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Advantages To Cooperate With RedSheep Wire Shelving Supplier

RedSheep as one of the most professional wire shelving suppliers has the advantages as following


With 23 years of experience as one of the biggest Chinese wire shelving companies, we have full experience in suppling top-rated cart to meet your market requirement.


All our carts are strictly according to ISO/SGS regulations, with affordable prices with unparalleled quality


Big production capacity makes short lead time 20-30 days for the standard shopping cart.


We have full experience in customized product development and have ffull range of wire shelving accessories, to meet customer’s different needs.


We take care the quality of our wire shelving, for any defect of the goods, we will take responsibility. You are risk-free.

Low MOQ 100 SETS

Low MOQ, we can accept low MOQ as 100 sets wire shelving, or even less quantity for every single item in big production order.


We have our own quality control system that you can trust, to secure your order and business.


As one of the leading wire shelving manufacturers, we provide stable and reliable OEM/ODM service for our customer.

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Metal wire shelving is a popular type of wire shelving used in commercial and household settings for its durability and high quality. Wire shelving units are considered suitable for food-grade use because of NSF certification. They prevent cross-contamination compared to wood shelving. So, if you want to combine beauty and brains, wire shelving is the perfect choice. They look good in all places and last a long time. This article tells you everything about wire shelving and why RedSheep is the best wire shelving manufacturer.

Read further to know yourself!

What is Wire Shelving Made of?

Typically wire shelves are of metal, comprising 40% of steel tubes and 60% of steel wire. They contain long steel wires to give a framework to the shelves. Meanwhile, the tubes provide support and storage space.

We send you properly measured and neatly cut rods and tubes of your choice to assemble your wire shelving. You need to adjust the tubes on the given slots on the rods to join and use the shelving.

Types of Wire Shelving

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel wire shelving units are the most widely used because of their rust and corrosion-resistant nature. They contain stainless steel alloys with 18% chromium; they help improve durability, even in humid areas.


Zinc-plated wire shelves are steel shelves with zinc plating. They are suitable for use in high temperatures. Zinc-plated shelves are less expensive than other plated shelves; you can find them in almost all sizes.


Chrome-plated is another type of plated wire shelving for storing food items. They are NSF-certified and suitable for keeping edible products. Their smooth finish gives a good overall look and has resistance against corrosion.


Epoxy-coated wire shelving storage has a layer of epoxy coating to seal and improve its life. You can find bare steel or plated shelves with epoxy coating. Epoxy-coated shelves come in various fun colors.

How to Produce Wire Shelving?

RedSheep uses the best techniques and methods under proper quality control to produce mesh wire shelving and others. We ensure quality at each step to provide you with the best quality shelves for homes and stores. Here’s how we produce top-notch wire shelving for all applications:

  • Firstly, we use dedicated machines to cut the round wire tube to the desired length.
  • Then, an automatic machine roll punches the round tube.
  • In the next step, we weld or add other accessories to the tubes.
  • Once the tubes are ready, we use an automatic wire drawing machine to straighten the steel wires.
  • Straightening the wires is followed by cutting the steel wires to the required length.
  • Now bending machines bend the steel wires into unique shapes per need.
  • After producing the desired shape, we use spot welding machines to spot weld different steel wires in varying sizes.
  • Following the rod manufacturing, we weld the wire barriers around the four sides of the shelf plank.
  • The step is followed by welding other accessories for wire shelving on the shelf plank.
  • Then, the wire shelves are deburred on machines.
  • Next, the wire shelves move to the coating or plating lines per need for coating.
  • Moving towards the end of the process, the shelves are assembled and inspected to ensure quality.
  • Our staff packs the shelves and tubes into cartons carefully.
  • The boxes are stored in the warehouse and shipped on order.
Steel Wire Straightening
Steel Wire Straightening

How to Cut Wire Shelving?

In case you missed measuring your space properly and need to cut metal wire shelving, you can use a hacksaw or a similar tool. Here’s how you can cut wire shelving:

1. Measurement

Measure the wire shelf accurately after subtracting a little from the length and mark the lines. Take accurate dimensions and decrease the total width of the shelving by 1 inch. Mark these measurements on the shelf with a permanent marker.

2. Preparation

Before you cut the shelf, spread a towel on a table and lay the shelf on it. It will help protect the coating on the wire shelf. Make sure that the first cut line hangs from the table’s edge 2-3 inches. You can also place the shelf with the towel on a bench.

3. Secure the Shelf

Now, secure the wire shelf to the table using soft clamps. Use padded clamping to fix the shelf to the table without damaging the coating. Using two clamps will help prevent movement during cutting. You may add more clamps if needed. But be sure not to tighten the clamps too much, or they might damage the shelves.

If you do not have padded clamps, place a cloth between the shelving and the clamp to prevent damage.

4. Cut the Wire Shelving

After clamping the shelf properly, start cutting it with the hacksaw. Hold the hacksaw handle in your dominant hand while placing the other hand on the adjustable wire shelving. Make a 45-degree downward angle and cut over the cut line using even strokes and pressure.

Precaution: Wear gloves, long sleeves, and eye protection when cutting shelving. Also, keep your hand away from the hacksaw to avoid cuts.

5. Cutting Tight Spaces

Once you have cut the basics, move to a smaller hacksaw for cutting tight spaces. Using a mini hacksaw will take much longer than the standard. So, only use the mini hacksaw for smaller areas.

