Multi-functional Metal Office Shelving

Efficient office shelving is the first step towards a better organization. Manufacturers like RedSheep offer innovative and advanced office shelving units to benefit you, your business, and the environment. The production of the office shelving units is done to serve you for the longest. We got 23 years of experience as shopfitting manufacturers. This gives us an edge over ordinary shelving manufacturers. Make the most out of your valuable investment through RedSheep’s versatile shelving designs.

Metal Office Shelving in The Office

Metal Office Shelving Customized

RedSheep gives a head start to customers looking to build dream designs through customization. We got the required skill and technology to produce satisfying results. Be it material, color, or design; we know how to provide tailored services. Enjoy high-quality customization at the most affordable rates that are hard to find elsewhere.  

Following are the benefits we cover under customized library shelving:

  • ODM/OEM service to design from scratch
  • Logo printing for copyright
  • Color and material customization at affordable rates
  • Short delivery time for heavy customization
  • Local partners for in-person meetings
  • Highly responsive team to assist your needs

RedSheep Metal Office Shelving

RedSheep metal office shelving is the advanced form of standard shelving units.

It increases productivity up to 85%, helping you make the most out of your investment.

The quality of material used in the construction requires minimum pampering.

The unit itself is adjustable to mold according to your needs.

We offer a wide range of accessories to support the system in the best possible ways.

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Different Applications With Accessories Reviewed

Below are some shelving types&accessories you can find at RedSheep stores at an affordable rate and even have the freedom to customise them

Metal office shelving basic frame

Metal office shelving basic frame

Metal office shelving is the most versatile shelving unit available at RedSheep. It helps organize the files and important documents while securing minimum space. The unit is constructed from durable material. The material, design, size, and color can be customized to fit your need.

Metal office shelving main and add on

Metal office shelving main and add on

The evergreen office shelving unit has the capacity to expand its use when your business grows. Use the structure independently or attach it with more units to increase the storage area. With casters and a base, you can turn the standard unit into a mobile unit.

Metal office shelving with accessories

Metal office shelving with accessories

RedSheep offers pre-fix accessories with heavy-duty metal shelving units. The units offer all the necessary accessories required to boost your productivity. The unit, including all the accessories, is constructed from durable material to serve you for the longest.

Metal office shelving with metal dividers

Metal office shelving with metal dividers

A heavy-duty office metal shelving unit with metal dividers is an excellent choice for emerging businesses. The dividers increase the capacity or store documents more systematically. It will save you and your employees time and energy when looking for an important document.

Metal office shelving system with plastic shelf bins

Metal office shelving system with plastic shelf bins

Easy to install, remove and relocate plastic bins improves productivity up to 85%. The size, color, and material of the bins can be customized to suit your working environment. You can purchase different colored bins to dedicate each color to a specific genre of the file. This will help locate the files in the least time.

Metal office shelving with different size binning dividers

Metal office shelving with different size binning dividers

Increase the capacity with different size binning dividers. The dividers will help you assemble the documents in a systematic order. The main structure, including dividers, is constructedadd from Q235 metal that is rust and corrosion-free. You can customize the size of binning dividers as per your needs.

Metal office shelving with suspended filing racks

Metal office shelving with suspended filing racks

Metal office shelving with suspended filing racks is ideal for vertical storage. The files become easy to locate and access. You can customize the color of the filing rack to different types of files and documents. With filing racks, your employees will no longer find it hard to access previous records.

Adjustable shelf panel

Adjustable shelf panel

This is an ideal solution for growing businesses. The design allows you to adjust the system whenever needed without investing extra. The simple design of panels allows you to move them without professional tools. You can customize the design and size of shelf panels according to your needs and the shelving system.

Pull out reference shelf

Pull out reference shelf

When you want to enjoy maximum benefits from a shelving system, a pull-out reference shelf is a must. It eliminates the need for having an extra table or panel to put your items or take down important notes. Thanks to its design, the structure is easy to maintain and lasts for the longest.

Shelving suspension filing drawer

Shelving suspension filing drawer

This is more like an accessory in a shelving system. The drawer is separately attached to the system to fit drop-in files. It is carefully constructed, keeping in mind the needs of an office environment. All the drawers are manufactured to meet international standards of safety and quality.

Wire separator

Wire separator

A wire separator is the best option when you need a little extra. It allows you to create more space in a shelving system without a heavy investment. These separators can be installed, uninstalled, and relocated without professional tools. The separators will keep the files neat and sorted.

