Wire Shelving

RedSheep wire shelving is crafted from durable materials such as carbon steel or stainless steel, and it boasts either chrome plating or powder coating as its surface treatment. This thoughtful design ensures remarkable resistance against corrosion, granting it a rust-free surface and an impressively long lifespan. Applications: household storage rack, flower rack, sanitary ware storage rack, display rack, Kitchen rack, cold storage rack, laboratory medicine rack, newspaper rack, etc.

Wire Shelving Customized

Wire Shelving Customized

RedSheep is a top name in wire shelving, providing the best quality to hundreds of customers.

You get a variety of sizes and materials to choose from when buying from RedSheep.

We offer:

  • Following strict ISO/ TUV regulations
  • The best price in the industry
  • Top-quality
  • Durability
  • Fast delivery
  • 24-month warranty

Our experts guide you to the right wire shelving option for your needs.

RedSheep Wire Shelving

Are you looking for wire shelves to keep heavy tools in the garage?

Or do you want to increase pantry space without ruining the aesthetics of your kitchen?

Customized wire shelves are the ultimate solution!

Choose from a wide range of shelf heights and widths at RedSheep according to your need.

The wide array of materials and coatings lets you pick the right choice.

Our customized wire shelving solutions improve aesthetics while providing top-notch quality.

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Top Wire Shelvings Reviewed

Below are Wire Shelvings you can find at RedSheep stores at an affordable rate and even have the freedom to customize them

Chrome Wire Shelving

Chrome Wire Shelving

Our NSF-certified chrome wire shelving is perfect for storing food and edible products. These shelves are coated with chrome that offers better dust and corrosion resistance and ease of cleaning.

Black Wire Shelving

Black Wire Shelving

Black wire shelves by RedSheep are a top pick for tools and machinery parts due to their robust nature. They prevent rust and corrosion, ensuring improved longevity.

Green Wire Shelving

Green Wire Shelving

Green wire shelving is a popular choice in designing kitchen pantries and supermarkets. These epoxy-coated shelves are rust-resistant and improve aesthetics.

NSF Wire Shelving

NSF Wire Shelving

Get these high-quality food-grade shelves certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) for your kitchen or pantry. They are also suitable for cold food storage.

NSF Restaurant Shelving

NSF Restaurant Wire Shelving

Made from premium-quality steel, NSF restaurant wire shelving is certified by the NSF. They are perfect for avoiding contamination and improving hygiene in restaurant kitchens and storage.

Corner Wire Shelving

Corner Wire Shelving

This rust and corrosion-free corner wire shelving design is a unique yet high-demand option. It is compact and easy to relocate without needing extra help.

Chrome Triangle Corner Wire Shelving

Chrome Triangle Corner Wire Shelving

Keep your products and items in place with the chrome triangle corner wire shelving conveniently in a corner without occupying much space.

Chrome Basket Wire Shelving

Chrome Basket Wire Shelving

This wire shelving design is more popular among store owners and DIY enthusiasts for storing things with high chances of tripping. The baskets prevent anything from falling off the rack.

Tilt Chrome Basket Wire Shelving

Tilt Chrome Basket Wire Shelving

The tilt chrome basket wire shelving exhibits a modern design with the convenience of use anywhere. Pick things easily due to the tilted design without extending your arm to the back.

Wall Mounted Wire Shelving

Wall Mounted Wire Shelving

One of our best-sellers, the wall-mounted wire shelving allows you to keep your space tidy and organized. Install it in the garage, store, backyard, or anywhere for rust-free storage.

NSF Wall Mounted Wire Shelving

NSF Wall Mounted Wire Shelving

NSF wall-mounted wire shelving is the perfect choice for home kitchens to keep food items using no floor space. NSF certification makes it the best pick for storing edibles.

Wire Shelving with Wheels

Wire Shelving with Wheels

Wire shelving with wheels is essential for all shopping and retail stores to move products from one aisle to another. It offers easy relocation without additional help.

