Tegometall Shelving System

RedSheep has been in the shop shelving industry for over two decades now. We are highly experienced and are confident enough to offer various shelving accessories to meet every shop owner’s demand.

A quality that makes Redsheep stand out from rivals is the strict adherence to the TUV regulations during the Tego shelving manufacturing process.


Tegometall Shelving Customized

We are the right brand for every person looking to purchase quality Tego metal shelving for their supermarket and other stores. You can also choose other accessories from our store by placing your order online.

They are one of the must-have supermarket shelving systems inside supermarkets, grocery stores, retail stores, and even other outlets.

These units provide many benefits like holding your products in place, advertising the items, controlling the traffic flow, and others.

What’s more, we:

  • Offer ODM/DEM services to bright your models/design into reality  
  • Provide 24 months of quality guarantee for every shop shelving
  • Guarantee a delivery lead time of 15 days
  • Have a MOQ of 100 sets/pcs

Redsheep Tego Shelving

Do you operate a business that sells products to customers?

The odds are you have one or two Tegometall shelving for holding your items in place and

making them more visible to the clients.

This article looks at the best Tegometall shop shelving system to give you an idea of what you

should look for when buying your units.

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Advantages To Cooperate With RedSheep Tegometall Shelving Supplier

Redsheep as one of the most professional tegometall shop shelving suppliers has the advantages as following


With 23 years of experience as a Tegometall shop shelving manufacturer, we have full experience in suppling top-rated shelving to meet your market requirement.


All our shelvings are strictly according to ISO/SGS regulations, with affordable prices with unparalleled quality


Big production capacity makes short lead time 20-30 days for the standard shop shelving like Tego metal or gondola shelving.


We have full experience in customized product development and have full range of shop shelving extensions and accessories, to meet customer’s different needs.


We take care the quality of our Tego shop shelving , for any defect of the goods, we will take responsibility. You are risk-free.

Low MOQ 100 SETS

Low MOQ, we can accept low MOQ as 100 sets shop shelving, or even less quantity for every single item in big production order.


We have our own quality control system that you can trust, to secure your order and business.


As a Tegometall shelving supplier, we provide stable and reliable OEM/ODM service for our customer.

Top Tegometall Shelving Reviews

Let us review some of the top Tego shelving that we provide to our customers.

Tegometall Wall Shelving

Tegometall Wall Shelving is a system placed against the wall and comes with just one side for placing your products. It features a single-side or double-side back panel to give you the strength you require for your shelving. The unit’s layers have a load-bearing of about 200kg, thanks to the 2H brackets. You can also choose to use the 3H brackets and increase that load by about 100kg. Note that the unit comes with a single system for placing against the wall, and you can add the set to meet your demand and needs.

Tegometall Low Gondola Shelving

Tegometall Low Gondola Shelving is the ideal model for retail shops and grocery stores with many products to display. It is a double-sided model, letting place goods on either side of the back panels. It helps save space because you place it in the middle of the store instead of against the wall. Another thing is the double side-back panel that makes it more robust than the single side model. The model is also compatible with the end bays systems to give you more versatility. You get models with heights of between 39-inch to 70-inch.

Tegometall Supermarket Gondola Shelving

Tegometall Supermarket Gondola Shelving is a system that comes with a height of between 82-inch and 118-inch. It provides you with enough surface to place more brackets and place more products. The model provides the double-sided back panel of the Tego metal, and that means you get a heavy-duty unit that can withstand heavy use. You also get the benefit of the double-sided nature of the shelving, enabling you to place your items on both sides. Sometimes the system comes with end bays and was designed to last for decades.

Tegometall Low Gondola End Shelving

Tegometall Low Gondola End Shelving is an end-of-the-aisle unit for placing your products in up to two sections. That gives you more room to place items for easy customer access. The corner side is recommended for placing all promotional goods, and you get up to four shelves for placing the items. It is mainly used in the supermarket and is a single-sided model that effectively displays the products. You can quickly assemble the system, and it comes with a price tag to allow for practical usage.

Tegometall High End Gondola Shelving

Tegometall High End Gondola Shelving is another gondola shelving end system that you can place at the end of the aisle. You get up to five shelves for placing your goods, and it is mainly ideal for promotional products. The system is popular in retail shops because it conserves space and provides the adequate service desired.  It is also shelving made to withstand heavy use and allows you to place different types of goods at the end of the aisle. You can assemble the system without seeking help from an expert.

