Pegboard Display Hooks

Pegboard display hooks can increase the efficiency of a pegboard display stand. It can create ease to display small, irregular, and unique products. An experienced manufacturer like RedSheep can increase this efficiency through knowledge and robust construction.  Contact us to enjoy quality construction, innovation in designs, affordable rates with flexible payment options.


Pegboard Display Hooks Customized

We offer all sorts of display parts and accessories. You can customize every part of your purchase to mold it according to your needs. Our ODM/OEM service gives us the confidence to call ourselves one of the best service providers around the globe. Our years of experience help us come with relevant solutions to your shelving problem.

The primary purpose of our service is to create a trustable relationship with our customers where they can come to us for all sorts of manufacturing needs.

RedSheep is the perfect brand because:

  • Follow strict ISO /TUV regulations
  • Have a dedicated control team and system
  • Offer the best price in the industry  
  • Have a short delivery time
  • Provide you a 24-month warranty for every piece
  • Have a low minimum order of 50 sets/pcs

RedSheep Pegboard Display Hooks

Whether remodeling or starting your dream business, RedSheep got you covered. 

We got all the necessary items and parts to turn your simple-looking store into a brand of its own. 

Our pegboard hooks are thoughtfully manufactured to increase the worth and visibility to attract maximum customers. 

Wait no more and contact our experts to get a fair price for high-quality pegboard display hooks. 

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Top 8 Pegboard Display Hooks Reviewed

Below are eight pegboard hooks you can find at RedSheep stores at an affordable rate and even have the freedom to customise them

Simple Looped Pegboard Display Hooks

Simple Looped Pegboard Display Hooks

Looped hooks are the most widely used pegboard hooks around the world. Their versatile design can hold light to medium weight accessories. It can provide a sorted display while increasing visibility. Having a looped pegboard hook installed in your system means providing easy browsing to your customers.

Single Prone Retail Display Hooks for Pegboard

Pegboard Single Prone Display Hooks

Increase your sales by attracting customers through better displays. The prone hook is a combination of two: a hook inside the pegboard and a rod to hold items. The end of the rod is slightly curved to prevent goods from falling. It is constructed from high-quality steel; hence it is corrosion and rust-free.

Looped Pegboard Display Hooks

Looped Pegboard Display Hooks

The looped hook is a combination of a simple loop and a prong hook. It consists of a hook and a rod that can bear light to medium weight products. The system is easy to install and manage. You don’t need professionals to install and relocate it. Looped hooks can be painted into various attractive colors.

Looped Retail Display Hooks With Over Arm Ticket Bar

Looped Pegboard Display Hooks With Over Arm Ticket Bar

It is a unique pegboard hook designed to fulfill your needs. It consists of the hook to be installed in pegboard, a rod, and a ticket bar. You can customize the dimensions, style, material, and color of the overarm ticket bar. The structure is constructed to display products with price and other details.

Heavy Duty Direct Entry Looped Pegboard Display Hooks

Heavy Duty Direct Entry Looped Pegboard Display Hooks

Heavy-duty hooks are slightly different from traditional pegboard hooks. They have a better load-bearing capacity as compared to other hooks. Due to the quality of material and special manufacturing techniques, the hook appears attractive. Direct entry hooks are simple to use and easy to install.

Heavy Duty Direct Entry Looped Pegboard Display Hooks With Over Arm Ticket Bar

Heavy Duty Direct Entry Looped Pegboard Display Hooks With Over Arm Ticket Bar

This one is a revised form of direct entry hook with the addition of an arm ticket bar. The hooks themselves are strong enough to carry items safely. A ticket bar is given with the hook to display the price and other details.

Thick Single Prone Display Hooks For Pegboard

Thick Single Pegboard Prone Display Hooks

It is the simples pegboard hook so far. The color, dimensions, and material of a thick single pegboard hook can be customized. Due to their compact and lightweight structure, these hooks are less costly to transport. Made from Q235 high quality steel pegboard hooks can last for about 5-10 years.

