Boltless Shelving

RedSheep is a renowned brand in the shopfitting industry. We have been producing quality boltless shelving to provide storage solutions to our customers for the past 23 years. We got everything for our customer’s peace of mind, from quality performance to customization, robust packaging, on-time delivery, and customer support. We got professionals to provide long-term solutions to shelving problems. Our priority is to maximize customer satisfaction through quality manufacturing.

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Boltless Shelving Customized

Every store and warehouse has its unique needs. To fulfil your requirements, we offer high customization options on our product line. We got advanced technology to deal with the unique requirements of our customers. Our team is always ready to deliver unique products to help you stand out.

Our customization facilities include:

  • ODM/OEM service to design from scratch. You can provide us with CAD drawings to make your dream come true.
  • Logo printing through pressing tools for dedicated designs
  • Colour customization with a smooth finish to match your store’s theme
  • Customization at an affordable rate
  • Short delivery time
  • Local partners for in-person meetings
  • Highly responsive team to assist your needs

RedSheep Boltless Shelving

Boltless shelving is an ideal design to accommodate heavy-duty storage needs.

We put our focus on constructing shelving systems that will last longer.

From raw material to the finished product every model is rigorously tested to maintain high safety standards.

Our boltless shelving can increase storage efficiency by up to 90%.

Therefore you can enjoy increased profits by shifting your focus from storage needs to marketing techniques.

Wait no more and contact RedSheep for high-quality boltless shelving.

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Top 9 Boltless Shelving Reviewed

Below are nine boltless shelvings you can find at RedSheep stores at an affordable rate and even have the freedom to customise them

4 layers metal decking boltless shelving

4 layers metal decking boltless shelving

4 Layers metal decking boltless shelving is the best solution to save space while creating storage. The robust construction can bear heavy and bulky items. You can use the system independently or with an add-on to create space. Ideally, the system is easy to install and maintain.

4 layers metal decking boltless add on shelving

4 layers metal decking boltless add on shelving

a 4 layer boltless add-on is ideal for creating more space when needed. The system generally has 4 layers; however, you can increase the number of shelving to match your needs. Each shelf can bear a heavy load and provide safe storage to stock.

5 layers metal decking boltless shelving

5 layers metal decking boltless shelving

Make the most out of your investment with 5 layers of metal decking boltless shelving. The system allows you to utilize maximum floor space. Each shelf is rigorously tested to provide the safest shelving units. You can customize the dimensions to fulfill your needs.

5 layers metal decking boltless add on shelving

5 layers metal decking boltless add on shelving

As mentioned before, boltless shelving is the ideal industrial and warehouse shelving system. It offers maximum support to users. Understanding the financial hurdles of our customers, we offer high-quality boltless add-on shelving. Purchase the primary unit and keep on upgrading the system with boltless add-ons once you start growing.

5 layers melamine decking hidden holes boltless shelving

5 layers melamine decking hidden holes boltless shelving

Melamine decking boltless shelving is a visually appealing shelving system. It offers huge storage space while providing safety. The shelves are constructed from high-end raw materials to provide international quality. The smooth finish look is the highlight of this system. You can customize the number of shelves to maximize your benefit.

5 layers melamine decking hidden holes boltless add on shelving

5 layers melamine decking hidden holes boltless add on shelving

5 layer melamine add-on is a system upgrade of 5 layers melamine boltless system. The add-on can be integrated at the right or left corner of the primary unit. It is ideal for increasing the storage capacity once your business starts growing.

5 layers mdf decking corner boltless shelving

5 layers mdf decking corner boltless shelving

5 layers mdf boltless shelving is one of the most in-demand shelving systems of RedSheep. The system helps you make the most out of your investment. You can customize the color of the shelving system to create a theme. The system can be installed without additional accessories. Basic knowledge is enough to fit the unit.

2 or 3 layers mdf decking corner boltless shelving

2 or 3 layers mdf decking corner boltless shelving

2 or 3 layers of MDF boltless shelving work like a mini storage space in your warehouse. The unique shape of the unit helps you utilize the available corners in the most productive ways. You can customize the dimensions and layers to fit your needs. Constructed from a strong material, the unit can serve you for a minimum of 5-10 years.

2 or 3 layers mdf decking boltless shelving

2 or 3 layers mdf decking boltless shelving

The difference in this unit is the shape. This 2 or 3 layers MDF boltless shelf is similar to 4 and 5 layers decking boltless shelving. The system is strong enough to bear a heavy load. Due to the simple design and construction, the unit is highly manageable.

Boltless Shelving Parts Reviewed

Extra layer beam & metal decking

Extra layer beam & metal decking

Extra layer beam and metal decking work as boltless accessories. It is used when the user needs extra support and space to accommodate the stock. You can order an extra layer beam and decking with your order or separately.

