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Quality manufacturers like RedSheep can provide great help when it comes to cantilever racking. We’ve been serving our customers with unique, innovative, and quality products for the past 23 years. Our services are designed to maximize your benefit at affordable rates. We offer all the services you can expect from a professional cantilever racking manufacturer. We’ve got professionals to long-term solutions to your racking problems.

Heavy Duty Structural Cantilever Racking

Cantilever Racking Customized

We aim to maximize customers satisfaction through tailored services. As a seller, there are high chances that you got unique storage needs. To make the most out of your investment, we offer all the customization services you can think of. Our experts will make sure to manufacture your desired results.

Our customization facilities include:

  • ODM/OEM service to design from scratch. You can provide us with CAD drawings to make your dream come true.
  • Logo printing through pressing tools for dedicated designs
  • Affordable Customization
  • Colour customization with a smooth finish to match your store’s theme
  • Local partners for in-person meetings
  • Highly responsive team to assist your needs

Short delivery time on customized items

RedSheep Cantilever Racking

RedSheep’s cantilever racking can be a great help if you’re struggling with warehouse storage problems.

The racking system is designed to accommodate awkwardly shaped, big, and bulky items like pipes, construction rods, furniture, steel bars, etc.

Our cantilever racks are available in various sizes to suit your needs.

The system is rigorously tested at various stages to deliver the quality we claim.

Investing in our quality cantilever racking system will leave room for you to focus on better sales rather than wasting time adjusting the warehouse’s products.

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Top 15 Cantilever Racking Reviewed

Below are 15 racks you can find at RedSheep stores at an affordable rate and even have the freedom to customise them


8 Tapered Arm Double Sided Cantilever Racking

This is a small yet durable system available at RedSheep. You can use the system to store long products. Due to double-sided racking, the system offers maximum storage capacity. You can customize 8 tapered arm cantilever racking to create an attractive theme at your warehouse.


4 Tapered Arm Double Sided Cantilever Racking

Similar to 8 tapered arm system 4 tapered arm cantilever racking is a durable storage solution. The system offers 4 tapered arms at both sides to store products. You can use it to store long and irregular-shaped items such as timber, steel sheets, pipes, etc.


Tapered Arm Single Sided Cantilever Racking

Tapered arm cantilever racking is a single-sided system. You can place it along a wall and store your goods with maximum safety. There’s enough space between the upright and arms of the structure to load and unload goods with ease.


I Beam Double Sided Cantilever Racks Starter

There are various sizes of I beam double-sided cantilever racks are available at RedSheep. Also known as a lumber rack, the structure is specially designed to store long products. It is an excellent choice to store plywood and lumber, steel bars, metal tubes, pipes, PVC, etc.


I Beam Double Sided Cantilever Racks Starter Add on

We offer an I beam double-sided started add-on to accommodate your storage needs. As your business gains popularity, you’ll need more space to store goods at your warehouse. This is where cantilever started add-on can help you most. You can integrate the structure with the basic one to maximize the storage.


I Beam Single Sided Cantilever Racks Starter

Single-sided cantilever racks started are designed to maximize storage space in less available space. You can place the system against a wall and place your goods. The system can be placed inside and outside a warehouse. You can customize the size and arms to fit your needs.

Straight Arm Heavy duty double sided cantilever racking 3000 x 1500 starter racking

Straight Arm Heavy duty double sided cantilever racking 3000 x 1500 starter racking

As the name suggests, the system includes straight arms to store products less likely to fall off. It offers storage capacity on both sides of the system. You can customize the color and size of the structure to fit your needs.

Straight Arm Heavy-Duty-Single-Sided-Cantilever-Racking---2000-x-1500-Starter-Racking

Straight Arm Heavy Duty Single Sided Cantilever Racking 2000 x 1500 Starter Racking

It is a single-sided heavy-duty system to store long and bulky products. There are various sizes of structures available at RedSheep. The structure is provided with straight arms; however, you can customize it according to your needs.

