Americana Shopping Carts

A good quality Americana shopping cart can double your profits. It is the easiest way to offer valuable services to your customers. Experienced cart manufacturers like RedSheep can provide innovative designs with high-end manufacturing. The 23 years of experience in the industry gives us an edge over other American shopping cart manufacturers. Prepare yourself to stand out in a competitive environment with the best carts.

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Americana Shopping Carts Customized

Enjoy tailor-made designs and construction with RedSheep. The experienced labor is all set to provide a personalized shopping experience to your shoppers. We are here to discuss your needs and build a design that suits your needs. We guarantee you high customization at affordable prices. We got the technology to bring your dream design into reality.

The following are the benefits of RedSheep’s customization:

  • ODM/OEM service for unique needs
  • Logo printing to claim the copyright of your personalized design
  • Color and material customization to make it work for you
  • Short delivery time for bulk customization
  • Local partners to discuss your needs.

RedSheep Americana Shopping Carts

American shopping carts are designed to benefit you, your business, and the environment. Thanks to recyclable plastic and robust steel.

Increase your sales with quality structure, outstanding performance, a beautiful outlook, and a clean finish.

Get benefits through our knowledge and experience of serving customers in more than 40 countries.

We got everything you need in commercial shopping carts. Get ready to experience the best manufacturing services in Eastern China.

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Top 20 Americana Shopping Carts Reviewed

Below are 20 carts you can find at RedSheep stores at an affordable rate and even have the freedom to customise them

Walmart Shopping Cart 212L

Walmart shopping carts got a big capacity, heavy-duty storage, and durability. The quality of plastic is enough to satisfy your customers about the quality of service you provide.

The Home Depot Shopping Cart 180L

The Home Depot shopping cart is most suitable for furniture or hardware store. It has a wide basket, which is easily to get the goods from the bottom. The attractive colors are enough to draw customers’ attention.

Sam's Club Shopping Cart 156L

Sam’s Club shopping cart is suitable for big box stores. It’s a new concept of a two-layered shopping cart, which is very popular in Western American states like California, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, and so on.

Technibilt Shopping Cart 178L

Technibilt shopping cart features a generously sized bottom base that can accommodate two cases of fruits, beer, or milk. This convenient design will undoubtedly enhance your sales and contribute to your business’s success.

New Concept Shopping Cart 192L 2022

The latest shopping cart design of 2022 introduces a unique concept with a spacious basket featuring an elegantly curved top. Opting for this new concept ensures an exceptional and distinctive shopping experience, setting you apart from the rest.

Hobby Lobby Shopping Cart 130L

The Hobby Lobby cart is a compact shopping cart designed specifically for household stores. Its distinct and unique design sets it apart from other options available on the market, making it a standout choice for shoppers.

American Metal Shopping Cart 60L

Americana shopping carts 60L

It is the most miniature American shopping trolley according in terms of dimensions. The lightweight and compact structure are ideal for small grocery stores. The smooth casters will allow easy movement between compact aisles. The design offers a baby seat with a plastic base to provide comfort.

American Metal Shopping Cart 80L

Americana shopping carts 80L

American shopping cart 80L is a small-sized trolley offering ease to shoppers. The material is corrosion and rust-resistant. It can provide services for the longest time under challenging conditions. There lies a cage at the base of the trolley so your customers can load and unload heavy items with ease.

American Metal Shopping Cart 100L

Americana shopping carts 100L

The rigid metal shopping cart offers durable and sound performance with basic maintenance. It can accommodate average-weight items. High-quality welding can deal with bumps efficiently. Enjoy a significant increase in sales by offering maximum space to fill in from your store.

American Metal Shopping Cart 125L

Americana shopping carts 125L

Available in various colors, this trolley will make increase your conversion rate. Shoppers who enjoy the smooth casters will find it easy to move around the store and shop more. The customized handle is there to utilize the latest marketing techniques. The base is durable and corrosion-free.

American Metal Shopping Cart 150L

Americana shopping carts 150L

Customize the trolley with accessories that benefit you and your shoppers. The trolley offers a wide child seat with a comfortable surface to ease shopping for all the mommies. All the edges are neatly welded to avoid unnecessary accidents. The handle allows customized logos for branding.