Thick Double Line Retail Display Hooks With Over Head Ticket Bar

Thick Double Line Pegboard Display Hooks With Over Head Ticket Bar

It is always better to keep your customers updated. Double line hooks with a ticket bar can shoulder your responsibilities whenever you have a new product in your store. Easy to install and maintain, this hook with a ticket bar can hold the information and price of the product.

Pegboard Display Hooks To Create More Space - Ultimate FAQ

Creating space in a store can be a great challenge, especially when you have more products and less space.

If you’re looking for an ultimate solution to enjoy a better, sorted, and attractive display system, sit back and give this article a read.

Here are all the answers to frequently asked questions about pegboard display hooks.

Without wasting any time, let’s jump right to it!

What Are Retail Display Hooks?

To begging with…

Retail display hooks are similar to other hooks that are there to create space. Manufactured from steel and metal, display hooks create storage when hooked with a shelving system.

They are ideal for storing small, packaged, and hanging items. There are various styles and sizes of retail display hooks for different purposes. The shape of gondola pegboard hooks is bent in such a way that you can install them into a shelving system without any tools and professionals.

They increase the visibility of a product while offering the easy browse-through option to customers.

Whether designing a new store or relocating the current one, there’s always a pegboard hook to hold your item before customers.

Different Pegboard Display Hooks
Different Pegboard Display Hooks

How Can Stores Use Pegboard Display Hooks?

Affordable pegboard display hooks provide you the opportunity to be creative around your store. Following stores can use pegboard hooks for better display.

Jewelry Stores: Most jewelry items look more appealing when hung.

Clothing stores: can efficiently arrange products to create an easy browsing environment for their customers. 

Hardware Stores: using a combination of heavy-duty and small hooks, hardware stores can display complicated items aesthetically.

Chemists: can benefit from a sorted display. They can hand-packaged products on hooks at eye level for easy access.

Electronics Stores: they need to display various smaller and complicated. By using hooks they can save the products from hurt. 

Supermarkets: can use pegboard display hooks to make their products look appealing. 

Hooks For Supermarket Pegboard Shelving
Hooks For Supermarket Pegboard Shelving

Are Pegboard Hooks And Accessories Worth Investing?

Saying that pegboard hooks create maximum space to display products without eating up space would be enough to show its worth.

However, here is the list of benefits you get to enjoy after installing pegboard hooks.


Various Designs To Fulfill Your Needs

To your surprise…

There are approximately eight designs in pegboard hooks that can be integrated with a pegboard display stand. These designs have been created to display different sorts of items.

If you are an existing store that is planning to launch or display a new set of products, you don’t need to buy a dedicated shelving system if you possess a pegboard floor display and the right style of hooks.  


Extremely Durable

Pegboard hooks, unlike low-quality hooks, are manufactured from Q235 steel. They do not rust and have the power to deal with environmental changes.

Your investment becomes necessary when manufacturers like RedSheep promise a 24-month product warranty on each pegboard hook.

In general, a pegboard hook with minimum care can serve you for 5-10 years.



When expanding your business, investing in a new shelving system can consume your capital that should be invested in product quality.

However, a new item cannot be displayed nicely if there’s no place for it; hence in a battle of visibility and expense, we recommend our customers go with pegboard hooks because they are affordable.

With an investment of $0.1 to $1, you get a dedicated pegboard hook to display each product.


Low Maintainance

Surprisingly pegboard hooks, when doing so much, do not expect much in return. You don’t need to pamper them all the time to keep them in their correct shape.

Due to the quality of construction and robust tested you have the peace of mind to focus on your customers more than your shop fitting.


Design What You Need

In a world full of options, you need to stand out to keep your customers hooked. We got a dedicated team of engineers having command over customization.

Here you can design what you need instead of compromising with what’s given to you.

With our ODM/OEM service, we bring out customers’ dreams into reality.