Straight Arm Heavy-Duty-Single-Sided-Cantilever-Racking---3000-x-1500-Add-on-Racking

Straight Arm Heavy Duty Single Sided Cantilever Racking 3000 x 1500 Add on Racking

Add-on is an ideal option for warehouses with increasing demand. You can purchase as many as on’s as you want to increase the storage space in your warehouse. It is easy to install with the existing system.

Straight Arm Heavy-Duty-Single-Sided-Cantilever-Racking---4000-x-1500-Add-on-Racking

Straight Arm Heavy Duty Single Sided Cantilever Racking 4000 x 1500 Add on Racking

The add-on can be utalized with a single-sided cantilever racking system with 4000 x 1500 dimensions. Due to the quality construction, you can use the system in an open environment also. We use special techniques to provide a corrosion-free structure that’ll last forever.

Straight Arm Single-Sided-Cantilever-Racking-upright

Straight Arm Single Sided Cantilever Racking Upright

This is an excellent option if you don’t have enough space in your warehouse to adjust a whole cantilever racking unit. You can use the system to store long items. The system is constructed from durable and high-quality material.

Extra-Straight Arms-For-Medium-Duty-Cantilever-Racking

Extra Straight Arms For Medium Duty Cantilever Racking

RedSheep offers extra straight arms to its customer to their ease. If your existing system’s arm is broken or you need an extra arm to increase the storage, you can purchase it at affordable rates. The arm is super easy to install without hiring professionals.

Heavy-Duty-Cantilever-racking-Straight Arm Bar-Accessories

Heavy Duty Cantilever Racking Straight Arm Bar Accessories

RedSheep offers various accessories with cantilever racks to fit your needs. You can purchase and use these accessories whenever needed at affordable rates. Like the basic structure, all the accessories, including the straight arm bar, are constructed from quality material.

Extra I Beam Cantilever Racking End Pipe Stops

Extra I Beam Cantilever Racking End Pipe Stops

When storing cylindrical items that can roll off the structure, pipe stops are ideal. It helps prevent the items from rolling off. You can remove or install pipe stops whenever needed. They are installed inside a hollow tube welded at the end of the cantilever arms.

Straight Arm Cantilever-Racking Lip

Straight Arm Cantilever Racking Lip

Like end, pipe stops, a cantilevered lip stopsmaking the products from rolling off the structure. They are made up of durable steel and integrated at the end of arms to secure the goods. You can customize the height of the racking lip as per your needs.

Cantilever Racking System A True Storage Solution - Ultimate FAQ

There’s no better racking system than a cantilever racking system for warehouses or distribution centers dealing with large, bulky, and heavy products.

If you’re unsure what a cantilever racking system is, how it works, what advantages it offers, or other necessary details to make the final move worry not. Here are detailed answers to all the frequently asked questions about cantilever racking.


Without wasting any time, let’s get started!


What Is Cantilever Racking?

Understanding if the system will be helpful with your versatile storage needs or not, you first need to understand what it is.

To begin with…

A cantilever racking system stores rare shape items that might not fit in a regular racking system. For instance, lengths of timber, pipes, steel tubing, and beams are some of the products you can store on a quality cantilever racking system.

Due to the open design, you can easily load and unload long products without hurting the structure. Overall it’s a flexible storage system that can either settle inside or outside of a warehouse. It can be customized in many ways to fulfill your diverse requirements.

In short, the system is a must-have in commercial storage places. You can use it as an independent or added system to increase the capacity in your warehouse. The system is entirely different as compared to regular storage systems in terms of design. This is what makes it an ideal solution for irregular products.

Cantilever Racking For Long Products
Cantilever Racking For Long Products

Roll-Form or Structural Cantilever Rack – Which Style Is The Best?

The roll-form cantilever storage rack has a bolt-less design. It is ideal for storing light to medium weight products. At the same time, structural cantilever racks are manufactured for heavier and bulky products weighing around 1500 lbs.

They are constructed from c-channel hot-rolled structural steel. Additional hardware such as nuts and bolts are used in the installation of the structure. Other than that, structural racks are thicker and heavier, which makes them stronger to hold heavier products.