Stainless Steel Microwave Wire Shelf

Stainless Steel Microwave Wire Shelf

Utilize the space on the top of your microwave using the stainless steel microwave wire shelf. These rust and corrosion-free shelves are perfect for kitchens with less countertop area.

Wire Utility Carts Trucks

Wire Utility Carts Trucks

Suitable for smaller items, wire utility carts and trucks are another retail and grocery store essential. They are also an important part of warehouses to move products and materials.

Wire Shelving Parts And Accessories

Wire Shelving Parts And Accessories

We deal in top-quality wire shelving parts and accessories to customize wire shelves per need. Get all you need, including individual wire shelves, display hooks, shelf risers, etc.

Wire Shelving: The Ultimate Storage Solution for Garage

Whether you want to keep your pantry organized and safe from contamination or want to keep your tools safe in one place, racks are inevitable.
They allow you to store your products in an organized manner easily. They are easier to store, find and pick out than other organizers. An adjustable wire shelving has become the top choice to store things in the house regardless of the kind of products. NSF-certified wire racks are excellent for storing food products and an ideal pick for tools and parts in your garage.
Wire shelves, also known as metal wire shelving or wire racks, are excellent for storing dry and wet products and are suitable for use in high temperatures because of their unique properties.

What Is Wire Shelving?

Wire shelving refers to shelves typically made of steel wires and sheets. Steel wires comprise the basic structure of the shelves, while steel sheets provide adequate support to the structure. 
You can also find Wire shelving wall mounts to arrange products and improve longevity. Depending on the type of wire shelves, they can store up to 800 lbs of products per shelf. The capacity and length of these shelves can be increased by using add-on wire shelving accessories. However, if you only want to store dry food and spices in the kitchen, you might not require high-capacity wire shelves.

What is NSF Shelving?

NSF shelving refers to commercial shelves certified by NSF (National Sanitation Foundation). NSF is not a brand or manufacturer but a US organization that provides sanitary certification to shelf and rack manufacturers for storing food. So, wire shelving racks approved by the NSF are considered safe for storing edible items. 
The National Sanitation Foundation has the same guidelines for packaged, unpackaged, or cooked food. Shelves and racks with difficult-to-clean corners do not qualify as appropriate for food storage by NSF. Using wooden shelves also increases the chances of bacterial growth and is not encouraged by NSF.
You can find NSF shelving in plastic and metal. But manufacturing wire shelving according to NSF standards is quite challenging. Thus, it is better to get NSF wire shelving for your store. They are easy-to-clean, simple to assemble, and eliminate the chances of bacterial growth. You must remember that NSF wire shelving certification is not a lifetime, and you must change the wire racks when needed. 
We offer various NSF-approved adjustable wire shelving options to cater to all your needs. These wire racks eradicate the chances of contamination of cooked, unpackaged, or packaged food. Numerous attractive and functional designs have led to the popularity of wire shelves among our customers. They do not negatively impact the aesthetics of your kitchen. 

NSF Chromed Wire Shelving
NSF Chromed Wire Shelving

Advantages of Wire Shelving


Wire shelves come in a variety of sizes and materials to suit everyone’s needs. You can get them in stainless, plated, and coated steel. Some are best for high-temperature utilization, while others are more suitable for humid areas. We offer you all kinds of wire shelving options in various wire shelving sizes. Pick your favorite to suit the layout of your kitchen, pantry, garage, or any other location in the house to store things.


We deal in wire shelves made from different materials with distinct properties to ensure they offer the best value for money. They are made of high-quality alloys and offer high-weight capacity to provide a suitable solution for storing dry and wet products. They have better rust, corrosion, and dust resistance depending on the type of shelving you choose. So, you do not have to buy them frequently after investing in the shelves once.


Wire shelves, especially epoxy-coated wire shelving racks, are perfect for placing anywhere in your kitchen or house without ruining the look. They also look delicate and more eye-pleasing than others, such as wooden shelves.

