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A metal shopping cart is a trolley that makes moving items inside a grocery store and supermarket more comfortable and manageable.

There are different kinds of metal shopping trolleys, such as traditional laundry carts, little kid metal shopping cart, modern shopping gears, and more.  

These shopping units also vary when it comes to wheels, accessories, weight carrying capacity, colour, design, and other features.

We are committed to enabling you to choose the metal trolley that will meet your supermarket’s needs by letting you customise the colour and design.

At Redsheep, we make it easier for you to:

  • Place a minimum order of about 50pcs
  • Choose your design and colour
  • Have your brand name and logo added to your trolleys

Contact our team for any clarification and additional details

Redsheep Metal Shopping Cart

We have reviewed the best metal shopping carts you can find on the market today to enable you to know your options.

These trolleys come in different designs, colours, capacity, and strength, meaning they serve all purposes.

There is more to learn about metal shopping trolley, as you can find from this review and FAQs of metallic trolleys.

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Top 12 Metal Shopping Cart Reviews

Below is a review of the different types of metal shopping trolleys we offer for our clients:

European Metal Shopping Cart

European Metal Cart is a type of carriage used by shoppers to temporarily hold selected items in supermarkets and other large shopping malls. These trolleys vary in capacities, sizes, styles, volume, and other features and can carry kids and different kinds of goods. The model is made of metal and has shopping cart metal loops, baskets, bottom, handles, casters, and plastic parts. It follows a simple process during its production and is one of the best-sellers in the industry today. You can customise the colour of the European Metal Shopping Trolley to meets your needs.

Asian Metal Shopping Cart

Asian Metal Cart or Japanese Shopping Trolley is a shopping unit from Japan recommended for small volume but high-frequency shopping. That makes it the ideal trolley for grocery stores, stationery stores, chain stores, convenience stores, and other high-traffic outlets. The shopping unit is lightweight enough to guarantee customers’ comfort and is among the most affordable models you can find today. It is a cart that is loved in Asia and other parts of the world due to its ability to support the speedy purchase.

American Metal Shopping Cart

American metal grocery cart comes from the United States of America and is ideal for high volume, low-frequency shopping in places like hypermarkets and supermarkets. The trolley is also ideal for big hardware stores and Cash & Carry, and some of these units feature two fixed wheels and two swivels for easy control. It is a grocery cart designed to increase sales and make your grocery store more profitable. Another aspect is the width, which is well-measured to allow for simple navigation inside the supermarket and allow for adequate nesting.

American Heavy Duty Metal Shopping Cart Walmart

It is another grocery cart that traces its origin from America, is widly used in Walmart, but this model has a heavy-duty structure to withstand heavy loads. The trolley comes with a large, thick steel pipe structure that can withstand the heaviest of use and is well-designed to allow simple navigation. The unit’s unique feature is the extra vertical pipe that supports more weight and lets your customers buy more products. The cart also has two metals at the top to increase its stability. You should consider getting this grocery cart for people who come shopping rarely due to other commitments like work.

Australian Metal Shopping Cart

Australian Metal Shopping Cart

Australian Metal Cart comes from Australia and is the perfect unit for high volume, low-frequency shopping needs in hypermarkets and supermarkets. The trolley is also popular in big hardware stores and Cash & Carry and is widely used in New Zealand, Australia, and other Oceanian countries. It comes in large size, making it the right unit for big quantity purchases to improve your busy customers’ experience. And that does not mean it is not a lightweight shopping cart people can push around your store with ease. The cart is built to last and boost your sales to increase your profit.

Russian Metal Shopping Cart

Russian Metal Shopping Cart

Russian Metal Cart originated from Russia and is a product with an elegant base frame to stand out from other trolleys. It offers a space-saving nesting design to leave your store with enough space to place more profitable commodities. The model is distortion-free and is superbly fashioned with a narrow mesh to ensure that the smallest of products remains in the basket. Russian Shopping Trolley is also a lightweight model loved by shoppers worldwide, and you can customise the colour to meet your needs.

German Metal Shopping Cart

German Metal Shopping Cart

German Metal Cart originated from Germany and is a durable grocery shopping trolley for all manner of outlets. The unit is among the best-selling trolleys on the market today due to its ability to hold more products at high-frequency stores and remain stable. You can find this unit in different sizes to meet your store’s needs, and it comes with durable wheels made of TPE or rubber. A great thing is a feature of adding your logo on the push handle or the optional AD panel of the shopping trolley. There are also anti-bumper plastics on the corners of the metallic trolley.

