Cargo Trolley For Warehouse

Minimize your warehouse/store expenses while increasing the stock management through cargo trolleys. To make stock movement convenient, you won’t find a better option than a high-end warehouse trolley. With useful variation and thousands of options, there lies an opportunity to enjoy a hassle-free business. Now emerging as a leading brand with RedSheep, the best in town loading trolley supplier.

cargo trolley bottom

Cargo Trolley Customized

Look no further to put forward your unique demands. As the world evolves, we believe in developing our services too.

For you, your business, and your customer’s interest, we provide advanced customization to all our customers.

Get ready to work with a team that’s all set to paint your dream into the colors of reality in least possible time. Design every part of your store with confidence.

Customization option include:

  • Customized size, height, and weight to fit your needs.
  • Customized design, color, and style to match your theme
  • Logo printing with pressing tool

OEM/ODM service to make your dream a reality.

RedSheep Cargo Trolley

The 23 years of experience in the shopfitting industry makes us the experts in warehouse trolley cart manufacturing. We are all set to offer a long list of services you desire from your warehouse trolley provider.

Each hand truck will benefit you, your brand, and the environment through its high-quality manufacturing and durable design.

Increase your sales up to 75% with an efficiency rate of 99.98%. Our dedicated control team and system follow strict ISO/TUV regulation to provide the quality you deserve.

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Top 12 Cargo Trolley Reviewed

Below are 12 cargo trolleys you can find at RedSheep stores at an affordable rate and even have the freedom to customise them

Folding Cargo Trolley Model 1

If you deal with various types of stock in one place, folding cargo trolley model 1 can be a great help. The design carries two compartments, with one at the top for small items while the lower one for bulky, heavy items. The height of the trolley is kept universal for better results.

Foldable cargo trolley model 2

Folding Cargo Cart Model 2

The design is similar to the previous one with few changes. You can easily fold the upper compartment to pile up the stock or if the items are bulky. The cargo trolley wheels are kept silent to perform the work without disturbing the environment.

Metro style heavy duty cargo Trolley with 4 wheels

As the name suggests, metro style heavy duty cargo trolley provides a helping hand for bulky items. The design is kept low to load and unload the stock manually. It comes with a back basket to carry delicate items that might damage if kept on the front with other stock.

Metro Style 5 Wheels Heavy Duty Cargo Trolley

This five-wheeler to longer in size and rigid in performance. If you got heavy stock regularly to carry around, there is no looking further than this design. The cargo trolley wheels are specially designed to carry out work efficiently when completely loaded.

Cargo trolley with wider side handle

Warehouse Trolley With Wider Side Handle

The beautiful design is rigid enough to transport your stock without extra effort. It comes in various sizes and colors. The trolley got a unique design, including a handle in case you got an irregular shape and height of stock.

Ikea Style Flat Bed Cargo Trolley

The design is kept closer to the ground for easy loading and unloading of goods. The trolley offers two handles at the back and a long surface to keep the stock. You can customize the length of the handles as per your needs.

Cargo Trolley With Front Basket

Warehouse Cart With Front Basket

This is a typical yet most efficient design for a warehouse trolley. It comes with a basket to carry fragile items while a surface to load big products. The specialty of a warehouse trolley with a front basket is the front barrier or wall. It holds back the stock from falling in case of a shock.

Cargo trolley with rear basket

Cargo Trolley With Rear Basket

The design is kept attractive to refill or transport stock within your store. It offers various colors to suit the theme of your store. The surface is rigid enough to hold heavy items at once without scratching the floor.

Metro Style Shopping Cart

Metro Style Shopping Cart

This one is a regular-style trolley recommended for grocery stores. Irrespective of other designs, the trolley is kept compact to move around quickly, skipping the traffic. Therefore it cannot carry heavy loads or bulky items. You can customize the height of the trolley to increase the distance between both compounds.

B&Q MACALLISTER Style Bed Platform Folding Cargo Trolley

The trolley is best suitable for warehouse needs. It is kept open and constructed with high-quality material. The cargo trolley wheels are kept close to the ground for convenient loading and unloading of goods.

