2022 Supermarket Checkout Counters

Supermarket checkout counters may not seem very important to a layman, but experienced retail knows how it helps you increase productivity and sales. RedSheep is an experience checkout counter manufacturer who’s been serving customers for the past 20 years. We understand the factors influencing retail sales counters; hence we got you covered. We got the experience, skill, labor, material, and mechanics to serve you with the best. Wait no more and contact us for expert advice.


Custom Supermarket Checkout Counters

Every store has its unique needs. A checkout counter must fulfill the retailer’s needs, cover the area aesthetically and bring convenience to the customer’s overall experience. Keeping these in mind, we’ve constructed a designated team to build custom retail counters. Our over-the-year expertise has led us to design an outstanding combination of skill and creativity. We offer ODM/OEM services, including CAD service, so you can get a retail sales counter that suits you most.

Our custom retail counter service includes:

  • ODM/OEM and CAD service
  • Customization at affordable rates
  • Limited delivery time
  • Local partners to visit your location and guide you better
  • 24-month product warranty on all counters
  • Low MOQ up to 50 sets

Redsheep Supermarket Checkout Counters

RedSheep has a unique range of use, compact, and aesthetically appealing checkout counters.

We design them not to fulfill your needs only but to maximize your productivity for better sales.

Instead of purchasing a retail sales counter with features not suitable for you, contact RedSheep and have a thorough discussion about checkout counters for retail stores that’ll suit you the most.

We’ll make sure to serve you with the quality of service hard to find elsewhere.

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Top Supermarket Checkout Counters Reviewed

Below are retail checkout counters you can find at RedSheep stores at an affordable rate and even have the freedom to customise them

2022 New Luxury Modern Checkout Counter For Boutiques

Make every aspect of your boutique look luxurious with this latest checkout counter. It has been built with a wide range of features required for efficient checkout. The counter is manufactured from high-quality material, so you can focus on your customers and leave the rest.

2022 New Supermarket Checkout Counter With Conveyor Belt

When your customers are tired of roaming around purchasing their favorite products, give them a relaxing payout option with this checkout counter with conveyor belt. The counter includes a conveyor belt to make the billing convenient for both customers and employees.

2022 New Modern Checkout Counters For Boutiques

A checkout counter does not need to always look like one. The design has the ability to jam along with your store’s theme. It includes two sets of shelves with three layers each to display accessories your customers might purchase at the time of checkout.

Electronic Checkout Counter With Conveyor Belt

This one is more of a traditional checkout counter with conveyor belt and all the advancing features. It includes a conveyer belt so you don’t need extra labor to handle the purchase at the time of billing. The counter also includes a cashier drawer for safe cash deposits.

Double Sided Round Based Retail Checkout Counter

It is a double-sided grocery store cash counters. The sides of the counter are well secured with high-quality rubber to avoid any hurt. It is built from high-quality metal to last for the longest. You can customize the size of the counter according to your needs.

L Shaped Gondola Convenience Store Checkout Counters

This L-shaped gondola convenience shop checkout counter is ideal to utilize empty corners at your stores. Thanks to the minimal design and robust manufacturing, the counter is not challenging to operate or understand. It includes cabinets and shelves at the inside to carefully deposit any items your customers forget at the time of billing.

L Shaped Checkout Counter

This L shaped cashier counter can be used independently or combined with another counter to create more space. It is big enough for employees to go through the purchases and wrapping if required.

Checkout Counters For Retail Stores

This is more of a traditional checkout counter designed for retail stores. The compact design is thoughtfully constructed to increase the functionality while easting less space. The counter includes two big shelves the inside and a cashier drawer. 

Retail Sales Counter

This retail checkout counter is ideal for increasing your working capacity in minimal space. The compact design is less costly to transport while serving you for the longest.

Small Checkout Counter for Grocery Store

This one is the smallest checkout counter for grocery store we have at RedSheep. It is specially designed to utilize the corners of your store in the most thoughful manner. The design includes a stable structure with shelves inside.

Grocery Retail Sales Counter

It is a traditional grocery checkout counter. The material of the counter is robust enough to bear liquid leakage at the time of billing. The counter includes a dedicated space to place your billing system.

Rustic SS Convenience Store Checkout Counters

This is a metal convenience shop checkout counter. The inside of the counter includes various drawers and cabinets to help employees keep the necessary items at a reachable distance. 

