Plastic Crates

Step up your game with high-quality stackable plastic crates. You may not have considered it before but efficient transportation and storage can do wonders for your business.  Thanks to our experience in the industry, we’re able to come up with unique designs with large plastic crates. Because of the consistent quality, we are known as the most trustable plastic industrial crates manufacturer globally. We do our best to benefit you and your business. 

wood effect folding crate h220

Plastic Crates Customized

Customization is pretty a new concept, especially in the shopfitting industry. Many manufacturers out there don’t understand the importance of customized products. Hence they fail to fulfill the needs of retailers. This is where RedSheep helps you the most. Unlike other manufacturers, we focus on mending the products according to your needs instead of expecting you to adjust to our requirements. We believe in offering natural help to our customers through outstanding products. We aim to build products that can maximize your productivity. At RedSheep uniqueness, and futuristic products are manufactured with high-end material. Wait no more and contact our skilled engineers to craft your dream designs.


Here’s what you get at RedSheep:


  • ODM/OEM service for unique needs
  • Logo printing to claim copyright of your personalized design
  • Colour and material customization to make it work for you
  • Short delivery time for bulk customization
  • Local partners to discuss your needs.
  • Providing cheap plastic crates with a 99.998% qualification rate
  • Offering economical and affordable plastic crates
  • Providing a 2-year warranty for each unit

RedSheep Plastic Crates

Consistent quality is the key to our success.

It is through our dedication that we’ve successfully developed lasting relationships with our customers.

Through our products, we’ve helped businesses to flourish in the competitive world.

Our products are designed to fulfill your futuristic needs.

Our plastic crates can ease your storage and transportation process while being budget-friendly.

Every product at RedSheep is bound to go through various testing.

Both employees and third parties conduct these tests to maintain transparency and trust.

At RedSheep, we build products to last for at least 10 years.

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Top Plastic Crates Reviewed

Below are supermarket refrigeration you can find them at RedSheep stores at an affordable rate and even have the freedom to customize them

Plastic Vegetable Crates

Wood Effect Foldable Plastic Crates L600×W400×H220

This product seamlessly merges practicality and aesthetics with its collapsible design for easy storage and a realistic wood finish, making it a versatile and stylish addition to your store organization solutions.

Black Plastic Crates For Fruits And Vegetables L590×W405×H250

Black Plastic Crates For Fruits And Vegetables L590×W405×H250

This unique crate can be used for multiple industries such as retail, farm, dairy, or factories dealing with Fruits And Vegetables. The materials Polypropylene (HDPP) makes them food standard safe and durable. The structure includes high walls and foldable handles, making it deep enough to secure the good on the move and easy to stack. It is constructed from recyclable plastic.

Green Plastic Fruit And Veg Crates L600×W400×H200

Green Plastic Fruit And Veg Crates L600×W400×H200

This is a recyclable plastic crate manufactured for fruits and vegetables. It is a versatile design that can be used to store other goods. The structure has average walls that offer more storage for goods. The design includes high walls that offer more storage of goods. The structure is designed in a way that allows employees to handle the goods better.

Collapsible Plastic Crates

Black Collapsible Milk Crates

Black Collapsible Milk Crates

This is a medium-size folding storage box constructed to store multiple products. This storage box is not only attractive but efficient also because it is easily collapsible, easy to carry and stock with minimum space. It is constructed from recyclable plastic. It is specially designed to facilitate the dairy industry. The robust structure will provide safe storage for the goods. Heavy-duty plastic crates’ dimensions, color, style, and material can be customized.

Green Folding Plastic Crates For Sale

Green Folding Plastic Crates For Sale

These crates are carefully constructed to meet the international standards of safety.

The structures have holes, so the moisture doesn’t stay and rot the products. The tall walls of the crates make them deep enough to store long items. The design is foldable and includes a plain surface with holes in the walls to improve the visibility of the items.

Light Green And Purple Plastic Folding Storage Crates

Light Green And Purple Plastic Folding Storage Crates

This is a unique combination of attractive storage boxes. The lightweight structure is super easy to manage when not in use. They are constructed from high-quality plastic that will last for 10 years. The folding design includes handles to grab the crate. You can include your logo to make the crate more beneficial for your business.

