Various Shopping Cart Lock Customizable At Cheap Price

RedSheep brings you the solution to your shopping cart theft problems. With secure quality coin locks, the trolleys keep safe and organized under your roof. It does not only offer safty but a reduction in daily labor costs. The various designs could fit any of your shopping carts or your store concept. Now send inquiries to RedSheep, the best Chinese distribution shopping cart lock manufacturer.


Custom Shopping Cart Coins

Now presenting innovative customization to meet all your coin lock requirements. RedSheep offers you the freedom to design your product as you want it. If you got special needs to worry not. We offer ODM/OEM service at an affordable price to all our clients. Buckle up to bring your dream come true!

Qualities of RedSheeps Customization

  • 14 different models for your choice
  • Special-made coin lock insert to suit any of the coins you’re offered
  • Logo printing on the surface of coin lock to reserve copyrights
  • Delivery within 10-30 days for highly customized products

Act now and enjoy the ultimate customization under one roof. Contact our team and get your order now!

Redsheep Shopping Cart Lock

RedSheep has been working as a leading brand for 20 years. The experience, knowledge, and hard work are visible in our robust construction and good design. RedSheep is one of the few shopping cart coin lock manufacturers that offer around-the-clock services in over 40 countries. We know how to help you boost your business in the international market. With an efficiency rate of 99.995%, shopping cart management is not a problem any longer.

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Top 14 Shopping Cart Locks Reviewed

Below are nine racks you can find at RedSheep stores at an affordable rate and even have the freedom to customise them

Small zinc alloy shopping cart lock VARILOC 01

Small zinc alloy supermarket cart lock is made of zinc alloy material, with a stainless steel chain, totally rust-free. It’s among one of the most popular models all over the world.

Big zinc alloy shopping cart coin lock 02

This big version is similar to the Variloc, but more heavy and big, which means it’s more hard to broke. It’s more popular in American and Canada to match the heavy duty shopping carts.

Plastic shopping cart lock Duraloc 03

Plastic cart lock 03 is made of HDPP material, your logo could be customized on the surface through pressing tooling. It’s one of the most top-rated designs.

Plastic shopping cart lock for oval handle 05

Plastic shopping trolley lock for oval handle 05 is designed for the stylish oval handle shopping trolley. It is made of plastic material, with a stainless steel chain, 100% anti-rust.

Wanzl style plastic shopping cart coin lock 06

Wanzl style plastic trolley lock 06 is designed by the most famous shopping cart manufacturer Wanzl. As a result, it stands for bestseller and high quality. It is made of high-density plastic material, with a stainless steel chain, 100% anti-corrosion.

Plastic shopping trolley coin lock SMARTLOC 07

Plastic shopping trolley coin lock 07 is the most lightweight and affordable model, as a result, it’s also the most popular model all over the world. The color could be customized to meet your store concept.

Zinc alloy Franch shopping trolley coin lock 09

Zinc alloy shopping trolley coin lock 09 is made of zinc alloy material, with a stainless steel chain, totally rust-free. The coin lock insert could be customized with any of your coins offered.

Zinc alloy grocery cart lock 10

Zinc alloy grocery cart lock 10 is made of zinc alloy material, with a stainless steel chain, 100% rust-proofed. The coin lock insert could be customized to fit any coin dimension.

Plastic grocery cart lock 12

Plastic grocery cart lock 12 is a new model with a good looking and at an affordable price. Any color could be customized at your request.

Plastic grocery cart lock 15

Plastic grocery cart lock 15 is the latest design with a modem looking. We encourage our customers to customize different colors and the coin lock insert to meet at your different needs.

Plastic shopping trolley lock EUROLOC for round handle 17

Style plastic shopping trolley lock for oval handle 17 is a popular European design for the flat handle shopping trolley, it has the most unique looking to make your shopping cart more identifiable, even from a distance. 

Alloy Shopping Cart Lock For Malaysia Market

This Lock is specially made for the Malaysia market, for both the old version coin and the new, which means you can insert the old or the new coin to unlock this one. It is thoughtful and convenient for all the customers, which could enhance their shopping experience.

One slat 10 ruble and two slat for 5 and 10 coin lock Smartloc for Russian

This Lock is specially made for the Russian market, we have one slot version for 10 ruble coin, and two slat version for both 5 and 10 ruble. Both are very popular and neat, every customer would love the convenience you provide for them.

Shopping Cart Lock: The Complete FAQ Guide

According to a recent survey of, theft and shoplifting raised-up in the USA, 89% of 700 small business owners have had a client shoplifting from their stores. If you’re one store owner who is concerning the same problem, you’re at the right place.

RedSheep, with its vast knowledge and experience, brings you the easy-to-maintain shopping cart coin keychain to bring down your lost.


Benefits of Shopping Cart Lock

Shopping trolleys can be hideous to manage and maintain against damage. It can be costly in many ways, including damage repair, employment costs to maintain the abandoned trolleys, and satisfactory customer service.

The coin operated shopping cart motivated the customer to park the trolley at the correct spot once done using.

Anti-rust, easy to install shopping cart coin keychain can reduce your expense in significant ways. Eventually helping you offer more discounts to your customers.

With an efficiency rate of 99.995%, you can expect a 50% reduction in labor cost, 30% on cart repair, and 25% on cart replacement.

