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As a restaurant owner, you need to have advanced equipment to help you serve fresh and healthy food to your customers. As an ultimate restaurant refrigeration manufacturer, we can help you with this regard. We got 23 years of experience in the field and developed long-term relationships with customers in more than 40 countries. Our experience of working with a vast audience has helped give us enough knowledge to cater to your needs no matter how complex they are.

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Restaurant Refrigeration Customized

Customized restaurant refrigeration is no less than heaven. Having a system specially built for your business can do wonders for your working capacity. Keeping our customers’ futuristic and advanced needs in mind, we’ve brought together a team of experts who can build anything to satisfy your needs. Our experts are all set to shoulder your responsibilities and bring the best out of everything. Wait no more and contact RedSheep to enjoy a set of customization services.

Following are the customization services we offer at RedSheep

  • ODM/OEM service to bring a dream design into reality
  • CAD drawing to develop a unique structure
  • Label printing through pressing tools
  • Short delivery time for highly customized orders
  • Local partners to cater to your needs better
  • Affordable rates
  • 24-month product warranty

RedSheep Restaurant Refrigeration

We believe in developing trustable relationships with our customers.

We don’t offer what we have but do our best to construct what you and your business need.

We’ve designed our services to make them a worthy investment.

We got you the best quality, innovative design, advanced mechanism, and high-end customization, all at affordable rates.

All you need to do is contact our team and put forward your needs and demands.

We’ll be more than happy to turn you into our satisfied customer.

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Top Restaurant Refrigeration Reviewed

Below are Restaurant Refrigeration you can find at RedSheep stores at an affordable rate and even have the freedom to customise them

Small 2 Door Commercial Reach In Freezer

Small 2 Door Commercial Reach In Freezer

This one is a compact, sleek yet efficient two-door commercial freezer. It is built to take in room temperature products and freeze them to prolong their shelf life. They are ideal for storing meat, chicken, fish, and other frozen items.

Air Cooling 2 Door Commercial Freezer

Air Cooling 2 Door Commercial Freezer

This is a two-door commercial freezer built with high-quality material. There’s a digital panel available at the head of the freezer that indicates the current temperature inside. It will help you estimate if the products are safe or not. You can customize the interior and exterior of the freezer according to your needs.

Air Cooling 4 door Commercial Refrigerator

Air Cooling 4 door Commercial Refrigerator

This is a smart commercial refrigerator built to provide organized storage. It includes four different compartments to accommodate maximum products neatly. There are high-quality wheels at the structure’s surface, so you can move it around whenever needed.

All Four Door Commercial Freezer

All Four Door Commercial Freezer

Hygiene is the priority of every kitchen, especially if it is your source of income. We’re sure you wouldn’t want germs and bacteria to attack your investment and rot everything before it’s served to your customers. Keeping it in mind, this fridge is constructed from stainless steel.

Double Temperature Four Door Commercial Refrigerator

Double Temperature Four Door Commercial Refrigerator

Look no further than this four-door refrigerator when you want a machine to fulfill multiple purposes. It comes with an advanced feature that allows you to adjust the temperature of each compartment individually according to your needs.

Economy Double Temperature 4 door commercial Reach In Freezer

Economy Double Temperature 4 door commercial Reach In Freezer

This freezer is built with stainless steel to help you fight bacteria, germs, and dirt better. Thanks to the quality of material and construction, the freezer is corrosion and rust-resistant. It will maintain its efficiency and outlook with minimum maintenance for the longest.

Direct Cooling Double Glass Door Commercial Refrigerator

Direct Cooling Double Glass Door Commercial Refrigerator

This fridge is constructed to take in room temperature items and keep them safe for the longest. You might also use it to keep the items cold. The design includes two vertical glass doors so your employees can look at the items better. You can always customize it to fit your needs.

Direct Cooling 3 Glass Door Commercial Freezer

Direct Cooling 3 Glass Door Commercial Freezer

This is one of the biggest freezers available at RedSheep. It is constructed to offer maximum space to store multiple products simultaneously. The design includes high-quality wheels on its bottom so you can move the structure around whenever needed.

4 Door Glass Commercial Refrigerator

4 Door Glass Commercial Refrigerator

This four-door glass refrigerator is integrated with glass doors. This will help your employees have a look at the products better. There is high-quality steel used in the construction; hence the structure is corrosion and rust-resistant. There are four high-quality wheels infused at the surface of the system.