American Metal Shopping Cart 180L

Americana shopping carts 180L

180L American shopping cart is a large-size trolley that can bear heavy and bulky items. It is the most suitable design for places with space between aisles to walk freely. More space in the trolley will encourage your customers to shop more, eventually increasing your sales.

Americana honeycomb plastic shopping cart 100L

Americana honeycomb plastic shopping carts 100L

The rigid plastic shopping cart is ideal for small stores. The material will benefit you, and your business while protecting the environment. Silent casters have been used to provide smooth push when loaded. The lightweight, small-size trolley will increase your sales to a significant level.

Americana plastic shopping cart 125L

Americana plastic shopping carts 125L

HDPP recyclable plastic makes this trolley environmentally friendly. It is one of the most in-demand designs at RedSheep. Available in various colors, the trolley comes with a baby seat for an easy shopping experience. Their covered structure offers safe usage to all customers.

Americana plastic shopping cart 165L

Americana plastic shopping carts 165L

The surface of the trolley offers a rack to place heavy items with less hassle. The mid-length handle offers a great user experience. The size of seat is big enough to carry an average child. You can add the logo to the trolley with a customized message to benefit your brand.

Americana plastic Ross shopping cart 180L

The plastic material makes this design safe, easy to accommodate, and lightweight. You can choose the color to meet the theme of your store. The chemical-resistant material makes it outstanding in a variety of shopping carts. The size is ideal for supermarkets with a variety of products for their customers.

Americana honeycomb plastic shopping cart 200L

Americana honeycomb plastic shopping carts 200L

More space means greater chances of increased sales. The solid construction makes this trolley safe for use. The size of the trolley is considerably large and suitable for groceries and supermarkets. The lower surface is constructed from corrosion-free, rust-resistant material that allows easy cleaning.

Americana plastic best buy shopping cart 210L

Americana plastic best buy shopping cart 210L

210L is the largest of all plastic trolley designs available at RedSheep. You can customize the dimensions and shape as per your needs. The plastic cart is easy to clean, lightweight, and robust. You can customize the size of the baby seat available with the design.

Heavy duty American Metal Shopping Cart 140L

Heavy duty shopping carts 140L

As the name suggests, a heavy-duty American trolley can accommodate heavy-duty items without a dent. It can withstand bumps and minor accidents. The structure will serve you for at least 5-10 years without showing signs of damage.

Heavy duty American Metal Shopping Cart 160L

Heavy duty commercial grocery cart 160L

You can customize the dimensions of heavy-duty American 160L to suit your needs. The design allows accessible accommodation of bulky and heavy goods. The silent casters available with the design will provide services without disturbing the environment. The evergreen design can be sold as scrap for money.

Heavy duty American Metal Shopping Cart 180L

Heavy duty americana shopping carts 180L

Heavy-duty 180L American shopping cart is a large size structure to accommodate heavy products. The design and color can be customized to fit the needs of the user. Comparatively, the trolley is heavy. To accommodate that, high-quality casters have been used to move freely on the surface.

Extra large heavy duty shopping cart 210L

Extra large heavy duty shopping cart 210L

Heavy-duty 210L American shopping cart is the largest Americana cart in RedSheep. It’s heavy and robust enough that it allows your customers put all that they want or heavy goods like hardware into this cart. You can never worry about this load capacity because no customer can destroy this one.

Heavy Duty Americana Shopping Carts 180L with Long Vertical Bumper

Heavy Duty Americana Shopping Carts 180L with Long Vertical Bumper

This heavy-duty American shopping cart 183L is suitable for most American supermarkets, the long vertical rubber bumper offers extra protection for the most dangerous part of the cart from crashes,  minimum the loss from equipment damage or people injury, with the most budget-friendly solution.

Canadian two tier shopping carts

The compact design allows more space for goods in small stores. The double trolley allows customers to keep grocery items separated from fragile items. The design offers a better user experience increasing your chances to sell more. The design comes with a small basket at the back of the structure.

South America cencosud two tier shopping carts

This double basket shopping cart is famous because of a famous brand retailer Cencosud from South America is widely using it and buying a lot from RedSheep every year. The double deck allows to separation of the dry goods from the wet. The design offers a compact basket at the back of the trolley that is customizable.