Types of Wire Shelving 

You can buy wire shelving in different material choices according to your preference and need. Each material has its unique advantages and applications due to specific coatings. Pick the most suitable for your needs.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is the most widely used type of adjustable wire shelving because of its corrosion and rust-resistant nature. Most wire racks contain stainless steel alloys with 18% chromium to improve rust resistance. It makes stainless steel wire shelving the best choice for storing wet objects and use in humid conditions. 
We offer a wide range of stainless steel wire shelving options with robust construction to provide high strength and better weight capacities. Some models also have thicker posts and a heavy steel gauge for better support to store heavy machine parts.

Chrome-Plated Wire Shelving

Chrome-plated wire shelving is the ideal choice for storing food items. These shelves are usually NSF-certified due to ease of cleaning and dust resistance, thus being fit for storing edible products. 
They are corrosion-resistant and have a smooth finish that also looks great. These wire racks comprise galvanized steel plated with chrome or nichrome to improve their durability by increasing resistance to corrosion and abrasives.  

Zinc-Plated Wire Shelving

Zinc-plated wire shelving is made of steel plated with zinc, offering high resistance to corrosion and resistance. Compared to chrome-plated wire shelving, zinc shelving is also resistant to high temperatures. Zinc-plated shelving is preferred for items stored in high-temperature or dry areas. They are less expensive; you can find these in almost all wire shelving sizes.

Carbon Steel

If you are looking for a stainless steel alternative, carbon steel is the right choice for dry areas. Due to a high carbon content compared to chromium, these wire shelves do not provide a high resistance level. Thus, they are not the top pick for use in humid environments.
At the same time, carbon steel has a budget-friendly price than stainless steel and supports the same weight capacity. Making them the right racks for storing in the garage. 

Epoxy Coated

Epoxy Coated Shelving units contain a layer of epoxy that protects the racks from all kinds of wear and tear. The shelves are heated after applying the epoxy coat to seal them properly and ensure the racks last longer than expected.  
You can find bare and plated epoxy-coated shelves with the outer epoxy coat on zinc or chrome-plated shelves. You can use these wire shelving racks anywhere you want as they are resistant to rusting, and the coating protects the shelving. 
They are the top choice of shelves for your home as they improve the aesthetic value of the interior while offering an easy-to-organize space.

Epoxy Coated Wire Shelving Unit
Epoxy Coated Wire Shelving Unit

What are The Standard Wire Shelving Sizes? 

Buying wire racks or wire shelving wall mount requires you to buy them in the perfect size for your space. You must consider the number of items you want to put in it and the area you wish to place the wire rack. These racks are available in different sizes to fit everyone’s needs. 
Standard wire shelving sizes are 48″, 60″, and 72″ wide, but you can find many other options.
According to your needs, wire shelves are available 6″ tall to 96″ tall. The best way to determine the size of the wire shelving for your store is to measure the area and the products. To understand the height and width of the shelves, measure the end of the end and then see how many items you want to place in the rack. You might need a taller rack for the garage, while a shelf in the kitchen does not necessarily need to be high, depending on the products.
Similarly, the size of your products is crucial to determining the height of your shelf openings. Measure the height of the tallest product you wish to store in that space and ask for a size accordingly. Additionally, the width and depth of the products also contribute to making the right decision. 
Other Shelving General Specifications:

  • The metal truss and Upper frame are: 0.197 inches thick
  • Wire rungs gap: 0.788 inches
  • Wire rungs thickness: 0.134 inches
  • Angled truss support: 0.177 inches thick
  • Lower edge: 0.236 inches thick
  • Round Post Specifications:
  • Locator Rings Gap: 1 inch
  • Threaded area thickness: 0.5 inches
  • Per-thread count in the leveling foot: 12 

You might observe the wire rack being slightly taller than the mentioned height. It is because of the leveling feet that improve the stability of the wire shelving. They ensure that the rack stays in its place until intended to move. 

How Deep Does Wire Shelving Come?

