European All Plastic Supermarket Trolley

All plastic supermarket trolley offers benefits to both supermarkets and customers. Let’s look at everything supermarket, and retail store owners need to know about plastic shopping trolleys.

Product Name

All Plastic Shopping Carts

Model Number


Trolley Liters Option

130L, 175L, 220L


First time High density polypropylene(HDPP)

HS Code



Any colors customized available.


Plastic bubble wrapped


50 pcs


Supermarket, grocery store


2 years warranty

Details About European All Plastic Supermarket Trolley

Plastic shopping cart manufacturers carry various models to meet everyone’s needs. These include metal, semi-plastic, and all plastic shopping trolleys.

They are the best alternative to metal models since they are lightweight and easy to maneuver. The best units are durable and allow users to move freely while shopping in your grocery store or supermarket.

These products are also friendly to your workers because they are simple to manage. They are easy to collect and arrange before the next customer comes into your store.

All plastic supermarket trolley is the perfect choice for your supermarket, like Redsheep plastic shopping trolleys. Let’s look at all plastic shopping trolleys for supermarkets and other outlets.


Plastic Supermarket Trolley
Plastic Supermarket Trolley

Benefits of All Plastic Shopping Trolley

Benefits of All Plastic Supermarket Shopping Trolley to Shops

Supermarket owners get confused when it comes to choosing between metal and plastic grocery carts. Some fail to know the benefits they can get when they go for plastic models, but that should not be you anymore.

Here we have some benefits you can enjoy if you choose Redsheep plastic shopping cart on wheels for your supermarket.

Wide Application. RedSheep plastic shopping trolleys with wheels are ideal for condominiums, groceries, warehouses, stores, and supermarket use. They are made to serve your customers, no matter the products you sell in your outlet.

Radiofrequency identification (RFID) Checkout Friendly. The RFID labels will replace the bar code readers in supermarkets. This means the death of the metallic supermarket trolley, which will be replaced by RFID arc scanners.

It is a technology that will provide every shopper with an instant ticket, and that will reduce congestion. The technology removes the need to place every product on the check-out counter.

The Redsheep plastic shopping trolley on wheels comes ready for the RFID technology and does not interfere with the scanners.

Rust Proof. Plastic is a rust-free material that remains in the same condition, no matter the weather. You can bet Redsheep plastic shopping trolleys are rust-proof, and you can get them for your supermarket in the coastal region or other places with salt air.

Durable Construction. RedSheep plastic shopping carts with wheels are made in China using plastic injection moulding technology. It is a technology that provides you with carts that meet the ISO 9001:2000 quality standard.

They also remain in perfect condition under heavy use.  These carts are made following the European standard UNE EN ISO 1929 1:1998.

The standard provides test guidelines for carts with and without a child seat.

Reduce fixture damage.  RedSheep supermarket trolley comes with smooth curves with no sharp corners that can damage fixtures in your supermarket. Their lightweight nature helps to minimize the impact if a customer pushes them against something.

You can rest with ease because the design minimizes vehicles’ and customers’ impact, leading to fewer lawsuits. And your store is much safer for children when you have carts that reduce accidents.

Long-Term Warranty. You can expect these carts to last long due to their rust-free construction. They also last longer because they follow industry standards when being manufactured.

The Redsheep plastic supermarket cart models even come with a 3-year warranty that can give supermarket owners confidence when buying them.

More Economical. One feature that makes plastic shopping trolleys more favorable than metal ones is their economic nature due to reduced theft. They do not have any scrap material value, which is often the case with metallic products.

The plastic grocery carts are also economical in that you can replace any broken part with a little scrapping. That is thanks to their multi-part design, which is shared with all Redsheep plastic shopping carts.

Commercial shopping carts’ economic nature does not end there as most come assembled. That allows for immediate use when they reach your supermarket.