We develop products that are supplied to more than 40 countries hence versatality is guranteed.

We plan to benefit you with our products. From trolleys to accessories and manufacturing to shipments, we keep a close eye on the production quality.

Our innovative manufacturing with thoughtful accessories will make grocery shopping from you a remarkable experience for your visitors.

An anti-theft trolley lock will make sure the cart is always available at the right spot. It will increase customer satisfaction eventually skyrocketing your sales.

As one of China’s largest shopfitting manufacturers, RedSheep offers various benefits that are hard to find elsewhere.

RedSheep Shopping Cart Locks
RedSheep Shopping Cart Locks

Hot to Unlock a Shopping Cart Mounted With A Shopping Cart Lock

The easy to maintain coin lock is equally easy to use. It helps keep the trolleys together with a simple shopping trolley locking system.

The shopping trolley lock holds universal features and can be used with almost all shopping carts. You can install the coin chain on each trolly on your own without extra installation costs.

The customers can unlock the trolley by adding a coin and releasing the chain to separate the trolley. Once they are done shopping, they’ll put the trolley back in place and get their coin back.

The idea of inserting a customer’s coins is to motivate your customers to be thoughtful towards your investment.

The anti-theft screw is not easy to lose, which means your cart will be safe.


Your employees can easily unlock the trolleys with a universal key provided with the shopping trolley lock.

This is how you can reduce the unwanted 50% expense on labor to collect the trolleys throughout the parking lot.

While increasing customer satisfaction through a sorted shopping cart lock system.

Plastic coin lock detail
Plastic coin lock detail

Why Choose RedSheep Shopping Cart Lock?

Quality Material and Shopping Cart Lock Manufacturing

We promise to provide quality hard to find elsewhere. The material used in the manufacturing of our shopping cart coin keychain is durable and reliable.

We use plastic or zinc alloy for the shopping cart oin lock and stainless steel for the chain. The rust-free material gives you the freedom to enjoy peace of mind.

Other than that, the manufacturing process of coin lock is critically analyzed to avoid any quality compromise. There’s a dedicated team of experts working to maintain the quality throughout the process.

From raw material to manufacturing and delivery, every item is tested several times to provide satisfying results.

All the shopping cart locks are manufactured to meet the German Equipment and Product Safety Act for a safe and secure shopping cart lock system.

RedSheep is ISO-9001 certified, which means we meet the international standards of cart coin keychain production.

So enjoy better sales with minimum expense with RedSheep’s quality production.

RedSheep coin locks for shopping trolley carts specification
RedSheep coin locks for shopping trolley carts specification

Various Coin Lock Options For Various Needs

We believe every product is not for every trolley, customer, and environment. Hence RedSheep offers the freedom to customize the shopping trolley lock according to your needs.

We aim to provide you satisfactory results. Therefore you can design every product, including accessories, according to your needs.

Customization options include color and design, including a coin that is to be inserted inside the shopping cart coin lock to unlock the trolley.

Understanding the importance of logo printing, we offer logo printing through pressing tools. Ideally, you won’t be charged for the procedure of printing but the tooling only.

So it reduces your trolley expense while advertising your brand in the best possible manner.

Various shopping Cart coin lock options for various needs
Various shopping cart coin lock options for various needs 2
Various shopping cart coin lock options for various needs 3
Various shopping cart lock options for various needs
Various shopping cart lock options for various needs

Shopping Cart Lock Price That Will Skyrocket Your Sales

Most shop owners don’t realize that minimum investment can lead to maximum sales. By smartly investing your capital, you can offer better discounts to your customer to be your loyal shoppers.

At RedSheep, innovative manufacturing techniques are used to manufacture high-end yet cheaper-in-price products.

Depending on certain factors such as customization, material, and design, a typical shopping cart coin lock will cost you between $3 to $5.

We aim to provide you with maximum benefits without eating up all your capital.

Remember, rules of economical purchase will apply to bulk orders.


Convenient Payment and Delivery Options

To enrich your experience with efficient customer service, we offer various payment options. With the latest technology, we promise to deliver shopping cart locks in a limited time of 20 days. Please see how our customers get 50pcs shopping cart locks in 15 days.

You are not bound to travel to China to receive your order. Instead, you can avail of our direct delivery service by sea and express. You’re free to choose the logistics to avoid any misleading.

You can either use Telegraphic Transfer, Letter of Credit, Western Union and PayPal for the payments.

If you’re not comfortable with any one of the options mentioned options, feel free to reach out to us. Our team will guide you to the most suitable option according to your location.

RedSheep shopping cart locks packaging
RedSheep shopping cart locks packaging

Take Away

RedSheep being sensitive towards your investment offers two years of the product warranty on every purchase.

Other than that, our plastic theft locks will last for 5-10 years without disturbing your investment schedules.

If you want to shop locally, we got our local partners around the world. Reach out and guide us to your business location. Our team will get you connected with our local partner working in your area.

And this brings us to the end of our discussion on plastic chain locks. If you got any query feel free to comment down.

Place your order through our website and enjoy an easy trolley management service with a high return on investment.


Copyright of the pictures belong to the owner, not allow to copy or use without permission, the owner have the rights to pursue legal action, if you find infringement, please email us we will handle or remove immediately.

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