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Looking for a quality China Pallet racking satisfying results? RedSheep as a reliable pallet rack manufacturer is here to help you. Keep reading to know-how!

Who Is Cooperating With RedSheep?

Why Should You Cooperate With a China Pallet Racking Manufacturer like RedSheep?

RedSheep is proud to present itself as a leading pallet racking manufacturer in eastern China. We’ve been working hard to bring the best quality material to our customers for the past 23 years.

We plan to do the same by introducing advanced mechanisms with efficient customer service. The idea is to give each item a unique worth of attraction.  

Being a leading China pallet racking manufacturer, we do our best to fulfill your warehouse’s needs.

We ensure every item you receive is the way you want it. Thanks to the versatility and experience, we can present China pallet racking solutions to all the problems.

We do our best to make the most out of your valuable investment. The efficient delivery service is all set to provide goods in more than 40 countries.

Our outstanding quality will make you and your shoppers believe in your product. In addition, the thoughtful construction of pallet racking will maximize the storage space in your warehouse.

With its high load-bearing capacity, you’ll be able to maximize your working efficiency up to 50%. Again, the scientific structure proves our commitment to our customers.

The latest technology and brilliant design carry pro-active qualities.

The raw material used in the construction is no less than best. In addition, our durable material and construction offer long-term relief against pallet racking issues.

We strive to provide extra to maintain your trust in our product line. Quality is our pride that keeps us on our toes to work until your demands are fulfilled.

We style each item that reflects the needed confidence in your warehouse.

Understanding the hassle of warehouse racking spacing, we are ready to shoulder your responsibilities.

We leave minimum space between pallet racking to utilize most out of your warehouse space.

RedSheep, along with a warehouse racking system, plans to provide smart manufacturing, innovative designing, and thrilling technology at an affordable rate.

We do not only promise but make sure every item sets a benchmark for quality. All things are bound to run through tests and trials to provide you extraordinary services.

A warehouse racking system
A warehouse racking system

RedSheep Has What You’re Looking For In China Pallet Racking

RedSheep is not just a pallet racking manufacturer but an racking expert who provide various ultimate China pallet racking solutions to all racking needs. Being a leading brand, we know what qualities you’re searching for.

Being your best choice of China pallet racking manufacturer, we assure you’ll receive every service that is ever needed when making a bulk purchase.


At RedSheep, Quality Comes With Affordability

When we say quality, it doesn’t say high price. Instead, we value your assets and make our pricing structure keep you in mind.

From manufacturing to pricing, we plan everything to maximize your benefit. To do so, we have come up with a manufacturing process that will cost you a minimum with a high-quality outcome.

Thanks to our advanced mechanism and developed pallet rack manufacturer system we never compromise on quality in the name of affordability. However, economies of scale apply when constructing display rack systems. The higher your order, the more affordable the system.

Depending on various factors, a light-duty pallet racking will cost you between $50-$100.


Add a Logo That Talks About Your Brand

Your warehouse, store, and pallet racking system must tell your brand’s story in a glance.

RedSheep, as a leading brand and racking expert, provides you with the opportunity to place your logo and brand message according to your wish.

You can select the size and position of your logo, including the number of units you want to get print.

The best part is that we will only charge you for the pressing tool that will do the printing. So in this way, you’ll be not only saving extra but making extra also.


China Pallet Racking Manufacturer Serving As a True Friend

Our manufacturing is focused on helping you make the most out of your investment.

At RedSheep, we provide a pallet rack solution with a 99.987 percent certification rate. It is worth it because you can use it for up to 10-20 years.

Our racking system will first serve you the best services and then a chance to make money out of it. It can be sold as a second-hand pallet system after you plan to get a new system for your warehouse.

We advise you to regularly check the health of the units against damage to minor accidents. You won’t find a loyal friend to your warehouse as much as RedSheep and its units.

The units are prepared to fight against rust, scratches, and corrosion in daily use.


Variety Under One roof

We strongly believe every warehouse is different so do its needs. Therefore, no two warehouses can fulfill their needs with standard units.

Looking at the various storage requirements, RedSheep offers a variety of racking solutions. The variety you get to choose to include:

  • Pallet Racking
  • Drive-In Pallet Racking
  • Drive-through Pallet Racking
  • Pallet Flow Racking
  • Pushback Pallet Racking

Here’s how each works individually.

Selective Pallet Racking

Selective pallet racking is the most commonly used racking system for warehouses. These are most efficient for warehouse management.

These pallet racks are constructed from basic metal shelves and designed to accommodate palletized goods, including better forklift access.

These are shaped into teardrop racks, roll-formed racks, and structural racks for better warehouse racking spacing.

Selective pallet racking
Selective pallet racking

Drive-In Pallet Racking

You can call it a high-density pallet system that will maximize your warehouse’s available ground space and height.

It will allow a better China pallet rack solution by reducing the forklift operating aisles. It is a must-have when you plan to arrange homogeneous products in your warehouse.

Drive-in pallet racking enables a first-in, last-out storage system.

Drive-Through Pallet Racking

These are similar to drive-in racks.

Drive-through pallet racking on one side includes forklift loading and the opposite includes unloading pallets. The system allows the truck to utilize rails to load and unload the goods when driving into the racks.

They enable a first-in, first-out storage system. At RedSheep, you can order any shape, size, and form of drive-through pallet racking.

