Vegetable Shelving

A store’s reputation lies in the products it offers to its customers. Selling fresh fruits and vegetables in their best shape can make you people’s favorite in no time. Get yourself a vegetable shelving system from a reputable manufacturer like RedSheep. We got 20 years of experience to solve all your shelving problems. We got a massive variety of designs to maximize your benefit.

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Vegetable Shelving Customized

Customized shelving helps you show off your style statement. Be the symbol of styles and elegance while being thoughtful for your customers. RedSheep lets you design shelving units that’ll suit your business and customers. Our skills, labor, and technological advances allow us to offer tailored services with the least hassle. Buckle up to enjoy your dream design in reality at affordable rates.

RedSheep customized services include:

  • ODM/OEM service to develop a unique shelving system
  • Colour customization with a smooth finish to match your store’s theme
  • Logo printing with pressing tool
  • Customization at an affordable rate
  • Short delivery time
  • Local partners for in-person meetings
  • Highly responsive team to assist your needs

Redsheep Vegetable Shelving

RedSheep’s vegetable shelving has been manufactured with all the features needed to enhance your performance. 

Your customers will find no better place than your store for their grocery needs with our careful shelving systems. 

The efficiency rate of RedSheep’s shelving system is 99.98%, which can increase your profit up to 78%.

 All the units are tested to ensure the safety of your store. 

Invest in your store by hiring a durable manufacturer like RedSheep and avoid regretting later.

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Top 6 Vegetable Shelving Reviewed

Below are 6 vegetable racks you can find at RedSheep stores at an affordable rate and even have the freedom to customise them

50P Vegetable Display Rack

50P Vegetable Display Rack

The unique and smart-looking display rack will attract your shoppers to purchase more. It has the potential to increase your sales up to 78%. The shelf is rigorously tested at various stages to ensure the safety and quality. The design holds various compartments or vegetable crates to keep the items separated and sorted.

Tegometall style vegetable shelving with top glass panel

Tegometall style vegetable shelving with top glass panel

Tegometall glass top vegetable unit is one of the most appealing units available at RedSheep. The glass finishing will leave no stone unturned to convince your shoppers to be your regular customers. Thanks to the material you can easily maintain and clean the unit. You can customize the structure as per your needs.

Tegometall style vegetable shelving with wire shelf panel

Tegometall style vegetable shelving with wire shelf panel

The aesthetically appealing system will make it easy for you to load and unload items. The wire panels keep the goods sorted. You can customize the dimensions to make the most out of your investment. To make it a mobile unit you can add casters at the bottom.

Tegometall style vegetable shelving with top glass panel and ad panel

Tegometall style vegetable shelving with top glass panel and AD panel

The Tegometall vegetable unit is ideal for long-term use. The unit can serve you at least 5-10 years with the least pampering. The system offers AD panel to make more sales. You can customize the color and material of the unit.

Tegometall style vegetable shelving with V shaped brackets

The system allows storing goods in their best shape. The glass finishing gives it an aesthetically appealing look. The efficiency rate of this unit is 99.98% which means better quality leading to lower costs. The material of the unit can withstand corrosion and rust.

Vegetable crate with two foldable handles

Without a durable vegetable crate, the vegetable unit is only 50% efficient. To make the proper use of a fruit stand, you need lasting crates to hold the goods. The crates are offered in various colors. The design keeps two foldable handles to grab the crate.

Step up Your Game With RedSheep Vegetable Shelving - Ultimate FAQ

The most important thing for a grocery store is to serve healthy and fresh items to its customers. It helps the store owners build a trustable relation with their customers to enjoy long terms profits.

If you’ve recently jumped into a grocery store business or planning to expand your business by offering fresh fruits, vegetables, etc., worry not.

The article will provide a complete guide on shelving units necessary to display fresh vegetables and fruits correctly.

Without wasting any time, let’s get started!

What is The Difference Between a Traditional Vegetable Display Stand And a Vegetable Shelving?

A vegetable shelving is quite different from a traditional fruit and vegetable display stand in many ways. It is specifically manufactured to store and display fruits and vegetables.

The nature of the material, construction, color quoting, etc., is done keeping in mind the purpose of its existence.