Extra layer beam & mdf decking

Extra layer beam & mdf decking

Extra layer beam and MDF decking are for MDF boltless shelving. The beam is constructed from the same quality material as boltless shelving. It is there to maximize storage at affordable rates.

Plastic feet cap

Boltless Shelving Plastic feet cap

Generally, all our river systems come with plastic feet caps to avoid hurting the Floor surface. However, if you feel the need for extra caps, you can contact our team. Each feet cap is manufactured from high-quality HDPP plastic to benefit you without hurting the environment.

Boltless Shelving A Smart Move For Better Profits-Ultimate FAQ

Here are the answers to all the frequently asked questions about boltless shelving. Keep reading the article to understand your storage needs and work accordingly.

Let’s get started!

What Is Boltless Shelving?

Boltless shelving is one of the most versatile forms of industrial shelving. It offers unique storage, especially for heavy-duty products. It has open holes on its face with a shelf with connectors and rivets. It provides safe storage for heavy-duty items.

Boltless shelving offers flexibility within each shelf. You are free to readjust its height, size, and storage capacity per your requirements.

The structure itself is capable of fulfilling all the storage needs without the need for additional accessories, including nuts, fasteners, clips, and bolts. The only tool used to make the structure robust is a rubber mallet. Otherwise, the installation is straightforward. Double boltless shelving is a similar structure with additional load capacity.

RedSheep Single Boltless Shelving
RedSheep Single Boltless Shelving

How Many Types of Boltless Shelving Are RedSheep Offered?

Boltless shelving, also known as heavy-duty garage shelving, is a unique design with versatile features. We offer two types of boltless shelving at RedSheep that are:

Single Rivet

It contains a single rivet attaching the shelf to the upright posts through teardrop holes. The design offers high accessibility with less storage capacity compared to a double rivet system.

As a rough estimate, each shelf of a single rivet can bear up to 250-300 lbs depending on various factors. The system is ideal for commercial use, such as classrooms and offices.

A single rivet typically features 4 to 5 shelves.

Double Rivet

As mentioned earlier, the can fulfill, double rivet system offers high storage capacity. Each shelf can bear up to 1500 lbs. The system is ideal for industrial use.

Double boltless shelving typically features 2 to 3 shelves allowing more space for large products.

Double Rivet Shelving
Double Rivet Shelving

Why RedSheep Is The Best Choice for Boltless Shelving?

Boltless Shelving is a trustable name in the shopfitting industry. The services provided here are hard to find elsewhere. Such as

  • Durable construction that’ll last for years
  • Construction according to ISO regulations
  • One-month delivery time
  • Services in more than 40 countries
  • Unique designs at as low as $20-$30
  • High-end raw materials such as Q235
  • 24-month long product warranty
  • Local partners to reduce delivery costs. They’ll also assist you with your shelving needs.
  • Customization as per your needs
  • Various payment options to ease your purchase

What Are The Pros of Heavy-duty Boltless Shelving?

Easy Installation

Generally, warehouse shelving needs expert installation due to its heavy structure. The ideal part of boltless shelving is that it offers easy installation. The system can be installed without professional tools such as nuts, welding, bolts, braces, etc.

Additionally, you can install the system with basic installation knowledge to reduce installation expenses.

Thanks to the system’s easy installation, you can conveniently dismantle and reinstall the system anywhere anytime.

Versatile Design

Boltless shelving is a versatile system as you can use the unit independently or add on when extra storage is needed. The design offers maximum safety to the inventory.

Thanks to RedSheep’s robust construction, you can consider it a one-time investment. The system can serve you for at least 5-10 years. However, regular health checkups and maintenance are mandatory.

Convenient Access to Stock

Boltless shelves offer high accessibility. Due to the design, loading, and unloading is a piece of cake with boltless shelves. The open-design shelf also provides improved ventilation for air circulation and fire suppression systems and excellent visibility for identifying and tracking goods.

Heavy Duty Boltless Shelving
Heavy Duty Boltless Shelving

What Are The Factors to Consider When Ordering Boltless Shelving?

Boltless lock shelving is a user-friendly storage solution there are some things to consider when making the final decision.

  • Consider the size of the products that need to be stored on the system to make the right estimation of storage need. It is also important to understand the right size of shelving needed.
  • Consider your needs to customize the shelving system with the most beneficial

Consider the available space to decide between a tall or wide system.


Boltless shelving is the best warehouse shelving solution so far. Moreover, manufacturers like RedSheep can help you make the most out of your investment through quality production.

I hope I’ve answered all the possible questions you had before the article.

However, if you got any queries or want to place your order reach out to us through our official website.



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