Suspended filing rack

Suspended filing rack

It makes up a convenient filing system in a filing rack. It increases the efficiency of a filing system by keeping it organized. We got the finest quality suspended filing rack system available in the market. The best material and construction process has been applied to the system to deliver you the best quality.

Metal Office Shelving The Ultimate Organizer - FAQ Guide

Office owners are always on a hunt to find solutions that will boost the productivity of their employees.

RedSheep being an ultimate shopfitting/office fitting manufacturer, got you covered. We have a range of shelving units that will be your ultimate profit parent.

The metal office shelving unit is one of the most efficient systems that help organize office documents/files and make them accessible.

You and your employees don’t need to waste energy and time on irrelevant stuff like digging the correct document from a pit of files.

Here are the most frequently asked question about metal office shelving units to give you confidence over your purchase.

Let’s get started!

What Are The Features of Metal Office Shelving?

A metal office shelving unit is a versatile unit that expands in any direction. It is ideal for storing light to medium items, especially when it’s a growing business. It is a one-time investment solution that increases its capacity with the increasing workload.

A metal shelving unit can be utilized independently or integrated with other units via a standard frame panel. You can add units on its side, rare and even upwards as per the available area.

It can be converted into a mobile shelving unit through runners and bases. There are various sizes available with valuable accessories to turn it into the ultimate storage solution.

The bin front/back provides extra safety to items on the front and rear face of the shelf.

Not only that, but the shelves of the unit are adjustable up to 25mm increments. With shelf stiffeners, you can increase the load-bearing capacity of each from 900 X 400 mm that carries 130kg to 240 kg with an extra stiffener.

Finishing panels adds on frame finishing panels, rear covers, and top extrusions are available with the unit to provide the extra finish.

What Are The Dimensions And Specificationsof The Heavy-Duty Metal Shelving Unit? 

Dimensions of Metal Office Shelving

Shelf Carrying CapacityUp to 240kg
Shelving Bay Carrying CapacityUp to 1035kg
Reinforced frames up to 1700kg - made to order
Shelving Bay Clear Lengths750/900/1050/1200mm
Shelving Bay Clear Depths300/400/450/500/600mm
Other Depths 250-800mm - Made to order
Shelving Bay Heights975/1875/2175/2400mm
Shelf Height30mm
Shelf Pitch25mm
ColorStone White
Others - Made to order

Standard Layers of Metal Office Shelving(Customizable)

Shelving HeightLayers of Lateral FilesLayers of A4 Binders

What is The Material Used in The Construction of Metal Office Shelving?

RedSheep builds every product to serve you for the longest. We put extra focus on the raw material to provide a solid foundation for the overall structure.

We only use high-quality Q235 metal in the construction of our metal office units.

The material is flexible, affordable, and friendly to shape according to your requirements. However, you may consider other materials as well that fit your needs.

What Are The Accessories Available With a Metal Shelving Unit?

RedSheep offers a wide range of accessories with metal office shelving to benefit your versatile needs.

The accessories include:

Back Bracing: It is used when bays with open backs are required

Mesh Back: Mesh back cladding is an accessory used to close the rear bays while allowing ventilation and increased visibility.

Binning Dividers: Are used to create pigeon holes.

Files and Labels: As the name suggests, we got the complete range of files and labels to help better organize.

Suspension Filing Drawer: The suspension filing drawers are designed for confidential drop-in suspension files.

Pull-Out Reference Shelf: It provides an instant work shelf to write or sign the files.  

Suspended Filing Rack: Easy to install and relocate suspended filling rack slips to hold longer lateral files.

Shelf Divider: It is used to create sub-sections within the sections in a shelving unit.

Shelf Bins: It creates storage for smaller files or documents.

Coat Rail: Coat rail is used when one needs to hang clothes or devices while accessing the files.

Lockable Swing Doors: They are used when one needs to secure the system for personal purposes.

Metal Offcie Shelving in Office
Metal Offcie Shelving in Office

What Is The Estimated Cost of a Metal Shelving Unit?

Many factors are affecting the cost of metal office shelving. It mainly includes size, material, design, and dimensions.

However, you can expect a moderately customized heavy-duty metal office shelving unit to cost between $40-$180.


Increase your employees working capacity with an efficient, affordable, durable, and evergreen metal office shelving unit.

The unit is expected to serve you for at least 5-10 years with the slightest demands. Additionally, RedSheep offers a 24-month product warranty on all products to provide ultimate customer support.

Finally, place your order through “Request a Quote” or comment down if you have any queries.

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