Cake Display Cabinet

An experienced cake display cabinet manufacturer can help you make the right decision for your store. At RedSheep, we manufacture a versatile variety of cake cabinets to benefit our customers. We try to bring innovation through our designs, quality, features, and futuristic characteristics. Our 23 years experience has led us to a point where we know what can help you increase your sales. Wait no more and contact RedSheep for the best quality cake display cabinet manufacturing services.

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Cake Display Cabinet Customized

Customization can improve the efficiency of a cake display cabinet. It can help you save money while making sales. We got a team of engineers who can understand your needs and develop a structure accordingly. They know how to make your store attractive, efficient, and remarkable before your customers. Through customization, we can bring your dream designs into reality.

Following are the benefits of RedSheep’s customization services:

  • ODM/OEM service to bring a dream design into reality
  • CAD drawing to develop a unique structure
  • Label printing through pressing tools
  • Short delivery time for highly customized orders
  • Local partners to cater to your needs better
  • Affordable rates
  • 24-month product warranty

RedSheep Cake Display Cabinet

RedSheep’s cake display cabinets are popular worldwide.

We’ve worked with customers in more than 40 countries; hence we understand the importance of versatility.

We have experience and knowledge of working in various environments with a unique set of market rules.

Therefore we can construct a perfect structure for your store according to the needs and demands of the market.

Contact us through our website and let us shoulder your responsibilities to turn your store into a go-to place for your customers.

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Top Cake Display Cabinet Reviewed

Below are cake display cabinet you can find at RedSheep stores at an affordable rate and even have the freedom to customise them

2 Layer Stainless Steel Cake Cabinet Cooler with Flat Glass

2 Layer Stainless Steel Cake Cabinet Cooler with Flat Glass

This is a simple yet efficient cake display cabinet. As the name suggests, it is constructed from stainless steel. It means the cabinet will maintain its outlook for maximum without getting rust and corrosion. The design includes a flat glass with high visibility so your customers can have a look at your items

3 Layer Black Cake Cabinet Cooler with Flat Glass

3 Layer Black Cake Cabinet Cooler with Flat Glass

This is a cabinet cooler ideal for cakes, pastries, and other items that are served cold. It includes a black structure that will attract maximum customers to purchase. The flat glass gives a clear few of the whole inside. The design includes three layers that offer great space to display various products.

3 Layer White Cake Cabinet Cooler with Flat Glass And Wheels

3 Layer White Cake Cabinet Cooler with Flat Glass And Wheels

This sleek and stylish cake cabinet can jam along any theme. It includes wheels at the bottom to move the structure to clean the base or if you want to relocate it. There are three layers available to display the products. You can customize the size, design, and other cooler features according to your needs.

Double Layer Stainless Steel Cake Cabinet Cooler with Curved Glass

Double Layer Stainless Steel Cake Cabinet Cooler with Curved Glass

This is a curved glass cake cabinet. It is fairly a big cabinet for busy stores to display maximum products. The structure includes double glass so your employees and customers can both have a clear look at the products. Stainless steel has been used in the construction of this cabinet so it can resist rust and corrosion for the longest.

3 Layer Black Cake Display Cabinet with Curved Glass

3 Layer Black Cake Display Cabinet with Curved Glass

This is one of the most attractive-looking display cabinets available at RedSheep. We’ve designed this cabinet with the versatility to display various products. The cabinets include three layers for display and curved glass at the front. This cabinet has an adjustable temperature feature to maximize your ease.

3 Layer Black Cake Cabinet Cooler with Curved Glass And Wheels

3 Layer Black Cake Cabinet Cooler with Curved Glass And Wheels

The design includes curved glass at the front and sides that offer a clear view of the products. There are high-quality wheels integrated at the surface of the structure so you can move them around when needed. There are lights integrated inside the case for better visibility.

3 Layer Multi-function Cake Display Cabinet with Curved Glass on Wheels

3 Layer Multi-function Cake Display Cabinet with Curved Glass on Wheels

It is a medium-size cake display cabinet that has plenty of space to display a variety of items simultaneously. The multi-function features make it a versatile cabinet suitable for maximum products. It includes three layers to display the items. Thanks to the curved glass, your customers can view the products.