2 Foam Door And 2 Glass Door Commercial Freezer Refrigerator

2 Foam Door And 2 Glass Door Commercial Freezer Refrigerator

This one is a unique combination of two foam and two glass door refrigeration systems. It is a two-in-one device that works as a freezer and fridge both simultaneously. This is ideal for restaurants that need a system to freeze and keep the items cold but have limited space.

Air Cooling 6 door Commercial Refrigerator

Air Cooling 6 door Commercial Refrigerator

If you got a busy restaurant and need lots of space to store in bulk, go for this system. It is an advanced commercial fridge that has energy-efficient compressors. Both the interior and exterior of the system are thoughtfully constructed to withstand the challenges of a commercial environment.

All 6 Door Commercial Freezer

All 6 Door Commercial Freezer

This system is built with stainless steel to avoid corrosion and rust. It is easy to clean due to the material and construction process. There are six wheels integrated at the bottom of the freezer to support its weight while making it easy to move around. You can customize the size, design, or interior according to your needs.

All Freezer 6 Glass Door Commercial Refrigerator

All Freezer 6 Glass Door Commercial Refrigerator

This is a six-glass door commercial fridge that comes with a temperature indicator. The sleek design is efficient enough to accommodate maximum products and serve you for the longest. It is built with a rigid material to withstand minor bumps. The doors of the fridge include airtight rubber to lock maximum cooling inside.

All Freezer 3 Foam Door And 3 Glass Door Restaurant Reach In Refrigerators

All Freezer 3 Foam Door And 3 Glass Door Restaurant Reach In Refrigerators

This two-in-one system is ideal for busy places with less space. The design includes three foam doors and three glass doors. The glass doors will help your employees see the items when they’re in a hurry. At the same time, the foam doors will keep the products cold and save until they’re needed.

Restaurant Kitchen Workbench

Restaurant Kitchen Workbench

This is fairly a big restaurant kitchen workbench manufactured from stainless steel. It comes with four wheels at the surface to support the structure’s weight while making it easy to move around. It is constructed from stainless steel hence its corrosion and rust resistance.

Engineer Type Movable Air Cooling Restaurant Kitchen Workbench

Engineer Type Movable Air Cooling Restaurant Kitchen Workbench

This system is constructed with futuristic characteristics. It is an ideal kitchen solution that will fulfill your multiple restaurant’s kitchen needs. It is constructed from stainless steel hence its corrosion and rust resistance. You can utilize it as both a cooling system and a workbench if you wish to offer extraordinary services to your customers.

2 Glass Door Restaurant Kitchen Workbench

2 Glass Door Restaurant Kitchen Workbench

This design includes two glass doors. Both the doors are infused with high-quality rubber at the sides to secure maximum cooling inside. There are high-quality wheels integrated at the bottom of the system so you can move it around easily.

Supermarket Multideck 7 Glass Door Display Upright Freezer

Click Above Picture to See More Supermarket Freezer

The commercial environment needs a thoughtfully constructed freezer. Otherwise, they can be a waste of money. There are lots of refrigerators manufacturers in the market offering various designs. What you need is a quality manufacturer like RedSheep who can understand and provide a system according to your needs. Click now and let our experts take you through a unique range of supermarket freezers that will suit your needs.

Restaurant Refrigeration A Must Have For A Successful Business - Ultimate FAQ Guide

A good restaurant refrigeration system is more than a want for a restaurant owner. You cannot maintain food quality while improving customer service if you don’t have a refrigeration system that fits your needs.

But how will you know what refrigeration system will do good to your business without having the necessary information?

Worry not; here are the most frequently asked questions about restaurant refrigeration systems to help you understand and make a better decision for your business.


What Is A Restaurant Refrigeration System?

Restaurant refrigeration systems are specially designed for commercial purposes. There are mostly two systems available in the market. It depends on you if you want it to freeze the necessary items case of meat, fish, etc., or prolong the shelf life of your food products.

Various types of systems can be used at a restaurant according to the space, area, and, most importantly, the task required to perform.

For instance, upright refrigerators help save space while making products more accessible to your employees when there is a workload.

While some compact yet efficient freezers are available to hold and make the items cold enough to be served instantly, these systems are ideal for desserts.


What Is The Difference Between Residential and Restaurant Refrigeration?

Both may look the same, but a residential refrigerator is certainly different from a restaurant refrigerator because they are both constructed for different purposes.

Here is the list of differences between residential and restaurant refrigerators for you to understand better.

Storage Capacity

Residential refrigerators are built for family and individual use. They don’t need to perform high-end services because of the less demanding environment of a house.