Due to the construction style, a structural cantilever rack has better impact resistance as compared to a roll form rack.


What Are The Advantages Of Cantilever Racking?

  1. Cantilever racking is one of the most convenient to install storage systems. With basic knowledge of installation, you can easily install the system without spending extra labor costs.
  2. The system’s design is specifically kept following long, heavy, and bulky items that are difficult to store on a regular storage system.
  3. Additional arms may be added to accommodate a variety of shapes and sizes of storage.
  4. Products can be stored vertically up to 6 meters high.
Cantilever Racking For Long Heavy And Bulky Items

What Are The Types Of Cantilever Racks?

A cantilever racking system is a versatile structure offered for warehouse storage needs. Mainly there are two types of cantilever racks available in the market. Generally, both systems are designed to store long items.


Roll-Formed Cantilever Racks

Roll-formed cantilever racks are designed to store various types of products. They are mostly constructed from coiled metal sheets that are rolled up to achieve a specific shape. The system comprises five components including, braces, bases, columns, arms, and pins. The system is not constructed to hold heavy-duty items like structural cantilever racks.

The extended arm-length capability provides good reach and simple access to stored objects with a forklift or other material handling equipment.


Structural Cantilever Rack

A structural cantilever rack is the second type of cantilever rack available in the market. The structure is constructed from structural steel I-beams that are specially shaped to hold a specific amount of weight. You may say the system is constructed to accommodate medium to heavy-duty items.

Generally, heavy-weight products like automobiles and car parts are stored on the system. The arms on structural cantilever racking systems are secured to the columns with a four-bolt connection welded in place to ensure structural stability.


What Are The Components Of a Cantilever Racking System?

Cantilever Uprights

The backbone of a cantilever rack is made up of vertically built support columns called cantilever uprights. The uprights are mounted on cantilever bases and flanked by cantilever arms, resulting in a full bay of cantilever rack.

These uprights are available in single or double-sided configurations. A single-sided rack allows items to be stored on the front only. At the same time, a double cantilever racking offers double storage capacity on each upright compared to single cantilever racking systems. It increases the storage space per square foot while reducing the overall cost of designing the structure.


Cantilever Rack Arms

Cantilever rack arms are constructed to stretch out from the upright to create space along the upright. The rack arms are adjusted with shelf levels to fit your needs. An arm can hold the material that may fall off the systems due to a lack of support. Some rack arms include a lip attached at the end of the arm to eliminate the risk.


Cantilever Braces

Cantilever braces are placed between upright to stabilize the structure. It also connects the uprights with one another and evenly distributes the weight throughout the structure.

Note: Cantilever braces are not for storage purposes.  

The Components Of a Cantilever Racking System
The Components Of a Cantilever Racking System

What Is Heavy-duty And Light-duty Cantilever Racking?

Heavy Duty Cantilever Racking

Heavy-duty cantilever racking is ideal for items that require storage with no front column. The structure is constructed from vertical uprights with fixed horizontal arms and stoppers at the ends. The goods are stored horizontally either with the help of a forklift, truck, or crane.

It is specifically designed to offer safe storage for bulky, irregular-shaped, heavy items. A good example of such products is piping, rolls, flooring, appliances, and furniture.

Heavy-duty racking systems allow efficient use of warehouse space to accommodate maximum goods. With a well-constructed system, you can easily spot items even when they are pilled.

Additionally, you can store goods on one side or both sides of a heavy-duty racking system. To make the most out of it, you can use various components with the structure. To use the structure in an outdoor environment, external paint is available. Or you can ask for hot-dip galvanization to enjoy an everlasting corrosion-free structure.


Light Duty Cantilever Racking

A light-duty cantilever racking system is similar to heavy-duty cantilever racking with few differences. The major difference between a heavy-duty and light-duty cantilever is that it is cheaper and offers space-saving.

It is ideal for storing lightweight yet long items that cannot be stored on regular racking systems. The structure is designed for goods that need to be stored horizontally. A good example of such items is timber, pipe, and other long-length products.

A light-duty cantilever racking system offers easy to stock and access to the goods. Ideally, the system can be used independently or with an add-on to increase the storage capacity.