Plastic Crates With Lids

Folding Plastic Storage Crates With Lids L600×W400×H260

Folding Plastic Storage Crates With Lids L600×W400×H260

Folding crates offer great storage when transportation. These crates are customizable hence you can change the dimensions, color, design, and other details. The best part about this crate is that the structure itself is lightweight hence won’t add to the cost of transportation. Also it cost less storage space when it’s not in use because its foldable design.

Large Plastic Crates With Lids L537×W315×H325

Large Plastic Crates With Lids L537×W315×H325

This is comparatively a large plastic crate with a lid available at RedSheep. It offers great storage during transportation and storage. The structure is chemical resistant hence good for industries dealing with reactive substances. The design can be customized according to your needs. The structure can be used for multiple products like seafood, dairy products, heavy tools, or available items.

Large Plastic Storage Crates With Lids

Large Plastic Storage Crates With Lids

There are various types of large plastic storage crates with lids available at RedSheep. You can customize the material, dimensions, size, and design of the structures. They help you save the cost of transportation because of the efficiency they offer. Additionally, they bring ease when loading and unloading the products.

Plastic Industrial Crates

Plastic Industrial Crates L235×W170×H80

Plastic Industrial Crates L235×W170×H80

The crate has been manufactured from recyclable plastic. It is both user-friendly and eco-friendly. The structure is chemical resistant hence suitable for industries dealing with reactive substances. It is a versatile design that can be used to store other goods. The system has average walls that offer more storage for goods.

Plastic Industrial Crates L610×W420×H360

Plastic Industrial Crates L610×W420×H360

This is a deep plastic crate with high walls. It can be used to store various products, but it is most suitable for retail purposes. The structure can be used to store and display products at stores. It is constructed from high-quality recyclable plastic that will last for 10 years at least.

120L Water Plastic Crate L730×W510×H400

120L Water Plastic Crate L730×W510×H400

If you’re looking for a storage box to store liquids at your factory or warehouse, consider this one. The structure is constructed from non-reactive plastic hence great for chemical industries. You can order a customized lid with the box for better storage.

Everything You Need To Know About Plastic Crates - Ultimate FAQ Guide

RedSheep is a leading shopfitting manufacturer in Eastern China. We’ve been producing a unique range of plastic crates for more than 23 years.

Many customers come up to us with many mind-boggling questions about cheap plastic crates.

Most of these customers struggle with storage problems.

If you’re one of such people, we have good news for you. At RedSheep, we have an efficient range of plastic crates.

These will fulfill your storage needs without demanding massive storage for themselves. These are affordable, durable, high quality, and, most importantly, safe for you.

Keep reading the article if you’re excited to learn more about RedSheep’s plastic crates.


What Are Plastic Crates?

Plastic crates are transportation-specific storage containers. These are made of recyclable plastic of high grade. Plastic crates come in various sizes and shapes to meet the storage demands of products such as seafood, groceries, dairy, bakery, and other commodities.

They are environmentally friendly due to the high quality of the materials and production. These containers all have similar fundamental construction.

These crates are mainly adaptable to meet a wide range of needs. Plastic crates are available in various shapes, sizes, and sorts.

These containers are ideal for transporting goods within a warehouse or factory. They are also used for transportation since the lightweight build allows owners to save money on vehicles.

These are constructed to store lightweight, bulk products like jewelry, garments, cosmetics, etc. They are built to last for at least 10 years with minimum care.

Their material makes them temperature and chemical-resistant, which makes them the most suitable choice for chemical industries.

Plastic Vegetable Crates in Morrisons
Plastic Vegetable Crates in Morrisons

How Stackable Plastic Crates Can Help Increase Sales?

Following are the ways plastic crates can be utilized to increase sales.


Efficient Warehouse Storage

The environment of warehouses is a little challenging due to the constant hassle. It takes rigid goods to store items within a warehouse.

At the same time, it is important to keep your products safe from damage. It is necessary to provide the best quality products; otherwise, it will take second to your competitor to take away your customers.

Plastic crates, due to their durability and rigid nature, make up an excellent option to move goods domestically. They provide safe storage for goods while dealing with the challenges, eventually helping you be the best before your customers.


