 fixed + 2 swivel

If you have special demands for dimension, material, design, or material, you can freely contact our team to opt for customization.

The customization service also includes ODM/OEM service. You can provide us with digital or hand sketches of your dream design. Or talk to our engineers to design a structure that is according to your unique needs.

With ODM/OEM service, we also offer logo printing to our customers. The logo printing is done through a pressing tool. Ideally, you’ll only be charged for the tool and not the printing process.

Parts details highly customizable 02

Parts details highly customizable 05

parts details highly customizable 04

Parts details highly customizable 03

Parts details highly customizable
Parts details are highly customizable


Good Services from  Milk Trolley Supplier

Local Partners for Personalized Services

Giant businesses have various needs that are not easy to convey over the phone all the time. To serve the best service to such customers, RedSheep has partnered with local partners globally.

You can contact our team and guide us to your business location. Our team will hook you up with our local partner serving in your area.


Efficient Delivery In No Time

To serve you in the least time possible, RedSheep offers fast pace production.

Thanks to our dedicated team and the latest technology, we can produce bulk orders in the least time.

Irrespective of the quantity, customization, and area of delivery, we promise to complete your order within 25 days.

For better production and delivery understanding, you can always reach out to our team.


Easy Payment

RedSheep being one of the biggest leading four-wheel milk trolley suppliers does everything for the benefit of our purchasers.

We offer various payment methods to provide ease when you shop from us. From the telegraphic payment, Paypal, or Western Union to a Letter of credit payment, you can choose whatever method suits you.

If you want special payment terms, you may reach out to our team for a detailed discussion.

A rare service RedSheep offer is the allowance of credit. Shoppers purchasing more than four-time in 12 months can avail of this offer.

We don’t consider verbal orders. You can reach out to us through “contact us” to place your order of a minimum of 50 sets.


Shipment and Delivery

Our four-wheel milk trolleys will be delivered full truckload or LCL to your desired location in more than 40 countries worldwide.

For overseas delivery, we give you the freedom to choose logistics to avoid any confusion later on.

We make sure no item gets damaged or lost during shipment through efficient packaging. However, if there’s any problem, you may report your complaint within 36 hours of receiving the delivery.

Take Away

To let you enjoy ultimate peace of mind, RedSheep offers a complete 24-month warranty on all products.

Apart from that…

Complete accessories will be delivered with milk trolleys for easy assembly.

I hope you’ve got your answers to questions related to RedSheep’s milk trolleys. If not, please let us know your requirement.

You can place your order through “Request a Quote”. Our team of experts will guide you through each step to complete your order.


Weight 32.5 kg
Dimensions 660 × 420 × 1300 mm
Load-bearing Capacity






Nesting Distance


Caster Wheels

4" PU wheels, 2 fixed + 2 swiveled

Surface Treatment

Zinc Plated

Container Loading Quantity

20GP: 130pcs
40GP: 270pcs
40HQ: 500pcs


2 years


We are a supermarket trolley, gondola shelving manufacturer and trading company. In fact, we have specialized in shopping cart and gondola shelving industry since 2000. After 20 years’ development, now we have full connections in China on this business.

At present, we have around 200 workers in our factory, 100 for production, 80 for power coating and packaging, 20 for quality control, R&D, and production management. Many brand buyers have had a good cooperation with us for years, such as Wal-mart, ALDI, Tesco, IKEA, you can click to know more about RedSheep factory, we are glad to serve you with our experience as a potential supplier.

Our factory is located in Fushou Village, Shanghu Town, Changshu City, Jiangsu Province, China, which is close to Shanghai.
You can fly to Shanghai airport(2 and half hours to us) or Wuxi airport (60 mins to us) directly. You can also take a high-speed train to Wuxi East station (40 mins to us), or Wuxi station (1.5 hours to us)

Generally, all of our products are made from Q235 SPCC steel and HDPP plastic.

The sample is available for different products, please contact our sales to know more details.

Yes, as a gondola shelving and supermarket cart manufacturer, we encourage our cutomer to develop new design by cooperating with us.

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