Whalen Industrial Rack

RedSheep Whalen industrial rack Costco is also expandable allowing you to connect multiple Whalen shelves Costco side-by-side. Look no further for your Whalen industrial, garage rack with the Whalen shelving units Costco with wire deck.

Includes 2 industrial rack
Loading capacity hold up to 2,000 pounds (900kg, evenly distributed weight)
Printed flat carton box packing, suitable for online selling.
No tool assembly
Easily expandable by adding units
Limited lifetime warranty
Assembly required

Dimensions of Each Rack:
Weight:182.9 lbs

Original Design



L1956*W610*H1829mm (77"W*24"D*72"H)


82kg (182.9 lbs)

Loading-bearing Capacity

2,000 Pounds Per Layer


Color Printed Flat Carton Box

HS Code


Details About Whalen Industrial Rack

Are you looking for a high-quality Costco Whalen industrial rack for your warehouse or garage? Then look no further because RedSheep is all set to amaze you through its innovative product line.

Having 20 years of experience in the industry, RedSheep has evolved as an ultimate solution to all the storage problems. With vast experience, we know how to provide tailored services to benefit you the most.

Shop and warehouse owners around the world rely on our services to achieve peace of mind. They tend to focus more on sales by shouldering all their storage problems to our experts.

The experience has made us reach a point where we can provide solutions to all your storage problems. The product line manufactured at RedSheep carries pro-active qualities; hence it’s built to serve you the future qualities in the present.

We proudly claim to serve the most efficient quality for Whalen industrial rack. With an efficiency rate of 99.998%, you’ll find yourself flourishing in the industry.

We call it the best fit for home, warehouse, and garage needs due to the rigid raw material used in the construction.

At RedSheep, you get to enjoy tailor-made items with fast delivery and supportive customer services, all at affordable prices.

We put our focus on the detailing of each Whalen storage rack precisely so your items are not only sorted and secure but visually engaging.

There’s a lot more to enjoy with delivery services in more than 40 countries when ordering Costco industrial shelving from RedSheep.

Costco garage storage racks
Costco garage storage racks

Let’s have a look at them…

Why Choose RedSheep For Costco Whalen Industrial Rack?

To begin with,

RedSheep promises to provide every service you expect from your Whalen industrial shelf manufacturer.

We have built a strong product line, innovative manufacturing techniques, the latest technology, and a dedicated team of experts to put that smile on your face when entering your warehouse.

Quality That Your Desire

For RedSheep, quality is the foundation of satisfying services. We believe in working hard on the structure and making that structure a durable, loyal servant.

Understanding the busy schedule of warehouses and garages, we deliver strength and durability to deal with the heavy workload.

Black costco freestanding shelving units
Black Costco freestanding shelving units

You can be particular about the quality you’ll receive through a team of devoted inspectors appointed to keep a check on the raw material precisely and the manufacturing process.

The high-end production is the backbone of our brand hance each product has to go through various tests and trials to deliver what we promise.

The units constructed at RedSheep are based on

  • ISO 2015 Standard
  • AS4084 Standard
  • American RMI Standard
  • FEM Standard

Each item is designed to meet the German Equipment and Product Safety Act for a safe and secure warehouse racking system.

And that’s not it…

Our Costco industrial shelving systems also fulfill the following standards of construction:

  • EN ISO 3438-2 Standard for complying with the welding quality requirements.
  • EN 1090-1 Standard that is required for manufacturers who steel structure installed in the European community.
  • EN 13501-1 Standard for guaranteeing the absence of lead in our paints.
  • OSHAS 18001 Standard for achieving the best safety and health condition.

Guaranteed High-end Costco steel storage rack Manufacturing

When manufacturing a Whalen rack Costco at RedSheep, we follow an innovative manufacturing process to make the most out of your valuable investment.