Pallet Flow Racking

It is a fusion of dynamic and elevated rail components (conveyors, wheels, rollers) within the structure.

Flow racking is a carton or gravity racking system because it will utilize gravity force on sloped lanes.

It is designed to enable first-in, first-out (FIFO) warehouse management.

PushBack Pallet Racking

As the name suggests, pushback pallets can be pushed along rails on the rack instead of a horizontal beam.

This system enables a last-in, first-out racking system.

Safety and Durability

There’s a lot going on in a warehouse. Therefore safety is our priority when we manufacture a pallet racking system.

Each pallet is set to take away the fear of facing accidents when your warehouse is busy making money for you.

At RedSheep, there is a dedicated team to maintain the quality of production. In addition, one of the two head inspectors is always on his toes to ensure the raw material serving as the foundation of the structure is up to mark.

Whereas the other is busy inspecting the manufacturing process and the finished goods.

It is all done to provide you a hassle-free experience at RedSheep. When we work on warehouse racking spacing, we don’t tolerate any miscalculation in the process.

We wear it as a responsibility to provide a strong structure for a durable outcome.

All units constructed at RedSheep are manufactured keeping in the:

  • ISO 2015 Standard
  • AS4084 Standard
  • American RMI Standard
  • FEM Standard

Our racking systems also fulfill the following standards of construction:

  • EN ISO 3438-2 Standard for complying with the welding quality requirements
  • EN 1090-1 Standard that is required for manufacturers who steel structure installed in the European community
  • EN 13501-1 Standard for guaranteeing the absence of lead in our paints
  • OSHAS 18001 Standard for achieving the best safety and health condition

High-End Manufacturing Process

We aim to transform raw material into a durable and safe racking system. Following is the manufacturing process we follow to deliver desired results.

Raw Material

We use Q235B steel because it is easy to weld, rivet, and bolt. It is also convenient to cut and shape into the desired size to deliver your order quickly.

The material is also friendly to give shape, style, height, width, thickness, and length according to your needs.


Here we define the dimensions of upright and beam to make sure the profile measurements are correct.

The process is done through an automated machine that produces various parts for the racking system.

Storage racking upright hydraulic line
Storage racking upright hydraulic line
Pallet racking beam hydraulic line
Pallet racking beam hydraulic line


For high-end welding, we use an automated process. It helps provide a surface finish with uniform welding.

The completed parts are bound to go through the control beam to ensure ISO regulations.  


We focus that frames, beams, and upright meet your specific instructions and environmental needs.

RedSheep allows you to customize the finishing that includes:

Pre-Galvanized Upright: To guarantee satisfying resistance for the exposed parts.

Paint Finish: To make the beam stand out for forklift drivers, you can ask for pre-galvanized and then paint.

Hot-Dip Galvanized Beams: To help beams to withstand extreme weather conditions to avoid rust and corrosion.

Packaging Upright and Beams: It is the last step of manufacturing where the parts packed using an automated machine.

Just The Way You Want It

The opportunity to customize your pallet racking system will help you stand out in various ordinary units.

What else do you need when you have the chance to do things the way you want them. Affordable price does not mean that you compromise on your needs.

Our experienced labor is there to shape up your thoughts when you are confused about them. Our advanced manufacturing allows us to build a meaningful reality.

You can come to us with your SolidWorks, Sketches, or CAD drawings. You can even present pictures to discuss your idea of units with our team.

Ideally, if you’ve not decided what will suit your warehouse, you may contact our customer handling team. They’ll evaluate your requirements with their expertise.

The Mig welding technique and four devoted, experienced engineers work hard to make your ideal design a reality.

We also let you design units according to your storage needs. You can choose to have modules and conveys to make the work more convenient.

Without forklifts, you could transport things into and out of business for storage or shipping.

As a result, the inefficiency of forklifts may be reduced, resulting in improved order fulfillment.

Warehouse pallet rack shelf
Warehouse pallet rack shelf

Services That’ll Rock Your World

With RedSheep, you don’t have to wait for ages to proceed with your work. From construction to packaging, your order will be ready in just 7 days.

We also directly ship pallet racking globally. When making an online purchase you can get a direct delivery for your units within 30 days in Europe.

For safe delivery, RedSheep has developed different packaging solutions keeping in mind the required versatility.

To make sure the parcel doesn’t get hurt, we offer various packing solutions such as:

  • Wooden pallet solution
  • Carton box solution
  • Steel pipe frame solution

For your ease and convenience, we also have local partners in various parts of the world.


Guide us your business location and we’ll connect you with our local partners to have a detailed discussion.

Customized Units for Customized Needs

Irrespective of the type of business and goods, you can customize the following:

  • Custom upright size/thickness/whole shape
  • Custom beam size/thickness/Claw shape
  • Custom shelf panel size/thickness
  • Colours
  • Logo print/labels
  • Accessories like shims, wired decking, wall tie, braces, drum coil bed, and other parts

Through our powder-coating production system, we’ll provide you with as many colours as you want.

Simply communicate your RAL number or a sample of your preferred colour scheme to get it done.




Purchasing our high-quality pallet racking system will take away the stress of managing your goods.

At RedSheep, you’ll get to enjoy a 2-year warranty on all pallet racking systems.

Hopefully, I’ve shared all the information needed to make the final move. Still, if something is left, you may leave your questions in the comment section.

To order a minimum of 100 pieces, reach out to our team now!

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