Vegetable Display Rack

Attractive shelving is the key to better sales. Stores must consider investing in quality fruit and vegetable display stand not because it can keep the items fresh, but it can also store products that can be hard to adjust on a flat shelving system. Investing in a quality vegetable display counter means finding a trustable vegetable display rack manufacturer like RedSheep. We help customers evolve through the stages of shop shelving, ultimately achieving a great outlook.

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Vegetable Display Rack Customized

Every store has different dimensions, available space, and themes. Keeping such variations in mind, we allow our customers to be creative with their shop shelving choices. However, creativity needs an artist that can bring your thoughts to reality which RedSheep got. We have a team of skilled and experienced engineers who help you develop a unique, outstanding, yet most useful vegetable display counter. We got the technicians and mechanisms that can serve you with the service you expect. Wait no more and contact our experts for a detailed discussion on our customization services.

RedSheep’s customization services include:

  • ODM/OEM service
  • CAD drawing service
  • Logo printing service
  • Budget friendly rates
  • Short delivery time
  • Local partners 
  • 24-month product warranty

RedSheep Vegetable Display Rack

RedSheep is an experienced shopfitting manufacturer serving its customers for more than 23 years. 

Our hands-on experience and versatile exposure have made us confident enough to experiment with the designs to yield the best outcomes. 

We manufacture our fruits and vegetable display stands to satisfy our customer’s needs while helping them boost their sales. 

We not only manufacture durable shop fittings but help customers understand their needs for the best. 

If you’re unsure what you’re lacking, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered!

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Top Vegetable Display Rack Reviewed

Below are Vegetable Display Racks you can find at RedSheep stores at an affordable rate and even have the freedom to customise them

2021 New Mobile Adjustable Fruit And Vegetable Display Stand

2023 New Mobile Adjustable Fruit And Veg Display Stands

This fruit and vegetable display stand includes numerous accessories. For instance, baskets are attached at the top of the stand, and the table is adjustable to be flat or telt, which is kept tilted for the customers to access the items quickly. The sorted display will leave a tidy impact on customers. There are wheels with brakes attached at the bottom of the structure to move it anywhere, anytime you want.

2022 Vegetable Display Stand With Mesh Backing

2023 Fruit And Veg Stand With Mesh Backing

This one is an unique vegetable stand. The height of the stand is relatively low so that people can go through the items conveniently. It is a one-sided display system hence most suitable to be kept against a wall. Ideally, you can you the structure independently or together in a row to display various items together.

2022 Vegetable Display Stand With Wooden Back Panel

2023 Vegetable Display Rack With Wooden Back Panel

This system is very similar to the previous one in terms of design. However, the material used in the construction is wood. The trays placed inside the structure to display the items are constructed from recyclable plastic. This system can a lot be used independently or together with various structures.

Stylish Supermarket Fruit And Vegetable Display Rack

Stylish Supermarket Fruit And Veg Display Stands

If you’re looking for the most stylish and sorted fruit stand for shop, this one is for you. It is a combination of various components combined to form a single structure. To be more specific the system includes two trays at the top, four baskets in the next layer, four more trays followed by a final base layer at the bottom.

Sorted Wooden Fruit And Vegetable Display Stand

Sorted Wooden Fruit And Vegetable Display Stand

This vegetable rack is a unique combination of metal and wood. It includes three layers with a tray at the top, double-sided trays in the second layer, and a base with baskets to display items at all four sides. Wheels can be integrated at the bottom if you want to have a mobile rack.

Round Metal Vegetable Rack For Supermarket With Plastic Fence

Round Metal Vegetable Rack For Supermarket With Plastic Fence

This one is pretty a big vegetable rack for supermarkets with dedicated sections for fruits and vegetables. The system is built to be displayed in the center so that people can’t miss the goodness. The system includes various shelving components to display different items more conveniently.

Tilt Stainless Steel Vegetable Rack For Supermarket

Tilt Stainless Steel Vegetable Rack For Supermarket

This one is a bit old-school vegetable rack to suit your theme better. It is constructed from stainless steel, hence the structure is super easy to maintain and clean. It is a double-sided display rack; therefore better kept at a sport where all four sides can be accessed easily.

Wooden Fruit And Vegetable Display Stand

Wooden Fruit And Vegetable Display Stand

This is a structure manufactured from wood. It includes mini shelves to display the products neatly. The system comprises three layers to provide maximum space to display more products. You can customize the dimensions to suit your needs better.