Tegometall Corner Retail Shelving

Tegometall Corner Retail Shelving is the right solution for all corners, thanks to its superb design and closed side. The model is ideal for retail shops and supermarkets, making it a multipurpose unit. One benefit of this system is its effectiveness, as it allows you to make great use of the space. You can easily connect this corner unit with other shelving to create a bigger space for placing your goods. You get up to five shelves for placing the different types of goods on offer and making use of the retail space better.

Tegometall Slatwall Gondola

Tegometall Slatwall Gondola is the perfect display for any business having trouble showcasing its products. It is a popular system in the world for its effectiveness and easy installation. A notable thing is the Slatwall hooks that give you more options to display your products without much hassle. The unit is also stable enough to withstand bulky goods without getting damaged or falling over. You can opt for customization when you place your order, and it is easy to install even if you have never used such a unit before. It is the model to give you value for money.

Tegometall Pegboard Gondola

Tegometall Pegboard Gondola is the ideal solution for all kinds of Euro hooks. It features the SL and RL back panels to give you the most advanced system in the industry. The unit is recommended for all retail shops and supermarkets due to its versatility and ease of use. You can quickly put different types of hooks on this unit to meet all your needs. It also has a heavy-duty base panel that can come in handy when displaying heavy products. The unit gives value for bucks and is the only one you would ever need for your store.

Tego Metal Pegboard Shelving

Tego Metal Pegboard Shelving is another system you can use with different types of Euro hooks. It also comes with the SL and RL back panels for the stability you desire in your unit. One thing to note is the system only provides one side for placing your goods, making it the right unit for placing next to the wall. It is recommended for hardware stores and supermarkets due to its unique construction. The bottom is made of heavy-duty material to give you a strong bottom shelf for placing all kinds of goods.

Tegometall Magazine Shelving

Tegometall Magazine Shelving was developed to provide supermarkets and retail shops with an attractive solution for their books and magazines. You can choose a 1-step, 2-step, or 3-step model to meet your demands. One great thing is the versatility of using this system as it is perfect for bookstores and supermarkets. It has a strong base shelf that can enable you to display heavy items. You should also note that the system is recommended for use against the wall as it provides a single side.

Tegometall Wire Gondola Shelving

Tegometall wire gondola shelving is a perfect solution for elegant commodities, like wine, crafts, digitals, garments, and so on. With different gridwall hooks, it can meet all your requirements about displaying. You can even replace the gondola end wire shelf panel with a semi-rounded one, to make it more attractive. Meanwhile, the wire gondola shelving is safer as a part of the fire control system, as the water from the ceiling can drop down directly to the floor.

Tegometall Power Tools Display Rack

Tegometall tools display rack is a special application for the power tooling industry, combined with 1.2mm thick perforated back panel shelving and pegboard display hooks. The heavy tools can be placed directly on the bottom shelf, which can bear more than 300kg of goods. The big AD panel on top with silk printing allows you to customize your logo or promotion content to skyrocket your business.

Tegometall Style Vegetable Shelving With Top Glass Panel And AD Panel

Tegometall style Vegetable Shelving With Top Glass Panel And AD Panel is the most attractive display rack for Vege & fruits, it can increase sales by up to 78%. This shelving makes your store visible and outstanding, makes your goods keep fresh, makes your customers like your store and become regular clients. This model is highly customized, you can choose to buy our standard model with full accessories, or you want it with different dimensions, thicknesses, colors, or parts.

Tegometall Integrated Rack

Tegometall Integrated Rack is mainly used in European supermarkets and is one of the most efficient models you can get for your business. It comes with a unique design to display your products to the customers and still store stock insight. The system makes for easy access to all your items without wasting a lot of effort and time heading to the warehouse. You can bet the rack was designed to increase the sale volume and make your supermarket more profitable.

Tegometall Shop shelving Accessories

Tegometall Shop Shelving Accessories are individual parts of the unit enabling you to customize your shelves to meet your need and desire. We carry many parts and accessories in standard dimensions like the upright post, base leg, back panel, shelf panel, etc. Note that we can provide you with these units as ODM/OEM services to help bring your imagination to reality. Our store has all types of replacement accessories to meet all your needs.

