Economy Gondola Shelving From China

RedSheep is a Chinese-based company with over 20 years of experience providing the best supermarket equipment. 

Our brand is highly reputable for following all the TUV regulations when developing these shelving. We also provide you with a 2-year warranty for every piece of gondola unit you purchase.


Gondola Shelving Customized

RedSheep is the right company to provide you with affordable and quality gondola shelving for your retail store. We have customised and manufactured some of the best gondola systems for the past ten years.

We are known for:

  • Offering ODM/DEM services that bring your dream to reality
  • Providing a 2-year warranty for parts and manufacturing process
  • Fast delivery lead time of about 15 days

Having an efficient MOQ of 50 pieces

RedSheep Gondola Shelving

RedSheep Gondola shelves and ranks among the most durable and flexible types of gondola shelving brands in the industry today.

They come in different styles, configurations and can be assembled in different ways.

The units are straightforward to assemble and disassemble to enable you to arrange your outlet without much hassle.

You can count on the functionality of these shelves as they hold most household goods inside the stores.

They were designed to provide efficiency and allow the supermarket to be more profitable.  

This blog reviews the top gondola shelving and gives you more details about these shelves.

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Review of Top 12 Gondola Shelving

Here are 12 gondola shelving that you can find on our website

Tegometall Retail Low Gondola Shelving

You can adjust your store and present your merchandise in an eye-catching way with the Tegometall Retail Low Gondola Shelving. It is the ideal model for both the small outlets around the corner and other small supermarkets. The system is well-thought and comes with only three shelves and a bottom shelf. You can bet it is lightweight and flexible enough to allow for a fast rearranging of your store. It is also a quality model made of durable steel material that resists rust and damage from harsh conditions. The double-sided nature of the shelving ensures you install it on the floor and place your goods on both sides.

Tegometall Supermarket Gondola Shelving

Tegometall Supermarket Gondola Shelving is the supermarket version of the Retail Gondola Shelving as it comes with up to five shelves, including the bottom. The system enables you to display your products from either side of the unit and make them attractive. That can help save space, and you can place it in the right way to direct traffic. It is also made of quality steel material that withstands heavy use and gives you years of service. The shelving system was designed to allow for fast installation and comes with an assembling manual. It is a top model for grocery stores.

Tegometall Low Gondola End Shelving

You should consider getting the Tegometall Low Gondola End Shelves to complement the Retail model. It is placed at the end of the row with up to four shelves for placing your good. The system was designed to allow for simple installation, and you can always customise your colour. It gives an attractive appearance due to its unique design and is suitable for small outlets. Another notable thing is the ease of adjusting the system and its flexibility when rearranging your store. The model is also made of quality steel material to ensure that it gives you service for decades.

Tegometall High End Gondola Shelving

It is the high model of the Low End Gondola Shelving as it comes with up to five shelves for placing your goods. The model serves all the purpose of the end shelving, and you can use it for promotional purposes. One thing, you can place the system at the back or front of your gondola system and place the fast-selling items. The unit plays another critical role of tiding the ends of a row to make your store more attractive. You can easily remove its shelves when rearranging your supermarket and you do not need an expert to help you. We recommend you customise your colour when buying this system.

Tegometall Pegboard Gondola Shelving

Tegometall Pegboard Gondola Shelving is a study model that comes with holes for hanging hooks. It is the perfect system for all stores that require heavy-duty shelving that can allow for multiple displays. You can choose the shelving height, and it accepts heavy gauge hooks and can carry a load of about 50kg of all the hooks. The model is recommended for supermarkets, garden stores, hardware stores, and other convenience stores. It is easy to customise your design and colour to meet your store’s needs. You can also fit the shelving with front fences and wire baskets to display more merchandise.

Gondola Shelving With Slatwall Backings

You cannot get a more versatile and long-lasting gondola system than the Tegometall gondola shelving with slatwall backings. It is suitable for different applications and is ideal for clothing retailers, supermarkets, and other stores.  The system comes with horizontal grooved slots to enable you to fit multiple display hooks, waterfall arms, baskets, brackets, and specialised acrylics. It is made of steel material that provides a thicker and heavier feel and holds more weight.   You can use the unit to create a beautiful selling area. It is possible to customise the colour, and it comes in double-side or single-side to suit your store.

Tegometall Gondola shelving Accessories

You should always keep shelving accessories in your store to have an easy time when repairing your shelves. We sell the best parts and accessories to suit all Tegometall Gondola Shelving and come in all sizes and designs. You can  find standard parts like a shelf panel, back panel, base leg, and optional accessories. They include cross tie bar, magazine shelves, wire basket, and others. We have many accessories to meet all our customers’ needs that you can not find from other manufacturers.