Plastic Flatbed Folding Cargo Trolley

This one is a plastic trolley with a flatbed to carry bulky and heavy items. The long handle is there to help you easily transport stock from one place to another without tiring yourself. The trolley got folding flatbed to avoid eating up space when not in use.

Plastic Portable Transport Trolley For Warehouse

This one is specially designed for warehouses. The rigid wheels can bear heavy loads without making noise. It is the best option for uneven surfaces. You can customize the size or include a handle to the design if needed.

Cargo Trolley The Key To A Successful Business - FAQ Guide

We claim to be the best in town loading trolley supplier and work hard to prove that. With services in more than 40 countries, we got enough experience to offer solutions for the challenges you face as a store or warehouse owner.

At RedSheep, you find innovation, smart integration, relevance, high-end production, and efficient delivery service all under one roof.

Often warehouse owners find it expensive and hideous to transport expensive stock within their store.

Not because they are not familiar with cargo carts but because they can’t understand what will suit their needs best. In this struggle, people often end up investing in the wrong product line.

If you are one of those, cheer up; we got you covered. Thanks to the upgraded knowledge, we are here to guide you through.

Here is an ultimate FAQ guide of cargo carts to clear all the messy thought-boggling up there.

Without making you wait any further, let’s jump into understanding the system.


What Is A Cargo Trolley and How It Benefits Your Business?

I understand you know that a warehouse trolley is a carriage system that helps transport your load conveniently.

But what you don’t know is that it is a lot more than just a trolley. There are many factors involved in making a perfect piece of carriage ready to serve you for the best.

Generally, every product is different and requires a specific transport system to keep it safe. For this, there are 12 different industrial trolley types and more plastic containers available at RedSheep.

This cheap cargo trolly is the most affordable method for the inter-transportation of stock. It helps reduce the labor cost to carry around the supply for storage or display. Instead, it enables you to maximize profit by keeping your stock flow constant.

No matter if you got a busy warehouse or a giant store with heavy traffic flow. These warehouse trolley will make room to move around through their high-end manufacturing.

You have the freedom to change their size, design, wheels, color, add features or subtract unwanted accessories according to your needs. The trolly is there to keep your stock updated with minimum human force.

RedSheep cargo trolley will benefits your business
RedSheep cargo trolley will benefits your business

What is The Use of A Cargo Trolley?

A Cargo trolley is a four-wheeled hand truck to carry your stock around easily. It got numerous benefits, and increased productivity is one of them.

Where an average human can carry around 25kg a warehouse trolley can carry 10-20 times than that. Hence minimizing the time to transport.

You can use these trolleys for warehouse to load and unload stock when refilling stock or carry giant boxes at once. You can increase efficiency further by using it together with RedSheep plastic crates.

Plastic Crates For Fruits L515×W358×H315
Plastic Crates For Fruits L515×W358×H315

What Are The Advantage of A Warehouse Trolley Cart?

Following is the list of advantages you must not miss if you wish to increase efficiency at work.

Decrease Expenses, Eventually Increasing the Profits

The best and most prominent advantage of a hand truck is the helping hand reduces expenses at work. If you don’t possess a high-quality transport trolley system, you need more labor to refill or carry the stock.

Because there is an average working capacity of every human, there will come a time when the labor will get tired. Now you will either give them a break or hire a second shift to keep the workflow even. In both cases, you’ll face an increase in expenses.

On the other hand…

If you grab the most suitable set of cargo trolleys according to the type of stock, you possess you can reverse the situation. Thanks to the high-quality cargo trolley wheels you can transport more inventory with less hassle. This will eventually decrease the need for extra labor because each individual is performing better with these trolleys for the warehouse.

And you can easily evaluate…

Less expense means you possess the power to offer better quality at a low rate than your competitor. You can provide special discount offers to your customer, attracting them to purchase more. Hence you successfully reversed the situation. To be exact, you can increase your sales up to 56% with RedSheep’s cargo truck.