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Tegometall Shelving: The Complete FAQ Guide

The right Tegometall shelving lets you display your products to your visitors rather than having them lost in the messy floors and other poor displays.

Some people think that every display is the same, but that’s not true.

You can find the perfect model if you know more about this shelving for supermarkets, convenience stores, grocery stores, and other stores.

For more information about products, the company, or shipping, you can also check out our other FAQs!

What is Tegometall Shelving?

Tego shelving is a display system that uses flat horizontal elevated platforms to hold, display, and provide products in a retail store.

It is a vital part of all retail stores that help them display their products or services to customers and other visitors.

The right model can help to maximize your floor space and exhibit your items in an organized way.  

You can find dozens of display shelving out there today, some standard units while others can be customized to meet your needs.

At Redsheep, we provide the best free-standing Tego shelving to meet your store’s needs, no matter where you are in the United Kingdom, or other European countries.

These retail models serve different sectors such as:

  • Supermarkets
  • Convenience stores
  • Grocery stores
  • Pharmacy stores
  • Jewelry stores
  • Clothing retailers
  • Hardware stores
  • Electronics stores
A Tegometall shop wall shelving display system
A Tegometall shop wall shelving display system

What Is 50 Pitch Adjustable Tegometall Shelving

The 50-pitch adjustable shelving is a type of slot that leaves 50mm when measured from the bottom of one slot to the next slot’s base on the upright.

You place the Tego shelving brackets inside the slots.

This design makes sure your shelf panel or back panel can be adjusted vertically every 50mm.

And this is the most popular design for supermarket shelving.

50 Pitch Shelving Upright
50 Pitch Shelving Upright

What is the Difference Between Tegometall  Shelving and Other Gondola Shop Shelving?

You will find different retail Tego shelving types on the market today, making it hard to choose the best model for your store.

Two standard models you find are the Tegometall shelving and Gondola Shelving, and here is what each has to offer:

Tego Shelving

  • Tegometall style shop shelving standards are out for their flexibility and modularity.
  • The shelf panels come in different width or depth options like 200mm, 300mm, 370mm, 470mm, 570mm, 670mm, and 770mm, and lengths such as 665mm, 800mm, 1000mm, and 1250mm.
  • Tego metal is simple to change and extend as they offer various accessories.
  • The feet’s height can be adjustable to suit an uneven floor and make the unit stable, thanks to the feet’ adjustable screws.
The Feet Adjustable Screws
The Feet Adjustable Screws

These models are also reputable when it comes to strength and can hold heavy loads like warehouse racks.

  • They are recommended for different areas like grocery stores, clothing stores, garden centers, pharmacies, etc.
  • The units carry a German Design and are compatible with other supermarket shelving systems in Europe.
  • You also get to add different accessories like crossbars, wire baskets, pegboards, crossbar hooks, magazine shelves, and more.

Gondola Shop Shelving

  • These are free-standing models with supermarket shelves on one or both sides and are ideal for placing in the middle of a store.
  • The shelf panels come in a different width or depth options like 200mm, 300mm, 350mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm, 550mm, and 600mm, and lengths such as 600mm, 900mm, 1000mm, and 1200m.
  • It is a model connected through CO2 TIG welding to guarantee more load-bearing capability.
  • They help divide your supermarket to create aisles, meaning they are designed to maximize floor space, direct traffic flow, and encourage people to browse your outlet.
  • The shelving comes in different depths and heights to meet your needs and is easy to move and reattach.
  • They are very popular all over the world, except in Europe.
  • Their only notable addition is the pegboard which does not hold as much weight as the Tegometall of its thickness and structure.

What is Integrated Rack?

An integrated rack is a system that combines a sales area and a warehouse on a single square meter.

It is a system that enables you to add items in the sales area without visiting the warehouse regularly, which can increase your turnover.

We provide Tego metal designed integrated racking systems that combine the standard Tego shelving and a light-duty racking system as shop storage shelves.

Integrated rack components
Integrated rack components

How to Use Tego Shelving?

Key Dimensions of Tegometall Shelving

Adjustable Tego systems require effectively mounted installation that can resist collapse even when the platform is overloaded.  

