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Looking for a world class shopping carts manufacturer to provide satisfying results? RedSheep company is here to help you. Keep reading to know-how!

Who Is Cooperating With RedSheep Company?

Advanced Machines From China Shopping Cart Manufacturer

Inspections From Chinese Shopping Carts Manufacturers

Advantages To Cooperate With RedSheep Grocery Cart Supplier

RedSheep as one of the most professional supermarket trolley suppliers has the advantages as following


With 23 years of experience as one of the biggest Chinese shopping cart companies, we have full experience in suppling top-rated cart to meet your market requirement.


All our carts are strictly according to ISO/SGS regulations, with affordable prices with unparalleled quality


Big production capacity makes short lead time 20-30 days for the standard shopping cart.


We have full experience in customized product development and have ffull range of shopping cart parts and accessories, to meet customer’s different needs.


We take care the quality of our shopping cart , for any defect of the goods, we will take responsibility. You are risk-free.

Low MOQ 100 SETS

Low MOQ, we can accept low MOQ as 100 sets shopping cart, or even less quantity for every single item in big production order.


We have our own quality control system that you can trust, to secure your order and business.


As one of the leading supermarket trolley manufacturers, we provide stable and reliable OEM/ODM service for our customer.

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RedSheep shopping cart factory overview
Shopping Cart Basket Nesting Welder
Shopping Cart Bottom Frame Pipe Bender

What’s The Shopping Cart Manufacturing Process?

Every metal shopping cart can be made through several production processes, which can take hours or even days to be the final product.

Below are the standard processes of metal shopping cart manufacturing.

  • Material Selection. The first thing is to choose the rust-free bright steel material needed to produce these carts. Each cart requires at least 150pcs of wire steel.
  • Straightening And Cutting. Use an automatic machine to straighten the wire steel from the wire coil, then cut it into the right length.
  • Mesh Formation. The material is lined into a mesh formation by using hand-made tooling.
  • Welding the Mesh. Use a spotting machine to spot welding the mesh.
  • Bending the Basket. Bend it into a basket shape by applying the pressure on the mesh. – using about 20 tons of punching presser.
  • Basket Sides Welding. A welding robot weld the side.
  • Trimming Extra Material. A trimming machine to cut off the extra material. The aim is to make it reach IT6 or IT7 standard.
  • Handle Creation. An automated wire bending machine bends a piece of wire to make the handle(pair).
  • Creating Chassis. An A4-meter steel rod is shaped to form the chassis.
  • Welding Chassis. A robot weld the chassis onto the basket.
  • Installing Rack. The next step is to install the bottom rack in the right place.
  • Cleaning the Structure. A Silane treatment to clean the surface of the cart’s body.
  • Electroplating. Now the cart is to be plated with zinc plating plus transparent powder colour or transparent power colour plus powder colour.
  • Installing wheels. The wheels are installed on the chassis.
  • Installing Baby Seat. The baby seat is attached to the door.
  • Branding. Your supermarket name is silk printed on the handle pipe.
  • Installing the handle pipe. The handle pipe is to be installed on the wire handle.
  • Quality Control and Testing. The last step is to inspect and test the finished cart to ensure it meets the industry standards.
Shopping Cart Powder Coating Line

Different Materials of Shopping Carts

We understand how each supermarket is different from others, and so do its trolly needs. So we don’t offer one fit for all; instead, we provide both metal and plastic material trollies for you to make the best choice.

We have all-plastic, hybrid meaning a combination of plastic and metal carts.

All-Plastic Grocery Cart: All-plastic trollies are lightweight, durable, and easy to handle. It does not rust with time due to zero involvement of metal.

Our All-plastic shopping carts are eco-friendly and made with re-usable plastic to minimize waste.

These trollies are an excellent choice as a children’s cart. At RedSheep, you can enjoy a range of attractive colors in all-plastic material that is designed to maintain its original form for ages.