50P Store Gondola Shelves

The unit is recommended for all stores and comes with six shelves, including the bottom one. It is a model connected through the CO2 TIG welding to guarantee more load-bearing capability. The production process ensures that the weak points are welded effectively, and that gives your shelves stability. Another great thing is the double row 50mm pitch hole that allows for easy assembling. You also get an integrated design model for the shelf panel, which means you have a quality system. The system comes when 100% smooth, firm, and an attractive shelving for the store.

50P grocery gondola shelving

50P Grocery Gondola Shelving carries all the 50P Store model features, with the seven shelves being the only significant difference. It also boasts of robust load-bearing laminate construction and has thickened cold-rolled plate. These characters combine to give you a durable system that remains safe when in your grocery. You can easily adjust the column and shelf from 50mm downward or upward to meet your needs. One useful thing is the shelf bracket that reinforces the system to enable even more load-bearing ability. The model allows us to enjoy high efficient manufacturing and that means reduced cost when buying it.

50P Gondola End Shelving

50P Gondola End Shelving

50P Gondola End Shelving is ideal for placing at the back or front end of the 50P shelves for store and grocery. The system comes with the durable construction of the 50P units and can last for years. It also handles more load without breaking down and is highly recommended for placing new products that you want to display to customers. Another thing is the attractiveness it brings to your store due to its unique design. The system lacks any scars or welding joint to give you a smooth system that make your supermarket beautiful. You can bet that the system is safe enough to place in your outlet.

50P Pegboard Gondola Shelving

The model is made of the same strong material that makes other 50P Gondola Shelving, and you can bet on its durability. It features different holes for placing hooks and hanging your packaged products with ease. The model is recommended for every outlet that needs to hang heavy material safely while on display. You can easily customise its design to meet your needs, and it works wonders for hardware, supermarkets, and other stores. The system provides you with value for money and the effective service you have always wanted. It is among the most affordable systems you can find on the market today.

4 sided gondola shelving

4 Sided Gondola Shelving

The 4 sided gondola shelving is perfect for small items display like sun glasses, socks, hats. It will be the super hero of promotion in your store. This model is recommended for every shop for display. RedSheep encourage our customer to customise it to meet your requirements, it is affordable with 2 years warrenty service. 

50P Gondola Shelving Accessories

The main accessories of 50P Gondola Shelving are shelf panel, upright, bracket, top cover, back panel, price tag, and plinth. We provide all the parts and accessories to enable you to stock them at your premises for fast repair. You can get the 50mm pitch upright for your 50P models with varying thickness of 1.5mm,2.0mm, and 2.5mm. These systems also come with varying feet sections of 40*60mm or 30*80mm. All these parts come with varying dimensions to ensure that you find the one that meets your needs. Our store also carries gondola shelving accessories and extensions like beams, vegetable shelves, pegboard hooks, side burn, price tags, and more.


Gondola Shelving: The Complete FAQ Guide

There are many things supermarket owners can learn about these workhorses for retail outlets, outlined below.

For more information about products, the company, or shipping, you can also check out our other FAQs!

What is Gondola Shelving?

Gondola shelving definition: A gondola shelving system is a free-standing double-sided shelf that is not fixed on the walls and is designed to provide convenience to the shoppers.

It is a shelving system that uses cantilevered shelves covering one of the two sides of the vertical back.  

The system is used to improve the outlets’ display features like grocery stores, supermarkets, chemists, and others.  

Gondola shelves is the perfect solution for all retailers with many items to display but do not want to spend lots of money on expensive display systems. With different parts it could turn into different gondola shelving options:

  • Island gondola shelving
  • Wall gondola shelving
  • Gondola bay shelving
  • Gondola slatwall shelving
  • Pegboard steel back gondola shelving
  • Wire gondola shelving
  • Gondola checkout slanted shelves
  • Gondola glass shelves
  • Liquor store gondola shelving
  • Round gondola shelving
  • 4 sided gondola shelving

The units are mainly used in retail shops because they can reconfigure, move, and maximise their space.

They come with some of these features:

  • A solid board or pegboard
  • Do not require four posts like most shelving
  • All the parts are made of metal
  • Base deck or bottom shelf is flat
  • Comes as either an island or wall unit
  • They are easy to customise
Gondola Shelving With End Bays
Gondola Shelving With End Bays

Commercial Gondola Shelving Dimensions

Gondola display shelving is delivered in different width or depth options like 200mm, 300mm, 370mm, 470mm, 570mm, 670mm, and 770mm as Tegomeall system. They also come as 50P systems with options of 200mm, 300mm, 350mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm, 550mm, and 600mm.