Minimize Withdrawal Cost. Retail firms are faced with the problem of supermarket trolley withdrawal occurs due to different reasons.  One is the scrap value that thieves get when they steal the metal carts. But that is not the case with the plastic model as seen above.

There are other reasons for commercial shopping carts’ withdrawal.  One is the periodic withdrawal when the customers take the cart home while transporting the shopping.

That is common with people who live near the supermarket and often return the cart the next time they go shopping.

Some take plastic grocery carts to avoid the condominium or take the goodies from the garage to the house. Other carts are stolen by homeless individuals who use them to carry their belongings.

Some people also use them to transport heavy items and other tools to their workstations.

RedSheep comes with a technology that prevents people from using it outside a supermarket. They fail to move correctly when a customer takes them beyond a certain distance from your supermarket or store.

Saves Space. The Redsheep plastic shopping trolley allows you to nest them together when keeping them at the customers’ picking area. That means you save on space and get more floor for placing other goodies needed by your customers.

The nesting system also allows your employees to push the carts with ease. It is even made simple to transport thanks to the lightweight nature of the plastic grocery carts.

The little nesting also makes it easier to transport them in a truck than in metal models. These units come in two main lengths of 6.30 inches or 9.84 inches.

That can save you on transportation and storage costs and ensure the carts get to your store on time.

The rear wheels raise off the floor when you store the carts to prevent flat spots and prevent erratic movement.


All Plastic Shopping Carts Nesting
All Plastic Shopping Carts Nesting


Maintain the Original Shape. The polypropylene material used to create the RedSheep plastic shopping trolley is elastic and maintains its original form for years. You can expect your cart’s chassis and basket to maintain the original shape even when it gets knocked.

It always rests and rolls with all the castors aligned to allow for a smooth push on the floor. That means you avoid the diagonal effect of most supermarket metal shopping carts.

The feature gives your employees an easy time when pushing the carts during storage.

Attractive and Unique Design. The carts come with an attractive design featuring innovative images and rounded shapes. It is a way to make your supermarket stand out from competitors.

Besides, you can customize their color to match your brand’s theme. You can also find these products in five accent colors: black, blue, green, red, and grey.

The supermarkets are encouraged to get customized models.

Smooth and Quiet Operation. Metallic shopping carts produce noise when they have a broken part, such as the wheel. The noise can annoy customers and make them avoid your supermarket.

All plastic shopping trolleys avoid this problem by being quiet when operating, even when a part gets damaged.

Profitable. They are comfortable to use, which can increase the amount of time your customers spend in your supermarket. That can lead to an increase in total sales and profit.

An Advertising Platform.  RedSheep commercial shopping carts are made to hold four marketing display panels, one on each side of the basket. The panels are protected using a unique design to prevent friction that can occur during nesting.

That makes it possible to add side display panels, unlike metal models that often offer only the outer and inner panels. You can use these panels for various marketing campaigns like:

  • Own marketing. You can market things such as financial services, offers, gas, and loyalty cards. Others include telecommunication services, corporate branding, travel, store brands, and more.
  • Internal communication.  The store offers brochure release dates, parking use conditions, and season greetings. Others can include card acceptance conditions, store opening hours and dates, and more.
  • Third-party adverts. The supermarket can manage this platform or sell the rights to an advertising agency.

These types of advertising can generate income for your supermarket.

Redsheep Plastic Shopping Cart in AEON
RedSheep Plastic Shopping Cart in AEON
RedSheep Plastic Shopping Cart for PYCCA
RedSheep Plastic Shopping Cart for PYCCA

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Benefits of All Plastic Shopping Trolleys to Customers

The all-plastic shopping carts are vital units for modern supermarkets. They enhance and modernize the customers’ shopping experience and made it possible for young and older buyers to hit the stores.

These shoppers buy all manner of goodies thanks to their lightweight nature and smooth operation. Other benefits your customers can get when you buy RedSheep plastic shopping trolley are:

Easy to Operate. By now, you understand that Redsheep plastic supermarket trolleys are lighter than metal shopping carts. That makes them easy and comfortable to handle.