Canada 2 Tier Metal Shopping Cart

Canada 2 Tier Metal Shopping Cart

Canadian 2 Tier Metal Cart is a double-decker shopping unit that allows the customers to pick more products every time they visit your store. It allows for different wheels and is recommended for convenience stores, where shoppers pick many items. That is all because of the double-decker construction that allows for dry and frozen goods separation. Its corners come with anti-bumper plastics to prevent accidents from occurring when it hits a wall. The grocery cart’s two front wheels swivel for smooth operation and navigation even when the supermarket is full of shoppers.

Fan Shaped Metal Shopping Cart

Fan Shaped Metal Shopping Cart

Fan Shaped Metal Cart comes with a unique and modern design to make your store stand out and make it more attractive to customers. The model is made of quality steel material that remains corrosion-free and rust-free for decades, and it also resists acid, alkaline, and wear. Its design is user-friendly because it allows for easy placement and retrieval while in the supermarket. One thing to note about the Fan-Shaped Cart is that it comes in a mini size, making it ideal for small goods and people who regularly visit the store.

powder Coated Childs Metal Shopping Cart

It is a shopping cart made for children as it comes in small size to use it with ease inside the shopping stores. The model is recommended for supermarkets and other grocery stores, and it gives you the option of customising the colour. It comes with an armrest to allow the child to rest inside the basket without getting uncomfortable. Another notable feature is the non-slip handle that enables the parent to grasp the cart without letting go even at high speed. The model uses universal wheels to ensure you get replacement ones with ease when they get damaged.

SPAR Double Basket Metal Shopping Cart

SPAR Double Basket Shopping Cart is a holder that allows the customers to place two baskets and shop for more commodities. It is made of quality steel material to provide durability and strength to withstand heavy and constant use. One great thing about the unit is moving in tight spaces without a hassle – clients can easily navigate it. The unit also allows you to customise the colour to meet your needs and even add your logo.

IKEA Metal Shopping Trolley

The IKEA shopping trolley is another popular model in the world, with a beautiful look that allows you to load 300-500KG of goods at a time, which is high efficiency. All our customisation services are on OEM terms to enable your request for any specification you want in your metal cart. We are highly reputable when it comes to customisation, thanks to our over 20 years of experience.

Metal Shopping Cart: The Complete FAQ Guide

Our metal shopping cart experts took time to answer some of the frequently asked questions from various supermarkets and grocery stores.

For more information about products, the company, or shipping, you can also check out our other FAQs!

What is the Idea Behind the Design of Metal Shopping Cart With Wheels?

The shopping cart was Sylvan Goldman’s idea, an American supermarket owner who thought of making customers buy more goods at his Humpty Dumpty Stores. 

The metal frame was designed to resemble a folding chair that can hold two shopping baskets to double the number of products it could contain, it’s more like a 2 basket shopping cart today.

In 1946, seven years after Sylvan had invented the trolley, Orla Watson developed a design hinged back panel to enable the carts to nest together for more comfortable transportation and storage. 

That was the beginning of the Telescope Trolley and has remained in with this design until today. 

The only significant addition to the metallic shopping cart after the Telescoping model is the fold-down seat for kids added in 1954. Know more about the history.

Idea Behind The Design Of Shopping Cart

How Much Does a Metal Shopping Cart Cost?

The standard cart can cost anything from EUR 30 to EUR 60, while a higher quality or a unique model can cost between EUR 120 to EUR 180.

There are some more advanced versions with unique features and special material like child seats or Tente wheels that can cost you over EUR 200.

One thing to recall when it comes to a trolley’s worth is you also invest in security systems to prevent theft and withdrawal of your carts.

What Metal Are Shopping Carts Made of?

Many customer asked, what kind of metal are shopping carts made of?

Metal shopping carts are made of Q235 steel material to make them more durable, affordable, and provide value for money to supermarkets.

These units are also treated with coloured powder coating or zinc plating plus transparent powder coating to prevent rust and corrosion.

Steel is known to be friendly to the environment due to the simple manufacturing process, lightweight nature, and recyclable features.