They also come in varying lengths such as 665mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1250mm, and 1333mm as Tegometall system. You also get them as 50P models with 600mm, 900mm, 1000mm, and 1200mm.

The height option ranges from under 1000mm to about 3000mm for both Tegometall and 50P systems.

We provide the different dimensions to ensure that you get the right linear run for your store.

These shelves are easy to cut or customise to any height that suits your store’s needs.

Where to Buy Economy Gondola Shelving?

RedSheep is among the best gondola shelving manufacturers that allow you to purchase cheap gondola shelving online and deliver them at your store.

We are a reputable brand with over 20 years of experience in this industry and ten years of providing customised shelving systems.

We aim to provide you with quality retail gondola shelving by following the strict TUV regulations and having an effective quality control system.

We feature extensive colour and size options, all with a short delivery time upon placing your order.

Our products come with a 24-month warranty and can handle all kinds of merchandise in a supermarket.

Contact us now to place your customise order and enjoy our professional before and after-sales support.

If you are looking for a American local supplier, you can check below famous gondola shelving brands:

Lozier Shelving

Madix Shelving

If you need a European local supplier, check these below:

Tegometall from Germany

EDEN from the UK(Marmon group)

ITAB from The UK

CAEM from Italy

If you are from Australia, you could see these options:

OZ Shelving

Si retail

How Many Retail Shelving Gondolas Does a Supermarket Have?

Most medium-sized grocery stores have more than five aisles for placing their products, and they require different numbers of gondola shelves.

The vital thing to remember is to measure your outlet and know the number of shelves that can fit without looking overcrowded.

That means you should know both the dimensions of the shelves and those of your store.

However, about 100-200 sets of shelving can be sufficient for most outlets out there.

That is because they provide some unique properties like:

  • Gondola shelves help to save space due to their vertical scaling.
  • Stores can maximise the available room with proper placement, including customising three or more shelves in a rack.
  • The units can also be rearranged or adjusted regularly to meet your needs and provide a fresh, eye-catching display.
  • You can also configure the horizontal depth to guarantee a clear view and allow the sunlight to penetrate with ease.
  • The shelves also hold a lot of weight, over 150kg, which means you place more products on a single-sided shelf.

We always encourage supermarket owners to reach our team to get more support when deciding the perfect number of gondola shelves for their store.

Tego double sided gondola shelving layout
Tego double sided gondola shelving layout

What is the Difference Between Tegometal Shelving and other Gondola Shelving?

Shelving is vital to all stores, no matter the service or product they provide.

They come in different types, such as gondola shelves and Tegonetal models.

But how do these two models differ?

Tegometal Shelving

  • They are among the most flexible models out there and offer modularity.
  • They come in different width or depth options like 200mm, 300mm, 370mm, 470mm, 570mm, 670mm, and 770mm, lengths such as 665mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1250mm.
  • The systems are easy to extend and change due to their various accessories.
  • The feet height can be adjustable to suit an uneven floor and make the unit stable, thanks to the feet’ adjustable screws.
  • These units are strong enough to hold heavy loads.
  • You can use the shelving in a pharmacy, garden centre, clothing store, supermarket, and other places.
  • They feature the German design and fit perfectly with other European models like Eden, ITAB, and CAEM, making them popular in Europe and other countries and regions.
  • The unit allows accessories like magazine shelving, wire basket, cross tie bar, pegboard, and more.
Tegometall feet with adjustable screws
Tegometall feet with adjustable screws

Gondola Shelving

  • They are free-standing systems that come as gondola shelves double side or single side units.
  • They come in different width or depth options like 200mm, 300mm, 350mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm, 550mm and 600mm, lengths such as 600mm, 900mm, 1000mm, 1200m.
  • It is a model connected through the CO2 TIG welding to guarantee more load-bearing capability.
  • You can use them to create aisles in your store and maximise the area.
  • This model is popular in the world, except in Europe.
  • You can request a thinner system, but that might not handle heavy loads like Tegometal systems.
  • However, the model performs better than the Tegometall shelving of the same thickness due to CO2 TIG-welded feet.
Firm Structure Of Welded Upright And Base Leg
Firm Structure Of Welded Upright And Base Leg

What is Gondola End Shelving?

An end shelves is a system with a display on one side and is installed at the end of a gondola shelves run.

The typical backing of an end shelves is a strong pegboard, but you can also request a Slatwall or flat back panel.

What Gondola Shelving Parts and Accessories Are Available?

RedSheep carries several retail gondola shelving parts that can enable you to design your outlet with versatility.