3 Layer White Multi-function Cabinet Cooler with Curved Glass on Wheels

3 Layer White Multi-function Cabinet Cooler with Curved Glass on Wheels

This one has a beautiful combination of black and white. This structure is attractive and offers multiple features to improve the efficiency of your store. There are high-quality wheels integrated at the surface of the structure so you can move it around. The use of stainless steel will help you maintain the structure with minimum care.

Sushi Display Chiller

Chick Above Picture to See More Display Chillers

Display chillers offer versatility with great storage and display. They improve the efficiency of a store while costing less. Various display chillers are available at RedSheep with different features for different purposes. Click the picture above to choose from a unique range of chillers available.

Cake Display Cabinet To Keep Your Items Fresh And Healthy - Ultimate FAQ Guide

A cake display cabinet is a must if you’re a bakery or a retail store that offers baked items. There are plenty of things to consider when purchasing a cake cabinet that is important to understand.

To help you invest your money wisely, here is an ultimate FAQ guide about cake cabinets.

Keep reading to increase your knowledge about cake display cabinets


What Is A Cake Display Cabinet?

A cake display cabinet is a special display and storage system developed for cakes and other baked items. These cabinets provide safe storage for delicate art pieces while making them more attractive.

They come with various features such as pre-integrated lights to enhance the beauty of the products or cooling fans necessary to keep the items in good condition, especially in a hot environment.

Various designs, styles, and sizes are available in cake display cabinets. We design our cake display cabinets with high-quality shelves. These shelves offer a better and more organized display.

A cake cabinet is ideal for cakes, patisserie, patties, biskets, and various other products.

Black Cake Display Cabinet In Shop
Black Cake Display Cabinet In Shop

What Are The Business Advantages Of A Cake Cabinet?

A retail store or bakery selling baked items can have numerous advantages of a cake cabinet. Here is the list of business benefits of a cake cabinet that you shouldn’t ignore.

Fulfill The Needs Of A Storage System 

Whipping cream items need a cold and dry place for storage; otherwise, they lose their shape and sometimes taste also. The biggest benefit of a cake cabinet is a safe and beautiful display and storage for baked items.

Better Visibility

Cake cabinets include glass, sometimes on one side or both sides of the counter. This helps customers have a clear look at the items while making the items look appealing.

Keeps The Items attractive.

Sweets like cakes, pastries, brownies, etc., are vulnerable to germs, dust, and bacteria. These cabinets contain a cooling system that helps keep the items safe and healthy. This leads to better profits.

Multiple Cooling Features

Generally, there are two cooling features integrated into a cake cabinet. The first is static cooling, while the second one is the air cooling method.

Stores and shops usually use the static cooling method. On the other hand, the air cooking feature is ideal for bakeries selling cakes and pastries, this is more expensive but can make sure the cabinet cools down evenly.

Comes With Heater

Unlike whipped cream products, some bakery items such as biscuits, buns, and bread need a warm and cozy environment to sustain for the longest.

These cabinets come with heaters which keep the inside environment ideal for such products to increase their shelf life.

It leads to fresh items eventually helping you increase your sales.

Illuminated Items Are More Likely To Attract Customers

It is important to make your items look appealing, so maximum people notice and purchase them. Cake cabinets include special LED lights that make the product delicious enough for customers to resist but make a purchase.

Easy To Maintain

Last but not least, there’s so much in a store to maintain, especially if you sell food items. Keeping the environment clean and healthy becomes essential to maintaining your customers’ trust.

Cake cabinets these days include wheels on their surface to be moved to clean the store better.

Additionally, the cabinets are made from stainless steel which is a lot easier to clean as compared to other materials.


How To Choose A Perfect Glass Cake Display Case?

Buying a glass cake display case might sound simple, but it is not if you’re unaware of the do’s and don’ts. There is a wide variety of display cases available in the market with different features for different needs.

Here is the list of factors to consider when purchasing a glass cake display case.

Refrigeration Type

The first thing to consider is the refrigeration type. There are two types of refrigeration, forced air, and gravity coil.

The forced air cabinet relies on the fans to circulate the air inside the case. These cabinets are ideal for bakery products. On the other hand, a gravity coil cabinet includes a coil at the top of the case. It allows cool air to circulate the products to keep them cold and fresh.


Second, on the list is the size of the cabinet. Don’t go for a big cake cabinet because your store has plenty of space. If your products have a quick turnaround time or short shelf life, you might not need a big cake cabinet.