To Move Items Within A Factory

Factories are responsible for transforming raw materials into finished or semi-finished goods. Maintaining a healthy environment in your factories is necessary for improved goodwill.

These goods manufactured in factories might be sensitive or reactive at times. For such products, plastic crates can be a safe storage option.

They assist with the transit of these items within a factory and ensure their safety for long-distance transportation.

Therefore if you’re a factory, your struggle with product management is over now. You can focus on developing the quality rather than using your energy with the products only.


To Store Or Display Goods In Retail Stores

Efficiency storage helps boost sales. It is unnecessary to have expensive shelves for each product to attract your customers. Sometimes keeping it simple can help you appear better before your customer.

By using plastic boxes for storage and display of goods, you can save money to invest in other necessary things. For instance, you can use the same capital to improve the quality of the products you manage to save by using storage boxes.


What Is The Manufacturing Process of Rectangular Plastic Crates?

To keep things clear with our customers, here is the manufacturing process of our heavy-duty plastic crates.

Mould Closes: This is the first step of producing plastic crates. It is where the injection molding cycle timer starts when the mold closes. The cycle runs “part to part” when robots are used for the process that ends the previous cycle when it receives a new part.

Injection: The second step involves injecting the heated plastic into the mold. At this step, the air escapes making sure the mold is filled correctly.

Cooling: At this stage, things are left to cool for a bit. It is done to ensure the plastic is hardened. There is no certified time for this step because it depends on the thickness of the material that how long things will take to cool down.

Adding Accessories: This is the final stage in the manufacturing process of plastic crates. At this stage, other parts are attached to the remaining structure to obtain the final structure.


What Is The Expected Cost Of Large Plastic Crates?

Understanding the benefits of large plastic crates will make you know their worth.

With that in mind, the typical cost of a regular plastic crate is between 1.75USD and 8.55USD.

The price is determined by various factors, including the size of the plastic crates, their durability, the brand, the country of origin, and your target quantity, among others.


What Is the Quality Of Plastic Used In The Manufacturing Of Stackable Plastic Crates?

RedSheep is serving people in more than 40 countries. Our experience has made it clear that sound quality is the only key to success. Therefore our primary focus when building our products is to create a strong foundation.

As the foundation lies in the raw material, we focus on choosing the raw material for our plastic creation.

Plastic crates at RedSheep are manufactured from high-end plastic only. We mainly use three types of plastics to construct our creates

polyethylene(PE), Polypropylene (PP) and High-Density Polypropylene (HDPP).

The reason for choosing these three plastics is their durability and affordability. Additionally, all the materials are recyclable and hence eco-friendly.

The material eliminates the unnecessary production cost to offer the best products at minimal rates.

They offer a rigid structure, and the materials are chemical resistant.

Polypropylene Beads
Polypropylene Beads

What Are The Benefits Of Plastic Crates?

There are many benefits of plastic crates, some of which are as follows.


Provide Safe Storage

Quality goods are your primary source of attracting customers. Not doing your best to keep your products safe might damage your sales.

In the competitive world, you don’t have much margin to make mistakes. You may lose customers to your competitors if you fail to supply them with high-quality items.

Therefore make sure to invest sufficiently in keeping your products secure. This is where plastic crates can help you most. These crates are built to offer safe storage for your products.


Offer Necessary Help During Transportation

Continuing the previous point, you need to keep your products in the best shape at every step. Many retailers manage to hunt for the best quality products but struggle with keeping them secure during transportation.

To help solve this issue, we’ve developed high-end plastic creates. These crates keep products safe while moving and help manage the transportation process.

It helps you reduce the cost of labor required to load and unload the products.



There are variations of storage boxes on the market. The user-friendliness of plastic crates makes them an excellent alternative.

To begin with…

These crates are made of high-density Polypropylene. They are lightweight since they were deliberately designed for traveling. The laid-back attitude not only saves money on transportation but also allows you to handle things more effectively.

Furthermore, storing these storage units is not an issue. They may be folded and stacked when not in use.


Great Investment For Better Sales

Yes, you read that right!

Not only are plastic crates safe to use, but they also provide a good return on investment. The crates we manufacture at RedSheep are built to have a 10-year lifespan. All thanks to the high-quality raw materials and manufacturing process used.

