Kids Shopping Cart

RedSheep offers the best Kids Metal Shopping Cart and Kids Plastic Shopping Cart to meet every supermarket’s need and taste. We pride ourselves on having over two decades of experience producing only quality carts for the little shoppers.

We have a team that specialises in designing and manufacturing all types of small-size shopping carts. 

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Kids Shopping Cart Customized

Successful and profitable supermarkets always look for a way to enhance the shopping experience of their family shoppers.  

They do that to provide Kids Shopping Cart for families with children to give them the pleasant experience they desire when in the stores.

There are benefits of having these carts, such as enjoy repeat visits to the supermarkets and parents managing their kids better.

These units also help keep the young shoppers occupied and impact them with shopping knowledge.   

Supermarkets should have the two main kinds of kids’ trolleys to provide the above benefits: Kids Metal Shopping Cart and Kids Plastic Shopping Cart.

We are committed to giving you Kids Shopping Cart that meets your expectations by customising your order.

Our team helps you all the way and lets you:

  • Place a minimum order of at least 100pcs
  • Customise the colour, design, and logo
  • Choose the extras you need in your carts, like security poles.

Redsheep Kids Shopping Cart

We have reviewed the different models and types of Kids Shopping Cart we provide to enable you to understand their features and benefits. You can find every kind of cart you might need and even customise your order.

Our RedSheep team of children’s cart has looked at these vital shopping units to help supermarket owners make informed decisions when purchasing them.

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Kids Shopping Cart Review

Here is a review of our top plastic and metal shopping cart for kids you can order from our brand.

European Child Size Metal Shopping Cart

This trolley model originated from Europe and is made of strong steel wire to guarantee durability and strength. Steel is also a non-toxic material, making the European cart a safe unit for the entire family and holding food products. The cart features 360-degree swiveling wheels to allow for effective navigation on all types of floors. It also comes with several child-friendly features like an easy-to-grip handle, a folding door, and corner bumpers. You can customise the colour to meet your brand’s theme.

Asian Child Metal Shopping Trolley

The cart is Asian inspired and provides all kids with a simple trolley to push around the supermarket when parents pick items. It is a nestable model that allows supermarket owners to store it in tight spaces, and it nests effectively. Its wheels are strong to withstand heavy use, and it can hold about 45 kg without getting damaged. The unit has corner bumpers to prevent damages when it knocks over walls or aisles. Another notable thing is the easy-grasp handle that makes it easier for kids to hold the cart.

Metal Kids Shopping Cart With Pole

It is a cart for children with a sturdy metal frame to provide durability to your products. The unit has a shopping cart pole to prevent the users from placing it in their car and can easily hold a load of weight. Its handle is well-placed to allow for comfortable pushing, and the wheels provide up to 360-degree swiveling. The model comes in multiple colour finishes, and you can customise your purchase to match your brand theme. This unit is also lightweight enough to allow for hours of usage without getting tired.

Kids Plastic Shopping Cart

Kids Plastic Shopping Cart is a lightweight trolley for kids and is compact enough to allow for simple nesting during transportation and storage. The unit’s front wheels provide a smooth swivel when changing direction and move smoothly from floor to floor. Its top frame is wider in the middle to allow for a tighter grasp. The cart is ideal for carrying small items and is easy to move around. You can also customise the colour to have a kids’ trolley with your brand theme.

Kids Plastic Shopping Cart on Pole

This Kids Plastic Shopping Cart model comes with a shopping cart pole to add the much-needed security that prevents shoppers from placing it in their cars. The model is made of long-lasting plastic material and can carry small items from the shelves to the check-out point. Its wheels provide great swivel to ensure the children push it around the supermarket with ease. The handle part is wide then the rest of the frame to enable effective grasping. It is possible to customise the colour or even choose from the many colours on offer. A tip: a plastic kids shopping cart with a flag of Peppa Pig picture is always my daughter’s favorite cart.

