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China Metal Rolling Laundry Carts

You can see top 9 RedSheep rolling Laundry cart models, how we manufacturer them, how we test those carts, the advantages of RedSheep commercial laundry cart, and all the related FAQ you would like to know about those laundromat style laundry carts.

Why Should You Cooperate With a China metal rolling laundry cart Manufacturer Like RedSheep?

A laundry store or laundromat is no less than a hassle. We understand you must be tired of bearing marketing expenses for no response.

Therefore RedSheep offers an innovative range of product lines to try a different approach. We assure a huge 50% to 70% increase in efficiency rate with tremendous effort and attractive manufacturing.

Providing a hygienic commercial laundry cart with wheels to drag around the load can be an impressive service to your service buyers. It can build a trustable relation between you and your visitor.

So what are you waiting for? Think no more and get ready to understand how RedSheep is making the world happy with its wisdom and 23 years of hands-on experience.

Our remarkable commercial laundry cart services have made profits for people in more than 10 countries.

The affordability, credibility, durability, and intelligent design favors you by all means.

Being one of the best China metal rolling laundry cart manufacturers from Eastern China, we possess the art of transforming businesses into giants.

RedSheep is the ultimate choice to enjoy peace of mind. With rigorous testing and advanced packaging, you’ll never be disappointed at your decision.

We are dedicated to delivering what you wish for. Your laundry store will skyrocket with a high qualification rate of 99.98%.

Don’t forget at RedSheep you always have the freedom to design your laundromat style laundry cart the way you want it.

Quality and experience serve as the backbone of our product line. If you’re confused about the needs of your visitors, don’t miss out on the chance to have a  fruitful discussion with our team.

Our team of experts is devoted to resolving every issue related to china metal rolling laundry cart manufacturing.

We assure you the confidence needed to convince your visitors to be your regular shoppers.

Remember doing extra for your shoppers will always benefit you. Hence RedSheep’s qualified commercial laundry carts are the correct choice to enjoy a high Return On Investment (ROI)

Let’s move forward and unfold the outstanding quality and service benefits you get from RedSheep.

Design your laundry cart the way you want it
Design your laundry cart the way you want it

RedSheep Serving As A True Friend

Each and every product and service is designed to provide you maximum benefit.

Your wish is our command and that with affordability.

Here’s the detailed list of benefits you get when buying a volume purchase.

Let’s get started!

Variety of China metal rolling laundry cart For Various Needs

We believe every business is different and so are its needs.

If you offer general laundry services and don’t consider extra attention needed when designing commercial laundry carts for your store, unfortunately, you’re mistaken.

There’s nothing wrong with offering general services like your competitor but it is incorrect not to put in the extra effort.

We design each product to benefit you and your business. To help you stand out in terms of quality and service you offer.

Therefore at RedSheep, you’ll find a variety of usable commercial laundry cart with wheels designs to fit your needs in the best possible manner.

The American Limited Store Laundry Cart

Being one of the best china metal rolling laundry cart manufacturers, we understand there are times when you have to deal with bulk loads.

The American laundromat inspires the design. The rigid construction has a heavy load-bearing capacity to deal with bulk work.

Ever Lasting Commercial Laundry Cart

RedSheep knows it is irritating to bear the expense of laundromat style laundry cart maintenance every now and then.

That is why this style has been introduced to be at work for as long as possible.

The construction and material are thoughtfully integrated to be a durable solution to laundromat problems.

Korean Commercial Laundry Cart

Korea is a place of multitaskers. Inspired by the hard-working people the design is constructed to multitask.

The cart can accommodate both wet and dry garments once at the laundromat.

The model is a lot like the Japanese-style carts.  

High Capacity Laundry Cart

As the name suggests the model allows for the transport of more clothes at once.

Front Load Laundry Cart

If you feel your visitors look frustrated when loading or unloading the laundry at the laundromat, try this.

The design makes it easy to load and offload the laundry from the trolley.

Commercial Laundry Cart With Hanging Rack

So far it is the best in use laundry trolly. The model comes with a hanging rack to rest clothes for drying.

The feature is ideal for suits and other delicate pieces of clothing.

This is not it!

If you don’t find any of the above options suitable to your needs, you can go for RedSheep’s customization feature.

At RedSheep, you won’t be questioned to demand the most unique needs.

You can style the cart, color, size, accessories, logo press&printing, shipping mark, and other things according to your requirements.

Different designs and colors
Different designs and colors

Easy on You Tough On Germs

The cart on wheels is the most versatile these days. Almost every industry uses it to minimize the efforts of heavy load transportation.

Therefore efficiency is a necessity. Understanding the importance of easy maintenance and efficient manufacturing, we have put efforts to be fruitful.

Thanks to the advanced mechanism, the trollies will increase your employee’s efficiency.

The rust-free material used in the construction will demand minimum maintenance and cleaning time. The corrosion-free material will allow you to have comfortable and easy cleaning.

But that lyes only for you and not for gems. The special powder coating is done to be soft on you but does not compromise with germs.

In addition, the cart undergoes an electro-polishing process to fight against mold, fungi, and other contaminants.

Durable And Eco-Friendly Models

We are sure you must be thinking about the durability of RedSheep’s commercial laundry cart once discovering the cleaning benefits.

We are happy to inform you that there is no comparison on quality at RedSheep.

From raw material to finished goods, each item is tested to ensure its durability.

Not only that but there’s a dedicated quality check team working day and night to deliver promised finishing.

To your knowledge, the carts are constructed from durable steel through clean manufacturing processes.

Ideally, the material is usable through recycling. That means you’ll contribute less to global warming when purchasing our affordable laundromat style laundry carts.