Hybrid Grocery Cart: Hybrid trollies are pretty famous because of their affordability and durability. Our hybrid shopping carts are super easy to handle and lightweight. As the name suggests, it’s a combination of both plastic and metal.

Metallic Shopping Cart: Metal is a suitable material and offers a massive range of styles. It is a convenient option if you want to have big trollies for your store.

Metal carts, due to affordable manufacturing and high capacity rates, are cheaper as compared to other types of shopping carts.

Types Of Plastic Grocery Cart Parts
Types Of Plastic Grocery Cart Parts

Why Should You Cooperate With a Chinese Shopping Cart Manufacturer Like RedSheep?

A well-designed shopping cart with accurate material can do more than your imagination to satisfy your shoppers. A cart with a strong base and efficient wheels is enough to shoulder your tiring responsibilities.

Being one of the largest shopping cart manufacturers in Eastern China, we’ve always strived to bring an innovative product line. We’ve been working hard to develop a shopping cart that serves all your shopper’s needs.

Luckily Redsheep has successfully established itself as a branded shopping trolley manufacturer with efficient delivery services around the world. Furthermore, we are proud to label our products to be the most versatile in terms of performance.

Due to our 23 years of experience in the shopping cart industry, we claim to have solutions to all your problems concerning retail shopping carts. Providing services to more than 40 countries has given us enough experience to critically evaluate what a shopper needs in a branded shopping cart.

Hence we are confident that we can provide all that you’re looking for in your shopping trolley manufacturers. Our material and advanced manufacturing quality will speak for themselves once you start your journey with RedSheep company.

We plan to design your shopping carts to do more than holding goods for your customers. Intelligent manufacturing and robust construction will increase your efficiency rate to 60%.

The overall design and look will not let you regret investing in your business.

The combination of quality, comfort, affordability, adaptability, and customer service is there to serve you with maximum benefits. In addition, the technology involved in the manufacturing of retail shopping carts allows us to help you with desired results in the least possible time.

We are entirely dedicated to design shopping carts that benefit your business. Thanks to our devoted team of experts, we’ve maintained the trust you put in our quality and services.

We not only claim but do our best to bring clever technology to serve your future needs. Thanks to our experience that we deeply understand shopping psychology and can help you attract more customers. We put our maximum efforts into delivering a solid structure with an eye-catching look.

RedSheep Shopping Carts With All Accessories Available

Our supermarket shopping carts are equipped with all accessories that you’ll ever need to provide a great shopping experience to your shoppers.

Shopping is a luxury everyone should enjoy. Therefore, we design our supermarket carts to serve maximum people irrespective of age, physical strength, or weaknesses.

We’ll leave no stone unturned to customize your shopping carts according to your instructions.

Americana Wire Shopping Cart Accessories
Americana Wire Shopping Cart Accessories


RedSheep As Your Go-To Grocery Cart Supplier

We are all set to transform your shopper’s shopping time into their fun time.

Our innovative manufacturing with thoughtful accessories will make grocery shopping from you a remarkable experience for people.

As one of the largest shopping cart manufacturer from China, RedSheep offers various benefits that are hard to find elsewhere.

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Different World Class Shopping Carts Types To fulfill Various Requirements

To begin with, RedSheep offers different types of shopping carts with variable sizes, styles, and outlooks to maximize its usage.

Different shoppers have different needs; therefore, we aim to offer trolleys that best suit your customer’s needs.

In different regions, there are different names of shopping carts. In American, it named grocery cart, while in Europe or The UK, it often been called shopping trolley.

Following are many of the few types of shopping carts we offer in metal and plastic material.

  • European Metal Shopping Cart

It is our most in-demand style. People around the globe order our durable European metal shopping carts to give a happy shopping time to their customers.

We design these trollies to meet all your shopping needs. RedSheep’s cart accessories include everything needed for convenient shopping, from a soft handle to a strong base frame provided on request to keep heavy loads.