South America Double Basket Metal Shopping Carts

Constructed with high-quality material, the shopping cart is famous around the world. The height of the trolley is ideal for tall people. The smooth finish and innovative design offer ease to the customers while shopping. The fixed rear wheels provide more strong structure to the whole shopping cart.

American Hybrid Plastic Double Basket Modern Shopping Carts

American hybrid shopping trolley is a mix of plastic and steel. Both materials are obtained through high-end raw materials. The plastic used in the trolley is recyclable, while the steel is corrosion and rust-free. The design offers various colors to meet your store’s needs.

Amaze Your Shopper With Americana Shopping Carts - FAQ Guide

The variety of shopping carts in the market confuses the shop owners to decide what they need.

If you are struggling with the same problem, your wait is over. We’ve got you the ultimate guide on American shopping carts to help you get the best.

Following are the answers to the most asked questions about commercial shopping carts.

Let’s get going!


What Are Americana Shopping Carts?

Commercial shopping carts are the trolleys that carry the items gathered by customers at the time of purchase. It allows them to let the trolley carry the load to offer more ease.

Available in three materials:

  • All plastic
  • Metal
  • Hybrid

shop owners can experience an increase in sales by providing high-quality trolleys. We say you can increase your sales by up to 76% with RedSheep’s durable trolleys.

The smooth shopping cart wheels on the surface allow easy push when loaded. There are various designs available in grocery store carts to fit your needs.

Through customization, you can add or subtract accessories that are offered with all the commercial shopping carts.

How Much Does A Shopping Cart Cost?

Normally it only cost 60-90USD if you are buying from a cart manufacturer. Some facts like models, wheels, surface treatment, your target quantity, and other demands will affect the price. 

One thing you need to know is, a real manufacturer will consider the quantity as the first priority, for efficient mass production. Delivery costs will also be low if you can buy a whole container of shopping carts. As a conclusion, the price will go down quickly when your quantity is good.


What Are The Business Advantages of Americana Shopping Carts?

Easy Maintenance

The compact, sleek and lightweight structure makes plastic shopping carts easier to manage. The high-end construction techniques make it rust and corrosion-free. If the system gets damaged due to any reason, it is comparatively easier to fix through welding.

Whereas, you can conveniently clean the structure using one of the following techniques.

  1. Steam Pressure Cleaning

The technique is ideal for deep cleaning of the structure. The process involves heat steam to fight bacteria for a better shine.

You can run the structure under steam independently or include any cleaning solution for the extra finish.

Steam pressure cleaning is recommended for regular cleaning to fight germs and dirt.

  1. Ultraviolet Light Cleaning

As the name suggests, the technique includes cleaning through ultraviolet rays. It thoroughly cleans the surface to make it germs-free. The only drawback of ultraviolet cleaning is that it does not deal with dirt.

However, we recommend cleaning through ultraviolet cleaning at least once in a while.

  1. Rinse Plastic Shopping Cart With Water

Washing all plastic shopping carts is the most straightforward technique to make your trolleys hygienic. Simply put some detergent or cleaner in the water or apply soap on the trolley directly. Then wash the trolley using a water pipe and rub the trolley to ensure thorough cleaning.


American shopping carts are the most affordable shopping trolleys available in the market. In a limited amount of $32-70 dollars, you can enjoy a customized, robust, lasting structure.

Rules of economic scale apply to bulk purchases.

Extremely Durable

Durability is the priority of every store owner to avoid disappointing their customers. You can customize the material as per your needs.

It makes the structure resistant and durable. You can expect a commercial shopping cart to last for a minimum of 5-10 years without showing signs of damage.

Easy Customization

A customized plastic trolley can visually enhance your store’s environment. Industrial shopping carts, along with many other benefits, offer the flexibility to customize to fit your needs.

If you want to encourage your visitors to shop more, provide them with aesthetically appealing shopping carts.

Trolleys that match your theme attract passers-by and potential customers to enter your store.

RedSheep allows our customers to customize the model, dimensions, colors, accessories and brand silk printing, to make your brand stand out from others.

Comfortable and Mute Operation

The scratching sound of a trolley can disturb the environment of your store. The plastic shopping trolleys are constructed keeping in mind the value of a good atmosphere for the shoppers.