Like heavy-duty cantilevers, steel end stops are available to prevent the items from falling off the structure. The system can be customized as per the available space in a warehouse.


What Are The Accessories For Cantilever Racking?

The cantilever racking system is a versatile structure. Following are the accessories we offer to benefit your investment.

Fixed Stoppers: These are welded end plates used as a heavy-duty solution. As the name suggests, it is used to stop the items from rolling off the structure.

Removable Stoppers: Similar to fixed stoppers, removable stoppers are also offered to stop the items from rolling off the system. The only difference is that these stoppers can be removed or relocated whenever needed.

Arms For Coil Storage: Metal coils and reels may be safely and effectively stored using cantilever racking.

Steel Gratings: Steel grating can be put on the cantilever arms to prevent tiny goods from dropping between the arms.

Constructing a Roof: The cantilever and the contents are both protected by adding a roofing system. Protected from the elements underneath.

Bases on wheels: heavy-duty mobile carriages may also be equipped with cantilever racking. It increases the overall storage capacity of the structure.

Extra I Beam Cantilever Racking End Pipe Stops
Extra I Beam Cantilever Racking End Pipe Stops

How To Install Cantilever Racking?

A cantilever racking system is one of the easy-to-install systems available for warehouse storage. Following is the method to install a cantilever racking system with accuracy.


Tools Needed For the Installation:

  • Electric impact wrench
  • Impact sockets
  • Straight-line laser or chalk line
  • A permanent marker
  • Measuring tape
  • Socket wrenches

Step 1: Layout the rack footprint

To professionally install the cantilever rack, you need to start laying out the rack footprint on a surface. With the help of a chalk line, define the main aisles and edges of each cantilever baseline.

Step 2: Layout the bay on the floor

Now lay down the starter bay on the floor, including two columns, the necessary bases, and the necessary arms. For hardware requirements and torque specifications, consult your manufacturer’s schematics.

Step 3: Connect the base of the cantilever rack to the column.

Use the hardware that came with your cantilever rack system to connect the base of the cantilever rack to the column. Make sure the bolts are torqued properly.


Installing cantilever rack base to column

Step 4: Your cantilever rack should be secured to the ground.

With the hardware provided, install the wedge anchors into the cement floor. Shims are necessary according to the manufacturer’s specifications for your cantilever rack. For best stability, it is advised that you stagger the anchors in your base.


Installing cantilever rack to the floor

Step 5: Join the arms together.

There are typically four bolts required per arm. Connect the arms to your upright using the provided hardware, as indicated by the calculations and specifications in the preceding part of this article.


Installing cantilever rack arms

Step 6: Arm attachments should be connected to the arm.

If you’re using pipe stops or arm lips, use the manufacturer’s hardware to secure them to the front of the arm.


Installing cantilever rack arm accessories

Step 7: Manufacture the second column.

Install the arms and any extra arm attachments after attaching the base to the column and following steps 3 through 6 to build the second column of your cantilever rack system.

Step 8: Place the bracing in place.

Connect the bracing to the rear of your cantilever rack system using the hardware provided by the manufacturer once both columns and arms have been completed. Structural connections must be tightened to a snug-tight condition, which can be achieved with a few strikes from an impact wrench or by a worker’s entire effort with a standard spud wrench that brings the linked plies into solid contact.


Installing bracing on cantilever racking

Step 9: As needed, construct more adder bays.

Continue to erect and build adder bays to complement your starting bays using the procedures given in stages 1 through 8 until you have the perfect rack system and footprint.


What Are The Factors To Consider Before Purchasing Cantilever Racking?

Cantilever racking has recently gained popularity around the world. Many people make the mistake of purchasing the system without understanding how it works. To save you from spending your valuable investment on the wrong system, useless here is a list of factors to consider before purchasing.