The rack is specifically designed to provide convenience to shoppers.

Vegetable Shelving Layers Packaging
vegetable shelving layers packaging

How to Keep The Vegetable Shelving Units Clean?

Keeping the shelving units clean is essential to offer hygienic products to your customers. Following are some tips to keep the shelving units clean.

Regular Dusting

Whether you’re a centrally air-conditioned store or not, dust will find its route to enter your store. The best way to keep shelving units clean is to avoid letting the dust form a thick blanket.

Customers will hesitate to purchase items, especially fruits and vegetables, from a dirty environment. Hence make a habit of cleaning and dusting the shelving units daily.


Dust is what you can see, but germs are too small to be seen through naked eyes. That does not mean you don’t focus on keeping the environment germ-free.

Thousands of customers visit a store regularly carrying various germs. Keeping the units sanitized is essential to avoid polluting the items.

The cleaning system must involve sanitizing the shelving units with a sanitizer and a cloth. The best method is to sanitize the teams every time before refilling the items.

How to Keep The Vegetable Shelving Units Clean?

Keeping the shelving units clean is essential to offer hygienic products to your customers. Following are some tips to keep the shelving units clean.

What Types of Vegetable Crates Are Available?

RedSheep has many different kinds of vegetable&fruit crates with various dimensions available. And we developed the vegetable shelving to make these Vege crates fit. So worry not, we don’t leave any stone unturned.

All our vegetable crates are designed to be stackable, some of them are even foldable, to save your limited store space when they’re not in use, it makes your business efficient and profitable.

Our vegetable crates are made of 3 types of materials, polyethylene(PE), Polypropylene(PP), and High-density Polypropylene(HDPP), PE is the most economical material while HDPP is the most durable and environmental.


Vegetable Rack Crate Options
Vegetable Rack Crate Options

What Are The Advantages of a Vegetable Shelving?

Easy to Manage And Install

Vegetable shelving units are the easiest and most convenient to install, relocate and maintain. RedSheep provides an installation manual with all the shelving units. You can install the system without hiring professionals.

Since you don’t need professionals to install the unit, it will also save the installation expense.

Intelligent Design

A fruit rack stand offers unique and aesthetic organization to vegetables. It provides convenience to store owners and shoppers to access the items.

Thee tilt design make the water drain more fast and easy, which keeps the fruits fresh and keep the shelving clean.

Ideally, unique accessories can fulfill your individual needs.

Vertical Display to Save Space

If you have a limited space instore and more vegetables & Fruits to display, this vegetable shelving will be your saver because of it’s vertical structure. 

Normally it could display 4-5 layers of vegetables at the same time, while the traditional vegetable stand can display 1-3 layers with the same space.

Adjustable Shelving Means Greater Profits

Through customization, you can develop an adjustable vegetable shelving unit. It will allow you to adjust the height, depth, shelving units, etc., according to your needs.

Keeping the items at eye level increases your chances to make better sales.

Vegetable Shelving Crate Load Bearing Test 1ing Test 1
Vegetable Shelving Crate Load Bearing Test 1
Vegetable Shelving Crate Load Bearing Test 2ing Test 2
Vegetable Shelving Crate Load Bearing Test 2

How is RedSheep Vegetable Shelving Better?

RedSheep develops each unit to maximize your benefits. The following features make RedSheep your best choice for vegetable shelving.

  • Every store owner focuses on purchasing long-lasting and durable items. To help you make the most out of your valuable money, we construct our shelving units to serve you for at least 5-10 years.
  • We offer a 24-month product warranty to all our customers
  • RedSheep got local partners around the world to provide personalized services. Guide us your location, and we’ll hook you up with our local partners serving in your area
  • The estimated cost of our vegetable unit is between $110 to $150.
  • RedSheep is an ISO-certified company; hence quality is guaranteed.
  • Thanks to RedSheep’s advanced mechanism, we promise to deliver customized shelving units within 30 days.


Give your store a unique look through beautiful-looking vegetable shelving units.

I hope I’ve covered all the necessary details about vegetable shelving units. If you still got any queries to reach us through the comment secession below.

Lastly, place your order through “Request a Quote” and enjoy the best in town services.


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