One notable thing is these models can be full of your customers’ shopping and weigh less than metallic models. They also give your clients an easy time moving from one corner to the other due to their ever-aligned castors.

You can always have the confidence users will never complain about the carts even after years of use.  RedSheep supermarket trolleys also have a thick handle curved to fit in your customers’ palms.

Silent Operation. Every supermarket that uses Redsheep plastic shopping trolley on wheels reports reduced noise. The owners also report improved employees’ and customers’ environments.

We all want to head to the store, pick up goods in peace, and then head home to relax. That is what you give your customers when you get them the all-plastic supermarket trolleys.

It is especially vital to buy these carts if your store is around residential properties, where the noise can become unbearable.

Tangle Free Operation. Your customers could get annoyed if they had to push the carts around with a thread tangling around the wheels. That does not happen with Redsheep plastic shopping carts due to their quality castors with hubcaps and bearings.

These features prevent threads from tangling around the axles. Your customers get quality shopping carts with even rolls to make their shopping experience much more exciting.


Tangle Free Operation
Tangle Free Operation


Benefits of All Plastic Shopping Trolleys to the Planet

The world is moving toward a greener environment with little to zero pollution in the surroundings. The Redsheep plastic shopping trolley makers know that well and have made safer shopping units.

They develop products that meet the UL certification of environmental sustainability. These shopping carts are also comprised of 100% recyclable material.

The carts are the ideal green shopping carts for supermarkets. They cover these areas: recycling, use, manufacturing, and transportation.

100% Recyclable. RedSheep plastic shopping carts are made of all plastic material that is easy to recycle at any recycling plant. You have a product with ease and a clean recycling process.

Durable Products. Their good performance for years, lack of oxidation, and reduced steel rate mean you get a cart that can last 3x longer than the metallic models.

Clean Manufacturing Process. The production process does not include any chrome plating that can lead to toxic fumes.

Easy to Transport. You can bet on low fuel consumption when transporting these carts since they offer a shorter nesting distance. It is easy to carry many carts at once.


You can also learn more about our plastic shopping cart ultimate guide.


RedSheep All Plastic Shopping Trolley Is Safe

There are many things your customers can look for when deciding whether your shopping carts are safe for use or not. We have outlined some of the significant safety concerns people look for:

  • Child seat. The seat is designed to guarantee the baby’s security thanks to the triple seat back support mechanism. Every  Redsheep model can hold a kid of about 18 kilograms while seated in the child seat.
  • Seat Belt. The models can be fitted with seat belts to prevent the kid from standing while in the cart. Your clients can concentrate on shopping and worry less about their children getting injured.
  • Resistance and Stability. Your customer can look at before using a cart is the model’s resistance and stability. These units are UNE EN ISO 19291 certified for the two standards.
  • Design. The carts come with rounded shapes with no sharp corners and are lightweight enough to minimize the impact of hitting a vehicle or a person. Besides, the sides near the baby seat are uniquely designed to prevent a child from placing their fingers on the edges. That can prevent finger and wrist fractures that can occur if the cart hits a structure.
  • Material. RedSheep plastic shopping carts’ polypropylene materials and colour pigments are approved and safe to handle food and other items. The material does not transmit toxins and is safe for the kid who might sit on the cart.
  • Hygiene. These carts are made of all plastic material which makes them rust-free, which means your clients’ products are not affected. The absence of any metal also means that the cart cannot lead to an injury resulting in infection like the metallic shopping carts.
  • Clean Carts. Your customers are assured of having clean carts because you can clean them regularly. There is zero chance of oxidation when you clean them.
  • Non-Sparking. One common problem of metallic shopping carts is the sparking caused by static electricity found in human beings. That is not the case with the RedSheep shopping trolley plastic because it is made of plastic material.