  • The most important factor is to measure the available space in your warehouse. A cantilever rack is heavy and needs space to store goods safely.
  • Carefully evaluate the load of the system you plan to use the system for.
  • Calculate the required arm length of the load required to be stored, based on its depth.
  • Measure the height of the upright and the height between different levels to determine the number of arms needed.
  • From the center of one upright to the center of another, calculate the lateral spacing and load deflection. This will provide correct weight distribution and protect the structure from harm.
  • Determine the load-bearing capacity of the cantilever racking shelves to avoid overloading the system.
Heavy Duty Cantilever Rack System
Heavy Duty Cantilever Rack System For Ply Wood

How To Choose The Best Cantilever Racking Manufacturer?

Quality of The System

A cantilever rack is responsible for safely accommodating products in a warehouse. If the manufacturer does not have enough knowledge, experience, labor, and mechanism to provide a high-quality structure right, you may regret your decision.

Therefore the first thing to consider in a cantilever manufacturer is the quality it offers. For instance, RedSheep is an ISO-certified manufacturer. We make sure to manufacturer every rack to beat the international standard of safety and quality.

Our systems are tested by various authorities at different stages to ensure quality.

Delivery Options

A high-quality racking system is of no use if the manufacturer does not know how and when to deliver the system. RedSheep offers delivery services to more than 40 countries. We’ve got enough experience to understand how the delivery system works. With RedSheep, you can enjoy direct delivery at affordable rates. You have the freedom to choose the logistic and packaging to maximize your benefit.

Payment Methods

Payment is one of the major factors to consider when choosing your manufacturer. If a manufacturer does not offer flexible payment methods, it may ruin your overall shopping experience.

Professional manufacturers like RedSheep offer maximum payment options with the flexibility to maximize the ease of their customers. We accept PayPal, Telegraphic Transfer, Letter of Credit, Western Union, and other suitable options to our customers.

At RedSheep, we allow our clients to pay using their preferred payment option, meaning you can use EURO.

Tailored Services

Today customization is a must-have. Every warehouse owner has unique needs. High-end skills are required to manufacture customized cantilever racks.

At RedSheep, we got a dedicated team to sit down and understand your demands. They are skilled enough to use CAD drawings to manufacture a quality system. We also offer ODM/OEM service to bring your dream design into reality.

For people living outside China, we got local partners around the world. You can contact us on our website to get connected with our skilled partners working in your area.

Our local partners will help you understand the best suitable structure for your storage needs.

How To Prevent Products From Falling Off The Cantilever Racking System?

A cantilever rack includes arms that are typically straight or inclined. An inclined arm is designed to store items that are most likely to roll off. Such products include cylindrical items like tubing and piping. In contrast, straight arms are designed for stable products like steel sheets, cartons, skids, lumber, etc. 

The first thing you can do to keep your products safe is to choose the correct design for the items you plan to store. Other than that you can secure a cantilever rack arm with the help of a lip to prevent the goods from rolling off.

Straight Arm Cantilever-Racking Lip
Straight Arm Cantilever-Racking Lip

How Many Cantilever Rack Arms Are Needed For a Cantilever System, And How Should They Be Spaced?

It’s critical to utilize the correct number of arms in each cantilever rack bays to avoid deflection between the arms. A lack of support caused by not employing enough arms in your system exerts unnecessary useless strain on the arms, damaging the system before time.

You can understand the number of arms needed for a cantilever rack system through a simple test.

  • To replicate the cantilever arms, place two wooden blocks 2 feet apart on the floor.
  • Place your goods on top of these wooden blocks and examine them for any deflection or flex.
  • If you don’t see any deflection, a normal two-arm system should suffice. If there is no deflection, continue addition cantilever arms at 2 feet.
  • Brace sets are often sold in 1 foot wide increments, which is why you should first check for deflection using wooden blocks spaced at this distance apart. Never spread your arms wider than halfthe length of the material you’re storing. For example, if you’re storing items that are 8 feet long, the arms should be no more than 4 feet apart.



A cantilever racking system is an ideal storage system for warehouses with long items that need to be stored.

An experienced manufacturer like RedSheep can help you make the most out of your investment. You can order our cantilever racking system and enjoy all the services you can expect from a quality manufacturer.

You can contact us through our website to order the most affordable yet durable cantilever racking system.

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