Additionally, temperature and chemical resistance are ideal characteristics of the crates. This makes them perfect for delicate chemical-handling industries, warehouses, and retail. This innovation merely improves the long-term reliability of foldable crates.



Last but not least, plastic crates are pretty inexpensive because of our experience and the use of low-cost, high-quality materials.

As a result of the lower production costs, we can produce plastic crates at a lower cost.


Do You Offer a Product Warranty With Rectangular Plastic Crates?

As mentioned earlier, we believe in lasting relationships with our customers. We focus on winning the loyalty of our customers through persistent quality.

To win the faith of our customers, we make quality products and don’t hesitate to own them.

In order to do so, we provide a 24-month product guarantee on all items to demonstrate our customers’ commitment and provide a pleasant shopping experience.

That’s our way to satisfy our consumers regarding the quality of our products.

You can contact us through our website if you have any problems throughout the warranty term. Our professionals will ensure that the problem is resolved in the shortest period feasible.


Can I Use Plastic Crates In Chemical Industry?


All plastic crates manufactured at RedSheep are chemical resistant. Thanks to the high-quality, High-Density Polypropylene (HDPP) material and unique manufacturing process, the crates are non-reactive to detergents, acids, solvents, etc.

Hence they can be used in industries that deal with chemicals and other reactive substances.


How Can I Customize Heavy Duty Plastic Crates?

Customization is the need of the hour. Every brand has unique needs that cannot be catered to without customized products. RedSheep being an experienced plastic crates manufacturer understands the importance of customizing products.

We offer you customization on every aspect of your heavy-duty plastic crates for your benefit.

You can customize the material, dimensions, design, and color of your plastic crates for your benefit. Contact us through our website to order a high-quality, durable set of customized crates.

Forward your needs and demands to our experts, and we’ll make sure to develop a sample according to your guidance.


Where Can I Find High-Quality Plastic Milk Crates?

RedSheep offers a one-of-a-kind plastic milk crates manufacturer. We are the best candidates for the task since we manufacture all of our products to worldwide quality and safety standards.

We are pleased to notify you that we are licensed plastic crate producers. As an ISO-certified manufacturer, we go to great lengths to ensure that the service we give is of the highest quality.

We provide ODM/OEM services for customization. You may provide us with CAD and PDF plans, and we’ll make sure the boxes are built to your specifications.

We have a specialized team of engineers that do safety assessments. They ensure that only high-quality raw materials are utilized in the manufacturing process. Before being delivered, all of our items are put through a testing series.

When it comes to delivery, we like to be careful about the deadlines. RedSheep offers you direct delivery service to more than 40 countries worldwide. We promise to deliver your products no matter how complicated within 30 days.

High Quality Plastic Crates
High Quality Plastic Crates

What Are The Factors To Consider When Purchasing Plastic Crates?

Due to the increasing demand for plastic crates, many options are available. It makes it difficult for most of the customers to understand which crate will suit them most.

If you’re one of such people, worry not!

Here is the list of factors to consider when purchasing plastic crates to make the best out of your investment.


Purpose Of Its Existence

The first thing to consider is what the container will be used for? It is essential to evaluate the use because it will also influence other factors; for instance, If you’re planning to use them for transportation, closed boxes are preferable. At the same time, internal product movement may necessitate comfortable grips.


Quality Of Plastic Being Used

The material is the second factor to consider when selecting a large plastic crate. It is essential that you chose the right material/plastic for your containers. Otherwise, the crates might fail to fulfill your needs, making you lose your capital.


Stackable Or Non-Stackable Plastic Crates

Here you need to understand that, not all containers can be stacked. It is a customized option that depends on you when purchasing plastic crates.

If you require it, you must inform our engineers when placing an order.

Note: Even if you don’t plan to store the crates, we believe that having stackable crates is a superior option.



To summarize, plastic crates provide excellent storage for manufacturers, warehouses, and retail businesses. They possess all of the attributes required to ensure the safety of the goods throughout storage, transportation, and display.

I hope I’ve covered everything there is to know about heavy-duty plastic crates. If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If our information has helped you in making a selection and you’re seeking high-quality plastic crates, call RedSheep right now!

We provide the safest, most lasting, and most efficient plastic crates available at reasonably priced.

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