There’s no better design than an industrial shopping cart that offers noise-free smooth movement. The HDPP material, along with high-quality casters, prevents the sound waves from traveling. This encourages silent movement of the trolley even when loaded with heavy items.

Best Fit For RFID Technology

If you’re planning to utilize RFID technology (Radio-Frequency Identification) to increase sales

you won’t find a more suitable option than an American plastic shopping cart.

The HDPP material, unlike traditional material, is nonreactive to the scanner. This enables clear reading of the product without affecting the system.

Better Advertisement

American shopping carts are manufactured keeping in mind the value of the unique advertisement. The design is constructed to offer at least two advertisement platforms at the moment.

There are two advert panels available in the trolley. One on the outer panel and the other one on the inner panel. Following are the benefits of increased communication capacity.

  • Self-Promotion: You may use the trolley to hold things like loyalty cards, shop brands, communications services, financial services, offers, and more.
  • Internal communication is essential. You may provide vital information such as parking availability, shop hours, holiday greetings, and more.
  • Marketing by other parties. You have the option of managing this marketing panel yourself or selling the rights to a marketing firm.

Television ads have gradually become an ordinary technique to market products. If you want to stand out smartly, use your shopping carts and make the most out of them.

The benefit of using trolleys for marketing is the uniqueness it holds. It is a quick, easy, and less costly technique to be in front of your customer and make profits. Stand out by using shopping trolleys for marketing.

Better advertisement of Americana commercial shopping carts
Better advertisement of Americana commercial shopping carts

What Are The Factors To Consider When Purchasing American Shopping Carts?

American shopping trolleys offer various designs and styles to choose from. It does not mean you can randomly pick any design because every store has a different capacity.

The following are the factors to consider before buying an American shopping cart:

Best fit for all. The plastic shopping cart you choose should be according to the items in your business. It should be suitable for any customer who enters your store. Regardless of age or height.

Lightweight trolley. Keeping the comfort of your customers above all is necessary. When a lightweight shopping basket cart is full of items, it is simpler to manage and maneuver. A system like this may make your supermarket more comfortable and convenient for customers.

Design. Customers are invited into exciting shopping experiences by modern-looking plastic shopping trolley carts. To keep your shop organized, your carts and trolleys should match the rest of the grocery equipment like gondola shelving.

Compact structure. People will navigate your store more efficiently with a compact commercial shopping cart. Customers will love coming to your store and purchasing frequently.

Customizable. You may customize the color of the cart and even put your store’s name or logo on the side.

Metal Cart Logo Pressing
Metal Cart Logo Pressing

What is The Material Used in American Plastic Shopping Carts?

We use high-quality HDPP (High-Density Polypropylene Plastic) material for the construction of plastic shopping carts. The material is flexible to allow customization and durable to serve you for the longest.

It is one of the most affordable and safest materials available out there. It allows us to eliminate unwanted manufacturing expenses and offer low-cost commercial shopping carts.

HDPP is a versatile material with various applications such as low melt viscosity. It has a melt temperature of 200 degrees Celsius to 250 degrees Celsius and a shrinkage rate of 1%. There are several reasons why industrial shopping carts producers use this material, such as:

  • It benefits you and your business without hurting the environment.
  • It’s a robust but flexible material, that will not be easily damaged.
  • The material is recyclable so that you can reuse it later.
  • It can resist chemicals, including acids and bases, that increase its life span.
  • If the trolley gets damaged, you can quickly repair it without investing a lot due to the material.
Americana shopping cart made of HDPP and Q235 material
Americana shopping cart made of HDPP and Q235 material

What is The Option Of The Plastic Commercial Grocery Cart Models?

Plastic grocery cart models include:
New-style American plastic commercial grocery carts
New hybrid European plastic modern shopping cart
Araven style plastic shopping trolleys
All plastic shopping carts
Kids plastic shopping cart
Toddler plastic shopping trolley with flag
American plastic grocery cart with honeycomb holes
American plastic grocery cart with X-grid holes
Canada two tier plastic modern shopping carts
Plastic kids shopping carts with toy car and big basket
Plastic kids shopping carts with toy car three basket
New model plastic kids shopping carts with toy car big basket
New model plastic kids shopping carts with toy car and three baskets

What is The Standard Dimension Of a Plastic Shopping Cart?