Wooden Vegtable Stand

Wooden Vegtable Stand

This one is comparatively a bigger vegetable display unit with more space to display products. The structure includes various shelves to store all sizes and types of fruits and vegetables. It is a combination of wood and metal, which you can use indoor. To make it mobile you can add wheels at the base.

Tilt Fruit And Veg Display Units

Tilt Fruit And Veg Display Units

This unit includes shelves to display products and has cabinets also. It is a double-sided unit with a metal rod in between to display special discount offers or details of the products. The structure includes numerous baskets which can be removed to restock efficiently.

Display Vegetable Rack For Shop With Glass Fence

Display Vegetable Rack For Shop With Glass Fence

Give your store a rich look with this glass fence vegetable unit. The glass is used as a divider and is easier to clean comparatively. The best part of this system is that you can use it independently, and once your business starts growing, you can attach more units to increase the space.

Vegetable Racks for Supermarket

Vegetable Racks for Supermarket

This one is one of the most durable vegetable racks available at RedSheep. It is constructed from high-quality steel to serve you for the longest. The structure includes mini compartments to display the items better. At the center, there’s a rod where you can equip with signs to display the price or other details of the products.

Vegetable Display Rack A Necessity Turned Into Luxury - Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you’re a store that thinks dedicated vegetable or fruit racks are not necessarily helpful, you’re making a big mistake. Like every other shop item, fruits and vegetables need to be displayed better for increased sales.

If you don’t serve your customers with healthy and fresh items, you might lose your bond with them. Save yourself from hurting your sales by correctly understanding the importance of a fruit vegetable display rack.

Here’s an ultimate FAQ guide about vegetable display counter that will help you make a wiser decision about your store.

Without further ado, let’s get started!


What Is A Fruit And Veg Display Stand?

A fruit and vegetable display stand is a shelving system specially designed to store and display fruits and vegetables. It is designed keeping in mind all the requirements of vegetables. They can be used both in an indoor and outdoor environment.

These fruit and veg display units make sure moisture does not stay on the fruit and vegetable, threatening its freshness. They come in various designs and colors. These display racks are a must for any store selling fruits and vegetables.

They help keep the fruits and vegetables safe and provide an attractive storage solution to attract maximum traffic.

What Material Should I Buy for Outdoor Vegetable Rack?

The suitable materials for outdoor vegetable racks are aluminum and stainless steel.

In the case of metal, outdoor powder coating must be done to make it durable enough to serve you for the longest. However, the procedure is quite expensive as compared to normal powder coating.

Outdoor Powder Coated Fruit And Vegetable Racks
Outdoor Powder Coated Fruit And Vegetable Racks

What Are The Business Benefits Of a Vegetable Display Rack?

Following are a few of the many business benefits of a fruit and veg display unit.

Makes The Product Look Attractive

According to numerous researches, most people try out new stores because their items and the overall environment of the store appear attractive.

If you’re a new store just starting or an old one planning to boost sales, a fruit display rack is your answer.

It offers a neat and sorted display of your products and does everything to attract maximum customers to purchase.

Easy to Maintain And Install

Vegetables display racks, due to their unique yet straightforward designing are super easy to clean and install. They do not require experts to fix them through technical tools rather, a layman with basic knowledge about shop fitting items can easily do the job.

We provide a manual with our fruit and veg display stands; you can follow it to avoid wasting time on unnecessary steps.

Wait, there’s more…

Thanks to the high-quality material used in the construction, you can easily clean the structure. Some structures even come with a wheel, so you can also move it to wash the surface.

Durable Storage Solution

If you’re purchasing fruit display stands from a reputable manufacturer like RedSheep, expect them to serve you for the longest. On average, a supermarket fruit and vegetable display rack can help you for about 5-10 years minimum.

Take Up Less Floor Space

Space is the most important thing for any supermarket. They need to save as much space as possible to let maximum customers shop without inconvenience. This is where a smartly designed vegetable rack helps the most. If you don’t have much space in your store, you can utilize the corners and walls through these racks to let customers move around freely.

Keeps The Items Safe

Last but not least a fruit stand for shop is most beneficial because it keeps the items safe.

The unique design doesn’t let the water stack up and rot the fruits and vegetables; hence you can keep spraying the vegetables to keep them alive without worrying about the water stacking up.r

Vegetable Display Rack In Shop
Vegetable Display Rack In Shop

Will a Fruit Stand For Shop Able To Resist Corrosion and Rust?

