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RedSheep is a professional stacking wire baskets manufacturer from Eastern China that can help you build a strong customer list through attractive displays. With 23 years of experience and skill, we know how to deal with various display issues. Our approach maximizes customer satisfaction by providing all the necessary services like robust construction, attractive designs, on-time delivery, convenient payment options, and more.


Stackable Wire Bins Customized

We offer customized wire baskets and accessories to maximize your benefit. Our customers get to enjoy ODM/OEM service by skilled professionals to serve your needs. Through our exposure in more than 40 countries, we’ve discovered the secrets to most shopfitting problems.

We plan to showcase our experience through every bit of our service. Believe it or not, every store needs to present its uniqueness, and we deliver that through tailored services.

Our customization package includes:

  • ODM/OEM service
  • Quality check and ISO/TUV regulation
  • Logo printing through pressing tools
  • Short delivery time
  • Affordable rates
  • 24-month product warranty

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RedSheep Stackable Wire Storage Baskets

A gorgeous stackable wire basket by a manufacturer like RedSheep is the ultimate goal of every vendor.

Chain stores and supermarkets can enjoy tremendous growth through convenient and attractive displays.

To be accurate, you can enjoy increased profits up to 73% with RedSheep’s wire stackable storage bins.

Constructed from high-quality material, our baskets are manufactured to serve you for the longest.

Wait no more and contact RedSheep to understand the difference between quality and scrap.

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Top 9 Stacking Wire Baskets Reviewed

Below are nine racks you can find at RedSheep stores at an affordable rate and even have the freedom to customise them

5 Layers Stacking Wire Baskets

5 Layers Stacking Wire Baskets

The structure is constructed from mesh wire. The design of the basket is kept simple, which reflects the elegance in every part. The basket can safely hold a light to medium weight. You can customize the color, shape, size, and layers of the basket as per your needs.

4 Layers Red Powder Coated Large Stackable Wire Baskets

4 Layers Red Powder Coated Large Stackable Wire Baskets

The basket is super attractive due to its color. It offers mini compartments between the layers to offer a neat display. Thanks to the quality of the material, the structure is corrosion and rust-free. You can display the structure as it is or hang it on a wall for better display.

4 Layers Black Stacking Wire Baskets With Base And Top Basket

4 Layers Black Stackable Wire Storage Baskets With Base And Top Basket

The basket has an open end to offer convenient browning. The curve at the end of each layer will save the stock from falling off the racks. There’s a small basket attached at the top of the basket to store delicate products. The structure includes wheels for easy movement.

4 Layers Stacking Wire Baskets With Strong Base And Top Basket

4 Layers Stackable Wire Baskets With Strong Base And Top Basket

It is one of the most quality and high-quality stacking wire storage baskets. The basket includes a unique top and button shelf that offers extra storage. Each layer contains small dividers to divide the stock neatly. It is your choice to order fixed or removable dividers.

3 Layers Zinced Stacking Wire Baskets

3 Layers Zinced Stackable Metal Baskets

It is a small yet robust wire basket constructed to offer maximum storage in minimum space. You can place the basket on the floor or a shelf. The structure is coated with zinc to undergo environmental changes without getting hurt. You can customize the color to match your store’s theme.

Modular Stacking Wire Baskets Combo

Modular Stackable Metal Baskets Combo

A modular stacking basket is a unique structure for unique needs. It is a one in all design that offers various compartments in a single structure. You can change the order of layers to maximize your benefit. All the wire stacking baskets are carefully welded to avoid any unwanted incidents.

Modular Combo Stackable Wire Storage Baskets on wheels

Modular Combo Stackable Wire Storage Baskets on wheels

The structure is similar to modular stacking baskets with an Addison of wheels. The lockable wheels make the stock movement easy. The high-quality wheels offer silent movement. You can use this versatile structure at your warehouse, during transportation, and display products at your store.

Extra Layer Stacking Wire Basket

Extra Layer Stacking Wire Basket

You can attach the extra layer with your existing stacking baskets on a wall or use it independently to increase storage. The wire basket is constructed from Q235 material, which makes it durable. The basket has three sidewalls with a curved opening to keep products from falling.