It’s not that they don’t have space at all, but most residential chillers are manufactured with basic features and a simple design. These features are enough to fulfill the requirements of a family or individual.

On the other hand, restaurant refrigerators are built to work in stressful and busy environments. They need to be super-efficient and offer many technical features to meet the demand and requirements of a commercial workspace.

They hold enough space to accommodate bulk products at once. Thanks to the advancement, there are many restaurant refrigerators available in the market that look compact from the outside but have plenty of space inside. They are thoughtfully designed with shelves and compartments to offer better organization.

Overall Exterior And Interior

A residential refrigerator is typically more fragile. It is constructed from a material that might not be able to bear bums. At the same time, a commercial fridge is built from sturdy material to service in a rough environment.

Cooling Efficiency

Residential fridges have weaker compressors and insulation, which causes heat loss and unstable temperatures.

On the other hand, a commercial refrigerator is built with advanced compressors to maintain the temperature, so every bit of the system receives the equal cooling necessary to keep the items.

Additionally, they are infused with sensors and alarms to alert the staff if anything is wrong with the cooling system.


What Are The Packaging Options For Commercial Refrigerators?

RedSheep offers its services to more than 40 countries. What’s the point of constructing an advanced refrigeration system if we can’t deliver it safely?

Hence, we’ve developed an authentic packaging option to deliver your products around the world safely.

Wooden packaging is our tried and tested packaging option to deliver commercial refrigerators safely anytime, anywhere.

Wooden packaging means securing a refrigerator inside a customized wooden pallet or frame. These frames are lightweight and cheaper.

Thermal and other safety precautions are taken to double-check safety.

Ideally, you may recoup your investment by selling wooden pallets.

Commercial Refrigerators Packaging
Commercial Refrigerators Packaging

How To Buy A Good Restaurant Refrigerator?

Due to the competition and high demand for refrigeration systems, various options are available. Sometimes, it gets difficult to which system will suit you most.

If you don’t know the technicalities of a refrigerator, worry not! Here is a list of necessary factors to consider when purchasing a brand-new refrigerator for your business.

Storage Capacity

Storage is by far the most important factor to consider when purchasing a restaurant refrigeration system.

Don’t compromise on the storage capacity no matter what. Even if you have to pay extra, always go for a little bigger size than you think would do the job.

It will help you save both time and money in the long run.

If you don’t have a lot of space for a giant fridge, look for the ones that look compact from the outside but have plenty of space inside.

Also, don’t go for an unnecessarily big fridge if you don’t need it, just because you got a lot of space.

Efficiency And Features

A commercial environment is highly competitive. You need an efficient fridge to deal with your needs through advanced features.

When purchasing a refrigerator, make sure to invest in a versatile product. It’s better to pre-decide the refrigerator’s job and even better to have a product that can adjust to your needs.

Therefore make sure your restaurant refrigerator got an adjustable temperature control option. It’ll help you increase or decrease the temperature of the fridge accordingly.

Interior And Exterior Design

When purchasing a restaurant refrigerator, the interior is significant. Make sure it has good sub-compartments inside for better storage and increased visibility.

A light and a fan inside a chiller are plus points.

They keep the products fresh and illuminate to identify when you’re in a hurry.


How to Ensure The Refrigerator You Choose Is Safe?

Safety should be the priority of every restaurant owner because any unwanted accidents may cause damage to your public image. To ensure quality, you have two options.

  1. Hire an expert to thoroughly check each and every system you’re purchasing for your restaurant. Mind you; there are a lot of chances your expert may miss out on a noticeable problem in a system.
  2. Work with an expert like RedSheep, who ensures you receive the best quality, safest restaurant refrigeration.

In case you’re wondering… 

RedSheep is an ISO-certified restaurant refrigeration manufacturer. This means all our products are built to meet international safety and quality standards. We have a team of engineers who test the quality of raw materials used in the manufacturing of refrigerators.

They keep a close eye on the manufacturing process till the final product is ready. Our systems are bound to undergo safety tests at various stages to double-check the quality.

Additionally, we do third-party testing to maintain transparency with our customers.



If you’re re-building or sailing off for a new venture, prepare your kitchen with the most efficient equipment. This will help you grow your business faster with less hassle.

We’ve tried to overall the necessary details about restaurant refrigeration. If you still got any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact our experts.


If you’ve already made up your mind and are ready to purchase your first restaurant refrigeration, contact us through “Request a Quote.”


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