The equipment design ranges from single units to combination systems and even componentized models that provide flexibility.

That means finding models with several key dimensions, as seen below:

  • Length options: 26 to 52 inches
  • Width options: 7 to 30 inches
  • Height options: 39 to 118 inches

We allow you to customize your order to fit your desired dimensions, designs and looks.

Can Shop Storage Shelves be Freeze Stored?

Correct temperature control is vital to control bacterial growth and maintain food nutrient content and quality.

Some food requires you to freeze them while on the shop shelving to keep them in perfect condition.

But can these shop metal shelving be freeze stored?

Our shelves are made of quality steel material that offers a rust-free and corrosion-free, smooth finish.

That enables them to remain in top condition even when they are frozen.

However, we recommend you choose our galvanized storage rack or shop storage shelves if you want a system for keeping frozen products. 

Who is Using RedSheep Tego Shop Shelving?

Our end customers of this Tegometall shelving are including:

Tesco and Morrisons from The UK

Action from The Netherlands

Watsons Europe

Metro and Boni from The Netherlands

Tegometall System for Boni Supermarket
Tegometall System for Boni Supermarket

How Many Grocery Shelving Units Does a Grocery Store Have?

Grocery stores organize their aisles to enable shoppers to find their products and leave the premises quickly.

Most stores have at least five aisles, which requires varying Tego shelving numbers as this depends on the premise’s measurements.

From there, you need to know the dimensions of the shelving your wish to purchase to figure out the perfect number to fit your store.

A small grocery store needs at least 20 sets of shelving for the five aisles.

Most supermarkets require at least 200 sets of shelving to cover every corner of the store.

If you are not sure of the right quantity for your needs, just contact our expert team to give you advice.

Tego double sided gondola shelving layout
Tego double sided gondola shelving layout

What Shop Shelving Parts & Accessories are Available?

Shop shelving accessories and parts are available individually to enable you to customize and create the system that meets your need.

Note that we provide all the standard measurements of the parts in the list below:

Upright Post. Most come with a 50mm pitch distance and are H holes models.

Base Leg. They are movable feet with adjusting screws.

Back Panel. You find three types: flat backplane, round hole backplane, and keyhole backplane.

Bracket Arm. It is divided into a three-claw bracket ad a two-claw bracket.

Shelf Panel. It is a metal panel formed when the rear and front grooves are made by a roller machine and features ribs underneath for additional strength and load-holding capacity.

Corner Shelf Panel. It is like the shelf panel, but for 90 degrees corner shelves in your store.

Gondola Cover. This is a top press cover.

Plinth. It is also called the kickboard.

Corner Shop Shelving Plinth. It is ideal for 90 degrees corner supermarket shelving.

We also provide shop shelving accessories to meet your needs, which include:

  • Hanging basket(shop hanging shelves)
  • Hanging basket separator
  • Wire shelf panel
  • Tie bar
  • Rear support bar
  • Upright extension
  • Die-cast
  • Hooks
  • Slatwall back panel
  • AD panel
  • Magazine shelf
  • Wire riser
  • Acrylic riser
  • Price tag

See How the Shop Shelving and accessories work


What are Ribs on Metal Shop Shelves?

Ribs are the reinforcement bar below the shelf panel that allows you to place more weight on the shelves.

Reinforcement bar below the shelf panel
Reinforcement bar below the shelf panel

How to Fix Tegometall Shelving?

Here are steps to follow when installing your shop shelving:

  • Attach Base Leg to Upright. You begin by fixing the base leg to the upright and forming two L-shaped structures. Consider placing the upright upside down when attaching the base leg and then hammering it into place using a rubber mallet.
  • Back Panel. Attach a back panel to the two L-shaped structures.
  • Plinth. Now attach the plinth to the structures as you did with the back panel.
  • Attach Other Back Panels. You can now attach the other back panels to the upright.
  • Bottom shelf panel. The next thing is to attach the bottom shelf and check whether the system is level – adjust accordingly.
  • Bracket. Insert the different brackets into the same slots as the back panels on both sides.
  • Place other shelves. You can place the other shelves starting from the top one.
  • Price tags. Add the price tags to the front of the shelves.

The base leg installation should be right to allow effective stuck into the upright – neither too tight nor loose.

How Long Can the Steel Tego Shelving Last?