Stacking Wire Basket Divider

Stacking Wire Basket Divider

Sometimes it’s necessary to keep the products together but sorted. At this challenging stage, a stacking wire basket divider can be a great help. You can easily install, remove and relocate the divider whenever needed. You can customize the size, shape, and material of the divider to fit your needs.

Stacking Wire Baskets, A Step Towards Better Display - Ultimate FAQ

We often ignore the importance of neat, tidy, and attractive displays. Most shop owners believe the difference between ordinary and luxurious shop displays has no impact on sales.

Whereas various researches prove that more than 50% of sales are generated through the efficient display.

Keep reading to learn about an efficient display technique to attract sales at your store.

Without wasting any time, let’s get started!



What Is a Stacking Wire Basket?

Stacking wire bins are one of the most popular display methods both at stores and warehouses. In a highly competitive envrionment, these baskets can help you display goods at a proper height and visibility.

These baskets are available in various designs, sizes, materials, and colors to fit your needs. You can place them independently on the floor or between shelves to create a neat division.

Constructed from wires, these baskets can display and carry various items. What makes them different from other display methods is the amount of visibility they offer.

4 Layer Stacking Wire Baskets With Strong Base And Top Basket
4 Layer Stacking Wire Baskets With Strong Base And Top Basket

What Are The Advantages Of Stacking Wire Bins?

Stackable wire baskets are versatile due to their shape and design. They can carry and store products while keeping them safe from external damage. Following are the pros of having stackable baskets at your store.

Space Efficient

The first and foremost thought that comes to a store owner’s mind is the space available to accommodate the shelving system. Ideally, stacking baskets is not very demanding. They offer maximum storage at minimum space, which is a dream come true for every vendor.

Little to Zero Installation

If you’re starting and don’t want to invest all your capital in your shop display, this one is for you. Wire stacking bins are designed as independent storage structures. They don’t need any installation or professional handling.

Lightweight And Manageable

Due to the quality of material and construction technique, wire baskets are straightforward to manage. You can customize your wire storage baskets on wheels to move around the entire storage system other than wasting time on shifting the stock.


What Are The Uses Of Stackable Wire Baskets?


You can use wire baskets to transport stock between your warehouse and store. These baskets are constructed from mesh wire. Hence you can see the quantity and other details of the stock without unloading the container. Ideally, you can use the same container to display the stock, saving time to shift the stock from the container to the display shelf.

Food Factories

Food processing plants deal with lots of waste; however, cleanliness is necessary. Sometimes it gets challenging to keep the complicated shelving system germ-free. This is where a stacking wire basket can be a huge help. Thanks to the design, a stackable wire basket is convenient to sterilize as compared to other containers.

Industrial Plants

Most industries deal with dangerous chemicals. The biggest problem for some vendors is to find an unreactive container to store the chemically treated stock. These stacked wire baskets are constructed and proceed to deal with chemicals without getting hurt.

Store Display

Visibility is the key to better sales. Since the baskets are manufactured from wire, they offer 100% visibility. Supper stored can use these stacking display baskets to display light to medium weight products.

Stacking Wire Baskets in The Store
Stacking Wire Baskets in The Store

How to Choose The Best Stackable Wire Basket Manufacturer?

When purchasing stackable wire storage bins, make sure to consider the following factors.


When choosing your wire basket manufacturer, ensure the quality they offer to make the most out of your investment. At RedSheep, we follow strict ISO/TUV regulations to display the promised quality.


Stacking wire bins are manufactured from Q235 material. It is constructed to last for at least 5-10 years with minimum maintenance.


Business is all about investment and profits. Most businesses collapse because they invest in unnecessary equipment. Avoid repeating the mistake by choosing a manufacturer that can maintain the quality without increasing the price.

At RedSheep, various factors decide the price of stacking baskets; however, a typical container will cost you between $20-$100.

Key Take away

Stacking wire baskets are the ideal form of investment due to their versatile performance.

With manufacturers like RedSheep, you can enjoy the ultimate peace of mind at affordable rates.

To benefit from the best in town shopfitting products contact us through our website.I


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