As mentioned earlier, a warehouse trolley is an intelligent investment program for long-term profits.

However, it does not means you have to put in everything before you double your sales. Instead, cargo carts are supper affordable at RedSheep.

Through advanced mechanisms and skilled labor, we can waive off unnecessary expenses. Leading to cheaper rates.


The construction and rigid raw material are the secret ingredients of our beautiful cargo trucks. The thoughtful construction continues to benefit you for 5-10 years.


We understand the stock is becoming innovative with every passing minute. Demanding efficient systems to handle them with care.

To serve this purpose, you get the freedom to customize each and everything in your warehouse trolley.

From size to the color combination, you don’t have to compromise on anything.

Easy to Maintain

Not only affordable and durable, but our cargo trucks are extremely manageable. Due to the quality of material used in the process, you don’t need to invest hours pampering the carriages.

They are kept corrosion-free and environmentally friendly, so users can enjoy the most out of your investment without putting much effort. So keep your focus on making your customer happy while our cargo trolleys handle the mess.

IKEA cargo trolley
IKEA cargo trolley

What Material Do You Use In The Construction Of transport trolley?

We aim to provide the best quality in the town. Keeping in mind the climate changes and harsh working conditions in busy stores and warehouses, we use Q235 and Q195 steel to construct the metal hand trucks, and use HDPP material for the plastic ones.

The material is rigid, easy to shape, affordable and durable. If you wish, you may customize the material.


What Should Be My Minimum Budget For a Cargo Trolley?

There are many factors involved in pricing. Depending on the shape, size, material, and customization, trolleys for warehouse can cost you between $50 to $120.

Additional discounts are offered to regular customers with bulk purchases.


How to Use Cargo Trolley


How Much Weight Can A Cargo Trolley Hold?

There are various industrial trolley types. Each possesses different features and carries an additional capacity to hold weight. Therefore the best way to understand how much a trolley can carry is to specify the design.

For each trolley, we use a reinforced deck and bottom and make sure the raw material is a virgin HDPP,  with solid, durable, and good loading capacity.

In general, we can certainly say that it can carry 300-800kgs, which is 10-20 times more than an average human. We are sure about that because each warehouse trolley cart undergoes various load-bearing tests before reaching your doorsteps.

There is a team of experts who evenly put weight on the trolly until it’s broken. This gives us the exact weight a trolley can hold.

Virgin hdpp material and good structure to make sure loading capacity
Virgin hdpp material and good structure to make sure loading capacity

What If You Accidently Overload a Cargo Trolley?

Though we provide a manual with complete information about the weight a certain trolley design can hold, it might damage the wheels if you accidentally overload a trolley. The trolley can also lose its original shape or capacity to carry stock.

To avoid this situation, we recommend you to read the manual carefully. Plus, try to gradually put weight on the trolley and discontinue adding more as soon as you feel the trolley is facing difficulty moving.


How Long Can A Cargo Cart Last?

We manufacture each product to serve you for the longest. The rigid construction and durable material serve as the foundation of our long-lasting product line.

Our systems are designed to serve you for a minimum of 5-10 years. You can prolong the life span of a hand truck through regular health checkups. Always carefully park the trolley at the spot to avoid trolley accidents. Also, avoid mishandling the trolleys for the warehouse, such as overloading.  

Is It Safe to Buy Second Hand Cargo Trolleys?

The quality and manufacturing of a warehouse trolley cart matter because it serves as the transportation system for your stock. It the transport trolley itself is damaged or inefficient, it might damage your inventory.

So the answer to this question is, you should avoid buying a second-hand warehouse trolley. There are various reasons for that, such as:

  • You don’t exactly know how much the previous owner has already used the unit; hence there is no certainty about its life.
  • If the previous owner had misused the trolley, there are chances that it might collapse, causing unwanted accidents.
  • A second-hand trolley is expensive because you are not sure about the quality of material and manufacturing.
  • The trolley might lose its beauty before the committed time.
  • There are high chances that the trolley might not hold a little extra workload.

