IKEA Shopping Trolley

Weight 19 kg
Dimensions 990 × 600 × 1090 mm
Load-bearing Capacity



5 Inch PU Wheels


HDPP Plastic

Surfice Treatment

Powder Coating; Zinc Plated + Transparent Powder Coating

Details About IKEA Shopping Trolley

IKEA is the biggest warehouse club supermarket chain in UK, owned and operated by SHV Holdings, been known as a cash-and-carry store.

Excellent for warehouses, supermarkets, and factories, the IKEA shopping trolley is the number one choice for transportation.

The sturdy structure can withstand any environment while maintaining its excellent appearance.

The IKEA shopping trolley, which comes in a variety of styles and colors, can assist you in safely transporting your products.

The wheels at the bottom hold the capacity to provide silent rolling when loaded.

The cargo trolley is manufactured to provide ultimate services. Thanks to the foldable flatbed option, the cargo trolley is as easy to store as any ordinary trolley.

With RedSheep’s 20 years of experience in the shopfitting industry, a lot is waiting for you.


Does IKEA Have Shopping Carts?

Yes. IKEA has several kinds of shopping carts.

For heavy-duty and big flat-packed items, you can use an IKEA shopping trolley on this page.

For the small items, they have a regular shopping cart, which is similar to the RedSheep Asian shopping cart with escalator wheels.

For day-to-day customers, if they only need to buy small items, they can grab the IKEA shopping baskets as a lightweight substitution.


IKEA Shopping Cart And Heavy Duty IKEA Shopping Trolley
IKEA Shopping Cart And Heavy Duty IKEA Shopping Trolley

Advantages of RedSheep’s IKEA Shopping Trolley

IKEA Shopping Cart with Robust Construction

We offer Q235 and Q195 for the construction of IKEA Shopping trolleys. The material is easy to bend, durable, and affordable. It provides the look and durability that every store and warehouse owner wishes for.

Apart from easy construction, the material allows easy cleaning without catching rust. You can clean the structure with water or cloth, and it won’t lose its beauty.

With a greater outlook, you can enjoy 56% increased sales. The convenient and easy design help eliminate unwanted labor cost.

You have the option to personalize the material at RedSheep to get better outcomes.


IKEA Shopping Trolley in Use
IKEA Shopping Trolley in Use

IKEA Shopping Trolley Is A Versatile Appliance

IKEA shopping carts are versatile appliances used in various retail stores, including DIY stores, furniture stores, garden centers, large wholesale stores, and warehouses.

These shopping carts provide a convenient way for customers to transport their purchases around the store, especially when dealing with larger and bulkier items.

DIY Stores: customers can use the trolley to easily move heavy tools and materials.

Furniture Stores: customers need to carry bulky items like mattresses and tables, and using IKEA trolleys makes it easier to do so.

Garden centers: customers are required to carry heavy potted plants, gardening tools, and other landscaping items, making the trolley a valuable asset.

Big Wholesale Stores: customers often buy in bulk, and the trolley is used to transport multiple items at once.

Warehouses: the staff use the trolley to move large items and pallets.

Overall, IKEA shopping trolleys are an essential tool for various stores, making shopping and transportation more convenient and efficient for customers.

IKEA Shopping Trolley is A Perfect Choice for Bulky Items
IKEA Shopping Trolley is A Perfect Choice for Bulky Items


IKEA Shopping Trolley with Special Design For Ultimate Performance

Height: The trolley is kept closer to the ground to provide a helping hand when loading and unloading goods.

Customized Handles: The plastic handles of the trolley are specially designed to meet your busy warehouse’s needs. With average height, your employees will find it easy to move the goods.

It’s totally up to you if you prefer a plastic or metal handle. Both come with a special coating for a smooth grip.

If you wish, we can build adjustable handles on your trolley so you can adjust them every time according to your needs.

Side Bars: The sidebars are also customizable. It provides extra support to your cart when moving through aisles and slopes.

Noise-free Wheels: The noise-less wheels will make sure to maintain your store’s environment for your customers. Two casters at the front, with two swivel casters at rare, will help maintain the balance on uneven surfaces.

Tig Welding: The edges of the trolley are kept smooth to avoid hurting anyone. We achieve it through tig welding technology.

Foldable And Compact Bed: The design is kept flexible for universal needs. A foldable flatbed allows better transportation for heavy stock.

While convenient storage when not in use. Two optional handles are attached under the flatbed to lift and stock up the trolleys utilizing minimum space.

