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Are you looking for a tobacco display cabinet manufacturer? RedSheep is proud to inform its experience in tobacco display manufacturing. We’ve been manufacturing quality tobacco display cabinets for the past 20 years. We strive to bring innovation through our designs, quality, features, and futuristic characteristics. We got a huge variety of tobacco display cabinets to help you boost your store’s efficiency. Thanks to our experience working with clients worldwide, we know how to develop futuristic products for our customers that will benefit their long-term needs.

Cigarette Tobacco Display Cabinet Sliding Drawers With Shelf Pushers

Tobacco Display Cabinet Customized

Customization is a necessity of the current world, and is our primary focus. We’ve got a team of trained engineers to provide value to your investment. Our dedicated engineers are there to help you build your dream design. They know how to make your store attractive, efficient, and remarkable before your customers. We are happy to inform you that RedSheep got all the necessary customization services at affordable rates. Don’t compromise on your needs, and contact RedSheep to enjoy versatility with durability.

The following are the benefits of RedSheep’s customization services:

  • ODM/OEM service to bring a dream design into reality
  • CAD drawing to develop a unique structure
  • Label printing through pressing tools
  • Short delivery time for highly customized orders
  • Local partners to cater to your needs better
  • Affordable rates

24-month product warranty

RedSheep Tobacco Display Cabinet

Having an attractive tobacco display cabinet at your store can help you boost sales by improving efficiency.

It is the source of attracting customers to purchase more.

Hence, we’ve focused on creating aesthetically appealing tobacco display cabinets to help you outstand.

Our strong engineering will leave no stone unturned to provide ease to your shoppers, eventually leading to loyal customers.

We have experience and knowledge working in various environments with a unique set of market rules.

Therefore you can rely on our expertise and experience when it comes to retail display equipment.

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Top Tobacco Display Cabinet Reviewed

Below are checkout counter you can find at RedSheep stores at an affordable rate and even have the freedom to customise them

Cigarette Tobacco Display Cabinet With Shelf Panels

It is a unique and appealing cigarette display cabinet. The system includes various shelves to offer a neat and sorted display. The shelves contain ample space to keep your store’s stock safe for the longest. The easy push will automatically bring forward the next item in the raw once a product is removed.

Tobacco Gantry Cabinets With Slider Drawers

This display system includes slider drawers to improve your store’s efficiency. You can customize the size, design, and features of the cabinet to meet your needs. We can also integrate appealing lights inside this gantry cabinet to enhance the visibility of the products.

Tobacco Gantry Cabinets With Slider Drawers And LED AD Panel

This system is somewhat similar to the previous one, improving the LED AD panel. The ad panel is a great option to earn extra income without investing your time and money. You can use the ad panel to display your store’s discount or convey important information to your customers.

Drawer Slides

Drawer Slides

We offer separate drawer slides with our tobacco display cabinets. These are replaceable sliders that help keep your cabinets working for the longest. If any of the slides in the current system is becoming a problem, replace them with a new one. This helps you save both money and time.

Shelf Management Pusher System

The shelf management pusher system is the system that brings forward the following product once an item is removed from the shelf. When you encounter a problem with your pusher, don’t change the system; instead, get a new pusher and make it as good as before.

Clear Acrylic Shelf Dividers System

For traditional tobacco display cabinets, an acrylic divider is a great option. It is manufactured from clear acrylic that looks appealing while keeping the products separated. The divider can be customized according to your needs. It is an affordable option to improve your store’s productivity.

Tobacco Display Cabinet, A Secret To Better Sales - Ultimate FAQ Guide

According to Euromonitor’s estimation in 2016, it was estimated 5.5 trillion cigarettes were consumed worldwide. No matter big or small, every store sells tobacco to its customers. This leaves you with little margin to win maximum tobacco users, especially when you’re new in the market.

Understanding the competition and the importance of winning loyal customers, we bring you an easy and lasting solution to keep your customers happy.

Following are the complete details about tobacco display cabinets manufactured at RedSheep. Keep reading to understand how it can help you boost your sales!

What Is Tobacco Gantry Cabinet?

If you don’t know…

A tobacco gantry cabinet is a dedicated cabinet or display system manufactured to store and display tobacco products.

It is necessary to have a separate shelving system for tobacco products to show your loyalty to your young customers and have maximum appeal to those who can and consume tobacco.

These are hybrid cabinets manufactured to improve the visibility of the variety you got. It offers you a safe and sorted place to showcase the latest stock you got for your customers.

These cabinets include various accessories to improve the efficiency of your store.

These cabinets not only offer a great display but help you keep your investment safe while demanding less maintenance. You just need to fill these cabinets once in a while to offer your customers an uninterrupted tobacco purchase session.

What Are The Business Advantages Of Having A Tobacco Gantry Cabinet?

Brings Uniqueness To Your Store

At this time of high competition, every store strives to appear unique before customers. Having a tobacco gantry cabinet in stores is not a common idea.

Most store owners don’t focus on sorted stock storage which eventually hurts their sales.

A high-quality tobacco gantry cabinet helps you enjoy complete advantage of the situation. It offers you a unique ground to store and display tobacco products.

Neat And Sorted Display

Although there are still many restrictions on tobacco advertisements and the display of tobacco products in stores, having a neat and sorted display of your products is not bad.

Even if you’re not putting the system before customers’ purchases directly, the sorted display will help you serve your customers effectively.

