Custom Display Racks

RedSheep was born 23 years ago to provide shopfitting solutions to supermarkets and other retail outlets. Our brand has provided the best display rack for over ten years and continues to innovate and match customer needs.We are devoted to offering you quality and affordable racks for displaying all your merchandise. Contact us today and place your 100pcs plus order of these units, and we will deliver within 14-60 days.

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Display Racks Customized

We offer regular parts and accessories for the display rack, and better yet, we let you enjoy our ODM/OEM services. Our ten years of producing the best rack give us the confidence to bring every model/design to reality.

The primary purpose of a display rack is to help outlet owners sell more.

Hence, it is vital to install that display solution in your store to increase your sales whether you are remodeling or starting a new supermarket.

RedSheep is the perfect brand because we:

  • Follow strict ISO /TUV regulations
  • Have a dedicated control team and system
  • Offer the best price in the industry  
  • Have a short delivery time
  • Provide you with a 24-month warranty for every piece

Have a low minimum order of 100 sets/pcs

Redsheep Custom Display Racks

What kind of display comes to your mind when thinking of store merchandising?

Shelves? End caps? displays?  What about a display rack?

Although often overlooked, display racks can be necessary to develop an organized, useful, and enjoyable store layout.

Recent studies done by leading media brands confirmed that 60% of total sales are attributed to store displays.

Our RedSheep shopfitting experts look at display racks; keep on reading to find out more about these systems.

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Top Custom Display Racks Reviewed

Below are racks you can find at RedSheep stores at an affordable rate and even have the freedom to customise them

Vegetable Shelving

50P Vegetable Display Rack

It is vital to display your vegetable and other produce appropriately to capture the shopper’s attention. That is when the Vegetable Display Rack comes in handy. It allows you to display your fruits and vegetables. 

Tegometall style vegetable shelving with top glass panel and AD panel

This vegetable display shelving with the most accessories, an AD Panel with LED lighting, Top glass, vegetable crates, and acrylic risers, which gives it an aesthetically appealing look. We encourage you to customize your model to meet your brands needs.

Tegometall style vegetable shelving with v shaped brackets

The system is uniquely designed to enable you to store perishable in cooler places without the shelves getting damaged. You can assemble the rack without seeking professional help and disassemble it with ease.

Greeting Card Display Rack

Greeting Card Display Rack

Greeting cards are a superb addition to your store, even if you do not sell stationery. You can display them using the Card Display Rack, making it possible for people to pick them up when shopping for other things.

Rotating Greeting Card Display Stand

You can increase your sales by having the best Card Display Stands in your store for holding holidays, birthdays, greeting, and other cards. It gives you 360-degree freedom to display your material and enables the shoppers to pick them up with ease. 

Metal Wire Racks for Displaying Merchandise

RedSheep can help you display your cards in a fancy way using these Metal Wire Racks for Displaying Merchandise. We have a trendy collection of these units for displaying birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and all types of cards. 

Cosmetic Display Rack

2022 New Graphic Backing Cosmetic Gondola Shelving

This is RedSheep’s latest custom retail shelving, with the modern design, it has the most visible area to display your advertising to make your customer believe your goods are better than others.

Curved Custom Display Shelves Cosmetic Gondola Shelving

This is the most popular cosmetic shelving, it can meet the most goods, or be used in a big supermarket or mall to display large quantities, of low-value cosmetic goods like shampoo or facial cleanser.

Curved Cosmetic Gondola Shelving

This cosmetic shelving is not cheap, but its unique design will attract most of your customers to check your goods out. Which could also raise the value of your goods in the customer’s heart.

Book&Magazine Display Shelving

Magazine Shelving

Newspaper and magazine display is a critical part of all convenience stores and supermarkets. The Magazine Shelving lets you join multiple units to create space for all newsagents in your outlet. You can use this system as a stand-alone model or connect it with other shelving on your premises. 

WHSmith style metal book shelving

WHSmith Style Metal Book Shelving

Our professional team of designers can work with you to develop a Custom Display Stand that meets your specifications. We begin by creating a technical drawing with dimensions and 3D renderings for you to review. Then, we produce a prototype for you to see if it what you need.

Dexion maxidrive model metal high density mobile library shelving

Our professional team of designers can work with you to develop a Custom Display Stand that meets your specifications. We begin by creating a technical drawing with dimensions and 3D renderings for you to review. Then, we produce a prototype for you to see if it is what you need.