Wooden Rustic Checkout Counter

Wooden Rustic Checkout Counter

If your store has an old-school theme go for this counter. It can complement various pieces while being at its maximum when it comes to functionality.

Grocery Store Register Counters Stand

Grocery Store Register Counters Stand

This is a combination of two small checkout counters that can be used independently or combined. The counters are joined together in a way that customers have enough space to put their bulk purchases. 

Stylish Grocery Store Cash Counter

Stylish Grocery Store Cash Counter

This is one of the most unique and aesthetically appealing grocery checkout counters available at RedSheep. The counter includes corrosion-free metal to maintain its aesthetics for the longest.

Grocery Store Rustic Retail Counter

Grocery Store Rustic Retail Counter

This one is pretty a medium-side grocery store rustic retail counter. It includes a dedicated space for you to employ a billing system. The size of the counter can be customized at the time of purchase.

Convenience Store Checkout Counter

Convenience Store Checkout Counter

Increase the asthetics of your store with this rustic checkout counter. The counter is constructed from lightweight, high-quality metal to maintain its outlook. You can customize a conveyer belt on the structure if you want.

Black Supermarket Checkout Counters

Black Supermarket Checkout Counters

This super cool convenience store checkout counter can increase your sales through increased productivity. The design is simple to understand; hence you and your employees will find it easy to operate.

Inline Supermarket Checkout Counter With Entrance Gate And Cash Box Hole

Inline Supermarket Checkout Counters With Entrance Gate And Cash Box Hole

If you’re looking for a traditional supermarket checkout counter, this one is for you. It includes all the features a supermarket needs in a convenience shop checkout counter for efficient service.

SS Rustic Supermarket Checkout Counter With Cash Box Hole

SS Rustic Checkout Counter With Cash Box Hole

On the inside of the counter, there are cabinets and shelves present. You can customize a conveyer belt on this counter as well. The counter includes a PIN pad holder.

Supermarket Checkout Counter Table

Supermarket Checkout Counter Table

This is a traditional cashier counter table available at affordable rates. It is primarily manual, and there are no machines included in this system. The counter is compact to fit in small spaces.

Cheap Convenience Store Cash Counter

If you don’t want to invest huge at the beginning of your store, go for this counter. It has a minimal design with all the necessary features required in an ordinary convenience store cash counter.

Classic Designed Display Cashier Counter

This is another unique yet appealing small-size display cashier counter. It is more of a desk than a traditional counter with enough space to put in stuff. 

Gondola Convenience Store Cash Counter With Impulse Rack And Cash Box Hole

Gondola Convenience Store Cash Counter With Impulse Rack And Cash Box Hole

Most retail stores prefer this counter because it includes a dedicated rack to display products right before customers leave. The cash box makes it easy to handle the cash.

Supermarket Checkout Counters The Underrated Convenient Option - Ultimate FAQ Guide

The sole aim of a retail store is to maximize customers’ shopping experience, so they keep coming back. If you’re the one who’s been doing everything to increase customer satisfaction for a long yet not achieving your desired goal, maybe you’re missing out on an essential factor.

Supermarket checkout counters are the last step customer goes through. If the service is slow due to malfunctioning or any other reason, the customer might not remember the different good experiences during the shopping. This is why we bring you a thoughtfully designed range of retail sales counters.

To learn more, continue reading…


What Is A Supermarket Checkout Counters and Why They’re Important?

A checkout counter is an area where customers scan their purchases and pay for the items. It is usually the last step at most retail stores.

The efficiency of these counters combined with employees highly affects a customer’s overall shopping experience.

According to the Peak-End rule, cognitive biases humans only remember the “Peak” moments of an experience, be it positive or negative including the “End”. It is a work by Daniel Kahneman and Barbara Fredrickson that claims human memory is rarely a perfect record of events. In your case billing system is the final stage of the overall experience customers gets throughout their shopping.

If you don’t have enough supermarket checkout counters or one with obsolete features, the billing might take longer than it should, making the customers wait longer.

In this case, some customers might lose the incentive to purchase while others decide to never come back again. This might hurt your sales to a great extent in the long run.

Hence, to make yourself worth a positive memory investing in the right retail sales counters becomes essential.

Checkout Counter is The Last Step of A Shopping Experience
Checkout Counter is The Last Step of A Shopping Experience

What Factors To Consider Before Purchasing Supermarket Checkout Counters?