Wheel Locking: We offer wheel locking in our IKEA shopping cart not to move around when not in use.

Coating Option: We meanly offer two coating options for Ikea style flatbed cargo trolleys. It includes:

  • Transparent Powder Coating with Zinc: Zinc powder coating adds extra life to the beauty of a cargo trolley. We pre-treat the trolley to achieve transparent powder coating with zinc further.
  • Color Powder Coating: Color powder coating offers various colors to match your store’s or warehouse’s theme.
IKEA Shopping Trolley Data
IKEA Shopping Trolley Data
IKEA Shopping Cart Details
IKEA Shopping Cart Details


IKEA Shopping Trolley is Easy to Assemble

Generally, cargo trolleys come assembled to start the job the moment they reach you. However, the IKEA shopping carts might demand assembling a few parts that are easy to join without seeking professional help.

All the parts will be installed in the correct order when you receive the cart.


IKEA Shopping Cart with Safe and Durable Structure

As a store owner, it’s your right to know if RedSheep fulfills the safety criteria to be thoughtful towards your investment or not.

To win your trust, we proudly inform you that RedSheep is ISO-certified. We strictly follow TUV regulations when building IKEA cargo trucks.

RedSheep meets ISO 9001: 2000 quality standards including European standard UNE EN ISO 1929 1:1998 to provide what we promise.

RedSheep also fulfills European EN 1929 guidelines when constructing cargo trolleys to ensure your employees’ and shoppers’ safety.

Cargo trolleys go through a load-bearing test to make sure they can handle a minimum of 400kg load at once.

Due to several tests and trials, our IKEA shopping trolley has continued to provide its service for more than 5-10 years. Even longer than that if taken proper care of.


See how good it runs from a short film:


Why Should You Choose RedSheep IKEA Shopping Trolley?


IKEA Shopping Trolley Logo Printing
IKEA Shopping Trolley Logo Printing


Efficient Delivery Service

We believe it is hard to wait for ages to enjoy all the benefits that an IKEA shopping trolley holds for you. Therefore depending on customization, design, and other details, we promise to deliver your order within 30 days.

If you want to enjoy direct delivery in your country, RedSheep has that too. We offer direct delivery service in more than 40 countries.

In the case of direct delivery, you’ll have the freedom to choose logistics and packaging yourself.


Easy Payment

At RedSheep, you’re never restricted to following our terms. Instead, you get to enjoy various terms of payment.

We accept Western Union, telegraphic transfer, PayPal, letters of credit, and several other options.

Reach out to our team to discuss what method will suit you most.


Affordable Product Line

Depending on various factors like size, design, customization, and accessories, you can enjoy all the benefits of the IKEA shopping cart offered at RedSheep at an affordable price of $50-$120.

Additional discounts are offered to our regular bulk buyers.



With a 24-month product warranty on all the IKEA cargo trolleys, there’s nothing to worry about.

If you have any confusion, do let us know in the comments below.

Or place your order through our website to enjoy an environmentally friendly IKEA shopping trolley and add value to your store/warehouse.


Weight 19 kg
Dimensions 990 × 600 × 1090 mm
Load-bearing Capacity



5 Inch PU Wheels


HDPP Plastic

Surfice Treatment

Powder Coating; Zinc Plated + Transparent Powder Coating


We are a supermarket trolley, gondola shelving manufacturer and trading company. In fact, we have specialized in shopping cart and gondola shelving industry since 2000. After 20 years’ development, now we have full connections in China on this business.

At present, we have around 200 workers in our factory, 100 for production, 80 for power coating and packaging, 20 for quality control, R&D, and production management. Many brand buyers have had a good cooperation with us for years, such as Wal-mart, ALDI, Tesco, IKEA, you can click to know more about RedSheep factory, we are glad to serve you with our experience as a potential supplier.

Our factory is located in Fushou Village, Shanghu Town, Changshu City, Jiangsu Province, China, which is close to Shanghai.
You can fly to Shanghai airport(2 and half hours to us) or Wuxi airport (60 mins to us) directly. You can also take a high-speed train to Wuxi East station (40 mins to us), or Wuxi station (1.5 hours to us)

Generally, all of our products are made from Q235 SPCC steel and HDPP plastic.

The sample is available for different products, please contact our sales to know more details.

Yes, as a gondola shelving and supermarket cart manufacturer, we encourage our cutomer to develop new design by cooperating with us.

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