Tobacco Display Rack

Cigarette Display Rack With Shelf Panels

It’s an attractive and neat Tobacco display rack that will help you increase sales, the automatic shelf pusher will make your sales efficient and profitable. There are two big panels for your logo and your slogan/note, which can be customized for your branding.

Tobacco Gantry Cabinets With Slider Drawers

This model is the simplest version, but very functional, shelf pushers on sliding drawers make it very convenient for sales and goods loading, and the other half of the cabinet offers a big space for tobacco carton storage, making it a storage-sales cigarette display rack.

Cigarette Display Rack With Slider Drawers And LED AD Panel

This cigarette gantry comes with a LED light box made of Acrylic, which will make the whole cabinet bright and more attractive. This display cabinet will skyrocket your tobacco business and earn a lot of profit for you. It’s a perfect choice for your ROI.

Tools Display Rack

Economic Power Tools Display Shelving

This tools shelving is the basic model, which could bear 4kg tools for each hook, with a bottom shelf and a top Ad panel on top. The dimension will be compatible with Asian & Australian gondola shelving. It’s attractive and versatile at the most affordable rate.

Tegometall Tools Display Rack

This tools display rack is based on the Tegometall system, so it’s medium-duty and could suit most of the pegboard hooks for your different display needs. It’s highly customizable because of the various accessories of the Tegometall system. The bottom shelf can bear over 350kg of any big power tool.

Tego integrated rack with pegboard gondola shelving and euro hooks

This heavy-duty integrated rack with Euro hooks is the most popular system for heavy power tools, garden tools, long tools, and so on, it combined the storage racks and the supermarket shelving to make it meet all your needs for storage&displaying, and it can bear 300-500kg on the rack and 200kg on each layer shelf. 

Other Display Rack

retail display rack

Heavy Duty Retail Display Rack

It is a Retail Display Rack for displaying your merchandise and letting the customers access them. It provides you with up to five shelves for placing different kinds of items. The model comes with metal shelving with an attractive wooden pattern made of Thermal transfer printing technology. 

clothes display rack

Clothes Display Rack

Clothes Display Rack is an attractive system that makes your garment more visible to the customers. It is made with stylish simplicity to ensure that every shopper sees bags, hats, shirts, and other clothes for sale. We customize this rack to meet your style and design and even ensure you have something to display your brand. 

display hook stand

Display Hook Stand

The Display Hook Stand is a unique structure for holding packaged products. You install it at a strategic location where the shoppers can see the items with ease. The model takes less space, and you can place it against the wall to create more room.

Display Rack Accessories

Gondola Shelving Accessories

Display Hooks for Display Racks for Shops

Slatwall Acrylic Shelves And Accessories

Gondola Shelf Plastic Toothed Risers And Dividers System

Shelf Pusher System

Plastic Vegetable Crates

Customized Display Racks: The Complete FAQ Guide

Below are some issues we get about the custom display racks.

For more information about products, the company, or shipping, you can also check out our other FAQs!

What Are Custom Display Racks?

A customized display rack is a system that exhibits written material or products to entice the customers into learning or finding more about the subject or item.

The model is also used to organize the merchandise in different sections for better presentation.

It ultimately leads to the purchase of the product. You find different forms of displays, including custom display shelves, stands, and racks.

The models also come in different types such as Pegboard, Table Display, Speciality Displays, Slatwall, Gondola, Garment Rack, and Gridwall.

Our product range at RedSheep includes a supermarket display rack, metal retail display rack, double-sided display rack, fruit vegetable display rack, office shelving, and hypermarket display rack.

Please refer to the case study of RedSheep display racks in Jumbo supermarket, the second-largest supermarket chain in The Netherlands.

We customize your merchandise display rack to meet your specific need and the type of products you sell.

That means providing you with systems that:

  • Use the given area of your premises effectively
  • Provide you with profit-generating floor space
  • Allow for easy browsing of your stock
  • Make your store more attractive
  • Turn your outlet into a high-end shopping center
  • Offer versatility to your supermarket


What Industry Makes Use of Custom Display Racks?

Custom Display rack supplier produces different types of systems for use in different industries.

Here are the industries and stores you find these units:

  • Grocery Stores

The fruits and vegetable store makes use of the racks to display their products to the customers.

You find them in all manner of sizes and styles, meeting every store’s needs.

  • Outlet Stores

Custom display racks suppliers use these displays to sell their items to consumers directly from their business.