Vegetable display racks are manufactured from various materials like steel, wood, metal, etc. The quality of a display rack depends on multiple factors such as the raw material used for the construction, how the structure was built and whether or not the manufacturer applies the techniques to keep the structure corrosion and rust-free.

In general vegetable & display racks are manufactured to serve indoor, if you need to use them outdoor, please discuss the solution with our sales team. They can deal with moisture while maintaining their outlook.

If you want to be sure, just check if the manufacturer has done powder coating on the structure or not.

How to Clean Vegetables Display Racks?

Keeping the shelving units clean, especially when selling fresh items, is super important. If neglected, you may lose the trustable bond between you and your customers. Here are the two most effective methods to clean a vegetable display rack.

Day To Day Cleaning

To maintain the hygiene and the outlook of a fruit display stand, the first thing you need to do is clean it regularly.

The goal is not to let the dust and dirt build a house there. If you think this point is not for centrally air-conditioned stores, you’re wrong. Irrespective of the area, dust manages to find its route inside.

Hence no matter what regularly clean the structure with a cloth or duster.


Apart from dust, there is one more thing lying ready to damage your goodwill, and that is germs. Unfortunately, worms and germs are too small to see, which is a more significant threat.

If you don’t want your customer to get sick after purchasing from your store, make a habit of using disinfectants to clean the structure.

The best time to use a disinfectant is every time before a refill.

Why RedSheep Is A Good Choice For Vetegable Display Racks?

Anybody who can build a vegetable display rack is not a becomes a wroth investing manufacturer. Following are the reasons why you should consider investing with RedSheep only.

Certified Manufacturer

The first thing that makes a manufacturer safe is the certification we got. RedSheep is an ISO certified manufacturer which means we manufacture all the products keeping international standards in our mind.

Through Testing

To meet international standards, we make sure our products are rigorously tested. A dedicated team of experts makes sure the quality of raw material used in the process is up to the mark.

Whereas we also do third-party testing without products to ensure the trust and safety of our customers.

Unique Designing

At RedSheep you get to experience an unique range of items hard to find elsewhere. We make sure to design something that fulfills your needs and helps you stand out before your customers.

Details of Fruit And Vegetable Racks Design With Different Material
Details of Fruit And Vegetable Racks Design With Different Material

Affordable Rates

Whether customization or simple vegetable display rack production, we make sure everything stays within your budget. Thanks to the worldwide experience, we can escape unnecessary costs while maintaining the quality of each product.

On Time Delivery

Most manufacturers focus on constructing the products solely while ignoring the importance of safe and timely delivery, making RedSheep different from others.

Convenient to Move&Adjust

Four high quality wheels can be installed on a RedSheep fruit and veg display unit to make it mobile, wich is easy to adjust the position of the vegetable area and make the vegetables more promotional according to the sales research, also some new models stand table can be adjustable to be flat or telt, to meet different needs of displaying, and offer more access for the customers to enhance their shopping experience.

We make sure all our products are packed properly before they are shipped. Moreover, we promise to deliver every product within the pre-decided time of delivery. Normally, it takes around 25 days.

Adjustable Rod of RedSheep Fruit And Vegetable Racks
Adjustable Rod of RedSheep Fruit And Vegetable Racks
High Quality Wheels of Fruit And Vegetable Racks
High Quality Wheels of Fruit And Vegetable Racks

Can You Customize A Compact Fruit And Veg Display Stand?

Why not?

RedSheep is an experienced shopfitting manufacturer. We know the importance of customized shop fitting; hence, we offer expert ODM/OEM services at affordable rates, including CAD drawing services.

By using the different plastic vegetable crateswillow vegetable crates, or plastic platforms we have, you can make your vegetable stand more attractive and convenient to display your vege&fruits.

You can contact our experts to discuss your needs and we’ll make sure to deliver more than your expectations.

You can further customize your display rack by using RedSheep PVC Edge Banding Tape.

Different Plastic Platform for Vegetable Stand Rack
Different Plastic Platform for Vegetable Stand Rack


A good vegetable display rack can help you be the king of the market. It can help you enjoy numerous profits while investing less.

With RedSheep you don’t have to worry about the quality because we give you a 24-month product warranty on all items.

We hope you’ve got the necessary details required to make a better decision for your fruit and vegetable store.

To place your order contact us through “Request a Quote” and enjoy the enriching experience of working with RedSheep.


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