China Metal Rolling Laundry Cart Pricing That Will Make You Happy

As mentioned earlier, from manufacturing till delivery, everything is done keeping in mind your maximum benefit.

You get the most affordable laundry carts at RedSheep. Depending on various factors like size, design, customization, material, and accessories a typical commercial laundry cart will cost you between $30 to $60.

To make it more convenient for you.

We offer a special discount on bulk purchases. This will ease the purchase of quality laundry trolleys at once.

When purchasing volumes you can enjoy reduced prices with efficient delivery service.

Following are the two methods to avail of the special discount offer:

Setting Different Tiering

You can avail yourself of a predetermined amount of discount from RedSheep when ordering a certain number of laundry trolleys under one of the given tiers.

Our tiers range between 50 units, 50-100 units, 101-500 units, 501-1000 units, 1001-5000 units, and over 50001 units.

The discount varies from one tire to the next.

According to Threshold

The other method to avail special discount is through setting a threshold.

In simple words, your tiering volume discount will come into effect when you purchase above 70 units in our 0-100 units tier or above 300 units in our 101-500 units tier.

You may reach out to us for a detailed discussion and a better understanding of the volume purchase discount.

We believe to not only work according to your instructions but offer better options for your benefit. We allow you to choose the branding and labeling to fill your advertising needs fully.

At RedSheep you get to purchase various branding/labeling techniques for a better outlook of your commercial laundry cart with wheels.

Following are some of the techniques you can choose from:


It is one of the most expensive yet reliable techniques to brand your laundry trolly.

It involves products that maintain a superb outlook for the longest time.

Zinc Plating Along With Transparent Powder Treatment

This technique involves non-corrosive and rust-free branding to your laundry trolley.

As it’s a laundry trolley, water exposure is expected; hence the technique can deal with that. It also allows you to add the color of your choice.

Spray Plastic

Spray plastic is a popular technique to give the color of your choice. You may have your brand theme or a combination of desired colors to improve the visual appeal.

Note: We do not recommend this option as it’s not prone to rust.

Silk Printing on Handle

If you wish to label your brand on handles, this is the right technique for that.

We use it to enable plastic graphics on your trolley, including pictures, images, logo, etc.

Front Ad Panel

More is always better. We use this technique to add a back-print sign to your China metal rolling laundry cart.

Logos, images, and graphics are printed before the panel is attached with the trolly.

A Adverting Panel Placed On The Cart
A Adverting Panel Placed On The Cart

Quality is Our Priority

As one of the leading China metal rolling laundry cart manufacturers, quality is our priority. We do everything to keep the cost in your range while offering the maximum quality.

As a wholesaler or a laundromat owner, we want you to be sure about the quality you get. We assure you of accident-free service with smooth-running because of the quality of material used in the construction.

To win your trust we test both raw material and finished product before it reaches your doorstep.

Our shopping carts are manufactured keeping in mind the European standard UNE EN ISO 1929 1:1998. We also fulfill  ISO 9001: 2000 quality standards because we care about your reputation.

All commercial laundry carts being manufactured at RedSheep are bound to pass a weight test to estimate the load-bearing capacity.

We believe in proper communication with our customers hence you’ll be notified about the terms and conditions of each product you purchase.

RedSheep Construction Is Done To Serve You For The Longest

Peace of mind is everything. To let you have a relaxing time our commercial laundry carts are constructed to serve you for maximum time.

These carts are constructed from Q235 wire steel that adds to the durability with minimum maintenance.

Depending upon the load of work, storage, and maintenance, these commercial laundry carts with wheels can work for you for as long as 5-10 years.

If you take good care of laundry carts, you can prolong their lifespan.

China Metal Rolling Laundry Cart High-End Production With Fast Delivery

We know it’s hard to wait to enjoy the lasting benefits of commercial laundry carts.

To satisfy you to the fullest we offer a fast delivery service.

Thanks to the advanced technology and devoted team, we use the most efficient techniques to craft quality commercial laundry cart with wheels for you.

The innovative assembling techniques allow us to deliver your desired results within a short time of 30 days.

Laundry cart base after powder coating
Laundry cart base after powder coating

Easy Payment For Convenient Service

Communication is the key to a trustable relationship. We strive hard to maintain long-term relations with our customers.

We tend to discuss terms beforehand to avoid any misunderstanding.

At RedSheep you get various payment options to

We offer various payment methods to provide ease when you shop from us. From the telegraphic payment, Paypal, Western Union to Letter of credit payment, you can choose whatever method suits you.

For your ease and benefit, we offer special payment terms. To have a deep understanding, you may reach out to our customer service team.

They’ll guide you to the most suitable payment method.

As we claim, RedSheep is all about satisfying our customers. To build long-term relationships for the benefit of both our brand and customers, we offer a special allowance to credit.

Once you become our regular buyer, the credit terms will be effective.

We don’t consider verbal orders. You can reach out to us through “contact us” to place your order of a minimum of 50 plastic shopping carts.

Shipment and Delivery

We deliver laundry trolleys to more than 10 countries. You can choose the delivery company when getting your items shipped to your country directly.


Efficient packaging techniques are introduced for safe and sound delivery.

If you find any problem with the items, you can register your complaint within 36 hours of the delivery.

Commercial Laundry cart container loading and delivery
Commercial Laundry cart container loading and delivery

Final Verdict

The wheels on the cart can do more than your imagination by bringing ease to your business.

The 2-year long product warranty is an additional quality of RedSheep offered to all the customers.

I have pretty much covered all the important terms for you to move to the next step. If not, please let us know.

To place your order, send your details to our team.

Best Of Luck!

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