Our products come with a 24-month limited warranty that covers the design and manufacturing process.

With that said, most of these shelves can last for over ten years when maintained properly.

They are well-designed to display your goods for years without needing to change them regularly.

How to Choose the Perfect Modular Tegometall Shelving Parts?

A shelf for shops is so universal that you might fail to think about it when buying your new set of pieces.

We have looked at five tips to help you pick the ideal retail shelving system for your grocery store or supermarket.

  • Choose a Model that Suits Your Products

You can find different types of Tego shelving, and they all have their unique purposes.

Some are light-duty equipment, while others are heavy-duty systems.

Tego End caps, wall shelving units, and gondolas are heavy-duty, multipurpose models for retail shops.

Slatwall with moving shelves is versatile, but it works best for lightweight products.

That makes it vital to know your products before settling for a specific set of modular shop shelving parts.

  • Choose a Model that Suits Your Niche

You can find high-tech or vintage models, and classic or contemporary systems, among other customizable styles.

The style you opt for should depend on your visitors and the service or product you sell.

There are industrial metal, rustic wood, and glass shelving out there.

We mainly deal with metal models, which are best suited for supermarkets and other grocery stores.

  • Choose a Model that Fits Your Space

The shelving you choose should showcase your products without crowding the available space.

One great thing about these units is they come in small sizes that allow you to attach several of them to form a more significant set.

You can even opt for mobile options like Tego systems if you only deal with light products.

  • Choose a Model that Lets You Manage the Traffic

You need a product that creates the ideal structure in your store and enables the customers to buy products with ease.

One idea is to get a system that allows you to create a counter-clockwise footpath for your shoppers – they follow that system.

They might not know they are being led, but they can see every section of your store when on this path.

  • Choose a Model that Prevents Theft

The best retail Tego shelving should prevent theft when displaying your products, especially small items.

For instance, things like jewels should be placed under lock and allow customers to see them with ease.

Another way is to create a dead-end system that ensures every customer walk through a specific place to avoid slipping out with products.

Here’s an article about how to choose the right types of shelves for shops for your reference.

How to Build Tegometall Shelving?

There are two main steps in manufacturing the Tego systems.

Building Sheet Metal Parts

  • Shearing. The process uses a shearing machine to cut the sheet into the desired shape and size.
  • Blanking and punching. It is done using a die or punching machine to remove the sheet’s inner and outer contours to provide the desired shape of the workpiece.
  • Bending. We use the bending machine to bend the workpiece from flat to three-dimensional.
  • Welding. It is connecting two workpieces using a welding machine to achieve superior strength.
  • Polishing. This process requires the use of a grinder to smooth scars and burrs.
  • Spraying. We spray the surface using your chosen plastic powder after the piece has undergone saline cleaning and dried.
  • Packaging. It is the last step and includes using a wrapping machine to package the pieces.

Building the Upright

  • Pipe cutting. We start by cutting the tube into the required length using a pipe-cutting machine.
  • Hole punching. It includes punching single-row, double-row, H, or semi-H holes using the punching machine.
  • Welding. The process involves connecting the foot and welder column. It is not present in the German models.
  • Polishing. We use a grinder to smooth welding scars or burrs.
  • Spray. Here, we clean the structure with silane and then leave it to dry in the drying room. Next, it undergoes the electron process of adding plastic powder color.
  • Packaging. We use the wrapping machine to achieve this step and keep the parts secure.

What Kind of Packaging Do You Offer for Tego Shelving? Is it for Free?

We provide several packaging solutions to our customers. Some might cost you extra.

  • Carton box solution. It is a five-layer carton packaging solution that we use when transporting your products. The packaging is firm and safe, and we do it without charging you a coin.
  • Wooden pallet solution. We divide wood pallets into stable composite and fumigation trays for packing your shelving. It is also a free solution.
The Best Packaging of Tegometall Shelving Solution
The Best Packaging of Tegometall Shelving Solution
  • Wooden crate solution. It is the perfect packaging for easily damaged and
    irregular parts, and we do not charge you.
  • Steel pipe frame solution. We use this solution for parts with a particular weight or size since it bears more load. We charge extra for this solution.
  • Galvanised pipe frame stacking. It is the ideal packaging for non-standard parts as it protects them effectively. You pay extra for this solution.
  • Specially designed cardboard. The solution comes in handy when packaging flat plates.

