Spring Loaded Shelf Pusher

The  tobacco spring loaded shelf pusher has clip spring strength at 3N, 6N, 9N, 12N. The spring loaded pusher has clip at rear end to hold the push pedal for easy replenishment. Customized length is available and MOQ required. Delivers both pricing and promotional messages,can be widely used in supermarket and store for products merchandising.

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 510 × 50 × 60 mm
Details About Spring Loaded Shelf Pusher

Product Name: Spring-loaded Shelf Pusher

Model Number: RS-POP-SLSP

Material: Polystyrene

Color: Clear

Size: Customized

Packing: Carton box / Wooden pallet

MOQ: 3000 meters

Usage: Supermarket display

Advantage: 2 years warranty


Efficient supermarket shelving is the key to better sales. If you wish to increase the visibility of the products with convenient management, grab our latest tobacco spring-loaded shelf pusher.

shelf pushers keep the product where it belongs, in front of the customer. Due to spring tension, it automatically pushes the product to the front when a product is removed.

This does not only make your goods visible but reduces the cost of product management. With an efficiency rate of 99.95%, you can increase your sales up to 90%.

Automatically pushing the small items to the front helps you focus on your customers instead of rearranging the goods every time.

Thanks to smart designing and quality manufacturing that you get to enjoy the product at an economical price.

RedSheep’s auto-feed shelf pusher system is movable so that you can shift it according to your needs.

You no longer have to adjust according to the manufacturer’s design. At RedSheep, you have the freedom to design what suits your needs.

With 20 years of experience in the shopfitting industry, we design the most versatile form of the product line. Our spring loaded shelf pusher can be used independently or integrated with other shelving systems for better benefits.

Here is the detailed list of extra benefits you get to enjoy through RedSheep.

Let’s get started!

Tobacco spring loaded shelf pusher dimensions
Tobacco spring loaded shelf pusher dimensions

RedSheep As Spring Loaded Shelf Pusher Manufacturer

RedSheep is a widely known brand in the shopfitting industry. We belong to Eastern China but offer our services to more than 40 countries.

Every product designed at RedSheep is for the benefit of our customers. We aim to offer satisfying results for a long-term relationship.

We got the most efficient team, advanced technology, and powerful delivery service for our customers.

There’s no need to worry about your investment anymore. We know how to maximize your sales. Every product is designed with futuristic characteristics to serve you with innovation.


Spring Loaded Shelf Pusher Quality Construction

We make products to give you the confidence required to boost your sales. With our high-quality manufacturing, you don’t have to worry about unwanted accidents anymore.

Every product is manufactured to maintain the trust you put in our brand. We value your investment and goodwill.

Hence there’s no chance that we compromise on the structure and overall product. RedSheep is ISO-2768 certified.

That means we fulfill all the standards and safety regulations of the spring-loaded shelf pushers.

All the goods constructed at RedSheep are to meet the German Equipment and Product Safety Act for a safe and secure shelving system.

For the ultimate shelving experience, none of the products is delivered until tested. Each product is bound to undergo various trials before reaching your doorstep.

There’s a dedicated team working to check the quality of the raw material and finished product. Various tests like load-bearing tests and safety tests are done to ensure promised quality.

For us, your trust in us is our priority. We don’t use low-quality material just to keep the prices low. Instead, it is our knowledge and wisdom that we smartly doge all the unwanted expenses during the process.

For your understanding…

We use rigid quality plastic for the construction of the auto-feed shelf pusher system.


Eye-Cathing Looks

At RedSheep, quality construction does not mean efficient performance only. Rather we believe in designing everything that puts effort to attract your shoppers.

The unique designs and colors options are avaiable to complete the aesthetics of your store. With intelligent manufacturing, we put maximum effort into designing the product according to your demand.

You’re free to design at RedSheep, choose the color, size, style, etc., to meet the maximum visuality.

We got the labor, skill, and power to bring your imagination into a reality. At RedSheep, you don’t need to hesitate to share your unique styling demands.

We offer OEM, ODM, CAD, and PDF services to all our brilliant customers. Contact our team and discuss your design idea. We won’t leave a stone unturned to make it a dream come true.

Eye-catching Tobacco spring loaded shelf pusher
Eye-catching Tobacco spring loaded shelf pusher

Logo Printing Option

We understand the importance of logo printing, especially when putting effort into the original design.

We do logo printing using a pressing tooling. Ideally, you will only be charged for the tooling and not the labor or process.

You have the freedom to chose the size and position of the logo with your brand message.

Avail of all these services by contacting our team through RedSheep’s website.

Delivery and Packaging

Being a leading shop shelving system manufacturer, we promise to provide every service to enjoy the ultimate shelving experience. We offer direct delivery service in more than 40 countries around the globe.

You are free to choose the logistics to enjoy a satisfying delivery method. Generally, we take 30 days to deliver any order.

For packaging, we offer carton boxes, wooden crates, steel pipe frames, and wooden pallets. It’s recommended to discuss your location before ordering the packaging system so our team can guide you to the best option.

Affordability and Durability

Every product you get from RedSheep will serve you for the longest time. You will be free from the hassle of regular investment when working with RedSheep.

With all the qualities mentioned earlier, the best quality of our spring loaded shelf pusher is affordability. Depending on size, design, customization, etc., a typical spring-loaded pusher will cost you between $1 and $2.

Now increase your sales and product management with minimum investment. The spring loaded shelf pusher will serve you for 5 to 10 years.

There’s more about that…

You can prolong the life of RedSheep’s retail shop shelving through regular health checkups.

Spring loaded shelf pusher details
Spring loaded shelf pusher details

Rare Service Offered At RedSheep Only

We not only claim to be the ultimate shopfitting suppliers but work hard to maintain the status.

If you prefer in-person meetings or want to discuss your needs in detail, we got you covered. We have local partners worldwide for your convenience.

Instruct us on your business location, and our team will get you connected with our local partner serving in your area.

Take Away

With a 24-month-long product warranty on all spring loaded shelf pushers get ready to evolve as a worldwide giant.

If you got any query feel free to comment down. Our team will make sure to resolve your confusion unless you’re completely satisfied.

Finally, place your order through “send inquiry” and get the ultimate shelving experience.

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 510 × 50 × 60 mm


We are a supermarket trolley, gondola shelving manufacturer and trading company.

Our factory is located in Changshu City, Jiangsu Province, China, close to Shanghai.
You can fly to Shanghai airport(2 and half hours to us) or Wuxi airport (60 mins to us) directly. You can also take a high-speed train to Wuxi East station (40 mins to us), or Wuxi station (1.5 hours to us)

Generally, all of our products are made from Q235 SPCC steel and HDPP plastic.

The sample is available for different products, please contact our sales to know more details.

Yes, as a gondola shelving and supermarket cart manufacturer, we encourage our cutomer to develop new design by cooperating with us.

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