Are Shopping Carts Carriers of Bacteria?

Some people use the supermarket’s disinfecting wipes while others pick the trolley and go on with their shopping.

But should you use them?

Do these carts carry bacteria?

Different studies have shown that shopping carts carry many bacteria on the handle and other surfaces frequently touched by users.

These bacteria can range from Salmonella to E. Coli and Campylobacter and cause illness like nausea, diarrhoea, fever, abdominal pain, and headache.

Studies have shown that the number of bacteria on shopping trolleys is higher than that found in public washrooms.

It is also a concern when someone with the flu or cold touches the shopping basket or cart because these germs can survive on the trolley for 2-8 hours.

At Redsheep, we recommend supermarkets to encourage their shoppers to sanitise their hands and handles before using the carts and their hands after using them.

We also recommend the supermarkets to clean these shopping gears regularly.

How to Sanitize Metal Shopping Carts?

Both the supermarkets and customers can sanitise the metal shopping carts to reduce the risk of getting infected by different bacteria.

The supermarkets should consider providing sanitary wipes to customers at the shopping trolleys’ holding area to allow for a quick wipe.

It is a simple process that involves wiping the handle and other areas such as the baby seat.

For the supermarkets, you can sanitise your shopping carts in two main ways:

  • Car Wash Disinfection. The process involves passing the trolleys through a ”car wash” of sanitising mist.
  • Ultraviolet Light Zap. It is a developing technology that can kill bacteria using ultraviolet light.

How Often are Metal Shopping Cart Cleaned?

Washing the supermarket shopping equipment can be cumbersome, but it should be done regularly and effectively, For example, once a week or two weeks.

It is a process that eliminates grime, bacteria, unhygienic deposits, dirty fingerprints, and other build-ups from environmental pollutants and sweaty hands.

You can clean your grocery trolleys using a steam pressure washing system, a powerful cleaning mechanism that removes germs and dirt from surfaces.

We recommend using portable steam pressure washers to provide heated steam at a high temperature and pressure quickly.

You are guaranteed to get sanitised, hygienic, and clean shopping carts with no grime, dirt, and bacteria.

Note that you can also use a cold pressure washer but remember to add eco-friendly cleaning chemicals or soap to the water to remove bacteria.

Do Shopping Carts Really Lock?

Yes. Shopping carts lock when you use the right technologies such as lockable wheels and coin-locking system. 

Redsheep security experts recommend all supermarket owners to request wheel-locking technology when placing their order for the metal shopping trolleys. 

It is a technology that involves replacing one of the trolley’s wheel with a locking wheel to prevent the shoppers from taking the cart beyond a certain point at the parking lot. 

The wheel locks whenever someone tries to take the cart beyond that point, and it unlocks when they take it behind the line.

Here are things to note about the wheel-lock system: 

  • The cable for locking and unlocking the wheel is installed underground in the parking area
  • The wheel picks the secure RF signal from the cable when the cart moves past the designated area and locks
  • It unlocks when the trolley is driven toward the supermarket
  • The wheel lock smoothly to prevent wear and tear

The other option is to invest in coin lock systems, where the customer inserts one or several coins to unlock a trolley.

They get their money back when they return the trolley to the locking area.

Shopping cart coin lock
Shopping cart coin lock

Standard Metal Rolling Shopping Cart Dimensions

Shopping carts come in various sizes to meet users’ needs and serve the smallest and largest supermarket and grocery store.

These models can range from under 60 litres models of 30” by 18.3” by 37.8” to over 275 litres of 42.1” by 25.3” x 41.3”.

Standard models often used by many shoppers can hold about 100 litres and measures around 34.6” by 20.3” by 38”.

Standard metal shopping carts require a wheel with a diameter of around 4” and can use one or two ball bearing.

How Much Does a Metal Shopping Cart Weigh?

There are multiple metal shopping trolleys options, with each unit weighing differently, depending on the size, volume, and carrying capacity.

Take the European shoppping carts for example, the small size of about 60 litres can weigh around 10 kg including wheels(about 2kg for each), with the larger models of about 275 litres weighing 25 kg including wheels(about 2.5kg for each).

Most of metal shopping cart weight are about 15 kg, the standard weight of these European shopping gears. American shopping carts are much heavier.