6. File the Cuts

Now that you have cut the wire shelving use a metal mill file to smooth out the edges. Move the mill file back and forth over the surface to smoothen it. Also, apply the plastic caps if available.

You can also use bolt cutters, Dremel, or similar rotary tools instead of the hacksaw.

How to Assemble Adjustable Wire Shelving?

The best thing about wire shelving for stores and homes is how easy they are to assemble. Here’s how to assemble wire shelving units quickly:

  1. Take all the components out of the box and place them

before you.

  1. When you take them out of the box, check everything, including shelves, posts, leveling feet, and shelf clips.
  2. If you have ordered a tall shelf, you will have multiple posts in the package. Screw these posts together using the marking on every inch of the posts.
  3. Attach the leveling feet to the bottom of the posts after joining the posts together.
  4. Now join the clips on each post facing up; ensure they are properly joined.
  5. Pass the shelf through the pole and secure it well, repeating the same on both sides.

Customizable Wire Shelving

Wire shelving comes in numerous heights, depths, and widths according to the buyer’s needs. You can find adjustable wire shelving from 6” to 96” tall. Every standard size between 6″ and 96″ allows you to adjust the height up or down to 1″.

However, RedSheep also offers customizable wire shelving options to fit your needs. You can get wire shelving in different heights achievable by joining multiple poles together. At the same time, choose between different shelving widths to your preference.

Also, RedSheep encourages our customer to custom:

  • Different colors according to RAL colors
  • Have your logo pressed on the wire shelving upright
  • Different packaging including the color box 
Five Layer Corrugated Carton Color Box Package Customzable for Wire Shelving
Five Layer Corrugated Carton Color Box Package Customzable for Wire Shelving

Can You Paint Wire Shelving?

If you want to give a unique color to your wire shelving, paint it!

The easiest way to paint wire shelving is by using spray paint. It allows you to cover all the corners without messing it up. Yet, you must consider the type of your wire shelving before painting it.

It is safe to paint stainless steel shelves using a high quality-primer and finish to ensure it lasts longer. Also, avoid over-spraying to avoid scratches on the surface.

How to Order Wire Shelving?

Understanding the dimensions and measurement process is critical to ensuring you receive the right one for your needs. This guide tells how you should measure and order adjustable wire shelving for your home or store:

  • The first step is to measure the width of the area you want to place your shelf in.
  • Next, measure the width, height, and depth of the products you wish to store in the wire shelving.
  • Also, calculate the weight of the products to store on the shelves and the number of products per shelf. It allows you to understand how sturdy shelving you require. Most wire shelves have an 800 to 1,250 lbs capacity.
  • Now measure the width of the shelves; you can choose from 48″, 60″, and 72″ wide or request a custom size.
  • Estimate the depth by using tape to measure from the wall towards you. The size must fit your product’s depth. Usually, shelves are 18” or 24” deep.
  • The next step is to measure the height of the shelves according to your product’s height. It is the distance between two shelves on top of each other. It will also help give you an estimate of the number of shelves for one shelving. Typically, wire shelves are 54″, 62″, or 74″ in height.
Wire Shelves in RedSheep Warehouse
Wire Shelves in RedSheep Warehouse

Why Should You Cooperate with A Wire Shelving Manufacturer like RedSheep?

Wire shelving units are a critical part of storage in garage shelving and stores. Thus, you must pick a reliable, cooperative wire shelving manufacturer like RedSheep.

If you are wondering why you should choose Redsheep, here’s why:

20 Years Experience

Redsheep has extensive experience 20 years as the leading Chinese wire shelving manufacturer and supplier. We produce top-notch products delivered to clients globally.

Quick Shipping

We offer quick shipping and delivery of standard shopping carts within 20 to 30 days.

2 Year Warranty

Our two-year warranty with all RedSheep products ensures the best service for your purchases. We take complete responsibility for defects, so you do not have to worry about them.

Low MOQ 50 Sets

RedSheep takes orders for low MOQs for as few as 50 sets. You can connect to our team even if you want to order less than 50 pieces; we make sure to facilitate all buyers.

All Accessories

We specialize in all kinds of wire shelving and accessories to meet your requirements, ensuring customer satisfaction.

QC System

We have a reliable and vigilant QC system that ensures the quality of the product at every stage.

OEM/ODM Service

RedSheep offers stable and dependable OEM/ ODM services to customers.

ISO/ASTM Regulations

We prepare all our carts and shelving according to the ISO/ASTM regulations with unparalleled quality at affordable prices.

Our Staff Are Packing Wire Shelving Carefully
Our Staff Are Packing Wire Shelving Carefully

Quality Standard of RedSheep Wire Shelving Company

RedSheep believes in customer satisfaction above everything, which is why we offer unmatched quality. Our products are durable, long-lasting, and reliable. We follow all regulations to ensure you get the best. RedSheep offers:


All our wire shelves are NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) certified which makes them the best choice for storing edible products. NSF-certified shelves go through strict quality checks to ensure safety.

Strict ISO Regulations

RedSheep follows ISO (International Organization for Standardization) or Technical Inspection Association standards to maintain the products’ safety and quality. Our employees follow strict quality standards and procedures.

ASTM Standards

ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standards are critical to evaluate the properties of metals to help produce non-toxic and safe products.



Are You Ready to Order?

RedSheep is always eager to cater to the customers’ needs; it makes us happy to provide you with the best products. We believe in durability and reliability for the long term.

Connect to us for any queries and concerns to get expert advice. Let’s get you the best wire shelving unit for your home or business!



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