Buying an oversize cake cabinet will also force you to display more products, so your store doesn’t look empty to your customers and vice versa.


Lights play a major role in a cake cabinet that makes the products look appealing. Depending on the model, you can customize the colors of the lights. Make sure your system has enough light to illuminate each shelf.


Shelving in a cake cabinet decides the organization and displays the look of the products. Ideally, go for glass shelves because they let them pass through the top to bottom, increasing the visibility of each product.

Design and Style

Manufacturers like RedSheep offer both straight and curved glass cake cabinets. Both have their own benefits. In our opinion, it is better to go for a curved glass cabinet if it’s a floor case. The straight glass looks better on the small size and over-the-counter cabinets, and it’s more popular in Europe.

Perfect Glass Cake Display Cases Manufacturering
Perfect Glass Cake Display Cases Manufacturering

What Is The Safest Packaging Option To Deliver Glass Cake Display Case Overseas?

RedSheep’s services are available in more than 40 countries. We provide our clients with direct delivery alternatives; thus, we must provide the most realistic packing solutions for transporting a cake display chiller securely.

We got two advanced, affordable, and efficient packaging options to transport display chillers. The chiller is comparatively heavy, delicate, and requires extra care.

In case you don’t know…

We offer firm steel frames boxes for safe cake case delivery. Steel is used to make these boxes, as the name implies. They keep the cases secure from any harm.

Furthermore, having cake cabinets placed inside steel frames will reduce labor costs while loading and unloading the container.

If not…

We also have wooden packaging specially designed for cake display cabinets.

Wooden packaging means securing a cake cabinet inside a customized wooden frame with a pallet. These frames are lightweight and cheaper. Thermal and other safety precautions are taken to double-check the safety.

Generally, they are cheaper as compared to steel frame packaging. You may recoup your investment by selling wooden boxes and steel frames.

What Is The Difference Between A Refrigerated Cake Display Cabinet And A Non-Refrigerated Cake Cabinet?

Mainly there are two types of cake cabinets. Both have different features and are designed for a different set of products. Here are the basic differences between refrigerated and non-refrigerated cake cabinets.

Refrigerated Cake Display Cabinet

A refrigerated cake display cabinet is designed for perishable goods. They are ideal for items that are needed to be stored and displayed in a dry and cold environment to maintain their overall look and taste. These items include all types of cakes, pastries, cake shots, and other whipping cream desserts.

They can be used for items that are served chilled, such as jelly, custard, etc.

They offer a clear view due to the curved glass so customers can have a fair look at the items. They include LED lights to illuminate the products.

Non-Refrigerated Cake Display Cabinet

Unlike refrigerated, non-refrigerated cake cabinets are built for baked goods that do not need refrigeration to increase shelf life. These items include cookies, patties, doughnuts, bagels, buns, bread, etc.

They also include a glass display for customers to peek at the items. There are shelves and LED lights integrated into the structure to beautify the items.

Like refrigerated display cabinets, you can customize the interior and exterior of a non-refrigerated display cabinet.

What Makes RedSheep An Ultimate Cake Cabinet Manufacturer?

Following is the list of benefits you get when ordering cake cabinets from RedSheep.

Safe And Durable

RedSheep is an ISO-certified manufacturer. We develop our products to meet the international standards of quality. For us, nothing is more important than our customer’s safety.

We test our cake cabinets at various stages to ensure we provide what we offer. Different methods have been developed to ensure the material, construction, durability, and safety of these cake cabinets.

We also do third-party testing to maintain the level of trust we have with our customers.

Affordability And Easy Payment Options

We make sure you feel at ease when purchasing from RedSheep. All the prices are kept economical while maintaining the quality for your ease.

Additionally, we offer various payment options for your ease. Contact our experts for more details and payment and discounts.

Local Partners

If you’re not comfortable purchasing online, we got local partners in various parts of the world. Send us your business address, and we’ll get you hooked with our best partner working in your area.

RedSheep an Ultimate Cake Cabinet Manufacturer


A correct cake display cabinet can improve your store’s efficiency. But it’s necessary to buy the right material, the right design, from the right manufacturer like RedSheep.

We’ve tried answering all the necessary questions regarding cake display cabinets. If you have any queries feel free to contact us.

To place your order, contact us through “Request a Quote.”


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