They make it easier for individual buyers or other retail stores to view the products on offer.

  • Supermarket/Hypermarket

You will find different types of displays in supermarkets and hypermarkets.

They help to hold merchandise and display them to the shoppers.

  • Medical Industry

These are specially made racks for displaying the different medicines offered at a pharmacy or other drug stores.

They make it easier to know the drug in the store without having to visit the storage.

  • Textile Industry

The textile industry use displays to display their clothes attractively.

You find the standard shelf displays or simple standing models for hanging the garments.

  • Gift Shops

Displays are used to display the different types of gifts on offer at a gift shop.

They help to display things like neckless, eye-rings, and others.

  • Cosmetic Shops

The racks are used to display cosmetic products for both the commercial and retail industries.

  • Stationery Store

You find racks at stationery stores displaying the material on offers like books, magazines, and others.

  • Bakery Store

The racks are present in bakery stores, where they help display the products baked at the store.  

What Are Custom Display Racks Made Of?

Store owners prefer metal custom display racks over wooden models for various reasons:

  • They are more economical since they do not require more skill and craftsmanship.
  • They are easy to maintain because they can be kept tidy and clean without much hassle.
  • Even repairing the metallic systems is more comfortable than the wooden racks.

The one popular kind of metal used to make these products are high-quality steel, such as Q195 steel, Q235 steel, and Q235 SPCC steel.

However, we only use Q235 SPCC steel to produce your display systems because of different reasons:

  • It is a material with low carbon, and this leads to strong weldability.
  • It produces a smooth and beautiful surface due to the cold-rolled properties of SPCC.
  • It is cost-effective to use this material, and this results in a more affordable rack.
  • It is a material that allows for CO2 TIG welding.

You not only get a durable system but one that holds more merchandise since it carries more load.

Some customers prefer metal shelving with a wooden pattern made using our Thermal transfer printing technology.

What’s the Thickness of The Customized 

Display Racks?

Some industries require simple structures for holding light products, while others require strong models for holding heavy loads.

There are different customized display rack types for serving different industries, and this calls for variation in thickness and dimensions.

You find models with a thickness of 0.4mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, and 3.0mm.

RedSheep carries every model you would need for your store, something you might miss from other brands.

What’s the Difference between Customized 

Display Racks and Standard Gondola Racks?

Customized display racks and standard gondola racks might have a lot in common in that they are used in stores and other supermarkets.

These models are also made of durable steel material and can hold different types of products.

However, there are many differences between the two racks:

Custom Display Racks 

The system stocks items attractively and visibly to present them to the customer quickly.

The models often feature eye-catching colors, graphics, and shapes, and the products are presented neatly.

They help to boost brand awareness and entice the buyers to inspect the goods on display.

The display rack is often smaller than the gondola rack.

Gondola Rack

The gondola model is a sizeable one-or-two-sided shelving system that appears in open areas of the supermarket.

They are used to house merchandise until the customers buy them and can be repositioned to hold two or more product types.

There is the possibility of providing them with attractive graphics and color, but not critical like the display racks.

Normally the gondola racks require a heavier loading capacity while the display rack requires a neat finishing.

What’s the Different Welding Used in Making Custom Display Racks and Standard Gondola Shelving?

The display Rack makes use of the MIG welding technology, while the Gondola Shelving uses CO2 TIG welding and Spot Welding.


The CO2 technology is highly recommended for products that require strong joints like gondola racks.

It does not require careful polishing after welding, meaning that you are assured of having a more affordable product.

The technology also leads to an effective process that increases the productivity rate when manufacturing the gondola racks.

You can always bet on getting a strong unit when you use TIG welding to create your products.


The MIG technology is highly recommended for products that require a smooth and attractive finish like display racks.

It helps to minimize the post-welding clean-up and requires more careful polishing for a neat finishing.

You can always bet on getting a visually appealing unit when you use MIG welding to create your products.

mig welding technology
Spot Welding

It is also called resistance spot welding, and it uses resistance to attach two parts.

The technology is ideal for welding two or more metal sheets together, making it perfect for gondola shelving.

It is a method that uses heat and pressure from an electric current to attach the pieces.

You get a solid structure, but it requires cleaning to remove scurs and other spots.

Is the Customized Display Rack Rust-Proofed?

RedSheep provides a customized display rack that withstands the toughest of conditions, whether your store is in the coastal or tropical region.

We do that by ensuring that the unit we give you has undergone a thorough test and is made of rust-free steel material.