Adjustable wire shelving usually comes 18″ and 24″ deep to place in departmental and retail stores. But you can get wire shelves for your store in various other sizes from 8 inches deep by 8 inches wide to 36 inches deep by 72 inches wide. Choose the perfect product size to avoid an unorganized rack or wire shelving wall mount.

How to Assemble Wire Shelving?

If you have been avoiding buying a wire shelf because of the hassle of arranging it, you will be amazed to know how simple it is to assemble wire shelving. These shelves do not require buying any extra materials and are incredibly easy to assemble. 

  • Take everything out of the box first and place it in front of you not to hurry when you need something during assembling.
  • Make sure you have everything, including posts, shelves, shelf clips, and leveling feet.
  • Depending on the size and number of shelves you have ordered, there could be one or more posts in the package. Screw the posts together to create a tall structure.
  • The shelves contain markings on every inch to connect the shelves to the posts at the same point on both ends.
  • When you join the posts together, attach the leveling feet to the bottom of the posts.
  • Attach the clips (top facing up) on each post, ensuring they are properly joined together.
  • Lift your first shelf and insert the pole through the hole until it is well secured. Repeat the same with all four posts.
  • Once you have attached one shelf, add the other one. The shelving clips keep the shelves in place, allowing them to hold items weighing 800 lbs. or more according to your wire racks.

What are The Most Important Wire Shelving Accessories?

Key Components

  • Shelves: The actual levels of the shelving unit where you put stuff. They can be different sizes and finishes depending on what you need.
  • Uprights: The vertical posts or supports that hold the shelves and determine the height of the shelving unit.
  • Post Clamps: These are used to securely connect two uprights together to make the shelving unit more stable and to support continuous shelving.

Other Important Accessories

  • Hooks: Used to hang stuff to maximize the space under the shelves.
  • Casters: Wheels you can put on the uprights to make the shelving unit mobile so you can move it around and use it for different things.
  • Dividers: Used to separate shelves for organized storage so you can keep things separated and neat.
  • Shelf Liners: A solid surface for small items or items that might fall through the wire shelves.
  • Baskets and Bins: Used to help you stay organized, especially with small items you want to keep together.
  • Label Holders: Used to help identify what’s in the shelving unit quickly, which is important in places where you need to be efficient, like a warehouse or retail store.
  • Back Supports: Keep stuff from falling off the back of the shelves, which is important in high-traffic areas or where you’re moving stuff on and off the shelves a lot.

Knowing the difference between the basic components and the accessories can help you set up your shelves to meet your specific needs, whether it’s for commercial, industrial, or personal use.

 Why Choose RedSheep?

Multiple Size Choices

We offer an extensive range of wire shelving sizes to fit all areas in your kitchen, pantry, or garage. Choose the height, width, and shelf opening according to your preference, and we will do it for you. 


All the wire shelving options at RedSheep are top-quality, ensuring you get the best of your money’s worth. All different types of wire racks are prepared using standard procedures to provide high-quality products to customers.

Easy Installation

Adjustable wire shelving is easy to install and convenient to use. You get everything you need to assemble the shelving with a detailed installation guide to help you put the structure together. 

Dynamic Support

RedSheep offers consistent support to its customers regarding all queries and problems. Feel free to reach out to us anytime if you want to know the best options before purchasing or have concerns after the purchase.


What is Good Shelving Material?

Stainless steel is considered one of the best materials for shelving and is even better if coated with epoxy for further protection. Alternatively, carbon steel is another preferred choice to store heavy items.

Why Use Wire Shelving?

Wire shelving racks have become a top choice due to their ease of installation and aesthetic value. You may add wheels to it for ease of transportation or use leveling feet to keep it sturdy in one place. Wire shelves reduce the chances of contamination through rusting and dust accumulation. 

How Deep is Wire Shelving?

You can find various wire shelving sizes and depth options when looking for racks for your store. Standard wire shelves are 18″ and 24″ deep to prevent items from tripping off the racks. However, you can find sizes from 8 inches deep by 8 inches wide to 36 inches deep by 72 inches wide.o


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