Businesses must focus on both functionality and aesthetics of their retail sales counters to leave a rememberable impression on their customers. Following are the factors to consider when purchasing convenience store counters.

  • Carefully evaluate the available space at your store to avoid purchasing and overside or a too-small checkout counter.
  • Pre decides the area you’re going to get your retail sales counters fixed. This will help you determine the shape, design, and colors of the counter.
  • Discuss your business needs with the retail sales counter manufacturer to have all the necessary features you need to improve your capacity.
  • Make sure your supplier have full experience on packing solution for the checkout counters for retail stores, to avoid any damage during long time sea and inland transport.
Wooden Crate Packaging Solution For Checkout Counters
Wooden Crate Packaging Solution For Checkout Counters

What Types Of Supermarket Checkout Counters For Boutiques Can I Buy?

We got a wide range of small, medium, and large checkout counters for boutiques. To be specific, we got 24 different types of checkout counters for boutiques and retail stores.

There are various designs with different features you can choose from. These designs are customizable to fit your needs.

You can also customize the colors of a convenience store counter to match your theme.


What Are The Parts And Accessories Of A Supermarket Checkout Counters?

The functionality of our checkout counters for retail stores can be increased by introducing a wide range of accessories and additional equipment it. We got all the accessories and parts that may be required to improve the aesthetics or functionality of a retail sales counter.

Following is the list of those parts and accessories:

  • Table-broad edge
  • Article crash
  • Waterproof strip
  • Computer rack
  • Gum shelf
  • Divider for a packing area
  • Build-in checkout components
  • VESA flexible holder
  • Multifunctional holder
  • Basket and packing shelves
  • Pole
  • Cash drawer
  • Steel scanner-scale cover
  • Cashier’s door
  • PIN pad holder
  • Gate
  • Double cashier’s desk
  • Cigarette cabinets and dispensers
Checkout Counter Parts And Accessories
Checkout Counter Parts And Accessories

What’s Supermarket Checkout Counters Made of?

There are many materials a retail checkout counter made of. Let’s check it out.

The main table frame: made of Q235 SPCC steel.

The main table top: made of stainless steel or granite. The granite top is more hard and beautiful, but the granite material is less and less because of China’s environment protection policy.

Table board edge: Plastic or Aluminum Alloy. Plastic is much cheaper than the aluminum one, but much more freagile.

Surface: Q235 SPCC steel, wire steel, glass, plastic, acrylic, pine wood or camphor wood, to make the surface more attractive with different designs.

Gate: stainless steel.

Water proof strip: rubber.

Accessories like threading hole cover: plastic.

Wooden And Steel Checkout Counters for Woolworths
Wooden And Steel Checkout Counters for Woolworths

From Where Can I Buy An L Shaped Checkout Counter?

RedSheep got a wide range of checkout counters for retail stores to improve your productivity. We are ISO-certified manufacturers; hence all the products are built to meet the international standards of retail sales counters.

Every product is designed to benefit our customers. Our team focuses not only on creating wonders, but we try to build what you and your store need.

We got a dedicated team of experts to challenge the quality of the final product before it reaches your doorstep. When it comes to delivery, we offer our services to more than 40 countries around the world. You can choose the logistics to escape any misunderstandings at later stages.

Last but not least, affordability is the highlight of our brand. We build budget-friendly products without compromising the quality.

To order from RedSheep, click on “Request a Quote” and get done with your order in a few simple steps.

L Shaped Checkout Counters in Supermarket
L Shaped Checkout Counters in Supermarket

Do You Build A Custom Small Checkout Counter?


If you got a compact yet busy store, a small checkout counter with all the latest features is a wise choice. The minimal design will help you save space. At the same time, the advancing features will let you do the job real quick.

We got various types of small checkout counters which you can choose from. Each counter is manufactured, keeping in mind the most basic needs of a retail store.

However, if you still feel the need for some extra features, feel free to contact us. Our team will make sure to custom checkout counters that fit the place best while fulfilling all your needs.

A Small Customized Checkout Counter
A Small Customized Checkout Counter

Key Takeaway

Checkout counters can make or break your store’s image. If you want to keep enjoying the heavy customer traffic, feel you must give them a satisfying service in terms of better and fast checkout methods.

We hope we’ve covered all the necessary information required to make a wise decision.

If you still got any confusion, feel free to contact us.

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