Easy Installation

Unlike other shop-fitting accessories, pegboard hooks and accessories are as easy to install as the structure itself. There’s no need to hire professionals with tools to install gondola hooks; instead, you can do it independently.


How To Prevent Pegboard Hooks From Coming Out When Browsing?

Many store owners face this issue; hence there’s no need to worry about it. When customers browse through comparatively heavy items like handbags or tools, they might end up messing with the whole system.

To prevent such unwanted incidents, you can use our heavy duty pegboard hooks, which attached a zip tie with your pegboard hooks. These are extremely cheap and easy to install.

If not, you can apply hot glue at the back of the hook.

Heavy Duty Pegboard Hooks
Heavy Duty Pegboard Hooks

Can I Use Pegboard Hooks With Slatwall?

Generally, you can fit a pegboard hook into a Slatwall, but we don’t recommend doing it. Here’s the reason

  • Pegboard hooks are designed specifically for pegboards; hence you might face problems while installing the hooks
  • The hooks never fit in perfectly in Slatwall, increasing the chances of unwanted accidents.


How Many Pegboard Hooks Needed for a Power Tools Display Rack?

Power tools display rack is a very popular application of the pegboard hooks in hardware stores, auto factors, garden centre, DIY stores and so on. Normally a power tools display shelving is suitable to hang 20-30 pegboard hooks to display powder tools. Hanging more hooks not only looks less disorganized, but also it may overload the back panel of the shelving, and it may deform or damage the back panel. 

A Power Tools Display Rack
A Power Tools Display Rack

Can I Purchase Second Hand Pegboard Hooks?

There’s nothing wrong with purchasing second-hand pegboard hooks, but generally, we recommend our customers to purchase new hooks because of the following reasons.

  • You don’t know the quality of hooks you’re purchasing; hence you might end up wasting your money on scrap
  • Products and their packaging are rapidly changing, increasing the demand for unique displays. It’s better to purchase newly designed hooks to keep them with you for the longest.

What Will Happen If I Overload Pegboard Hooks?

Pegboard hooks are robust and do not lose their shape easily; however, if you keep on overloading the pegboard hook, there are chances that it might collapse, damaging the system and products.

In that cases, it might break or lose its original shape; therefore, be careful when loading pegboard hooks. If you feel the hook cannot hold more weight, try to divide or reduce the weight.

What Are The Products That Can Be Used With Pegboard Hooks?

Pegboard hooks are versatile in terms of creating space. They can accommodate a wide range of items including:

  • Packaged products including food products
  • Jewelry like necklaces, earrings
  • Handbags 
  • Clothes
  • Hardware tools
  • Electronic and mobile accessories 
  • Mirror or clocks etc


What Are The Safety Standards Of RedSheep’s Pegboard Hooks?

RedSheep is an ISO-certified manufacturer. We promise to deliver the highest quality of products while meeting the international standards of safety.

The hooks manufactured at RedSheep go through robust testing at various stages.


What Are The Business Benefits Of Pegboard Hooks?

Pegboard hooks are durable, small, and lightweight but can hold a light to medium weight products. They are easy to manage, clean, and install; therefore, you don’t need professionals to change your display system.

Due to their manageable and lightweight nature, you get to enjoy low transportation costs.

Additionally, pegboard hooks give a sense of cleanliness to your customer when purchasing. According to studies, a clean and sorted display system can increase sales up to a significant level.

When customers find it easy to locate and browse products, they are more likely to return.

Pegboard Hooks For Small Items
Pegboard Hooks For Small Items

How Long Will You Take To Deliver Customized Pegboard Display Hooks?

Thanks to our latest technology, skilled engineers, and advanced delivery systems, we can deliver bulk orders of customized pegboard hooks within 30-60 days in more than 40 countries around the world.


Final Verdict

Pegboard display hooks are a smart technique to create space in your store. It gives you the freedom to redesign your display with the changing nature of products.

I assume I’ve answered all the necessary questions about pegboard display hooks.

If you’re looking forward to placing your order for new hooks, reach out by clicking “Request a Quote.”


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