Plastic Kids Shopping Cart With Car And Big Basket

Plastic Kids Shopping Cart With Car And Big Basket

The model is colourful enough to attract every child who comes to your supermarket and comes as a toy car with a basket. This toy car is well-constructed to ensure the kid remains safe inside the supermarket. Its basket is large enough to enable the parents to pick many products and place them there for easy transportation. Another thing about the basket is the corner bumpers that prevent damage to structures and other cars. The basket is treated to prevent rust and corrosion.

Plastic Kids Shopping Cart With Car And ​Three Baskets

Plastic Kids Shopping Cart With Car And Three Baskets

It is a model that features a toy car made of durable plastic material and three baskets made from metal. The three baskets come in handy when the parent wants to separate items, with the dry one going at the top level. These baskets come with corner bumpers that help to prevent the cart from damaging the other surfaces. Its toy car is uniquely designed to ensure that the child remains safe while driving around. The unit provides a lot of fun to children and can make them endorse your supermarket for a repeat visit.


New Model Plastic Kids Car Shopping Cart With Big Basket

New Model Plastic Kids Car Shopping Cart With Big Basket

It is a colourful cart for children that can make shopping time a happy moment for both the parents and children. The model is not only attractive but also robust enough to withstand heavy use. It comes with great wheels to allow smooth and effective turns to avoid knocking over obstacles such as structures. There is a safety belt that runs across the seat to keep the baby safe. Another thing is the big basket for carrying more products.

New Model Plastic Kids Car Shopping Cart With Three Baskets

New Model Plastic Kids Car Shopping Cart With Three Baskets

This version of the New Model Plastic Kids Shopping Cart comes with three baskets to let the parent separate the products. It comes with a safety belt that runs across the seat to ensure the child remains safe while inside the toy car. The model boasts attractive bodywork and has strong oval tubing at the base to add much-needed stability. You can have a logo printed on the baby seat or handle if you want to make it more visible.

Kids Shopping Cart: The Complete FAQ Guide

Many people in the grocery and supermarket business wish to know more about Kids Shopping Trolley but lack critical information.

Our RedSheep experts have taken their time to answer some of the common questions we get from our potential and former clients.

For more information about products, the company, or shipping, you can also check out our other FAQs!

Key Features of Kids Shopping Cart

It is vital to know the different features of a Children Shopping Trolley whether you are a supermarket or a parent.

Here are the features that can keep the child comfortable, safe, and healthy while using the carts.

  • Should Be Made of Quality Material

Metal kids shopping trolley should be made of quality material to ensure that they withstand the children’s heavy and uncontrolled use.

The metal kids shopping carts should feature a long-rusting material and be coated with rust-proof finishing like colour powder.

The plastic carts should also be made of durable material that can withstand deformation and knocks from constant bumping on walls and cars.

  • Should Be Attractive/Beautiful to Children

RedSheep recommends the supermarkets to get attractive trolleys that can entice the children to return to their stores regularly.

It can include requesting your units to be customised by adding more colour and images to the surfaces.

The attractiveness also includes the design, and you can always request our team to develop a model that meets your shoppers’ needs.

Attractive shopping cart with pole That Can Entice The Children
Attractive shopping cart with pole That Can Entice The Children
  • Should Be Multi-Purpose

You want to spend funds on a system that can be used for more than one purpose to get value for money.

The kids’ cart should hold all manner of products you sell in your store, including toys, clothes, food, and other items.

That way, the shoppers can move around your supermarket with just a single trolley and avoid the inconvenience of picking an extra basket.

They can even be used as holding platforms for childrens’ products in the supermarket.

  • Should Provide Muted Operation

Shoppers avoid noisy stores, and this can mean losing on sales and profit.

The Children’s cart should provide a muted operation that creates a favourable environment for other people in the store.

It can include getting units with the right wheels and ones that can absorb the sound when there is a loose part.