RedSheep plastic supermarket trolleys have addressed all the above concerns.

What’s The Dimension of All Plastic Shopping Carts?

All Plastic Shopping Cart Data Sheet

LitersDimension(mm)Weight(KG)20"(PCS)40" HQ(PCS)Recommend WheelsLoad-bearing Capacity(KG)
130LL1000 × W575 × H102014.22085705" TPR wheels with bearing130
175LL1105 × W575 × H106015.21925005" TPR wheels with bearing175
220LL1000 × W585 × H106516.31604205" TPR wheels with bearing220


What Are The Plastic Shopping Trolleys Components?

An all-plastic supermarket trolley usually consists of several key components, including a basket, a handle, wheels, and a child seat.

Basket. The basket is the main part of the shopping cart where shoppers place groceries and other items. The size and shape of the basket may vary depending on the manufacturer and model, but it should be designed based on different shopping needs. The capacity of the basket is also an important consideration because a larger basket can hold more items, but may be more difficult to move. Some customs require the use of wider flat baskets so that goods can be easily placed at the bottom. Holes on the basket make it more fashionable and similar.

Handle. The handle of a fully plastic supermarket shopping cart is also an important component as it allows shoppers to easily push and maneuver the cart. The handle’s design should consider ergonomics to prevent strain on shoppers’ wrists and arms. Some handles can be adjusted to accommodate shoppers of different heights. Some handles include components such as coin locks, cup holders, and scanner holders.

Wheels. Wheels are another important component of a fully plastic supermarket shopping cart as they determine the ease and stability of the cart’s movement. The shopping cart may be equipped with different types of wheels, such as plastic or rubber wheels, which can affect ride smoothness and noise levels. The size of the wheels can also affect maneuverability, with larger wheels being able to move more smoothly on rough surfaces.

Child Seat. Finally, many fully plastic supermarket shopping carts come equipped with a child seat, providing a safe and reliable place for young children to sit while shopping. The design of the child seat should consider safety features, such as seat belts and sturdy construction. The location of the child seat on the shopping cart can also affect the balance and stability of the cart and should be carefully considered during the design process.

Basket divider. The basket divider is a standard part of the cart, but some customers don’t need it because they have bigger goods, you can tell our sales to remove it.


Plastic Shopping Trolley Wheel to Make it Complete Plastic

RedSheep offers beautiful plastic supermarket trolley wheels, that match the all-plastic shopping trolley very much and will make your carts look more unique.

It’s a little more expensive, but don’t worry about its quality, we have done the loading capacity test on this plastic wheel, and it has a good performance.

If you have other needs on customizing the plastic supermarket trolley components, please feel free to tell us and see it done.



What’s The All Plastic Shopping Trolley Price?

Generally speaking, the all plastic supermarket trolley values 70-90USD. The price of an all-plastic supermarket trolley can vary depending on factors such as brand, size, features, and accessories like wheels, coin locks, and so on.

Can I Customize The Color of The Trolley?

You bet! RedSheep would be pleased to see our shopping trolley to be customized to suit your needs. You can tell us a RAL or Pantone color or send us a color sample to match.

Whatever the colors you made for the cart body, the bottom, and the handle always remain grey. That’s because we add some fiberglass material for a stronger structure.


Plastic Cart Parts Colors
Plastic Cart Parts Colors

Final Words

All plastic shopping trolleys are made to provide users with the efficient service they desire. They offer benefits to the retail store, customers, and even the environment.

You should consider all plastic shopping units such as the Redsheep plastic grocery cart, and shopping items. The units last 3x longer than metallic shopping carts.



Product Name

All Plastic Shopping Carts

Model Number


Trolley Liters Option

130L, 175L, 220L


First time High density polypropylene(HDPP)

HS Code



Any colors customized available.


Plastic bubble wrapped


50 pcs


Supermarket, grocery store


2 years warranty


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