They combine with the gondola shelves to you the opportunity to display all your merchandise in an eye-catching and cost-efficient way.

Some of these parts and accessories are:

  • Gondola Shelving Dividers. They are universal shelves dividers that you place on your gondola system to organise and separate products. You can fit them in areas with square, diamond, or round shelves.
  • Gondola Shelving Price Strips. They are clear strips for inserting into a gondola shelves to display and protect the pricing, labels, and other messages. You get a practical and straightforward way of displaying your information.
  • Gondola Shelving Hooks. You can use these hooks to display signs and packaged products. You can find them as Slatwall prongs, wire mesh, pegboard flipper scan hooks, and pegboard hooks.
  • Gondola Shelving Brackets. They enable you to fasten the shelve on the wall and make them stronger. You can find them as angle brackets, L-shaped supports, and more.
  • Gondola shelving uprights. We have different options like 30*60mm, 30*80mm, 40*60mm, 30*110mm, H holes,  half H holes, double line holes, single line holes, and so on.
  • Gondola shelving signage. They provide your store more identification and customer guidiance.
  • Wall mount upright for gondola shelving. They enable you to fix the upright into a wall, and have accessories on it.

Other parts are base leg, back panel, shelf panel, corner shelf panel, gondola cover, plinth, and corner shop shelving plinth.

Some optional accessories include a cross tie bar, wire shelf panel, wire hanging basket, rear support bar (RSB), magazine shelving, AD panels, and more.

We have different types of gondola shelving parts on our website that can serve all your needs, and our collection is unmatched by rivals.

At RedSheep, we encourage our customers to customize different accessories by offering their CAD drawings to stand out from their competitors.

Full range of gondola shelving parts accessories
Full range of gondola shelving parts accessories

How to Install Gondola Shelving Units

These units do not require screws or nuts during the installation process to make them simple to put together.

You can achieve that by following the shelving installation instruction below:

· Fixing the base legs to the uprights

· Attaching the back panel

· Inserting the plinth

· Installing the bottom shelf panel in place

· Attaching the brackets

· Putting the top shelf panel

· Completing the installation by adding other gondola shelving parts

You should ensure that the base leg is not too tight or too loose during the assembling process to prevent the shelf from shaking and allow the upright to fit perfectly. If there’s any problem, stop and contact with your gondola shelving supplier.

How to Paint Gondola Shelving

One major step of gondola shelves production is spraying, including cleaning the silane units, drying them with oven, and spraying plastic powder by using the electrostatic spraying line.

The plastic powder allows us to paint the shelving to meet your needs using the electron attraction principle.

It means we use the principle of negative and positive electrodes to paint your shelves using the powder evenly.

The technology also helps in achieving the solidification effect during the cooling process.

We make use of either an automatic gun or manual gun during the electrostatic spraying procedure.

How’s Steel Gondola Shelving Weight Capacity?

RedSheep carried load-bearing capacity test on grocery shelving, loaded 250kg per shelf panel on our Tegometall system, lasting for 30 days.

Steel gondola shelving models can hold about 120-250kg of goods without collapsing.

RedSheep tries to provide you with systems that can hold even more weight of about 300kg.

Your shelves can hold more weight when you add brackets for attaching to the walls.

Shelf Panel Under Load Bearing Test
Shelf Panel Under Load Bearing Test

How Much are Gondola Shelving prices?

The price of buying your gondola shelves depends on various factors like the model you choose and whether you want it customised or not.

But they often go for EUR60 to EUR120 a piece, which can mean paying about EUR3000 to EUR6000 for 50 pieces.

How to Assemble Adjustable Gondola Shelving?

You can install your gondola shelves by following the gondola shelving installation instructions that come inside the packaging.

It is even possible to head online and look for assembling videos to guide you with this task.

Assembling Gondola Shelving

You start by checking the packaging to confirm that you have all the parts needed for installation, such as:

  • Upright posts and base legs
  • Back and base shelf panels
  • Brackets and shelves

Now you can begin the installation process as follows:

  • Install the uprights with the base legs to form L-shaped structures. Hammer them in using a rubber mallet while upside down.
  • Attach the L-structures using a back panel.
  • The next step is to install the plinth.
  • Place the bottom shelves panel in place. It is the perfect time to check for level.
  • Place brackets on both sides of the structure.
  • Install the other shelves from the top.
  • Add the price tag.

What Should I Offer if I Want Customise My New Gondola Shelving?

RedSheep is a reputable brand that allows you to customise your shelving to meet your needs and brand.

To custom a gondola shelves, you can provide CAD drawings or 3D drawings, or the layout drawings of your store.

We have the technology to allow for fast production of your personalised products and at an affordable rate.