Makes It Easy To Serve Maximum Customers

As mentioned earlier, businesses have become competitive. More and more retailer is improving their customer services to keep having them back. Not focusing on customer service is not an option anymore.

If you want to make good profits, you must do your best for products and services.

A tobacco gantry cabinet makes it easy for you to spot the products in no time to serve the maximum number of people. Instead of searching through a pile of stock in a traditional cabinet, this dedicated system will put forward the product itself so you can grab and serve your customers in no time.

Helps You Keep Track Of Your Stock

Many retailers lose their customers because of a lack of stock. Save yourself from making the same mistake by having a customized tobacco gantry cabinet.

The cabinet offers ample space to keep your stock safe till it reaches the target audience.

Additionally, the neat display increases the visibility of the stock to estimate what products need a refill.

Helps You Save Labour Cost

Labor cost is a deciding factor if you’re making good profits. A store is made successful by two means, i.e., by focusing on maximizing sales and doing everything to reduce costs.

A tobacco gantry cabinet might not help you enough to maximize your sales, but it will indeed reduce the cost.

It will eliminate the need to labor, keep track of the inventory and refill the shelves now and then. Instead, you can do the job once by refilling the system with enough stock once in a while only.

Helps You Track Your Customer’s Choices

A great technique businesses use to impress their customers is tracking their choices. It helps you keep your store filled with the products your customers like. This leaves your customers with a sense of importance, making them loyal to you and your business.

Use RedSheep’s tobacco display cabinet to keep track of your customer’s brand choice.

To do so…

Closely monitor which brand’s cigarettes are getting out of stock sooner than others. This will help you estimate how much you need to order next time, so you’re never out of stock.

How do Tobacco Gantry Cabinets Work?

Tobacco gantry cabinets are built with simple yet effective technology. It includes shelf pushers that build with the highest quality material. These pushers allow you to display a variety of packaging. These pushers push forward the next item once an object is removed from the raw.

Ideally, you can purchase the pushers as accessories for your pre-existing cigarette display cabinets. These versatile pushers allow you to display other tobacco and moist can products as well.

To load the system with new items, simply push back the items and load the latest stock you got for your customers.

Spring Loaded Shelf Pusher System in the Tobacco Display Cabinet
Spring Loaded Shelf Pusher System in the Tobacco Display Cabinet

Where Can I Get A High-quality Tobacco Display Cabinet?

Following is the list of benefits you enjoy when purchasing tobacco display cabinets from RedSheep.


Safety Is Our Priority

Our priority is to offer the safest items to our customers. As an ISO-certified company, we do everything to meet international quality and safety standards.

We have a dedicated team to look after the quality we offer.

A team of engineers is dedicated to checking the quality of raw materials used to construct tobacco display cabinets.

This team includes two head engineers. One is to make sure the material used in the construction is high quality. The second engineer makes sure the whole process of the construction is done correctly.

Last but not least, another team of engineers makes sure the process and the final product are of their best quality. These cabinets are tested at various stages before delivery.

We do third-party testing to maintain the trust and transparency we enjoy with our customers.


Durable Products

For us, nothing is more important than our customer’s satisfaction. Being a responsible manufacturer, we want to provide maximum value to your investment.

When it comes to displaying products, we make sure every product lasts for at least 5-10 years.  


Easy Payment Options

We make sure you feel at ease when purchasing from RedSheep. All the prices are kept economical while maintaining the quality for your ease.

Additionally, we offer various payment options for your ease. Contact our experts for more details and payment and discounts.


Local Partners

If you’re not comfortable purchasing online, we got local partners in various parts of the world. Send us your business address, and we’ll get you hooked with our best partner working in your area.


Best Quality At Affordable Rates

Every product manufactured at RedSheep is designed to benefit you. We maintain the quality of our items without increasing the price by using advanced mechanisms, skilled labor, and innovation.

We do so by eliminating unwanted costs through our experience and knowledge of the industry.


Do You Deliver Tobacco Gantry Cabinet Directly?


We offer direct delivery services to more than 40 countries around the world. We take 30-60 days to deliver products to your doorsteps.

When choosing a direct delivery service, we give you the freedom to choose


How Can I Customize My Cigarette Gantry?

RedSheep understands the importance of customizing products. Hence we allow you to customize every aspect of your tobacco display cabinets.

You can customize your tobacco display cabinets’ material, dimensions, design, and color. Contact us through our website to order a high-quality, durable set of customized tobacco cabinets.

Forward your needs and demands to our experts, and we’ll make sure to develop a sample according to your guidance.


Can I Have A Logo On Tobacco Display Cabinets?

The most straightforward answer to this question is yes!

We offer logo printing for all products to help you in the best ways. If you want your tobacco cabinets to be labeled, we can do it through logo printing.

At RedSheep, we use pressing tools to print logos. These logos can be customized according to your needs.

Additionally, we do not charge for the logo printing process but the pressing tool only to offer complete services with minimum investment.

Feel free to contact our experts for more details about logo printing.

AD Panel of Cigarette Gantry
AD Panel of Cigarette Gantry

Key Take Away

Tobacco display cabinets got the features you need to provide ease to your customers. The automatic push will make it convenient for your customers to take out the product of their choice.

 We hope we’ve mentioned all the necessary details about tobacco display cabinets. Please mention them in the comment section below if you have any queries.

Lastly, to order our display cabinets click “request a quote” and get an expert’s advice.


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