European shopping cart Data Sheet
European shopping cart Data Sheet

How Many Metal Grocery Shopping Carts Does a Grocery Store Have?

The major grocery stores and supermarkets hold different kinds of carts to meet every customer’s shopping needs.

They offer large models for family use, small ones for convenient store use, and beautiful small metal shopping carts.

But how many metal grocery shopping carts should every store or outlet have?

Follow this guide when determining the right number of shopping baskets on wheels to place in your outlet:

500-1500 M2 Store – Small Boutiques

These stores also include neighbourhood market stores, and this is what Redsheep experts recommend:

  • 20-50pcs of the lightweight shopping cart
  • 50-100pcs of the best or standard shopping trolley
  • 10pcs of the quality kid size metal shopping cart
  • 10pcs of high standard baby cart
  • 5pcs of heavy-duty basket shopping cart

1500-3000 M2 Store – Medium Convenience Stores

They include convenience and fresh-product market stores located around schools and communities. We recommend the following:

  • 50-100pcs of the light shopping cart
  • 100-150pcs of 80 litres shopping trolley
  • 20pcs of quality toddler metal shopping cart
  • 20pcs of the high standard baby trolley
  • 10 pcs of heavy-duty cargo trolley

3000-6000 M2 Store – Chain Supermarkets

These stores require high demand carts, and here is what we recommend:

  • 200-300pcs of 200 litres and 125 litres standard shopping carts
  • 20pcs of quality little metal shopping carts
  • 5pcs of hight standard baby cart
  • 5pcs of heavy-duty cargo trolley
  • 5pcs of heavy-duty flat warehouse trolley

8000-10000 M2 Store – Hyper Supermarkets

Hyper supermarkets should go for the best quality trolleys, which include:

  • 400-1000pcs of 100 litres and 125 litres of the standard shopping cart
  • 30pcs of quality kids metal shopping cart(KSC)
  • 10pcs of the high standard baby shopping cart
  • 10pcs of 200kg heavy-duty cargo cart
  • 10pcs of 500kg heavy-duty warehouse trolley

American Metal Shopping Cart vs. Asian Metal Shopping Cart: What Are the Differences?

American Metal Shopping cart traces its roots from America, while the Asian Metal Shopping Cart was developed in Japan.

The American model is different from the Asian one in that:

  • It uses thicker steel
  • It is a heavy-duty cart
  • It can hold a heavier load
  • It is more useful

Asian model has its differences in that:

  • It is ideal for convenience stores
  • It is compact and lightweight
  • It is easier to manoeuvre
  • It is more affordable

Are There Various Sizes of Metal Shopping Cart?

You can find different sizes of metal shopping trolleys to meet your customers’ and supermarket needs.

We have outlined some of the standard sizes of European shopping carts you can find out there (which you can also order at Redsheep).

European shopping cart Data Sheet
European shopping cart Data Sheet

Why is Metal Shop Cart a Good Option?

Supermarket carts made of metal are a good option for various reasons, such as:

Easy to Fix

You can quickly fix a damaged metal cart compared to restoring a plastic one.

For example, it is easier to mend a broken part with welding or other material.

The plastic model can take a long to repair and even cost you a lot of money.

Affordable – Low Price

A metal shopping cart is more affordable than a plastic model, with the metallic model costing about half the price.

The price might be low, but they still provide quality service like the plastic ones.

 Easy to Customise

The metallic shopping carts give you the option to customise your colour, design, and volume at a low tooling fee.

It is a feature that enables the supermarket to choose the products that will meet their needs and make their stores more attractive and profitable.

What Colours Are Your Metal Shopping Cart Available In? Like Black Metal Shopping Cart or Pink Metal Shopping Cart?

We allow our customers to choose and customise their cart’s colour to match their brand and customers’ needs and themes.

We also have some general guideline of the surface treatment you can get in the market today, which are:

Zinc Plating plus Transparent Powder Coated Treatment. We have adopted this popular method at Redsheep, and it provides non-rust and non-corrosive trolleys.

The approach leaves a beautiful surface that remains in good condition for a long time.

You also get a product that is anti-freezing, anti-high temperature, and anti-ultraviolet.

We use coloured powder coating for the child size metal shopping carts to give you units that attract children to your supermarket.   

Powder coating. It is the most affordable surface treatment and comes in grey or white.