You should take advantage of the feature when placing your order and get gondola shelves with Slatwall backings or hooks.

And customisation can also include providing you with a unique design, colour, and more.

Hence, inform our team about the key dimensions, colours, and accessories you want to be added to your shelving.

We are among the few manufacturers that provide OEM services for clients with CAD, Step, and PDF drawings.

How long Can the Metal Gondola Shelves Last?

Metal gondolas are sturdy, versatile, and staple systems that can serve you for decades without getting damaged.

Their unique customisations make them highly flexible and perfect for all environments.

They also allow for easy changeability that makes them suited for almost infinite ways of configurations.

You can use these systems to display all types of merchandise and have the confidence they will last for over 10 years.

Our models come with a two-year warranty that covers the material and manufacturing process.

You should ensure that you take care of your metal gondola and avoid overloading them.

How Can I Customise My Gondola Store Shelving Colour?

Some supermarkets prefer black gondola shelving, while others go for white gondola shelving.

With that said, you can find these products in multiple colours like Euro silver, Jura white, black, grey gondola shelving and more.

We enable you to choose your favourite colour due to the electrostatic spraying technology we use to add plastic powder.

You are advised to provide your desired colour when placing your order and deliver your dream shelving.

Customise Your Metal Storage Cage Colour
Customise Your Metal Storage Cage Colour

What’s the Difference Between Gondola Shelving and Wall Shelving?

Wall shelving also known as single sided gondola shelving is a system that install against the wall and provide just one side of displaying your items.

They can feature a single or double-sided back panel and hold about 200kg per layer without collapsing.

Gondola shelving systems are installed on the supermarket floor and can provide two sides of displaying your items.

These units are versatile and allow you to add end units at the end.

They can easily hold over 200kg of a load.

Difference Between Wall Shelving And Gondola Shelving
Difference Between Wall Shelving And Gondola Shelving

Can You Please Confirm Whether You Would Like Payments in RMB or USD?

Paying for your gondola shelving in offshore RMB (Chinese Yuan) can end up saving you 1% to 3% due to the favorable exchange rate than the USD. We prefer our clients to pay in RMB.

RedSheep also accepts different payment options like Telegraphic Transfer, Letter of Credit, Western Union, and PayPal.

We encourage you to talk to our support team to determine the payment options and currency suitable for your region.

What Kind of Packaging Do You Offer? Is It for Free?

We do provide a combination of free and paid packaging services to meet all our clients’ needs.

They include the following:

  • Carton Box Solution – Free Service

We use ABF air bubble film and three-layer film cardboard with a single wall to package your gondola shelves.

It is a healthy and safe option, and we add two more layers when exporting your units.

  • Wooden Pallet Solution – Free Service

We divide wood pallets into solid composite plates and wood fumigation trays to package the systems.

Some of the wooden pallet’s standard sizes are 1200mm by 800mm for German and France and 12000mm by 1000mm for German, Netherlands, and Finland.

We also use other specifications like 1000mm by 1000mm, 1100mm by 1100mm, 1200mm by 1200mm, and 1600mm by 1400mm.

The packaging includes an inflatable bag, 3-ply board pallet, and carton for additional safety.

  • Wooden Crate Solution – Free Service

We use this option for easily damaged and irregular parts like a bracket.

The packaging includes a wooden box, protective iron angle, and green packing strip.

  • Steel Pipe Frame Solution – Chargeable

It is the ideal packaging for heavy parts or systems with exceptional size.

The packaging takes more load and makes use of the container space effectively.

  • Specially Designed Cardboard

We use this designed packaging to package display frames.

Wooden Pallet Packaging Solution
Wooden Pallet Packaging Solution

Are Samples of Gondola Shop Shelving Available?

You can request samples before we produce your gondola shelving in large quantities.

Inform us when placing the order, and we will discuss the terms and conditions of receiving them.

How Expensive is to Ship Grocery Gondola Shelving to the UK?

Many things are considered when setting the cost of shipping your shelving to the UK, like size, location, and shipping mode.

You can choose express or air freight mode and end up paying high for the shipping cost.

However, the two methods are quite fast, and you can receive your units within 5-16 days.

Many people opt for the sea LCL or FCL mode and receive their shelving within 46-50 days since they are affordable.

You should expect to pay around EUR 500 during the peak season when you ship your gondola to the UK.

Final Words

Gondola shelving are double-sided, free-standing system with shelves on either side for placing products.

They are recommended for placing at the middle of the retail store and help to form aisles.

Supermarket owners love these units because they help to maximise the space and control the traffic flow.

The models come in different depths and heights to enable you to customise your shelving.

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