Following is the process involved in the manufacturing of Costco Whalen industrial rack with wire deck:

Raw Material: We never compromise on the quality of raw material used to construct the Whalen industrial rack Costco to enrich your store, garage, or warehouse with the required confidence.

Each product is built to serve you for the longest time. We use Q235B steel, 77″W*24″ D*72″H in manufacturing because the material is rigid, easy to bend, shape, cut, and provides an excellent overall finish.

It provides a helping hand to deliver your order in the fastest time.

Profiling: At this stage, we define the dimension of upright and beam to ensure correct measurements. The process involves an automated forming machine that produces various parts of the Whalen industrial rack.

  • Welding: As mentioned earlier, RedSheep fulfills American RMI Standard

for complying with the welding quality requirements. To achieve that, high-end welding is done through an automated process.

The involvement of automated machines helps provide uniform welding with finishing.

Finishing: To provide a structure that complies with your instructions and environmental needs, we put extra focus on frames, beams, and shelf panels at this stage.

At RedSheep, you have the benefit of customizing the finish in the following ways:

  • Pre-Galvanized Upright: If you want extra to secure the exposed parts against corrosion and rust.
  • Paint Finish: If you want to make the beam stand out for forklift drivers, contact our team to ask for pre-galvanization before paint.
  • Galvanized shelf panels: If you want shelf panels to withstand harsh weather conditions, you may ask for galvanized shelf panel

Packaging Upright and Beams: At this last step, the parts of Whalen shelf Costco are flat packed using an automated machine.

The print artwork on the flat package carton box is 100% customizable. It’s a perfect way to enhance your branding concept.

Costco whalen industrial rack with wire deck
Costco Whalen industrial rack with wire deck

Customization For Customized Needs

To give you the ultimate satisfaction, we do everything to design your Whalen storage rack Costco the way you want it.

We got four hardworking and devoted engineers to work until they produce a design that fits your needs.

At RedSheep, you can add up to 6 layers to your Whalen industrial rack, each having a capacity to hold 300kgs. You get the freedom to shape, size and style the layers for your convenience.

Knowing the importance of having logos on the shelving systems, especially as a wholesaler, you can imprint a logo with the desired message at a location of your choice.

Ideally, you will only be charged for the logo print tooling and not the process. The logo printing is done through a pressing tool to make it lasting.

Colouring options are also available, so the Whalen rack Costco can mingle with your warehouse or garage theme without disturbing the visual impact. The process of coloring involves powder coating to provide long-lasting color.

Last but not least, you can customize your artwork on the flat packing box, to marketing the customers to make your brand more outstanding and attractive.

Simply contact our team to communicate your customized needs, and they’ll make it for you.

Whalen industrial rack colorful packaging
Whalen industrial rack colorful packaging

Easy Assembling/Set-Up of Whalen Industrial Rack Costco

Other than all the quality benefits…

Our Whalen industrial shelf is easy to assemble also. When you purchase our racking system, all the accessories required to set up the system will be included.

You’ll receive the parcel with complete Whalen storage rack Costco instructions to assemble the system. Following is the most effortless process to install the system on your own:

1# Check The Components: Start by visually checking the components for damage, cracks, or dents. Thoroughly check the rack section, including the shelf, upright, and beams. In case you find anything dented, reach out to us within 30 days of delivery.

2# Assemble The First Bay: Now install one bay at a time for accurate installation, secure the attachments, and precise measurements.

3# Erect The Uprights: Allow your helper to erect the second across once you’ve raised the outside edge. Make sure they’re vertical by using a level.

4# Insert The Rear Beams: Always start from the bottom. To install the top beam, you will require a lifting device. With the use of mallet make it secure.

5# Insert the Front Beams: For front beams, start from the top and do exactly what you did with rear beams.

6# Measure the Square: Now, make sure the structure is square, and the spacing between is equal and correct.

7# Install Other Bays: To install all the other bays, simply repeat the steps of the rear beams.