Now, when the sea freight fee is sky high, RedSheep has worked out a new packaging solution of Tegometall shelving, which can load three pallets in a row and can save 12%-18% of your sea freight and other logistic costs. 

Where Can I Buy Commercial Tego Shelving?

Redsheep offers a wide range of high-quality and cheap Tegometall shelving components and accessories to provide a fully versatile, modular display for all retail shops.

Our grocery shelving units are compatible with most systems you can find on the European market, but they are more affordable and available in standard and customisation form.

Kindly get in touch with our support team to find out more about the Tego shelving on offer and how you can have them tailor-made for your grocery store.

You can also place your order by visit our “Request A Quote Directly For This Product!” section of our website.

However, if you are looking for a European local supplier, you can check below famous brands:

Tegometall from Germany

EDEN from the UK(Marmon group)

ITAB from The UK

CAEM from Italy

Can I Buy 10 Sets of Tego Shelving?

We are a reputable Tegometall shelving manufacturer that takes care of all its customers, and we do that by allowing you to place an order of as little as 50 pcs on our website.

We try to achieve efficiency in our products and remain competitive by offering a minimum of 100pcs.

Kindly reach our team at Redsheep to find out more about placing the minimum order that meets your demand.

Can  You Customize Tego Shelving?

Yes, reliable manufacturers can tailor supermarket shelves for you, we have full experience in customizing shelvings like gift shop shelving, shop storage shelving, shop fitting display shelvescurved grocery shelves, small shop shelving, industrial shop shelving, bottle shop shelving, garage shop shelving, wine shop shelving, candy shop shelves, flower shop shelves, heavy duty shop shelves, sweet shop shelves, vegetable display rack and so on.

Now you have complete control of what you want to keep and what you don’t want to put on your supermarket shelving system.

You can get many customized options, some of which are as follows:

  • Different choices of raw materials.
  • The overall structure design of supermarket shelving.
  • Manufacturing process.
  • Surface finishing and powder coating.
  • Customization may also include complex factors such as the models, dimensions, and shape of the hole.

What Should I Offer If I Want to Customise My Tego Systems?

There are many benefits of customizing a metal Tegometall shelving system, like matching the brand’s design or making it suitable for specific products.

We ensure that we meet every need you might have and encourage you to provide the following:

  • Key dimensions of your preferred Tego shelving
  • Colors of the system
  • Any accessory you want to be added

You can inform our team of all the customization you want to be added to your system when placing your order.

We provide better OEM service for customers with PDF or CAD drawings.

PDF or CAD drawings of product
PDF or CAD drawings of product

How can I Customise My Tego Shelving Colour?

As a Tegometall shop shelving manufacturer, we allow you to customize your Tego shelving colors like RAL9001, RAL9003, RAL9006, RAL9010, RAL7015, RAL7035, and even black Tegometall shelving,  thanks to the spraying technology we use after polishing the Tego systems.

Our state-of-the-art spray line cleans the unit’s surface with silane, and then the shelve gets to the drying room.

Here our experts use the electron attraction principles to evenly place a plastic powder of your choice on the equipment’s surface.

That helps us to achieve the desired color.

Customise Your Metal Storage Cage Colour
Customise Your Metal Storage Cage Colour

How Long Does it Take to Get My Order?

RedSheep brand has a delivery lead time of at least 15 days and a maximum of 30 days from the day you place your order.

We try to act fast on all standard orders to ensure you get them on time to display your products.

It can take up to 60 days if you opt for tailor-made shelves for the supermarket.

How Could Us Arrange The Payment?

We accept all the leading payment options like Western Union, PayPal, Letter of Credit, and Telegraphic Transfer.

You are kindly requested to reach our team to inquire about other options that might suit your region.

Final Words

Ready to enhance your retail shelving with the best shelf for shops you can find on the market today?

Reach out to Redsheep and place your order for the best grocery shelving units you can find on the market today.

We allow you to customize your models to meet your products’ and customers’ needs and requirements.


Copyright of the pictures belong to the owner, not allow to copy or use without permission, the owner have the rights to pursue legal action, if you find infringement, please email us we will handle or remove immediately.

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