  • Should Be Multi-Purpose
    • They should easily nest together for easy storage and transportation
    • The cart should hold a lot of weight like about 45kg
    • Every trolley should come fully or pre-assembled or be easy to assemble
    • Kids cart should have a comfortable handle that enables the parent and kids to grasp with ease
    • The best carts should have 360-degree swivelingwheels to allow for simple control

These products should be suitable for both the kids and parent use.

What Are Kids Shopping Cart Used For?

There are many ways to use children shopping trolleys for supermarkets, kids, and parents.

These applications depend on what the users want to accomplish, and they include the following:

  • Hold Items During Shopping

Parents and kids can use children shopping units to hold their shopping while in the supermarket.

The parent or kid can pick the goods, place them inside the cart, and let the young shopper push the trolley around.

  • Transport Goods to Parking Lot

Most people who pick products in a grocery store or supermarket end up paying for them and use the holding cart to transport them to the parking area.

That means the kids’ models can be used to transport these items from the aisles to the check-out area and then to the parking lot.

  • For Entertaining Children in Supermarket

Some children shopping trolleys come as a small car with a basket at the back.

These can be pushed around by the parents as entertainment tools for the kids as their parents continue to pick products.

One thing to remember is that these carts also hold small items at the back and transport them to the parking site.


What Are the Benefits of Using Kids Shopping Cart?

Metal kids Shopping Trolley and Plastic Shopping Cart provide many benefits to the kids, parents, and supermarket when children use them.

Some of the top advantages of using these children shopping equipment are:

  • Benefit to Kids: Teach Sense of Independence and Fun

Children love the sense of ownership they get when they push their shopping trolley.

They do real work by pushing or ”driving” the carts inside the store, which teaches them autonomy, especially if adults have their shopping baskets.

Pushing these models can also teach kids essential life skills like selecting, packing, and arranging items.

It is also fun to push or ”drive” the small shopping carts inside the grocery store or supermarket. For The children or even for some adults.

The Kids Shopping Cart Can Also Bring Happiness to The Adults
The Kids Shopping Cart Can Also Bring Happiness to The Adults
  • Benefit to Parents: Make Shopping Easier

Parents have an easier time when the children are having fun and occupied with their shopping carts.

They can select goods for long hours without worrying about their kids.

  • Benefit to Supermarket: Repeat Business

Kids let their parents engage in shopping when they use the small-sized shopping carts or find those models that resemble cars.

The parents get to do their shopping without nagging from the little ones, and that can make them visit your store every time they want to buy something.

The children also get to love your store and can have a say in the future when the parent decides to go shopping.


Why Do Shopping Carts Have Security Poles?

Perhaps you might have visited a competitor’s store and found a shopping cart with pole and wondered why they are attached to the carts.

These shopping cart poles have a vital purpose of providing security to your shopping equipment by preventing withdrawal.

The shopping cart poles are often long enough to discourage the shopper from placing this small-size trolley in their car.

Another reason for having the pole at the top is to make it easier for the employees to see the cart from far.

Some shopping cart poles have a grasping handle that allows the parent to push the child around without bending or straining their back.

Some Shopping Cart Poles Have A Grasping Handle
Some Shopping Cart Poles Have A Grasping Handle

What Material Are Used in Kids Shopping Cart?

Children Shopping Trolleys are made of metal or plastic or a combination of the two materials.

The childs metal shopping carts are made of durable and robust steel material, while the plastic models are made of polypropylene material.

They are further made attractive by adding the coloured powder for the metal kids shopping carts and colour granule for the plastic units.

How to Choose the Best Kids Shopping Cart?

Selecting the best Kids Shopping Cart is different from choosing the standard trolley because you need something that attracts and accommodates the children.