Therefore always choose best for your business. At first, it might look cheaper to buy a second-hand warehouse trolley but if you are planning for some intelligent investment, buy a first-hand, customized, high-quality trolley only.

Why Choose RedSheep as Your Cargo Trolley Manufacturer?

How Can I Be Sure If RedSheep’s Warehouse Trolley Cart Is Safe? 

RedSheep is a leading loading trolley supplier. Our cargo carts are manufactured keeping in mind the European standard UNE EN ISO 1929 1:1998.

We also fulfill ISO 9001: 2000 quality standards because we care about your reputation.

Apart from that…

A dedicated team of experts keeps a close eye on the quality of stock and the manufacturing process to deliver the promised quality.

Some small design details also make sure its safety:

1. The robust casters, our casters have stable quality and passed load-bearing test, RedSheep offers 1 year warrenty on each of our Casters.

2. The arms at side of the cargo cart, for the secure transportation of bulky goods like metal panels, ply wood sheets, big cartons, prevent them from slipping down during transportation, or hurting people.

3. The extra small PU wheel, under the Metro cargo trolley, to maintain the balance for heavy duty transportation up to 800kgs.

4. The comfortable handles, our plastic cargo cart handles are well designed according to human engineering, it will protect your employee’s hand from injury, which will save your cost at the end. And your workers will be happy.

Arm at Side of The Cargo Cart
Arm at Side of The Cargo Cart
The Extra Small PU Wheel Under The Metro Cargo Trolley
The Extra Small PU Wheel Under The Metro Cargo Trolley
Comfortable Handle of The Cargo Cart
Comfortable Handle of The Cargo Cart

What Are The Types of Cargo Carts RedSheep Offer?

To be exact, there are as many as 12 types of cargo carts available at RedSheep. Each has a different design and is manufactured to serve various purposes.

You can either choose from one of these or contact our team to design your version of the cargo.


Do You Customize The Color Of Transport Trolley?

Yes, we do!

Colors are essential to make a place visually attractive, especially when you are a store owner. You wouldn’t want to carry out the restocking process while the customer is still in the store if the trolley is not visually attractive. RedSheep as one of the best loading trolley suppliers, always encourage our customers to make your transport trolley special.

Because it might subconsciously leave a bad impression on your customer about your store.

Therefore we offer a huge range of color options for our trolleys and trolley handles. The colors are achieved through powder coating to last longer.

Do You Offer Customized Handles?

Trolley handles are essential to carry the stock conveniently. For ease of your labor, we do offer customization for handles. You can choose from our available designs or present your own to maximize your productivity.

Handle customization includes material and color customization also.

Redsheep cargo trolley logos and colors are highly customizable
Redsheep cargo trolley logos and colors are highly customizable

What Kind of Cargo Trolley Parts Do You Offer?

A cargo trolley typically consists of a sturdy frame, wheels, and a handle. 

The frame is the backbone of the hand truck and should be made of high-quality Q235 steel that can withstand the weight of the cargo being transported. Steel has become a popular material for freight hand truck frames due to its strength, durability, and affordable price.

The cargo trolley wheels are another important component, as they determine the ease of movement and stability of the trolley. Cargo trolleys may come with different types of wheels, including nylon wheels, rubber wheels, and polyurethane wheels with different sizes, colors, and load bearing capacity, contact our expert team to know more! 

The handle of the cargo trolley should be designed with ergonomics in mind, to ensure that the user can easily grip and maneuver the cargo trolley.

Cargo trolleys are typically composed of a sturdy frame, wheels, and handles.


Take Away

Offering services to more than 40 countries has enabled us to understand the universal needs of our customers.

To provide you the ultimate experience we offer a 24-month warranty on all our products.

I assume you have learned answers to all the questions you had related to the cargo trolleys.

If yes, wait no more and take the necessary step. Reach out to our team to enjoy services that are hard to find elsewhere.


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