The spray does not prevent corrosion and rusting without the zinc plating and is not the most attractive out there.  

Chrome Plating. The treatment method provides a good-looking and bight shopping cart.

Sadly, it is the most expensive of all the above options, and the process is more ease to get rusted because it’s thinner than Zinc plating plus powder coating.

Some stores like black metal shopping cart, while others prefer pink metal shopping cart, depending on different concept of your store.

What Types of Shopping Cart Wheels Are Available?

The variety of shopping wheels for carts on the market today is as wide as the supermarket shopping trolleys.

Our store carries only the best wheels to ensure you get value for money when you buy a replacement one.

We also encourage you to specify the type of trolley wheel you would need for your carts when placing the order by contacting our team.

Below we have a list of the standard wheels you can get for your baskets on wheels shopping units:

PVC Wheels. PVC wheels are among the cheapest option out there and are made from polyvinyl chloride material.

PU Wheels. These are among the most durable wheels you can find out there and are made from polyurethane material.

They provide excellent oil and wear resistance, excellent load-bearing, longer lifespan, and are incredibly elastic.  

PU wheels have a con in that they produce noise.

TPE Escalator Wheels. TPE stands for Thermo-Plastic Elastomer and is a material that offers high resilience, strength, and elasticity.

The wheel is ideal for the injection moulding technology and is non-toxic to the environment.

It is also a soft, safe wheel with superb resistance to temperature, weather, fatigue, vulcanisation, and is easy to recycle.

The Escalator wheels come in four models: 1 Disk, 2 Disk, 3 Disk, and 4 Disk. 1 Disk is the most affordable, with the 4 Disk being the most expensive.

TPR Wheels. TPR means Thermo-Plastic Rubber, but this wheel also contains SBS material to make it more flexible.

Heavy Duty Nylon Wheels. These wheels are made from durable nylon material.

You can opt to pick a variety of these wheels, like:

  • Wheels without a ball bearing
  • Wheels with single ball bearing
  • Wheels with double ball bearings
  • Wheels with brake
  • Wheels without brake
  • 3”(75mm) diameter wheels
  • 4”(100mm) diameter wheels
  • 5” (125mm) diameter wheels
Shopping Cart Caster Wheels
Shopping Cart Caster Wheels

How Many Printing Services Are Available for Metal Super Shopping Cart?

Metal shopping cart requires a special type of printing when adding the logo or phrases on the basket.

At Redsheep, we use two main types of printing, as seen below:

Silk Printing on Handles.  The technique allows for a silkscreen graphic onto panels, parts, and enclosures with powder coating or metal finish.  

We use this technique to add your logo to the cart’s handle.

And we use only the long-lasting epoxy-based inks to guarantee you a quality finish and a high resolution.

You can always request colour customisation to meet your brand’s need or theme.

Front Plastic Ad Panels. These are back-printed signs made of plastic foils we add to your shopping cart.

Your logo or phrase appears between the foil and the metallic part to protect this print from water, chemicals and make it durable.

What to do with an old shopping cart?

You might be wondering what to do with the worn-down and old metal shopping trolleys and shopping baskets when you replace them.

Here we have some solutions for all your old carts:

Sell to Other Stores or Companies. Old shopping carts might be past their prime, but this does not mean they are broken or useless. You can sell them to small businesses and other stores looking for affordable ued shopping carts.

Transfer them within the Brand. Your supermarket might have a smaller branch that can use these units deemed out of date.

Sell them as Scraps or Parts. Some trolleys might have past their useful life and can only be sold as scrap metals or parts, like child seats, wheels, and others.

Have them Repaired/Recycled. It is the most environmentally friendly way to get rid of the old and broken metallic carts.

Reuse in other Ways. Artists can find a way to bend the metal and create attractive sculptures you can sell to your customers. Some can even be transformed into chairs.

This article introduce a way to chop a metal shopping cart into a tool cart.

This article introduce how to make a shopping cart chair.

Metal shopping cart with wheels filled with flowers
Metal shopping cart with wheels filled with flowers

Final Words

Metal shopping cart plays a critical role in ensuring your customers get satisfaction and an easy time when they visit your grocery store.

They might have been in the industry before the plastic models came into existence, but they still offer benefits over the plastic carts.

If there’s any queries left, please feel free to let us know.

Contact us to start!

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