That means keeping an eye on the following features and factors:

  • Lightweight Trolley. You should look for a lightweight model to enable the kids to push or pull the carts with ease.
  • Beautiful Model. The trolleys should be beautiful in both the design and the colour to attract the kids.
  • Muted Operation. You also want a cart the children can push or drive around without distracting other shoppers.
  • Safe Cart. Another quality to keep an eye on is the shopping cart’s safety; get a secure unit.
  • Durable Unit. It is advisable to keep a product that can take a lot of knocks without getting damaged.
  • Easy to Offload Goods. The kids should have an easy time offloading the goods when the time comes.
  • Quality Wheels. You should also look for a trolley with quality wheels to withstand the various uses.

How Should Kids Shopping Cart Be Stored?

You can store your Child Shopping Trolleys in different ways and places to meet your security and other needs.

Some of the way we recommend you keep your carts for the young shoppers are:

  • Interior and Exterior Cart Corrals. These metal bars can help you to organise the carts and lock them to prevent theft. You can have one inside the supermarket, and the other at the parking lot.
  • Overflow Storage. It can be a perfect place to keep the kids’ trolleys during the low season when they are at school or when parents come to the store alone.
  • Secure Technology Solution. You can also add a secure locking system such as coin locks to keep the trolleys safe.

What Are Some Types of Kids Shopping Cart?

You can find three main types of Kids Shopping Trolley on the market today: Kids Metal Shopping cart, Kids Plastic Shopping Cart, and Hybrid of kids metal shopping trolleys and Kids Plastic Trolleys.

These are also the different types of children trolleys you can find from the RedSheep brand:

Kids Metal Shopping Cart

The metal shopping cart for kids is made of strong steel material and then treated with coloured powder.

You get a durable trolley that can take constant hits and one that remains free of rust and corrosion.

Kids Plastic Shopping Cart

The plastic models are made of durable polypropylene material and finished with colour granule that is safe for humans and food.

It is also a material that is non-toxic to allow the children to sit in the cart without risking their health.

Kids Hybrid Shopping Cart

These type of carts combines the features of the metal and plastic models.

The car shopping cart often come with a basket made of metal and a car made of plastic material.

What is the Difference between a Kids Metal Shopping Cart and a Kids Plastic Shopping Cart?

Plastic Shopping Trolley and metal shopping cart for kids are quality carts that provide the children, parents, and supermarkets the desired service.

These two share many similarities and variances, with some of their differences being:

  • Kids plastic shopping carts are perfect for coastal regions and other areas with high humidity and rainfall, while kids metal shopping trolleys are recommended for tropical places with plenty of sunshine.
  • Kids plastic trolleys are more comfortable to navigate than the metal models due to the less dense nature of this plastic material. However, the child metal shopping trolleys are still easy to navigate due to their swiveling
  • Metal kids shopping trolleys are cost-friendly during the production process than the plastic models, making them more affordable.

Kids plastic shopping carts provide a more muted operation than the childs metal shopping carts – RedSheep adds the necessary muting accessories to the metal kids shopping trolleys like muted wheels to reduce the noise.

Where Can I Get Kids Shopping Cart?

RedSheep is a leading shopping cart manufacturer and provider, and we have the best trolleys for supermarkets, hypermarkets, grocery stores, and other outlets.

If you are looking for supplier from American, you can go to Unarco of Marmon group, you can learn the history by reading our article.

If you are looking for European suppliers, you can go to the leading companies – Wanzl or Caddie.

If you are looking for plastic cart in European, you can check Polycart and Araven, but RedSheep can make very similar models at factory direct prices.

If you are looking for plastic cart in Africa, You can ask Supercart for a quote.

We encourage you to visit our ”Request A Quote Directly For This Product” section and place your order for child size metal shopping cart.

How Do You Manufacture Kids Shopping Cart?

Many details, designs, and specifications go into consideration when manufacturing the Kids Shopping Cart.

However, the necessary steps of manufacturing the plastic models are:

Kids Metal Shopping Cart

  • Preparing the mould through automated processes – this includes heating the plastic to form the mould.
  • Injecting the mould – the process includes filling the mould into the designed trolley shape.
  • Cooling the mould – everything is left to cool down as the unit continues to harden.
  • The next part involves adding other accessories like wheels.