American plastic trolleys are of various designs and sizes. You can customize the weight-bearing capacity by increasing the size of the trolley.

Generally, a plastic shopping trolley ranges from 50 liters to over 200 liters.

All sizes are strong enough to hold weight without damaging the item.

Americana plastic best buy shopping cart 210L
Americana plastic shopping cart 210L

What Is The Size And Weight-bearing Capacity Of an Americana Shopping Cart?

The weight capacity of a plastic shopping trolley on wheels is determined by several factors such as size, manufacturing, model, etc.

Some models can hold up to 130 kilograms of goods and other items, while others can hold 140 kilograms.

However, weight testing on the shopping equipment has revealed that it can withstand up to 160 kg loads without being harmed.

Americana Metal Grocery Cart Data Sheet

American Grocery Shopping CartLoading QuantityRecommend WheelsLoad-bearing Capacity
LitersDimension (mm)Weight (KG)20'GP (PCS)40'HQ (PCS)KG
60LL760*W465*H95013.383108004"PVC Wheels With No Bearing80
80LL820*W520*H96014.562506504"PU Wheels With Single Bearing90
100LL876*W520*H98015.732285904"PU Wheels With Single Bearing100
125LL910*W550*H101019.742075604"PU Wheels With Double Bearing110
150LL1010*W570*H100020.841925405"TPR Wheels With Double Bearing115
180LL1000*W600*H109022.921864805"TPR Wheels With Double Bearing120
210LL1010*W600*H106524.231804605"TPR Wheels With Double Bearing130

Americana Heavy Duty Grocery Cart Data Sheet

American Heavy Duty Grocery CartsLoading QuantityRecommend WheelsLoad-bearing Capacity
LitersDimension (mm)Weight (KG)20' GP (PCS)40' HQ (PCS)KG
100LL935*W500*L99018.141644504" PU Wheels With Single Bearing110
125LL890*W525*L95019.431564304" PU Wheels With Double Bearing120
150LL1010*W570*L99520.921484205" TPR Wheels With Double Bearing125
180LL1050*W585*L108023.11414105" TPR Wheels With Double Bearing130
210LL1080*W590*L106025.111354005" TPR Wheels With Double Bearing140

What Is The Ideal Size of an Americana Shopping Cart?

As mentioned earlier, an Americana cart comes in various sizes and shapes. There is no universally ideal size for a shopping trolley. The size of the trolley depends on a shop owner and his customer’s needs.

Shop owners often get confused between sizes. The following are the factors that should be considered when deciding the dimensions:

  • Carefully evaluate how much space your store offers between aisles. If a store is small, there’s no point in purchasing big trolleys just to increase your sales. Remember, the size of the trolley comes after comfort in shopping.
  • Size is directly proportional to the weight-bearing capacity of a trolley. If your store offers heavy and bulky items, small trolleys would probably fail to do the job.

What Is The Difference Between American Shopping Carts, European Shopping Carts, And Asian Shopping Carts?

The main difference is the base, American shopping carts have strong bases for bags, European shopping carts have an A-shaped base and can’t put bags on it, and Asian shopping carts have a lightweight base for bags.

1. American shopping carts have the most robust structure.

2. American shopping carts have 2 fixed rear caster wheels, which provide more loading capacity.

3. European shopping cart is the most economic shopping carts because of their neat structure, it’s easier to make, and takes less manpower.

4. Asian shopping cart is the second cheapest shopping cart because it takes less material than the American shopping cart.

4. European shopping carts and Asian shopping carts are more lightweight and easy to operate because of their 4 swivel wheels.

5. American shopping carts and Asian shopping carts have a base for bags or beer crates when European shopping carts don’t.

6. In America and Asia, double-basket shopping carts are also very popular. At the same, Asian two-tier shopping carts are more lightweight when American ones are more robust. 

What Is The Quality of An American Shopping Cart?

A substandard trolley can destroy the overall shopping experience of shoppers. To help you make the most out of your investment, RedSheep put extra focus on the foundation of a shopping trolley.

To bring it to your knowledge, RedSheep is ISO certified. This means we fulfill ISO 9001: 2000 quality standards because we care about your reputation.