Our products are further treated using saline or phosphate and then painted to prevent moisture from touching the metal park.

We ensure that by using an advanced powder coating line and then leaving the structure to cure under high temperatures.

How Much Is Customized Display Rack?

One thing to consider when buying your customized display rack is the price of the model you choose.

A cheap model might not last for years, while the expensive one might not worth the price.

Therefore, it is advisable to know the average price of the displays, which is about EUR100.

You can find models going for as low as EUR90 and others costing over EUR150 per piece.

It is critical to note that the custom display racks for supermarkets and other stores come as a set for about EUR 4,000.

The simple displays for hanging the clothes can go for EUR30 per piece.

Things You Need to Choose The Best Display Rack

Different Chrome-Plated Standards Have Been Used in Making Custom Display Racks

Chrome plating helps to provide a high level of hardness on the rack’s surface to prevent wear, galling, friction, and corrosion.

It is an electrolytic process applied to steel and other metals and often involves two standards:

Hard Chrome Plating

The process leaves a cover of about 0.02mm to 0.13mm thick on the metal’s surface.

It is recommended that the display will be subjected to a high degree of wear, needing a thicker cover.

Dense Chrome Plating

The process produces a thickness of between 0.005mm to 0.015mm.

It results in a smoother surface and does not crack as quickly as the hard chrome plating.

The process makes the surface resist corrosion better and does not need honing to smooth the surface.

What Is Drop Testing for Customized Display Racks?

Drop testing is an evaluation we carry on the packaging solution to determine whether it can handle the shipping process.

We carry the test after you choose your preferred packaging solution in the following order:

  • A corner
  • Three lines next to the corner
  • Six surfaces

The drop height depends on the package’s weight as outlined below:

  • 76 cm for 1-9 kg
  • 61 cm for 10-18 kg
  • 46 cm for 19-27 kg
  • 30 cm for 28-45 kg
  • 20 cm for 46-68 kg

Where to Buy Custom Display Racks?

Every store owner wants a structured, sturdy, and attractive solution to display all the products.

That means investing in customized display racks that hold and organize products appropriately and in ways that attract shoppers.

You find different market choices when buying these systems, but you should not buy from every seller you come across.

It is recommended you get your systems from the display rack supplier to customize them and get a warranty.

Buying them from the custom display racks supplier also ensures you get quality models at an affordable rate because there are no middlemen costs.

One reputable brand that makes and sells customized display racks is RedSheep, a seasoned company with 23 years of experience providing quality store fittings.

There are many benefits you get when you buy your custom display racks from RedSheep, including:

  • You get quality models that meet every TUV regulation and are ISO certified.
  • You get to customize your models to meet your store’s size, color, and match your products’ needs.
  • You get a 24-month warranty that covers the manufacturing process.
  • You get the freedom to place a small order of at least 50 pcs at a time.

How to Custom Display Racks?

At RedSheep, we encourage our customers to personalize their display racks in the following ways:

  • Models: We utilize state-of-the-art machinery, including a laser cutting machine, CNC punching machine, robot arm, and CNC bending machine to turn your design drawings into reality.
  • Dimensions: We offer a variety of dimensions to maximize your store space.
  • Surface Treatment: By sending us a color sample, we can perfectly match the color of your display rack. Alternatively, if you prefer a similar color, simply provide us with the RAL or Pantone color # you desire.
  • Logo Pressing: We recommend adding your logo to your display rack to enhance your brand. The cost of a press tooling is very affordable.
  • Packaging: RedSheep provides various packaging materials, such as an iron frame, wooden frame, wooden pallet, wooden crate, carton box, carton paper, poly bags, bubble wrap, and plastic foam, to ensure your goods are well protected throughout transportation.

How Can I Customise The Size of The Display Rack?

You can customize the size of our systems to meet your needs and products.

We let you choose your desired length, width, and height when submitting your PDF drawing.

You can also choose from our standard models that come with the following measurements:

  • Length options: 665mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1250mm, and 1333mm
  • Width or depth option: 200mm, 300mm, 370mm, 470mm, 570mm, 670mm, and 770mm
  • Height options: 1000mm to 3000mm


All Our Models Are in Solidworks Format. Would You Need Drawings in AutoCAD Format?

AutoCAD is among the most used file formats by different display racks manufacturers and developers.

There are many benefits of providing your models in this format as it makes it easier to start the project.

We are among the few brands that allow for OEM service for customers with PDF, Step, and CAD drawings.