We offer European metal shopping carts in all heights and sizes as per your choice. The cart is perfect for holding items while your shoppers continue to shop systematically.

  • Asian or Japanese Metal Shopping Cart

It is our second most popular cart design. Globally people prefer these Asian carts because of the space they offer to shoppers. If you own a grocery store or a supermarket, these are the right fit for you.

You can customize these with extra accessories such as a handle to hold your shopper’s handbag and a carriage for their little ones.

  • American Grocery Cart

RedSheep has designed these especially for the convenience of grocery stores. We offer both plastic and metal material for this style.

The high-quality material is tested to bear a heavy grocery load of your shopper without any damage.

We use unique quality material wheels in these Amercian grocery carts to avoid scratching the wheels against the surface due to heavyweight.

RedSheep have many models for the famous retailers in American, like 

Walmart shopping cart

Home Depot shopping cart

Sam’s club shopping cart

Technibilt Tote shopping cart

Hobby Lobby shopping cart

Carts4U shopping car

Ross shopping cart

R.W.Roger shopping cart

Burlinton shopping cart

TJ Maxx shopping cart

If you’re product line allows, you can customize these into a double decor grocery cart. This will let your shoppers have a convenient placement of grocery items.

  • Basket Trolley

Shopping baskets can be strenuous to carry for customers, especially with toddlers. Moreover, if your available space also doesn’t allow you to entertain all customers with giant trollies, RedSheep got you covered.

We offer basket trollies that are both easy to move and do not eat up much space for such shoppers. Due to their compact structure, they are easy to handle and move around.

These are ideal for elderly citizens because of their lightweight ease of moving the structure.

The metallic structure and removable plastic cart are an excellent solution for your regular shoppers. In addition, these can be utilized to transport goods internally.

We’ve designed it to carry two or more shopping baskets separately for an organized shopping experience. Our standard design includes two sections with a basket on each.

However, you can customize it with an extra tray or handle to offer maximum convenience.

  • Cargo Trolley

Cargo trolley is a trolley which can be used as a shopping trolley or a warehouse trolley, with big loading capacity from 300-800kg, easy for transport. 

Many big retailers use it in their store, like IKEA, B&Q, Metro, or you can also use 30-50pcs in your company’s warehouse. 

RedSheep offers the most cargo trolleys of the world class, we have some top-rated cargo cart like IKEA shopping cartMetro cargo trolley, Metro shopping cart, B&Q platform truckfoldable cargo trolley, etc.

  • Russian Shopping Cart

Russian shopping carts are famous for their easy moveable structure. We use the high-end wheels to support convenient shopping of heavy-load items.

Can be fitted with carriage and baby casters at request.

You can order these in various heights and customize a rigid base frame for the accessible accommodation of heavy items.

  • Fan Shaped Shopping Cart

Fan-shaped shopping carts are best to bring some excitement to your shopper’s experience. These are fancier trollies and most suitable for toys or lightweight large-size goods.

We offer a wide variety of durable colors for fan-shaped shopping carts to enhance the overall look of your store.

  • Kids Shopping Cart

We design these for the little ones interested in shopping from you. RedSheep offers various colors and styles in these kids trollies to attract children to your supermarket while their elders are busy shopping for themselves.

These carts are designed keeping in mind the structure and strength of children. Easy to move and low height handle allow children to maintain the pace.  

  • Roll Containers

Roll containers are special cages designed to carry and transport stock within a store or warehouse. It offers a helping hand to especially if you deal in heavy-duty delicate items.

The high-quality casters make it easy to move around stock with less effort and workforce. These cages take less than half of the time your labor consumes to move around your inventory manually.


Quality Standards of RedSheep Shopping Cart Company

Being a leading manufacturer of grocery carts, RedSheep never compromises on the quality of the product you get.

A lousy quality plastic can be harmful to your business and visitor’s health. Therefore we meet ISO 9001: 2000 quality standard and the European standard UNE EN ISO 1929 1:1998, which mean you can rely on RedSheep’s world class shopping carts.