RedSheep is a leading shopping cart manufacturer brand. Our shopping trolleys are manufactured keeping in mind the ASTM F 2372-04 standards (American Society for Testing and Materials). This means we meet the American standards of material, construction, and service.

Along with that, we manufacture our plastic trolleys according to European standard UNE EN ISO 1929 1:1998.

What Are The Logo Printing Options Available With Americana Carts?

Following are the two techniques we offer for logo printing on a shopping trolley cart:

Silk Printing On Handles or plastic AD panels: Silk printing on handles involves silkscreen graphics on panels, shopping carts parts, or enclosures with powder coating or metal finish. The long-lasting epoxy-based inks ensure a quality finish.

Sticker on AD Panels: This technique is used for back-printed signs on a trolley. It is capable of resisting water, chemical, and other substances.

Plastic shopping cart silk printing logo
Plastic shopping cart silk printing logo

What Are The Options of Americana Shopping Carts Accessories?

In addition to its sturdy structure and unique design, the Americana shopping cart can also be customized with a range of accessories and optional features to enhance the shopping experience.

Cup Holders. They provide a convenient place for shoppers to store their drinks while shopping, which is especially useful in large stores.

Coin Locks. They are another common accessory that comes with Americana shopping carts. This feature allows shoppers to securely lock their carts when they leave. The locks typically require a coin or token to unlock, ensuring that the cart is returned and not stolen or lost.

Shopping Cart Wheels. Wheels are often used on Americana shopping carts to provide smooth maneuverability when navigating through crowded aisles. Rotating wheels and fixed wheels provide varying levels of stability and support.

Scan Holders. They are typically included in Americana shopping carts, providing shoppers with a convenient place to keep track of their shopping list or digital coupons. Other optional features include additional baskets or compartments, padded handles, and adjustable child seats.

RedSheep is a leading shopping cart manufacturer in China, offering a range of customizable options to ensure that retailers can find the perfect Americana shopping cart to meet their unique needs. The choice of accessories and optional features ultimately depends on the retailer and their customers’ preferences and needs.

Metal Shopping Cart Cup Holder
Metal Shopping Cart Cup Holder

What Color Options Are Available in Americana Shopping Carts?

Colors improve the aesthetics and overall environment of the store. If you wish to order colored trolleys to attract your shoppers visually, we got you covered.

Following are the color customization techniques offered to all RedSheep customers:

  • Zinc Plating Plus Transparent Powder Treatment
  • Powder coating
  • Chromium Plating
  • Bright Galvanisation
Zinc plating plus transparent powder treatment
Zinc plating plus transparent powder treatment

What’s The Most Popular color of Americana Shopping Carts?

Granite gray.

There are several options of granite gray color for Americana shopping carts in RedSheep.

1. The most used one is 8449 color, it’s a rough surface treatment, so it’s more durable and is an anti-scratch coating.

8449 Granite Gray Color With Rough Finish
8449 Granite Gray Color With Rough Finish


2. The 8791 is a Granite Silver Gray Color With Smaller Grain, it’s more beautiful.


8791 Granite Silver Gray Color With Smaller Grain
8791 Granite Silver Gray Color With Smaller Grain


3. The 18283 is a granite gray color with a plain and smooth finish, it’s also very popular in the USA.

18283 Granite Gray Color With Plain Finish
18283 Granite Gray Color With Plain Finish


4. The 70789 is a granite gray color that the Hobby Lobby cart is using.

70789 Granite Gray on Hobby Lobby Cart
70789 Granite Gray on Hobby Lobby Cart


5. The 181155 is a gravity gray color with a slightly rough finish.

181155 Granity Gray Finish With Slightly Rough Finish
181155 Granity Gray Finish With Slightly Rough Finish

How Long It Will Take to Deliver Americana Shopping Carts?

As we learned from our American customers that the lead time of American shopping cart companies is over 5 months.

A famous American company named Precision Wire even told their customer to wait two years!

If you can place orders with RedSheep, we can promise your order will be delivered within 30-60 days, depending on what kind of shopping carts you want.

Key Take Away

RedSheep’s Americana shopping carts with an efficiency rate of 99.997% will be at your service within a short delivery time of 30 days.

With a 24-month product warranty, we guarantee quality with excellent customer service.

If you wish to discuss the terms before placing the order, please our team through “Request a Quote.”

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