8# Attach Wire Decking or Shelves: At the last step, add the decking and shelving.

And this is how you’re done installing the system with minimal external help or installation expense.

Enjoy Expensive Services At An Affordable Price

By now, you must be wondering about…

Whalen heavy duty storage rack Costco price offered at RedSheep. We value your assets and understand the importance of affordability. RedSheep has developed a less expensive manufacturing process with high-quality, cheaper price material to keep things within your budget.

Thanks to the advanced mechanism, developed system, and skilled labor, we have reached a point where we reduce the price while maintaining the quality. Depending on various factors like size, customization, and other requirements, a typical Whalen industrial shelf will cost you between $50 to $120.

An additional discount is offered to our regular customers with bulk orders.

A Rack System Service With Complete Loyalty

We build items to last and serve for the most extended time. Investing in RedSheep products means a long-term relief from frequent investment.

All the items are thoughtfully constructed to make the most out of your valuable investment. With a high-efficiency rate of 99.998%, our Whalen storage rack will serve you for as long as 5-10 years.

You can prolong its life with a regular health check against damage and minor accidents. The product will loyally serve you at your store, and once you plan to get RedSheep’s new racking system, you may sell the previous one as scrab for money.

All the RedSheep Whalen industrial rack units are prone to fight against corrosion, rust, and scratches to maintain the visual.

Black whalen freestanding shelving units
Black Whalen freestanding shelving units

Delivery and Shipping Service

Have you ever come across a manufacturer that took ages to deliver your order not anymore. At RedSheep, an order of a minimum of 50 Whalen industrial rack Costco is delivered within a short span of 25 days. From construction to packaging, everything will be done within the demanded time.

Not only that…

We also ship goods directly to various countries in case you prefer a direct delivery service. You’ll be given the freedom to choose your desired delivery service to avoid any misunderstanding.

Simply reach out to us, purchase your units through our website and instruct our team to deliver your goods directly. Keep in mind direct delivery might take a little longer than 30 days, depending on your location.

In case you’re wondering…

RedSheep’s direct delivery service is safe in terms of packaging. To maintain the trust you put in your service, we provide the following packaging to deliver each product safely.

To make sure the parcel doesn’t get hurt, we offer various packing solutions such as:

  • Wooden pallet solution
  • Carton box solution
  • Flat packing solution

Local Partners At Your Service

The local partner is a rare service provided by RedSheep for your convenience only. If you prefer an in-person meeting or have special requirements that you wish to discuss with our manufacturers, you don’t need to travel for hours to Eastern China for that.

We got local partners in various parts of the world for better communication and customer service. You can reach out to us and instruct your business location through which our team will guide you to your nearest RedSheep local partner.

Remember, RedSheep works for your benefit and betterment. If you prefer to deal with our team directly, we’re always ready with a team of professionals for online communication.

Variety Of Payment Options For Your Ease

At RedSheep, we offer various payment options for you to chose from according to your ease.

You can make the payment using PayPal, Telegraphic Transfer, Letter of Credit, and Western Union.

If none mentioned above is available to you or suits your business, you can reach out to us and discuss other options. Guiding your location, our team will offer you the most suitable payment option.

Take Away

With 24 month-long product warranty, you can be at ease when investing through RedSheep.

I’ve pretty much covered all the essential requirements to discuss before you place your order for Whalen industrial rack at RedSheep.

In case you have a query to resolve, feel free to reach through the comment section.

Last but not least, place your order of 50 MOQ through our website.


Original Design



L1956*W610*H1829mm (77"W*24"D*72"H)


82kg (182.9 lbs)

Loading-bearing Capacity

2,000 Pounds Per Layer


Color Printed Flat Carton Box

HS Code



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Our factory is located in Changshu City, Jiangsu Province, China, close to Shanghai.
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Generally, all of our products are made from Q235 SPCC steel and HDPP plastic.

The sample is available for different products, please contact our sales to know more details.

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