You can reach our support team to find out more about the Solidworks Format as we consider it on a client-by-client basis.

How Can I Customise My Display Rack Colour?

When developing the ideal display rack stand, we consider many factors, including customizing the color, size, and design.

Having a unique color that matches your brand can make your store stand out and attract more customers.

You can customize this color by letting us know how you want your model to look when placing your order.

From there, we take the necessary steps to give you a rack that meets your needs, including:

  • We start by getting rid of artifacts on the structure to smoothen it
  • We remove any rust that might have formed during the manufacturing process
  • Your model is then degreased to take out the oil
  • The next thing is to clean contaminants and dirt
  • It then undergoes tuning
  • It is taken to the second cleaning stage
  • Now it undergoes phosphate or silane cleaning
  • The next thing is to use high-pressure water to rinse it
  • We leave it to dry for a while
  • The next step is critical as it involves painting the display using the desired color
  • It then undergoes high-temperature curing

What’s Lowest Cost to Add My Logos?

Do all your supermarket fittings have a logo?

Your business logo is a significant aspect of promoting your brand as it makes your store visible to shoppers.

You can add this logo, slogans, and images to your display units and make them stand out.

We help you release that by adding your name and logo through our pressing tool.

We let you choose the perfect area for placing the message or logo as you pay for the tooling cost.

That is the only cost you would need to pay when adding this information.

We recommend our clients add their logos to prevent future legal problems that might arise due to the display resembling the original designs.

Baseleg With Logos Added

What Kind of Packaging Do You Offer? Do You Charge for that?

We provide multiple packaging solutions to enable you to choose the one that meets your needs and budget.

They are a combination of free options and charged ones, and they include:

Carton Box Solution

It includes a three-layer film of single-wall cardboard and ABF air bubble film.

We usually use five layers when shipping your units to guarantee your safe delivery.

This is free packaging.

Wooden Pallet Solution

The packaging features composite plate trays and solid wood fumigation trays.

Wooden pallet solutions come:

Euro Pallet 1 – 1200mm x 800mm for France, Germany, and other parts of Europe.

Euro Pallet 2 – 1000mm x 1000mm, 1100mm x 1100mm, 1200mm x 1200mm, 1400mm x 1200mm, 1300mm x 1100mm, 1600mm x 1400mm, and others

It is also a free packaging solution.

Wooden Crate Solution

The solution is ideal for packaging easily damaged and irregular parts.

It includes a wooden box packing, a protective iron angle, and a green packing strip.

This is a free solution for some products.

Galvanized Pipe Frame

We recommend this solution for non-standard components as it protects the units effectively.

It also makes fair use of the space and will cost you some money.

Galvanized Pipe Frame packaging

Can I Get Samples of Our Customized Display Racks Without Tooling Costs?

We customize your display rack by adding your logo, which attracts a tooling cost.

It is also possible to receive a few samples made by laser cutting the final display before placing the maximum order.

You can always reach our support team to learn how you can receive the samples and the amount you would pay for this service.

Production and Delivery Time for the custom display racks

It takes 14-30 days to produce and deliver your custom display racks when you order for the standard models.

Clients who request customized models wait for up to 60 days for the process to complete.

The time is often longer for customized systems because of the tooling making. 

What’s The Lead Time for My Order?

We are a brand that tries to be efficient in our production process to guarantee affordable racks.

You can always place an order of from 100pcs to the maximum, and we will have 100pcs to 10 containers of goods to be delivered within 14-30 days.

Payment Options and Shipping Terms of Custom Display Racks Supplier

RedSheep accepts different methods when paying for your custom display racks, such as PayPal, Western Union, Letter of Credit, and Telegraphic Transfer.

It is advisable to reach our team to find out the best payment option for your region.

Our Shipping Terms:

We manufacture and deliver your racks for 14-60 days

The shipment comes either on an FCL or LCL basis

Damage, loss, or shortage in the packaging should be reported within 36 hours

The above information should be noted on the delivery receipt or B/L.

In Conclusion

Having a state-of-the-art customized display rack is the best way to cut rivals as you attract more shoppers.

The fitting makes it easier for customers to know your merchandise offering, giving them an easy time.

These units are recommended for store owners looking to start new businesses or remodel existing ones.


Copyright of the pictures belong to the owner, not allow to copy or use without permission, the owner have the rights to pursue legal action, if you find infringement, please email us we will handle or remove immediately.

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