The metal kids shopping trolleys follow these steps:

  • De-coiling the steel – it is simply straightening the material

  • Cutting the material – the steel wire is cut into the designed sizes

  • Web welding – this is creating the cart into the desired shape

  • Adding parts – the step can include adding a door, handle, and others

  • Powder coating – the structure is made rust and carrion free through electro-plating

  • Adding accessories – these can include casters, wheels, bumpers, poles, and more.

How Can I Be Sure That RedSheep Kids Shopping Carts Are Safe? 

You can be sure of getting safe Children Shopping Trolleys from RedSheep because we follow the European Standard of manufacturing trolleys.

We ensure that our products are made of quality material to prevent accidents when kids use carts.

Most of our children trolleys can easily hold young adults of about 45kg.

We guarantee safety by using colour granule and powder colour finish that is safe for human and food contact.

Eco Friendly And Safe Shopping Carts For Children

Do You Test Your Kids Shopping Cart for Quality?

We ensure we give our clients the best shopping trolley for kids by conducting the necessary quality tests.

Some of the test we do metal shopping cart for kids are:

  • Salt Spray Test. It is an environmental test that helps us determine how well the cart will perform under coastal regions.
  • Anti-Ultraviolet Test. We do this test to find out how the trolley will react to the warm tropical climate.
  • Cart Load Test. The test helps us know how the trolley will respond when seated in static and dynamic motion.
  • Caster Load Test. We mainly use this test to determine how the wheels will respond when faced when the basket is loaded.

We test the plastic models as follows:

  • Hardness Test for Body. The test helps us to know the hardness of the trolley and whether it can withstand heavy loads.
  • Hardness Test for Frame. We use our hands to test for the frame hardness.

Besides that, you can inspect your child size metal shopping cart in the following ways:

  • Feel the frame using the hand to look for burrs and dents
  • Feel the welding scar for smoothness
  • Push the cart to ensure it rolls in a straight line

How Eco-friendly Is Your Kids Shopping Cart?

RedSheep manufactures eco-friendly shopping carts for children by following various standards:

Using Recyclable Material. The plastic and metal used to create these trolleys are recyclable.

Clean Manufacturing Process. The brand guarantees a clean manufacturing process with little hazardous emissions.

Saves Fuel. These carts save fuel in that you can nest them together to transport hundreds of them at once.

Multipurpose Use. Children shopping trolleys can be applied in other ways even if they become outdated, like holding items in the supermarket.

In What Colours Are Your Shopping Cart Available In?

We encourage supermarket owners to choose their desired colours when placing their order to meet your needs.

Our brand has the necessary technologies to ensure we give you a Kids Shopping Cart that matches your brand and colour.

Some of the technique we use include:

  • Coloured powder coating for Childs metal shopping cart
  • Colour granule for Kids Plastic Shopping Cart
  • Silk printing to add graphics to Metal and Plastic Carts
Shopping Cart Of Different Colours

Are Samples of Kids Shopping Cart Available?

RedSheep is committed to ensuring you get a metal or plastic cart that meets your needs, and we can provide samples of our small size carts upon request.

Kindly contact our support team for more information on how you can get the samples.

Production and Delivery Time for the Child Size Metal Shopping Cart

We always try to deliver your child size metal shopping cart within the shortest time possible, but it often takes 14-30 days to complete the production and delivery.

It can take up to 60 days to produce and deliver customised models.


Warranty Offered for Kids Shopping Cart

Our shopping carts for kids come with a 24-month warranty that covers parts and the manufacturing process.

We encourage you to go through each model’s terms and conditions to find out more about our warranties.


Final Word

Every hypermarket, supermarket, grocery store, and other shopping outlets should have the best Kids Shopping Cart for child use.

These shopping units provide benefits to not only kids but also parents and supermarkets.

We highly recommend you customise your Kids Shopping Trolley to match your brand and make them more attractive to children.

Metal Shopping Cart

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