We manufacture shopping trolleys keeping European standard guidelines to test children’s seats in mind.

Similarly, we follow all shopping cart industry standards when manufacturing metal carts for you.

We follow standard metric guidelines to ensure the measurements and weight of the retail shopping carts are accurate.

The carts are bound to pass several tests to ensure they can carry particular weight to avoid any accidents later on.

RedSheep also fulfills European EN 1929 guidelines when constructing shopping trollies to ensure shopper’s safety.

In general, we keep the edges smooth with an extra layer of safety cover to keep people safe.

Anti-ultraviolet Tester


Customizable Accessories With RedSheep’s Retail Shopping Carts

The most significant benefit of having RedSheep company as your supermarket shopping cart factory is the freedom to add or subtract any feature from the carts.

We offer different accessories on demand to help you make the most out of your valuable investment.

Following are some of the many accessories RedSheep offers while placing your order.

Logo or Advertising Handle

We feel having your name or logo on the cart is a fantastic technique to keep your shoppers aware of the culture of your brand.

We encourage you to customize your logo at the handle or an overly to introduce your customers with the latest offers or important information.

Moreover, having your logo silk printed on the handle or bottom of the cart will protect your trollies against loss and theft. If you are a dealer, it strenthen your shopping cart brands.

Customize Your Logo at The Handle
Customize Your Logo at The Handle

Coin Locks or Parking Bays

RedSheep does not only works to provide benefits for your shoppers but to you as well.

For example, we offer various coin lock systems with multiple features for safe parking, especially if you’re trollies rest outside the store’s premises.

The coin lock also save your labor cost because it makes sure the customers will return your shopping carts to the right place automatically, instead of leaving the cart everywhere to cause you a lot of trouble.

Seatbelts And Children Seat

You can customize the size of children’s seats on the shopping cart. For example, you can customize your carts with large-sized single seats or two economic seats for the ease of the parents.

Besties a children seat RedSheep offer belts for extra safety of the little ones visiting you. You can find safety-printed belts, safe seat elite, premium bets, and standard belts.

RAL colors and logo printing customizable
RAL colors and logo printing customizable

Cart Wheels and Casters

Malfunctioning of cartwheel and casters is not typical but expected. Therefore, we offer cart wheels and casters separately to avoid any inconvenience to your shoppers while purchasing.

In case of any issue, you can easily replace the old ones with the new ones.

Trolly Shopping Bags

We offer high-end trolly shopping bags to maximize the productivity of your shopping carts. These bags allow placing items inside instead of directly putting them on the cart.

How Long Can I Get My Shopping Cart Order From Shopping Cart Manufacturer?

Regularly, we can deliver in 14-30 days after your ordering without customizing, and the shipping time depend on where you located. We have a big warehouse, a big loading platform and many advanced equipments to load the container, which ensure we can load more than 20 containers per day for fast delivery.

Can You Customize Shopping Carts for Me?


RedSheep is always delighted to customize shopping carts to meet your specific needs. 

As the top cart supplier for shopping cart customization, we offer over 100 different models of shopping carts and more than 100 accessories, providing you with over 10,000 different options. 

We can also customize the color of your shopping carts at no extra cost. 

Plus, we welcome your logo and other information to be silk printed on the flat area of the cart. 

Trust RedSheep to deliver the customized shopping carts that best fit your requirements.

Final Verdict

RedSheep is one of the largest shopping cart manufacturers near Shanghai in China.

With a 2-year warranty on our economical shopping carts, you can peacefully focus on developing your business.

Our efficient system takes a maximum of 30 days from manufacturing till the completion of your order.

I’ve covered all the necessary details required to order RedSheep’s premium quality supermarket carts.

I’d now like to hear which cart your shoppers appreciate most when shopping from you.

Contact our team to place an order of a 100 MOQ (minimum order quantity).

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